Labour Party hierarchy failed Jacinda in a way they didn’t fail Helen Clark


I maintain my belief that Jacinda did not know the severity of this allegation and that when you compare how National behaved with the Mike Sabin situation, Labour’s supposed sin here isn’t even in the same category as National’s.

I do believe that the Labour Party hierarchy however has utterly failed Jacinda just as they failed her when she wasn’t told about the Summer Camp scandal.

Simon Mitchell was on the Investigating Panel that looked into this complaint that failed to provide accountability, that’s the same Simon Mitchell who bought the Helen Clark forgery and burnt it after buying it.

Pity the Labour hierarchy failed Jacinda in a way they didn’t fail Helen Clark.


      • Where would National be without their to media spokesman, Sad Mike. According to Hosking, (or more like in his fantasies) Labour are doomed, and Winston is ready to jump sides.
        Mike will rest easy in his dungeon and bed of nails this weekend.

  1. Thank you MB. All of those people on the panel should resign. Its a pity that Jacinda has trusted people who really should have been replaced when she took office. Time for a cleaning of the house.

  2. National stands for = “Now all takeovers investments online negotiations are lucrative”

    Helen Clark is the most honest ‘aware’ person I have ever seen on my 75 yr journey have made around this world today as she has kept her wits about her in every way.

    Jacinda is bright and unfortunately you are right, the Bureaucrats and staff and MP’s have let her down miserably even while she was bearing her first child.

    She needed good support from her MP’s especially and I think they have largely failed so far beginning with the RNZ shambles and the botch up when on the first day when voting for a speaker of the house they couldn’t even count the members they had still the power to vote for with out giving the National lairs the chance of taking half the select committees positions and weakening Labour on the first day and then allowing national to flood the MP’s emails with 63000 emails to clog the labour party up for six months.

    Jacinda needs an emergency caucus meeting to now strategies how to reign in all the national Cling on posing as MP staffers and clean out the Corrosive national party sympathizers before more of these disasters come Labour’s way again.

  3. Yes that was a better call than most available to watch PM’s back.
    Mc Carten had had several knives thrust into his back in past years so he is a good choice.

    McCarten will recognise the warning signs more than most.

  4. All those opinion givers in the media jumping on PM Adern are nothing but National party hacks hoping to tarnish Aderns popularity. This idea that our PM a young women herself would willingly lie cover-up or dismiss allegations of sexual harassment in order to protect the position of an old white guy is so absurd that it beggars belief. My hope is that our PM unleashes the fury that you can see her struggling to control and that even more heads go flying

  5. Helen Clark was able to make the hard calls and by the time she was PM she had paid her dues to those that count and she had a trusted team that watch her back. To be fair to Jacinda she was never prepared for the leadership. Labour did not expect to win and this would have given her 3 years to prepare. As it is she has a back office that does not like her style and do not see her as their natural leader. Being a new mother is tough on anyone and is a full time job in itself let alone running the country

  6. Perhaps the PM
    Being out of the country so much could explain her not being told.
    There is just a small gap between overseas visits so could be the answer.
    She was just probably more concerned destroying the farmers and our national income the concern about 12 individuals who had been bullied and abused

    • Probably more concern with supporting teachers, nurses, assisting people into homes and in general leading the country for all. Why are farmers any more special than you or me, our national income is fine, don’t believe everything you read.

  7. Trevor who do you suggest to lead Labour= David Cunliffe?

    Remember how the smear campaign degraded him when he broke down and apologised for being a man?????

    Surely that would’ve satisfied the feminists but no, apparently?

    Every time I read press smear of a sexual accusation now the name ‘George Soros” pops into my mind as George Soros is allegedby his french courts conviction as a infamous criminal and a cheat but worse now is that he used his filthy money to finance the same sexual accusations on a US appointment of a ‘judge Brett Kavanaugh’ using the newly (George Soros funded infamous ‘Me Two’ weaponry movement in 2017!!!

    Does anyone not really remember this?

    So we now have a criminal foreign billionaire attempting to subject our elections here now – and this is a matter for the ‘NZ intelligence establishment’ to investigate this attempted political submersion now.

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