Political Caption Competition


That look you give your puppy when it shits on your carpet. Again.


  1. Trev: “Sit down and shut up chum! I gave Tau Henare a serious tune-up for less – and he was a damned sight harder than you!

  2. I look at those fuckers, those political fuckers and think; We MUST pay them $ix figure$ plu$ entitlement$ while there are people whom barely avoid death while living rough and hungry on cold streets who must constantly think they’re unloved and unlovely in a country who’s been taught to love to hate them.
    mallard can lean and look as he likes. little simon bridges can pout and pose as he must to appease his ego. To me? They’re an embarrassment. A dysfunctional aberration of reality. A normalised abnormality.
    What have we become?

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