Compare Mike Sabin to Labour Staffer and the double standard hypocrisy of right wing media pundits



After everything we’ve seen since Jacinda became Prime Minister – the courage, resilience & leadership she exhibited in the wake of the Christchurch massacre & her empathy on a dozen other issues, I find the attempt to claim that she would have knowingly covered up a sexual assault is a character assassination of the most vile

The malicious glee many right wing pundits are enjoying while smearing Jacinda is as ugly as it is hypocritical.

Ugly because I don’t believe for one second Jacinda was made aware of the severity of the allegations and hypercritical because I don’t remember all these right wing commentators being as vocal on accountability & who-knew-what-when regarding Mike Sabin!

If you want to compare apples with apples, let’s compare how National treated Mike Sabin and how Labour have treated this staffer.

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The Labour Staffer at the centre of these sexual assault allegations has just resigned one day after the Labour President resigned once the true nature of the allegations were made clear to Jacinda.

That is bloody accountability!

Compare that with how National treated Northland MP Mike Sabin. There weren’t just allegations against Mike, there was an active police inquiry  – how did National handle that? They kept him on as the Chair of the bloody law and order select committee!!!!

National MP Mike Sabin to remain law and order chairman during investigation into alleged assault

A National Party MP at the centre of reports he is being investigated by police over an alleged assault will remain as chairman of the law and order select committee in Parliament.

Northland MP Mike Sabin, 46, has gone to ground since reports emerged late last year that he was under investigation by police after a complaint had been laid against him.

Neither Mr Sabin, Prime Minister John Key nor the police have confirmed the reports.

This morning, Mr Key said he was comfortable with Mr Sabin holding the role of chairman of the law and order select committee.

…Jacinda was not aware of the severity of allegations against a staffer, once she was aware the President and Staffer resigned.

National knew about an investigation into one of  their MPs and kept him on as chair of the law and order select committee until they couldn’t hide it any longer and he stepped down

The selective outage by the right wing media pundits is as disingenuous as it is vile!


  1. Wasn’t Key himself the Fondler in Chief? Ughh, the right wingers can’t keep their hands to themselves, and their cover, the media, are one trick ponies

    • Yeah, it got tidied up, eventually. It’s just a real shame that Myth Testing Policy had to be taken to an election to finally get some structure back into government.

  2. Let’s face it. The MSM have started the Opposition’s 2020 election campaign for them.
    Too corrupt and incompetent to present honest policy to the electorate, Slimin Bridges and acolytes need wall-to-wall propanganda from their benefactors in corporate media to survive.

    The double standards in what passes for our 4th Estate belie this sham democracy we endure.

  3. It does seem the NZ National Party and especially their mouthpiece of the NZ National Party(aka the tabloid NZ herald(deliberate use of lower case here)is into a concerted attack mode directed at Jacinda Ardern in particular..
    And whilst they(National and their so-called puppet journalists)are screaming out from the virtual pages of the NZ herald it seems they have very short memories of the antics of say John Key.
    John Key seemed(and perhaps still does)have a fetish of touching and grabbing human females ponytails and especially the ponytails of young human females. What is he(Key)thinking will happen? Is or was he expecting the ponytail to become erect like a penis or did the actual pulling of a ponytail give him an erection instead? We will fortunately never know or want to find out.
    But the incredible thing is there wasn’t even a fuss by the mostly in the NZ National Party pocket journalists like Mike Hosking, Katie Hawkesby, Barry Sloper, John Roughan, Audrey Young, etc.etc.etc of all the sexual perverted antics of John Key!!!!!
    Today I looked at the tabloid NZ herald and have now completely switched off ever reading such a ‘newspaper’. And if the NZ herald contacts me for a survey I will probably ‘go to town’ and tell them honestly they have lost such credibility that no-one would ever take them seriously ever again.
    Their behaviour leaves a Hell of alot to be desired. I think I will only look at the herald for the weather, the horoscope and that is probably it. They have lost me as a reader and I wish upon the NZ herald every misfortune that it well deserves.

    • On a better note, yesterdays Herald had an article on Max Key. A nice picture with his leg up having injured himself on his big OE. Meanwhile my son is into his 7th year of study, now doing his PHD in psychology and having submitted and accepted a Scholarly article now indoctrinated into the most famous of American psychology journals. This is based on the elderly and improved brain regeneration through music. I couldn’t find this in the Herald? I’m not sure having actually achieved something in your life counts for news.
      But as you say, the likes of Mike Hosking, Katie Hawkesby, Barry Sloper, John Roughan, Audrey Young, etc are knee deep in getting to the bottom of the ANZ dodgy deals of one John Key.

