Why the attacks on Jacinda won’t stop


Helen Clark has just come out and supported Jacinda’s handling of this…

Helen Clark backs Jacinda Ardern over handling of sex assault allegations

Former Prime Minister and Labour leader Helen Clark is backing Jacinda Ardern in her handling of the controversy over sexual assault allegations, saying the party has let her down.

…someone with the mana of Aunty Helen would normally be enough, but the right wing pundits and politicians won’t let this go and they will keep trying to drum up scandals and smear, but most importantly neither will the woke activists or activist media journalists let it go.

For the Woke online activists and activist media like Spin Off, the debate will now move to those who have enabled rape culture by not agreeing to the new mantra that allegation is the accepted evidential threshold.

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We can see that with the recent attacks on Kelvin Davis.

In the post MeToo landscape, accusation is guilt and due process is cis-male privilege. For the woke, the accusation is enough and anyone who might suggest that we require a higher standard of evidence than accusation are rape culture enablers.

The damage won’t be caused by National attacking Jacinda, it will be the woke who will cause the deepest cuts.

The irony that might sink Jacinda is utterly lost on them.

Again. I don’t believe Jacinda knew the seriousness of these allegations and I think she has been let down by staff with a misplaced sense of loyalty. I don’t think Labour had the capacity to deal with allegations this serious.

Those volunteers with allegations of abuse require to be treated seriously and they weren’t, ultimately the Police are the appropriate place for allegations of sexual assault this serious.

Everything beyond that is just politics and culture war.


  1. I think we should all be calling out what you claim is the new normal of accusation is guilt. It is not. Until proven in a court of law it is innocent. Something our media have let the country down on with their reporting. I think of the recent death of one Peter Ellis should be enough to provide adequate fodder for those that think legalities are to be side stepped. Especially media.

    • Allegation is certainly not guilt however it is extremely difficult to get a conviction for sexual assault, something like 5% success rate of conviction in particular when the parties know each other.

      From what I read the Labour Party allegations are more about highly inappropriate sexual behaviour… and that should be through the Labour Party complaints processes… which does not sound like it works… and then a complaint to police if warranted… based on the seriousness of those complaints… or what the victim wants to do.

      There seem to be so many allegations coming out of parliament… a few months ago it was Mr Makhlouf’s fake treasury hack to cover up their own incompetence. Parliament seem to suffer from inability to function normally and problem solve, wokeyness, and not being able to do their own jobs without involving numerous other government agencies to ‘help’ them, with the Natz dirty politics in the mix…


  2. Well duh!
    Of course they won’t let this go. They will make this last until next election if they can manage it.
    Destroy Jacinda and you put Labour in opposition and most likely keep them there for 3 terms.
    Jacinda has been a colossal but unsurprising disappointment but there is no denying she is what got Labour in power and what is keeping them there.
    What the Nats are doing is smart politics but wouldn’t be possible if this shit show was handled properly.

  3. Ardern is under attack because she has dropped the ball on so many issues.
    There is no depth to the Labour Party ranks, the fact that Kevin Davis is acting PM says it all. We all want good things for our country and it people but the talking needs to turn to action.

  4. On this one you are completely and utterly right,Martyn….suspicion as the new evidential threshold is awful and undermines every humans right to be considered innocent until proven guilty…..it’s the beginning of mob rule,and extremely dangerous.I guess Peter Ellis’ story bears that out.I only hope more robust-minded NZers will agee;but I’m not holding my breath-this has fingerprints of Nationals’ desperation all over it.

    • But wasn’t it Labours Andrew Little who pronounced that when it came to rape/sexual assault that the burdon of proof should be with the accused not the accuser ….basically guilty till proven innocent? He has been very quiet on this shambles!

      • Maybe Little now realizes the “innocent until proven guilty” idea was a mistake – at least I hope he does. At least he hasn’t apologized for being a man – yet.

        But yes, the sanctimonious posing by the Nats is nauseating.

    • @Ada – Belief and hope have stood the great world religions in good stead for thousands of years and do enhance societal bonding among community focused peoples – including here.

      To say that belief is dangerous may suggest that disbelief is not dangerous, and that disbelief, i.e. non-truth is safe, and that can’t really be said.

      Martyn and Clare rightly address the terrible harm that can be caused by allegation. I have seen one person long ago totally destroyed by lies. Allegations snowball in the workplace and on social media and as Clare says, thus may begin mob rule.

