MEDIAWATCH: Shouldn’t all the journalists screaming for Jacinda to resign have an obligation to investigate the counter claims?


How remarkable.

Last night, one of those charged with covering the allegations inside Labour came out and stated that he wasn’t told about the nature of the sex assault allegation and has stated on his reputation that he has had a forensic examination of his computer to back this up.

Instead of investigating this further, the Journalists and media punditry who have been  screaming for Jacinda to resign have simply gone back to the accuser and rehashed her original claim.

Rather than just repeating the original allegations – shouldn’t the Journalists who have foamed and screamed for heads to roll in the Labour allegation scandal be forced to actually investigate Simon Mitchell’s claims?

Aren’t there an awful lot of reputations now on the line here? Haven’t some journalists and pundits taken this allegation too far now to back down?

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Simon Mitchell is a lawyer with all the obligations that provides, if he is lying then that has massive reputation damage, his version of events is damning to the current narrative and he has claimed he has evidence in the form of this forensic report starting he wasn’t told of the serious sexual assault nature of the complaint. That is all provable – or not, and surely the media who have been crying for heads to roll must now challenge their own narratives here.

Meanwhile, Uncle Winston is back with vengeance…

Winston Peters calls Labour turmoil a ‘disgraceful orgy of speculation’

Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters has returned to the Beehive and described a sexual assault allegation saga engulfing the Labour Party as a “disgraceful orgy of speculation and innuendo”.

Peters on Monday attended Cabinet for the first time in four weeks after what Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern last month called time off after a leg operation for an old rugby injury.

In his absence, Labour has been dealing with the fallout of the mishandling of serious accusations about a former staffer.

Asked what he had made watching the issue from the sidelines, the NZ First leader told Newstalk ZB’s Heather du Plessis-Allan that there had been a lack of presumption of innocence.

…and this is what has been missing during this feeding frenzy, that this is an allegation.

The lesson here is that in the post #MeToo landscape, allegation is the only thing that matters and no one learned anything from Awanui Black. 




  1. Yes i was waiting for uncle Winny to come back and tell them all how it really is something like this is hard to prove which is probably why it is was never reported to the police in the first place. And now pulla has it she has made matters worst for these victims who she has actually used for her own political purposes she herself has taken advantage of the victim by revictimizing her and putting it out there in the public domain. She (pulla) is the wolf in sheeps clothing.

    • Since time began story tellers have always added a bit of creative license to there live story’s. Y’know the sounds are a bit louder than the truth, the feelings are more potent than the truth, and the hickies are always way more magnificent. Whether the noises the victim created was that noticeable or whether the accused was that desirable in the first place. I mean wtf are they up to in Labours volunteer networks, like making sly winks at each other saying hey baby, you and me later on. Shit of i had of known that I would have joined Labour at 15 and got all the bitches (that’s bullshit of course, no one in Labour is getting all the bitches). This has gotten way out of hand. How could it be that people have to be told not to fuck the interns.

  2. Well Sam fucking the interns is one thing but what about national they were fucking one another and then telling them to go kill yourself so we seem to be in a downward spiral.

  3. A peripherally relevant comment, apropos the tendency of those in power to disbelieve, or at least gloss over, the sexual complaint of a young woman: Everyone with a TV who can get Netflix MUST watch the series “Unbelievable”. The work would qualify, I reckon, for the best TV ever written, and given extraordinary weight due to having been based on an actual case (from about 2008, so quite recent).
    Watch it, and you’ll see what I mean. Utterly brilliant, utterly absorbing, and utterly must-see.

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