      • Congratulations to your son Bert. His contribution and future work will no doubt be of great benefit to the world. Well done. If I live long enough, I shall look forward to hearing about your boy’s efforts through a much more worthy news source than the current NZ msm.

        Whereas Key jnr, like his sleazy father only contributes to himself. Both useless articles, being of no social value whatsoever! In this case, like father, like son!

  4. Some things are becoming evident:
    1) The Labour apparatus are a bunch of sanctimonious pricks who really do think they are more important than those they represent and no longer understand. The politics of kindness from this bunch is a dorky sound bite and the worst hypocrisy.
    2) National have a gift in this to tarnish the “genuine” Jacinda brand. They intend to do so.
    3) The media have their own motives and bias not always against the left (quite happy to incite moral panic to sell clicks)
    4) Despite not personally knowing her as you do, I am not convinced of her sainthood. I watched her squirm as she lied on a Stuff interview on the suicide stats and now on the abuse matter, she has chosen her words too carefully : she “saw” sexual assault allegations only this week. Really? When were you “told” Ms Ardern?
    Yeah the Sabin thing smelt corrupt, but no one cares, the public takeaway here is politics is full of pond scum.
    International news coverage of this now, is both highly embarrassing for Labour, and a thankful guarantee Ms Ardern won’t get an undeserved Nobel prize for head scarf wearing.

    • Sorry but I care and no doubt many others care about how the Sabin affair was silently washed away, a little like how Sarah Dowies text to JLR was found to have no basis to it. Please don’t get me wrong,I am also disgusted by this issue but until the perpetrator admits guilt he is entitled to a fair hearing,just as Sabin and Dowie were.

  5. I now recall one former NZ National Party politician who became prime minister of New Zealand in the late 70s and into the early 80s.
    His name was Rob Muldoon. He was a sexual predator even whilst prime minister of New Zealand. But likewise as of today there was not a peep out of the mainstream NZ media in the 80s of what Muldoon got up to.
    I remember one time being at the official opening of the Sir Keith Holyoake MOTAT museum on Meola Road. The official guests were Keith Holyoake and of course Rob Muldoon. A girlfriend and I happened to be passing by and decided to see what was going on at the park. Back in those days both she and I were young and had figures. During the speech Muldoon kept looking at us and it didn’t take a rocket scientist to see his lewd expression. I glared back at Muldoon and he looked away. But I saw him keep looking at us now and then.
    Many years later my boyfriend at the time and I were having dinner with a couple. The wife had been married before to quite a well known NZ businessman. One time her first husband and her were in Wellington. They were entering into a well known Wellington Hotel. Walking out was Muldoon with a young woman on his arm. Our friend looked at her husband with a puzzled expression and his comment was flippant of “Oh he(Muldoom)does that(have extra marital affairs)all the time”.
    Hearing that made so many things click into place but many years later I read the book written by Margaret Pope(David Lange’s second wife)called At the Turning Point. Margaret mentioned what Muldoon did to young women in the prime ministers’ office and on a settee.
    And so here we are more than 30 years on and whilst the ridiculous mainstream NZ media that are so thoroughly into the NZ National Party pocket are baying for blood there was not a peep out of them in the 80s and probably so many other times whilst there was a National government.
    The hypocrisy of National and their supporters are just so stupidly ridiculous to say the least.

  6. National have finally got some scandal to get their teeth into, trying to compare Jacinda to Mike Sabin is drawing a rather long bow IMHO ?

    • I don’t believe that fir a secound. Just look at my own comments from my last thousand replys. Probably 10 got binned. Although I must admit they where not kind or even legal. But you wouldn’t know because they got binned. But you, Marc, are just outing yourself as one of these. Here’s a copy and pasta of list of things that will get your comment binned:

      Sexist language, homophobic language, racist language, anti-muslim hate, transphobic language, Chemtrails, 9/11 truthers, climate deniers, anti-fluoride fanatics, anti-vaxxer lunatics and ANYONE that links to fucking infowar.

      Care to tell which one was it that got you binned. I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours.

        • Come on now brother. Are you sure one or two wasn’t slightly illegal? Not even a tiny bit edgy? Not saying I don’t believe it just sounds cooler if you’re a bad arse or God forbid, a wise ass.