      The thing is that we should not be “basing our judgment” on anything. It is rarely that we have the right to judge other people, because this is the role of various legal systems and processes, and the persons trained to do it.

      And even then, as Clare notes, with Peter Ellis, the legal system doesn’t always get it right, and sometimes people can evade good or correct process for other reasons too. This is why the Labour Party now has to set in place systems to address the sort of complaints which are providing a political football, which is in no way helping to address the real issues, and they need to do it pronto. Like today. A couple of competent persons could thrash this out in a day – or if it’s a govt dept, a committee could take 3-4 days.

      If Bennett’s antics are indicative of a smelly sort of election road ahead, then Labour also now needs established response protocols instead of relying on ad hoc answers on the hop. I don’t know what Bennett is, I haven’t done anthropology.

      • I note Bennett has now stated that these victims need ” specialist support”. Does this support include naming the victims Ms Bennett?

        • @bert – Labour have already offered counselling support to the young persons involved, urged them to take advantage of this, and have said that they will foot the bill.

          I prefer not to comment on Paula Bennett’s type of support.There seems to be a uniformity of skepticism about how Paula Bennett does things, so professional counselling is probably a must.

          • I am glad Labour took a positive approach to this Applewood. If you listen to others, you would be led to believe they did nothing.

    • Glad to know that sexual impropriety is just another day in Wellington.

      Are you so blind to your ideology that a little physical dominance is ok… If done by the left. However, if done by the right, then it’s totally different!!!

      • “Glad to know that sexual impropriety is just another day in Wellington.”
        Really? I thought it is alleged?
        Trial by media?

        AS for the right, Key was caught on camera but it was “just a little bit of fun” just not for the victim.

  5. “Again. I don’t believe Jacinda knew the seriousness of these allegations and I think she has been let down by staff with a misplaced sense of loyalty.”
    I expect that the party organisation around her have seen her as their only card, (which she certainly is) and must not be allowed to be tarnished by this little problem and in keeping her as much in the dark as possible at every step of the way they have set her up for the worst possible damage without the background knowledge of the situation to be able to make her own judgement.
    Most of the people who contribute here , like me , have children older than Jacinda. We still expect them to take some head of what we say, and in most cases they do not dismiss what we say on important matters lightly or dismissively. Jacinda has natural leadership ability obviously ,but that doesn’t endow her with experience and wisdom generations beyond what other mortals have. She is bound to seek and listen to her vastly more experienced advisers on matters like this as is the proper mode of a leader in a democracy. She is not a autocrat or even a president. All decisions should be collective. But.
    I do hope that she survives this episode and learns from it that when she catches the slightest whiff of feline excrement she does not allow anyone to pull a chair over the pile but follows her nose till she sees exactly how large and how putrid it is and deals with it herself.
    Ultimately she must trust herself in all matters that she will ultimately be held responsible for.
    The labour party will be a long time recovering from loosing her if she has to resign over this , and all to protect who or what?
    D J S

    • David, it is feasible that what was going on here, or went on, didn’t reach PM Ardern. In management I sat on a harassment complaint.

      It came from a new employee about a supervisor I didn’t particularly like. Nevertheless, I thought that the new employee had got it wrong, and that the supervisor was trying to help. I did nothing. I told the managing director the next time that I saw him, and he agreed with me. The woman settled into her job, and everything panned out OK. The employee had left unusual little notes on my desk and that tempered my decision too.

      Now I see that it could have escalated into something ghastly, but I trusted my judgment at that time, and think I made the right call.

      In bigger busier workplaces there is so much happening that it is unrealistic to expect everything to reach the upper echelons.

      Here, it appears that the original complainant did not at first fully detail her complaint, and that she in fact was not the person who approached Bennett. This seems to add up, as going to Paula Bennett could escalate a situation into something much more stressful than going to the police because rightly or wrongly, I think Bennett appears to have an eye for the main chance, and the importance of focusing on the issue itself may escape her.

      However, if any senior person in the PM’s office knew – or got to know- the sort of allegation(s) which started to surface – seemingly in dribs and drabs – if they were unable to properly address it, then the PM should have been told. The precedent of John Key’s office getting away with dirty politics and character assassination is simply not good enough.

