Comrade Simon says ‘I’m no apologist for China’ – which is true, he’s a cheerleader for China


Hilariously, Comrade Simon has angrily declared that ‘I’m no apologist for China’…

‘I’m no apologist for China’: National’s Simon Bridges defends state TV interview

Simon Bridges says he is “no apologist for China” in his defence of an interview he gaveChinese state media during his visit to the superpower. 

The National leader’s interview with state-owned news channel CGTN made world news. The Guardian highlighted how Bridges said he was “amazed” by China’s prosperity.

…it is unfair to claim Comrade Simon is an apologist for China, he is far more a cheerleader…

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In a television interview with Chinese state-owned media organisation CGTN, Bridges said his impression of China’s progress and development was one of “amazement”. “It was always changing … it keeps developing, you can feel the prosperity.”

“The last 70 years in China has seen the most remarkable economic transformation in history, it has taken more people out of poverty than ever before.”

“All in all it’s an amazing story and it’s one I think New Zealanders relate to because we have been direct beneficiaries of it as well.”

Bridges later wrote on Facebook: “Today the economy has been transformed and they are rightly proud of the hundreds of millions who have been lifted out of poverty.”

…remember, there is a long list of issues with China right now


But Simon was gushing love not guarded caution. Is this because the National Party are little more than a business front for Chinese interests?

With so many allegations of corruption and personal business relationships between high ranking National Party members and the latest claims of a $150 000 donation after a nudge nudge wink wink meeting alongside the attempt by a Chinese Businessmen to buy two Chinese candidates onto the Party List, by visiting China with an alleged Chinese Spy inside National’s caucus as their only chaperone, aren’t National a meth addict being left alone in a dealers house with a fresh glass pipe full of P sitting on the coffee table?

Can Comrade Simon be trusted to pass laws in the interests of Wellington and not Beijing?




  1. No of course soimon cant be trusted he hasn’t been butt kissing for nothing in China he wants money and lots of it so he can try and win the next election he knows he has to discredit Jacinda to make a dent and that is what pull da benefit is busy doing trying to do she is trying to wreck Jacindas integrity as best she can she (pulla) doesn’t give a shit about those victims who in my view were a bit naive to go to someone like her in the first place.

  2. Simon took the blue pill

    Effects on NZ’s largest company and employees, Fonterra…

    Fonterra signals huge loss for 2019

    Fonterra never checked Sanlus products in China melamine scare

    Fonterra disappointed by Beingmate

    The latest MSD data shows the number of people receiving a jobseeker benefit has increased by 13,000 or 10.9% in the last year.

    And it isn’t evenly spread. The increase by key demographics is:

    Maori +14.6%
    Pasifika +15.9%
    Under 25s +13.7%
    25 – 40 year olds +16.7%
    And even bigger growth with hardship assistance. The special needs grants are up 45% and advances up 53%.

    Rise of the working poor…

    Kate Hawkesby: Hidden in plain sight – the alarming rise of the working poor

    Asian drug links reach south with meth deals

    Meth, coke and MDMA: Police reveal how the drugs are in our wastewater

    NZ: Kiwifruit Claim wins negligence case against government

    “Aucklanders are now learning the sheer scale of our human waste problem – and the real cost of Auckland Council and the government’s obsession with growth. Until now the people of Auckland have been deliberately kept in the dark about the scale of sewage pollution of the harbour. There are over 100 constructed overflow points in the combined system, with about 40 discharging into the harbour from Whau creek to the CBD. According to Mr Jaduram, combined sewerage pipes are so overloaded that these overflow points now discharge on average 52 times a year – just about every times it rains. This is a massive breach of the Council’s own 2014 Network Discharge Consent – but do not expect prosecutions any time soon.”

  3. Is anyone missing the irony that China used strong state control to achieve their economic growth – the exact opposite to National Party policy since the 90s?

    I’d love to see an interviewer ask what aspects of the Chinese economy he is going to replicate 🙂

  4. If you are going to single out one New Zealand Member of Parliament as a traitor to the country then you may just as well categorize them all the same way.
    The Labour and Green Members who you prefer to Bridges have given their allegiance to the British monarch who oversaw and tacitly condoned the war crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq.
    How can you argue that Elizabeth Windsor is OK, but Xi JinPing is not?
    The politicians of the colonial regime are pragmatic materialists.
    So long as they see the relationship with China bringing financial benefits to New Zealand business, then they will defend and advance that relationship. The same applies to their relationships with the United States, Britain, Australia and every other nation of the world.
    Everything that Bridges says of China’s economic development is true. He has not commented publicly on the Chinese political system, just as Jacinda Ardern and Winston Peters have been very careful not to comment on the behaviour of the Trump aTrdministration in the US.
    Within the regime matters of principle are always subordinated to economic interests.
    So let’s take care that we are not drawn into the one-sided anti-Chinese campaign of the US-driven Five Eyes Alliance.
    Simon Bridges does not inspire respect among people of principle, but which Members of the New Zealand Parliament do?

  5. soimon went to China and said if I am the next PM it is business as usual now can you do what we did last time put your donation under one of your NZ companies so we can get around the law I already have some valuable assets you can buy.

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