MEDIA WATCH: Oh for God’s sake, there are plenty of good reasons to attack ACT – this isn’t one of them


Newsroom are pretty hit and miss, there are times they lead the agenda in a way that actually lifts the debate and then they do stuff that just comes across like a shit blog.

Their latest attack on ACT is a shit blog.

Look, there are plenty of good reasons to attack ACT, but trying to build a nobody into a Nazi supporter of ACT and claiming that ACT have somehow benefited from this far right relationship is just nonsense.

I’m no fan of ACT, I’m no fan of Trump like hats and I’m no fan of muslim bigotry, but sweet Jesus Christ, Newsrooms story on this right wing clown selling these Make Ardern Go Away hats is just wilfully malicious in its coverage.

This isn’t Journalism, it’s just a great big self indulgent dump that actually borders on the outright defamatory.

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1 – If some dickhead wants to sell Make Ardern Go Away Hats, then you know what, this being a progressive liberal democracy means he can. Do I think it’s distasteful, sure do, but personal taste is not a good enough reason to ban him from selling dickhead hats.

2 – He’s not a white supremacist, this bloke has a mixed race child with his Asian wife.

3 – He was responding to a news story about a Muslim acid attack and said that if someone threw acid into his daughters face, he’d burn down a mosque. Not a nice thing to say, but within the context it doesn’t make him Adolf Hitler.

4 – He said Islam is a problem, well lots of people say Christianity is a problem too. Personally I think the vast scientific, mathematic and astronomical break throughs we learned in the West from Muslim scholars was essential for our collective advancement as a civilisation and that the extremes we see are more to do with the radicalisation the West generates by propping up abusive regimes. But hey, we are all allowed to have opinions, even if they are ill thought out and dumb.

5 – ACT signed a hat and it was raffled for some nothing amount and Newsroom are trying to create a Nazi where one isn’t and trying to claim ACT are profiting from this straw man Nazi.

It’s honestly such hot mess of a story and giving oxygen to an individual who isn’t worthy of that focus and actually, he isn’t the Nazi Newsroom are trying to make him out to be.

This is bullshit journalism and basic shit blogging.



  1. Thank Christ I’ve traveled or I might never have realised how trivial and meaningless 99% of our media is.
    You heard the rnz reports of the casino nearly burning down? A teenage ‘crackle-voice’ reporter asking how smoky the smoke was while no doubt standing on a homeless person for a better view.

  2. Martyn +1000% tired of all these hysterical woke articles lowering the tone, and surprising for the more cerebral reads like Newsroom. (in the NZ context of the trivial clickbait & OZ content they don’t even bother to disguise from Granny and Co).

    It’s doing the opposite of what the (possibly) woke want because it’s going towards media bullying and censorship of free speech for some tiny target (while often ignoring the elephant in the room, mainstream injustices in everybody’s faces).

    They might not like what someone has to say, but they should have the right to their opinion .

  3. Fair play to David Seymour (and I never thought I’d say that, to be honest), he was fairly civil when interviewed about it. There was a hint of incredulity about the obviously bogus line of questioning, but he refrained from condescension, sarcasm or asking if the journalist was drunk, which is probably the sort of response you’d get from Winston Peters on a good day. As journalism goes, it was a brazen attempt at a ‘gotcha’ and it failed abysmally.

  4. Suspicion raised. Hey Martyn, you’re not recieving any money from violent racists who openly talk about assaulting places of worship are you?

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