  6. I’m not that bright so I need to deliver unto my thinky-thinky thing clear and simple messages.
    The result of that is that to me, there are two things going on re this matter.
    #Thing 1
    Some deviant, bully wanker has been deviant and a bully wanker.
    Being an arsehole is an ancient pastime for the terminally mundane. After all? What else have they got? No wit, no charm. Just a base vulgarity. We’re all too familiar with Jonky tugging a woman’s pony tail for shits and giggles remember? We adults all know this and we deal with it accordingly and oftentimes messily.
    #Thing 2
    Thing 2 is a bit more complex but no less traumatic.
    It is with regard to those whom see such behaviour as an opportunity to leverage a series of unfortunate events into a salvo to be fired at a perceived enemy.
    This is where it gets fruity.
    We. We are the enemy. It is us. ‘They’ must keep up appearances so as to keep ‘Us’ off balance. And it’s here, that I’d like to remind any dear and patient reader, that, that is my opinion. I might be wrong. I hope I’m wrong. Please? Can I be wrong?
    4.7 million people.
    On huge islands loaded to the gunnels with proper stuff and things to eat and export.
    Global warming? Heard of that?
    This trifling drivel’s taking centre stage? C’mon?
    It’s an emotional, psychological mechanism to occupy our hypocampus.
    The end result? They still make off with our money and things while we get fucked without the kissing. DON’T BE FOOLED.
    Helen clark ( is that with an E? )

  7. It’s a sad bloody day when a third party derives so much glee and pleasure from the victim of a sexual assault like Paula Bennett. She is just like a pig rolling in shit on this 9ne!

    Even in the freak show that is the National Party that woman, who has a sordid dirty history of leaking privileged private information to smear her so called opponents, is by far the most repulsive of them all.

    NZ politics needs her like a dose of the plague!

    And yes, the me too thing, dear oh dear, formerly known in the 17th century as witch hunts, no proof required, just an accusation to see one burned alive at the stake!

    • Yeah that’s right.
      Did Paula Bennett and the National Party show the same concern for Todd Barclay’s victim, or The Great Shonkey’s victim?
      Like f.. they did!

  8. Helen seems to forget we tossed her out 11 years ago because she ran a government that was trying to control our lives even in the little things like the size of our shower head and the light bulbs we used. Now she starting to pop up ever day with anew band wagon the latest is how we should vote about marajuana and trying to absolve Jacinda from the mess she is in.

    • Remember Aunty Helen hugged the corpse of Taito Philip Field for too long to stay in power, saying he was just helping his constituents and didn’t believe he did anything illegal etc etc when the voting public were shaking their heads saying ‘I don’t bloody think so!’ ….She lost the election and Field ended up in prison. Now was that another VWRC, Nationals fault just like you are all trying to point to with this mess?!
      Pffft….You all have to own this as Labours fuck up and accept it for what it is and stop looking under rocks for an excuse, any excuse. If there is an email or txt out there that shows Arden knew before this week of sexual assault then Andrew Little or, god forbid, Winston Peters will be PM till next election.

      • So a tape recording came out with all the evidence in the world and yet Bridges still remains Nationals leader. Corruption is a polite word. Remember if Bridges were to fall, god forbid, your next leader would be a leopard suit wearing hyena.

      • Oh God yes!
        As effective as Clark was, she is yesterday’s newspaper and seems to do more harm than good by jumping to Aderns defence.

        • Oh god yes like Key at Nationals conference, he’s literally yesterdays newspaper( ANZ scandal) yet by attending made Bridges look like Charlie Chaplan.

          • I think Bridges can manage that all on his own! LOL!
            But on a more serious note it is hard to deny that Key had some level of Gravitas that Bridges could never have.

    • I agree, why is Helen Clarke and Cullen always making comments on every issue that comes along? I’ll tell you why, cos they know there is no experience in the Labour Party. This government will go down in history as a complete fail.

      • Lance – the journos approach them for statements and they are not shy about providing them. I can name the bod Fairfax go to when they want anti-police criticism – and probably say it just as well as him too. And one other I can’t currently recall.

        It is ambulance chasing masquerading as journalism because many in the media shape exactly what they want us to hear because they think that we are the sort of fools that they in fact are.

  9. I am now more than totally fed up with the tabloid NZ herald.

    I will never buy a NZ herald newspaper or read it online. I will never ‘invest’ money just to have online access to some of its ‘articles’ that one needs to ‘prepay’ for just to have ‘access’.

