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  1. Housing and infrastructure, major health care and midwife and primary school shortages with growing underclass of un/under employed locals, coming to the regions near you… as if giving birth in car parks in not bad enough in Southland!

    From Croaking Cassandra on the governments changes to immigration laws…

    “The requirement to undertake a labour market test will be removed entirely for employers in the regions (outside the major cities) seeking to employ foreign workers who will be paid above the median wage. This gives open access to employers in the regions recruiting for jobs paying above the median wage. This means there is no need for skill shortages lists in the regions and the skill shortages lists will only exist for the five following cities – Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin. If a job in a city is on that city’s skills shortage list there will be no labour market test; if it is not on the list then there will be a labour market test (that is, the employer must advertise the job with the pay rate).”

    And from a Labour-led government – supposedly focused on “the workers”(especially less well-off), surely it evokes a hollow laugh when they release documents talking of people earning $52000 a year as “highly-paid”. Such has been the increase in the minimum wage over recent years – no relationship at all to productivity gains – that Labour now class as “highly paid” anyone earning only 40 per cent above the minimum wage.

    The final bit of the package that caught my eye was this

    The Government will reinstate the ability for lower-paid foreign workers to support their partner and children to come to New Zealand for the length of their visa. This was restricted in 2017. The foreign worker will continue to need to meet a minimum income threshold, the purpose of which is to ensure that their income is sufficient to support themselves and their family while in New Zealand.

    ….Dependent children of a lower-paid worker will have access to primary and secondary education as subsidised domestic students.”

  2. ” The Rail and Maritime Transport Union (RMTU) has today ratified a ground breaking pay deal ”
    Great work and it shows the union movement is still more than ever still vital for fighting for workers rights.

    • Yes Mosa
      I can name a few useless rail ‘bosses’ that also should lose their jobs and be given to the workers also as those useless ‘bosses’ are not functioning in the best interests of our publicly owned rail company Kiwi Rail.

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