          Well then why not, why not you and I test this out and criticize Jacinda together. I’v got these fuzzy memories about something to do with being the best country for growing up and learning for kids. Kiwi build was a bit ambitious don’t y’think. Bit of bullshit really. Y’know I really feel an overwhelming sense of loss when ever government wasts billions of dollars. The score is probably even with the previous Narional government. I hope no one asks me random questions or evidence over this comment cause I just sprinkled some wisky into my Chinese leftovers just to imply it’s not a few days old.

    • So offer your alternative opinion, Hosking, Hakesbury, Young , Tevett, Soper do. But I’ve not heard you say The NZ HERALD IS BIAS

    • Also comment on the column, this is about Mike Sabin and Nationals hypocrisy. If you don’t agree this is the forumn. WHAILOIL was CENSORSHIP AND BIAS and we know how that turned out.
      I only have one question…who resigned over the Mike Sabin saga… Key or English?

    • Agree. Like Phill they will always attempt to silence opinions they don’t like. I’ve had many scripts that have disappeared into the ether, simply because I don’t toe the party line

      • This blog does censor and ive wished some of my posts had made it to air, but most do.
        Remember it’s a private blog and generally the attitude to open dialogue here is very good compared to any other political blog.

  7. There are only Right Wing media pundits… the Wage Slave Labour Party is a right wing party, Bomber… in your heart of hearts you know it to be true… Pravda Vitezi!

  8. Holy-o-fuck Martyn! Has it been SO long since Helen Clark that you have forgotten how a real PM handles shit like this?
    If Adern didn’t know, then that is as bad as if she did.

    • Care to enlighten us on the Hypocrisy of National and Mike Sabin, perhaps Ardern has learnt from how Key handled it, shut your mouth and deny, deny,deny!

      • Well I don’t know where she learned it from but it sure as shit wasn’t Clark.
        Clark was a ruthless but highly effective leader.
        This shit would never been allowed to fester like this under her watch.

      • ka pai Bert she our dear leader Jacinda nends to learn from the masters of spin and deceit none other than our last pm jhonkey who was good at deny, deny, deny can’t recall, and i was not wearing my PMs hat at the time

  9. My own worry is the enthusiasm of the RNZ newsroom to taint Jacinda, this week it seems that Paula Benefit is reading the news!

    • Keith,
      You are right RNZ is run as the ‘national party voice now,

      RNZ is heavily biased fully against Labour for sure.

      I believe Labour needs to get their promised “Free to air (TV7 Clone) Public service channel” up and running before next month quick smart so they can raise the issues above the national party’s “dirty politics campaign” reaches ‘fever pitch’.

    • Agree.Their new 5am “First Up” show is particularly pro Nat in a sneaky way running the “human interest” Cancer, Health, “heartlanders whinging” type items, which are de facto pro Nat.

      The Public Service channel is a great idea.