    I have deliberately put the word herald in lower case in this posting as that is how bad the NZ herald has demeaned itself to due to its bizarre relationship with the NZ National Party.

    The herald has become an extended mouthpiece of the National Party. It loses readers due to its behavioural problems especially over say the past week or so. It has lost all credibility and any sense of being note-worthy. It’s a shell of its former self.

    I will never read any of the articles written by Mike Hosking, Katie Hawkesby, Audrey Young, Matthew Hooten, Barry Sloper(deliberate mis-spelling here)Heather Du Plessis Allan , John Roughan or any of the biased towards National so-called journalists employed by the herald but probably paid for by the NZ National Party.

    Mike Hosking comes across as a Wannabe National MP but he is too volatile and unstable to be a politician of any structure or being. And so whilst he deems himself to be the ‘font of ALL knowledge on the planet’ he just looks like a sweaty faced(is he on illegal drugs are my thoughts when I have the misfortune of seeing him on say the telly?) idiot to me.

    The events of the past week has shown to the lowly degree of venom and hatred National and of course their(the NZ National Party)supporting media organisations have towards this government that their(National and co’s)actions have resulted in me and probably many other NZers showing support for Jacinda and the government.

    Lets us all remember there was hardly even a squeal from the mainstream NZ media whilst John Key was ‘too busy’ chasing ponytails on young human females.

  10. Labour party president has resigned. Accused Labour staffer has resigned. What more do the media want. Nobody has even laid a complaint with Police, but 2 careers have been ruined. Nice one, media smear merchants. Guilty until proven innocent eh?

    Mike Sabin: hushed up. Todd Barclay: covered up. JLR: no resignations. JK hair pulling: no resignations.

    Double standards

  11. “Again I don’t believe Jacinda new the seriousness of these allegations “. Martyn keep’s using this phrase but surely this is naive in itself. He must be meaning “ I don’t want to believe….” What makes Jacinda any different from her staffers or anybody else. The fact she is the leader of the coalition. Can’t be. We wouldn’t believe John Key, Simon Bridges or even Helen Clark (she new how to play politics better than anybody and still is.) Is it because she’s a popular young woman with a child who inspired half a Nation. That’s a nice reason to believe her truthfulness but not a good reason. The inquiry must decide where the truth lies, if that’s possible, and all other speculation is meaningless. To me it’s pretty straight forward. If she didn’t know, she is not leading the party, they are leading her and not trusting her with important information. If she did know. Well, I needn’t continue. To say that JA isn’t capable of stretching the truth with the clever use of words would in my opinion be perpetuating the fairytale.

  12. Here is an interesting comparison especially in regards to the NZ herald articles of this week.

    In one vein they(the herald)were busy having a go with, like I said earlier, venom and hatred towards Jacinda and the government.

    And so whilst the herald was having a attack syndrome go at especially there was an article about the spoilt village brat Max Key. Talk about being so obviously two faced and naturally, for the NZ herald, hypocritical in one newspaper/tabloid.

    Wasn’t Max Key involved or associated with the Roast Busters at one time in the past 8 years or so or has the NZ herald conveniently forgotten about that whilst they are attacking Jacinda? Or is that now clear proof how deep into the NZ National Party pocket the NZ herald has demeaned themselves to?

    • 4 articles today in Herald today.
      Mathew Hooten 2 opinions in 2 days:Flaky failure – Jacinda Ardern’s aimless leadership
      Editorial: Getting Under Arderns Skin
      Clare Tevett: Paula Bennett’s Take On Labour Scandal
      Steve Braunias ( admittedly he takes the piss out of everyone)

      Henry Cooke:This mess will follow Jacinda Ardern
      Duncan Garner:Mud stinks, and now it’s sticking to the people at the top

      The media truly want National back in power.

      • To quote John Le Carre…

        “Yes, we’ve been cooking
        for a long time,
        with a great many ingredients
        and a great many pots”

        Yes Bert, this is a full-on offensive to undermine the credibility of Jacinda Ardern. Even Duncan Garner, the doyen of the right, was talking up her resignation only yesterday. The hyperbole was breaking the sound barrier by then.

        The trouble is the smear campaign is the quite as quality as the old firm use to generate when it was operating out of Keys office, that he of course never knew a thing about.

        As I said in this blog, running a media wide script explaining why they went to Bennett with all sorts of different people running that same line makes this lily look ever so gilded doesn’t it!

