Simon Bridges is dicking Andrew Little AND Radio NZ around



Simon Bridges is grandstanding over the Terrorism Suppression (Control Orders) Bill and Andrew Little has gloriously referred to it as being ‘dicked around’.

Ironically they are fighting over who can be tougher and who can steal headlines, they aren’t discussing the actual civil rights issues highlighted on TDB

But like with anything the bloody Government suggests, it’s not until you have a deep dive into the fine print that you start seeing a law that has a terribly large amount of worrying holes in it.

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So you will be guilty of future terror acts that you don’t know anything about and it seems to rely on lots of secret evidence that you as the accused won’t be able to challenge.

Worst of all, the evidential standards for this are, let’s say, woeful…

…balance of fucking probabilities? The same evidential threshold in civil disputes?

The Government want to allow secret evidence to find people guilty of future terror attacks they didn’t know happened using the balance of probabilities as the evidential threshold?

…while Simon is dicking Andrew around, he’s also dicking Radio NZ around by not commenting on a failed technology project eh spent years talking up…

Simon Bridges’ officials claimed failed tech scheme would be ‘transformative’

Mr Bridges called a multi-million dollar project the firm was involved in, a revolution.

But it failed, and any benefit to the taxpayer remains unclear. The NZTA unit Connected Journeys Solutions, which approved high-tech projects, was closed down in March this year after flouting public sector controls.

Mr Bridges had five briefings about American computer game-maker Machine Zone (MZ) in 2016 and 2017.

Simon Bridges has declined an RNZ request to talk about his interactions with the Silicon Valley firm, aside from an interview he gave in August.

…come on, Simon, this marvellous tech project that sounds like it gobbled up lots of money for nothing is something you need to front on.

And stop dicking Andrew Little around, if this is about the security of NZ, petty games is beneath the civil rights issued that have been raised.


  1. All Soymon Bwidges ever does is “dick around”. That’s all he’s got. Can anyone in NZ point to anything positive Bwidges has done or said in the last two years? All he ever does is throw mud in the desperate hope some sticks. Without doubt he is the most negative and divisive person in New Zealand. When he finally gets thrown out by his “team” he will have plenty of time to realize why the vast majority of Kiwi’s couldn’t stand him.

    • The people in towel- ronger seems to like him (soimon) and Tauranga seems to be very different from many other cities in NZ that has a local council that does not reflect the diversity in our country. No wonder there is so many racist there they can get away with the bullshit. Good on Buddy Mikaere for calling the council out so they should be.

  2. Governments are supposed to command majorities. If they don’t I don’t see how that is the opposition’s fault

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