    CEAC support “Wellbeing to be enshrined in law”
    Thursday, 12 September 2019, 9:15 am
    Press Release: Citizens Environmental Advocacy Centre
    Yesterday Hon Grant Robertson Minister of Finance issued a welcome ‘clear directive’ in the press to ensure every Government considers the wellbeing of New Zealanders when creating future budgets.
    QUOTE; Government’ to ensure every Government considers the wellbeing of New Zealanders when creating future budgets.
    Legislation has been introduced in Parliament today to ensure every Government considers the wellbeing of New Zealanders when creating future budgets.
    Finance Minister Grant Robertson says the successful delivery of the Wellbeing Budget this year placed wellbeing at the heart of the Government’s policy-making.
    CEAC recommends Government needs to be far more actively involved with a robust and inclusive involvement when directing central/local governments and all agencies and businesses when they set their planning documents.
    For instance, when we present our verbal/written submissions to local government planning meetings most of those committees have no knowledge or involvement with any government directives of considering “Community wellbeing at all so the submissions are usually ignored and we are left totally without any wellbeing.
    CEAC recalls when the last National Government setup directives within central/local Governments and all agencies and businesses, Steven Joyce the Minister of Finance who set up of the ‘Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment’ (MBIE) sent a (reported) very strong directive to all staff in those agencies and business interests that MBIE covers, to ‘strictly’ follow the directives set in place by his office.
    We encourage Grant Robertson who has the same Ministerial responsibility as Steven Joyce had, now carry out the same ‘blunt’ strict compliant directive instrument to all staff get all agencies and industry to comply with Government policy.
    Because under National using a ‘strict blunt directive instrument’ sadly was ultimately required using that depth of his directive that was ultimately successful in having it adhered to, as Steven Joyce was known as being a forceful individual.
    But under the current Government most Central/local Government, their agencies and business had failed miserably to comply with Government policy directives/legislation in planning for “Community wellbeing” within their planning instruments thus far at the detriment of the communities health and wellbeing.
    Wellbeing to be enshrined in law
    Wednesday, 11 September 2019, 2:24 pm
    Press Release: New Zealand Government
    Hon Grant Robertson
    Minister of Finance
    11 September 2019 PĀNUI PĀPĀHO
    Legislation has been introduced in Parliament today to ensure every Government considers the wellbeing of New Zealanders when creating future budgets.
    Finance Minister Grant Robertson says the successful delivery of the Wellbeing Budget this year placed wellbeing at the heart of the Government’s policy-making.
    “However, achieving genuine and enduring change requires establishing a public sector and systems geared towards this new way of working.
    “Rather than measuring progress in purely economic terms, this Government is committed to taking a broader approach to measuring New Zealand’s progress.
    “This includes fiscal policy, where we want to consider the wellbeing of our environment, people and communities, alongside existing macroeconomic and fiscal indicators,” Grant Robertson says.
    The Public Finance (Wellbeing) Amendment Bill achieves this by requiring the Government to set wellbeing objectives and explain how those objectives will guide the development of its Budget.
    It will also require the Treasury to report periodically on the state of wellbeing in New Zealand.
    “We need to support long-term intergenerational wellbeing and a build a more forward-looking, strategic focus into our Budget process.
    “We will always have a careful and close eye on our fiscal performance, but New Zealanders have told us that that is not sufficient.
    “We’ll keep the strengths of our current statutory fiscal requirements, and build on these with a wider framework.
    “A Budget needs to reflect the importance of the health of our people, our environment, and our communities, and that is what this Bill will do,” Grant Robertson says.
    The changes are expected to be in place for Budget 2020.
    Finally ;TO Hon’ Gant Robertson;
    Please give consideration to our loss of local body representation; when CEAC as possibly others as NGO’s presents our many verbal/written submissions to local Government Annual Plans meetings, as we find that most of those committee members have absolutely no care, consideration, knowledge or involvement with any Government directives of considering ‘Community wellbeing’ at all, – so the submissions are usually ignored and we are left totally without any wellbeing, and that is a loss to our communities environment, health, wellbeing and demoralising to our community.
    We used to have a Ministry of Transport official from Wellington always attend our HB Regional Council Land transport Meetings who was very supportive of our submissions we gave before their committee about our community concerns of the ‘environmental impact of road transport issues’ but sadly when National came into government in 2008 we lost all Ministry of Transport representation, and our support for better environmental transport planning.
    We advise that this Government must now arrange to have an ‘Environmental Community Health and Wellbeing Consultant’ preferably from the Ministry of the Environment and Transport to represent communities at every Local Body Plan meetings (including transport) in NZ in future to fully promote this worthy policy; quote; ‘policy, where we want to consider the wellbeing of our environment, people and communities’.


  11. If she did not know she has a very poor network of staff guarding her back. If she did know more than she says then she loses any respect and should step down . She certainly looks out of her comfort zone.
    Dredging up past historical sexual indiscretions to make the current sexual problems of the Labour party seem less does an injustice to those complaining.Two wrong do not make a right.

  12. Oh Boy A sex scandal.Froth froth. Now how do we turn it into an anti Jacinda feature.? Froth froth..salivate
    Any ideas Mike, Barry, Heather?.
    I know we’ll get Paula to front it..but tell her not to quiver and salivate too much.and we’ll tell Simon to play the gentleman..Don’t want him to be thought of as interested in sex. and we’ll leave Judith out.. she’s had her own scandals.

  13. The Harmful Digital Communications Act (HDCA) aims to deter, prevent and lessen harmful digital communications. … Harmful digital communications include cyber bullying and harassment, eg: sending or publishing threatening or offensive material. spreading damaging rumours.
    National are hypocrites they passed this act and then committed and act themselves and got of (sarah d from invercargill) makes a mockery of our justice system

  14. I pointed out at the time on Kiwiblog that John Key was sitting on a scandal that was not survivable if exposed. He was very lucky things panned out the way they did in that instance, because that issue is still sub judice, and now he’s gone anyway.

    The current scandal is just as bad, and Ardern’s behaviour is just as bad. Just because Key was lucky doesn’t mean she deserves the same luck. She needs to go.

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