    • JustMe – Max Key was the guy who leaned out of his car to yell at cyclists, ” Real men ride women.”

      I guess that’s not surprising from the son of a serial ponytail puller who yelled his head off in Parliament to the Labour Party to get some guts and to send other people’s kids off to Iraq – yelled so hard that even the Nat bloke sitting behind him looked scared. On camera.

  13. Today in RNZ from Helen Morten, ex Nat staffer;

    “There has been criticism about the role of the deputy leader of the opposition in this issue, but you cannot doubt the complainants’ decision to go to her. Only with her intervention has anything happened..”

    This is a slight variation/s of what is doing the rounds in blogs and the media, the theme remains a constant however, Paula is not to blame, she was just trying to help in her own little way. This bullshit simple lil Paula explanations is verging on focus grouped. And who the fuck does that, to death, I wonder?

    Hey Helen, I have huge doubts about the complainants motives! In the case of the 19 year old victim, she must report this to the APPROPRIATE organizations, if she hasn’t already until it is investigated properly. But for the rest, when I read scripted explanations like that from vastly different authors, even on TDB from the oh so reasonable David J Stone, well twice is terribly hard to explain this coincidence, multiple times it becomes a ham fisted stitch up from the dirty politics manual.

    As always there was the police for the serious sexual assault described, in fact many other options to seek justice but they weren’t chosen, just Paula. She was all that was left, I promise, cue innocent expressions…

    What fucking ever!

    • Xray… In her story reported on Spinoff the girl said they she did not go to the police because of the low success rate of getting a successful result making it not seem worth the embarrassment and humiliation. The offence is almost impossible to prove, there are never any witnesses and it becomes a matter of who the police choose to believe. It is not simply a matter of going to the police and getting the truth established. They have no means of establishing the truth. See this from the Guardian…Last year the CPS charged 2,822 defendants, compared with 3,621 in 2013-14, yet the total number of rapes reported has almost doubled since 2013-14. Last year saw police-recorded rape increase by 15% (to 41,186 offences) compared with the previous year, according to police recorded crime figures from the Home Office. It’s the same everywhere.
      She took the action she did, going to the party organisation , to help her party fix a problem they claimed to want to fix. Not to get satisfaction for herself but to alert the leaders to a problem that if left un attended might cause serious problems for it in the future. When she realised that that was not going to happen she , with others went public . Again I suggest not for her own benefit but as the only way to get some sunlight onto the issue and hopefully eventually cure it. If the labour party had acted on the complaints and taken steps to fix the problem internally no one would ever have known about it.
      D J S

        • No bert have you? Except he does apparently deny it all. It’s always the way isn’t it! We never know who to believe. All you can do is reason why would she have gone to the party officials when they asked for people to come forward who had issues . Did she do it to attract attention to herself? Did she want to damage the party or support it? You have to find your own best reasoning but keep an open mind.
          Actually nearly every girl or woman I have been close enough to to have such a conversation has a pretty similar account of their first sexual experience. They learn to be more careful in the future. I have gained the impression that some quite small number of men abuse an enormous number of young women.Just once. And we all get to share the blame for that along the lines of the roast
          D J S

          • Thank you DJS for a more reasoned response.No I haven’t heard the other side yet that is exactly why I have an open mind and exactly why I raised it. There is also those that have been accused and have found to have been innocent. Sadly they live the rest of their lives with a tainted reputation due to a jilted lover laying false claims. This is why we need to be reasoned and not call for the heads of our state to be rolled. I have been the recipient of a female manager attempting to sexually abuse me, something I kept quiet, so please never ever think that gaining an impression is enough evidence.

        • Exactly. Somehow in this fiasco, this parliamentary staffers guilt, proven beyond a reasonable doubt is nothing more than a mere formality. Forget due process, actually, forget any process.

          Let’s do away with courts and lawyers and just bring in the Kangaroos!

      • “She did not go to the police because of the low success rate of getting a successful result making it not seem worth the embarrassment and humiliation”

        But she went to mouthy dirt rutting Paula Bennett to go full public with it instead Yep, not worth the embarrassment and humiliation going the police but it sure as shit was going to Paula!

