Pub Politics – Climate Crisis or Climate Hoax?


Live from the Chapel Bar on Ponsonby Rd, 8pm on November 11th – Climate crisis or climate hoax with:

National Party Climate Change Spokesperson – Scott Simpson
Leader of TOP – Geoff Simmons
School Strike 4 Climate Auckland coordinator – Luke Wijohn
Magic Talk Host – Peter Williams

Hosted by Bomber Bradbury & live-streamed on The Daily Blog

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  1. Climate change is real and now making an effect to our lives.

    Ask the weather folks as we have a mini ice age happening around NZ right now.

    So we hope the panel grasp the subject of no climate action and the consequences if no action is taken to slow the climate change.
    “A nice day is on the way, but enjoy it while it lasts, New Zealand.

    Persistent showery and blowy weather this month has stretched the patience of many New Zealanders eagerly anticipating summer.

    • Weather: Rain forecast for most – heavier falls expected in the south
    • Heavy rain, big swells, thunderstorms: Wild weather coming for already wet Hawke’s Bay
    • Weather: Rain, sometimes heavy, and strong winds from the east forecast for top of the North Island
    • 28 days of rain: Auckland hits unwanted rain record yet again

    Today and tomorrow many will get a taste of it, but the relief will be brief as a cold snap arrives midweek.”

  2. Hi The Liberal Agenda or Martyn… Will there be an opportunity for the public to ask questions here? and will there be anyone with scientific knowledge and expertise there to answer them? Obviously the politicians have a view and Peter has given the matter a lot of thought, but what about the scientific facts?
    D J S

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