Dear Millennials staffing the news rooms of NZ


Dear Millennials staffing the news rooms of NZ – if your news story revolves around an ‘outrage on twitter’…

Outrage over Greenpeace boss Russel Norman’s bitter tweet about SkyCity fire

…it isn’t a fucking news story.

You are the reason news media is dying.

Watching the way Russel Norman was crucified on twitter I don’t think I appreciated how many Nu Zilinders consider Sky City as our cultural Notre-Dame – all hail the sacred Casino and bless those it poisons.

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  1. Total agreement with you here Martyn.

    Millennial thinking are all about “quick fix” and this is so shallow with a lack of logical long term strategy and planning – thinking.

    That is why we are embedded in a “knee jerk” political policies of today, and not ‘long term thinking’ any more.
    We are descending into another ‘banana republic’.

  2. Not sure it is millennials though, plenty of right wingers, labourites and the establishment hate to see corporate criticism about pollution and their dodgy conduct and killing the messenger is the MSM attack dog.

  3. Dear God – you are right, Martyn. Norman’s tweet was Norman’s tweet. That one may agree with it is beside the point – media over-reaction is another of the reasons this brainless little country is becoming more and more asphyxiating to live in. Day by day.

    Next one of the dimwit Newshub calves will be telling him how he should behave – as if she even knows how to.

  4. Too quote Bernie Sanders ” Real change never comes from the top down but from the bottom up ”

    Bomber we can all keep being outraged but until we collectively as one group say hey i have had enough and challenge the current power base then nothing but the status quo will continue indefinitely.

    I am not advocating violence but the power of discontent with the right vehicle can achieve things.

    The third decade of the twenty first century is almost here with no hope or prospect of real change.

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