        The police “…have no means of establishing the truth”. Damn, yet they seem to prove an awful lot of crime in court including sexual assault of all kinds but hey DJS, if I take you for real, then let us stop wasting billions every year on the NZ Police and disband them! In fact, let’s take all sexual assault referrals to Paula Bennett for action instead!

        I’m sorry but those explanations are so implausible and weak, its laughable.

        Courts strictly forbid the public sitting in on court hearings when sexual assault victims speak, the entire process is one of privacy to ensure the victim is not re-victimised as much as our system allows. But given the avenue followed by this victim I could not think of a worse case of doing just that.

        And were this ever to make it to court just imagine the victim explaining to the court that rather than going to the police, she went to a dirtbag MP like Bennett to go public with it to extract maximum public exposure for whatever reasons the defence cares to name and I can think of plenty. I would think in that case the chances of a successful prosecution now are and would be close to nil!

        • ‘But she went to mouthy dirt rutting Paula Bennett to go full public with it instead Yep, not worth the embarrassment and humiliation going the police but it sure as shit was going to Paula!”

          exactly, if it looks like a rat and smells like a rat then it’s probably Paula.

  14. I’m going to differ.
    This will settle, and eventually the woke will fall silent. Why? Because they are not genuine in their concern even if some think they are. They are shallow and self serving and once their own virtue has been well signalled they will lose interest, plus it damages brand Jacinda and they don’t have another figurehead to win an election.

    • Case in point, read The Standard today where it’s discussed on open mike.
      Negative discussion shut down to preserve the echo chamber, because men/rape culture! Lol.
      The irony.
      Round in circles we go until we all forget the rape culture is in labours head office!

      • The virtue must be conserved!At all costs!
        Exactly the problem in the handling of the complaint!
        This behavior at TS and in the prime ministers office perfectly maps the out of touch bubble of superiority that Mr Trotter described so well in his last effort.

        • Clearly we shouldn’t take women’s accusations of sexual assault seriously eh Bert. Or just not this time?

          • You didn’t answer my question, not this time eh keepcalmcarryon. Once you’ve done so I’ll give you the courtesy of answering yours anytime.

            • Thanks bert. Clearly you are putting words in my mouth? I’ve accused no one of rape, I’m talking about “rape culture” as discussed by wokies.
              ANYTHING except own your own bullshit eh.

      • That’s rubbish in itself. A few people making slanderous/violent/trolling accusations and posting screeds of BS were given some time off from TS. Some RWNJ’s don’t seem able to keep up with the news that Jacinda has apologised and there have been 2 resignations and there’s a review underway, and keep recycling silly fictions.

        • Honestly no one gives a shit about your feelings. Perhaps you should go and pollute other online message boards with how tough you are on the Internet. Look around here. We are perfectly capable of having a normal conversation with all the dogma and ideology, thx.

  15. Some powerful vested interests out there REALLY like the Natz declaration that they will burn the statutes book, and remove the last few protections for the average Kiwi

    Some powerful vested interests out there REALLY like the Natz signal that they will lower corporate tax to 28%, and in the same breath add two years to the age of eligbiity for NZ super.

    Of course, those policies (amongst many others, if properly & truthfully disclosed to the public) are unelectable, so…………………………………………………………………..some powerful vested interests out there have seized the opportunity to foment their wall-to-wall smear campaign.
    It’s the only way they can win the election.

    Sickening. Tiring. Soul destroying. Climate change can’t come quick enough in my book.

  16. The right thought that by using their tactics against Jacinda pre March 15th would eventually pay dividends like water dripping on a stone.
    Then Christchurch happened and that stopped the nastiness and negativity for a few months as her leadership during that awful time shone through.
    How were the nasty Natz and their friends going too proceed with their attacks against the the governments greatest asset ?
    Now they have the gift that will keep giving and they and the woke will continue too attack as they hope too destroy Jacinda and her credibility.
    I won,t comment too much on what has happened here until we have the full facts ( if we are allowed too examine them carefully ) but if Jacinda has really been kept out of the loop on this for her own protection then she is being seriously let down and has been thrown too the wolves even if that was not the intention.
    In the wake of dirty politics Keys main defence was it was all a left wing conspiracy and then it was my boys being a bit naughty as they fell on their swords but i knew nothing about it.
    That is how slanted this country is when they bought it hook line and sinker and he was reelected in 2014 after one of the most grievous dirty tricks campaign was conducted by the PM s own department.
    But that was the National party and its media friends who are whiter than white when it comes too their own horrible behaviour and when a cover up is needed they get one regardless of the offence committed.
    The difference here is Jacinda is not John Key and despite her popularity will be badly burned by this.

