Political Caption Competition


The most grim political framing in NZ.


  1. Shane Jones saying Tainui should buy their own land back give me a break shane and stop talking a whole lot of crap and worry about our Ngapuhi whanau and don’t bother telling other tribes what to do sort your own shit out

  2. Housing New Zealand wants to build 37 state houses on a plot of Whangarei land that angry neighbours say is a park. The intensity of the clash shows how difficult it will be to solve growing homelessness where the haves don’t want to live next to the have nots.
    If shane jones is so concerned about houses being built for NZers and our Maori people he should tidy up shit in his own rohe instead of sticking his beak in Ihumatao. Whangarei nimbys in action sort it shane heres a big bone for you go get it boy

    • Not simple michelle. Parks are needed, space to play, walk, not be run over by bicycles, be at peace in nature, plant trees and keep trees healthy in, for themselves and for the climate effect. Maori homeless need some park too when they are in homes, they need properly planned homes so they have their own fenced off play area./park safe for their children from being run over, bitten by dogs. They need a secure space for their dogs also.
      If you could gather with other concerned young people in your own area and work out what could be done you could have as strong an impact as Ihumatao protesters. Get to know your stuff, read what others are doing, take planning and thinking into a group dynamic so you are a knowledgable and smart whanau and advocate for what is needed. We know the authorities are fragmented in their thinking, find and finesse your plan, and find the chink, the tipping point where you can be successful.

      Years ago there I think in Kerikeri there was a push by a a closely-connected group that used all the known methods of managing charities to steal the assets of the local hearing clinic. It was done lawfully, using the systems that were in place to their own advantage. The Courts had to act to get them back for the hearing group. You need not involve yourself in criminality, but you need to get as clued-up, with others who see the needs and when you are all informed and have planned the type of housing, how it can be built at low cost but with all amenities, and what is required by Council and national law, and who is reliable, can advise and help you. And look to what others have done around the rohe, Maori and non-Maori, check out the Co-operative society and if they could be helpful.
      Some starting links: https://www.victoria.ac.nz/news/2017/03/housing-co-ops-could-be-the-answer
      Business? – https://pureadvantage.org/news/2018/11/20/innovative-financing-supporting-housing-aspirations-on-maori-land/

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