  17. Personally think the ‘ordinary folks’ are pretty tired of the weekly headlines screaming that Jacinda should know every thing going on in parliament and personally intervene on every issue…

    it’s dysfunctional parliament and media,

    While they debate this for the next few weeks which could have been avoided by Labour having a functioning complaints procedure (and the man stood down while the allegations are investigated, while the women not having to go through hoops to get her complaint taken seriously and it is investigated straight away by somebody who is very respected and professional, not trial by media)…..

    You know, practical, fair and results driven approach…

    Not, what is sounds like, aka nobody doing anything, Chinese whispers, followed by big blow up and a scalp…. nowonder the country is turning to shit, if they can’t even do basic stuff in the nest of parliament and now it’s all about sensationalised headlines not actually the PM and MP’s running the country appropriately.

  18. I am with you Xray 100%
    Innocent until proven guilty must reign above all.

    I don’t condone using the ‘George Soros’ Me Too hanging judge system any more.

    George Soros uses people as bait to fund as he has a ‘clear agenda to over-throw any Government he doesn’t like.’
    We don’t want to be used for his fetish.

  19. When you get sexually assaulted you go directly to the Police – just like you do for every other crime. You don’t go to the media or anyone else at all, unless you don’t get justice.

  20. We can’t win by letting the scandalmongering distract us from the serious problems we need government to address; climate change, species extinction, suicide, child abuse, mental health, homelessness, exploitation of workers etc etc etc. The spindoctors opposed to the NatACT government couldn’t land a blow when they had video of its PM sexually harassing women and girls on a regular basis with his hair-fondling habit. The Nats will always win if the competition is mudwrestling in the gutter, dirty politics is their strong suit. If the left want to win, we need to play to our strenths not theirs; coming up with policy that might actually solve problems, rather than just spinning them. Policy, policy, policy!

    • Hard to win when MSM act as pure propaganda merchants for the Opposition.
      And what is happening now is a clear example of that.

      Will the NZ public see through it? They couldn’t see through the fog of lies spun to protect Key, English, Bennett et al.

  21. I think your belief that Adern didn’t know is the ultimate in delusional wishful thinking Martyn.
    I think you need to come to the realization that she is just a politician like pretty much the rest of them.
    The only politician in NZ that seems to walk his talk is Seymour. Would never vote for him but I admire his ethics and the courage of his convictions.

  22. Oh my dear. Sycophant column. Look. The LP have been frightened for a long time of their own shadow. So when a real crisis (another one to add to Housing, Homelessness, Health, Education ect …) happens, they shit themselves and go into a huddle! Meanwhile Rome Burns, FFS! What a bunch of fuck’n amatures!

    This is a rubicon moment for them and I’m guessing that theyre gunnah fuck this up too.

    • Wishful thinking. Paula is about to be completely discredited as the narrative she’s spinning starts to fall apart. And the mud she’s slinging starts to splatter on herself and the morally dubious reputation of the Nats

  23. I am trying to keep an open mind. However I’m completely at a loss as to why anyone who feels they have been the victim of an offence/crime would go to Paula Bennett, instead of using the legal channels available to get assistance.

    Both the accused and the accuser(s) have to provide strong evidence to support their case(s) in any alleged offence or criminal activity. So the same has to apply here and it can’t be done unless the issue(s) go through the correct police and justice systems, no matter how hard that may be.

  24. ” I am trying to keep an open mind. However I’m completely at a loss as to why anyone who feels they have been the victim of an offence/crime would go to Paula Bennett, instead of using the legal channels available to get assistance ”

    Good point Mary something just doesn’t smell right here.

    My only conclusion is that the Labour party has made such a cock up of handling this that the complainant has felt compelled too approach the dark lords too get this whole thing aired in public and of course the National party are more than happy too give this oxygen.

  25. And who are the media and who owns the media and whose best interest does the media care about, not the average poor hard working kiwi. National will play the fiddle as long as it can lets wait for the next polls and see if soimon has manged to lift out of 5% yet

    • Re the next polls Michelle. Am I such an old cynic, that I suspect the next CB poll just might be loosely based around this issue, to achieve the desired effect of raising the numbers for National and Simon Bridges?

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