Goff Vs Tamihere Pub Politics September 17th live @ Chapel Bar


It’s the screaming about Tamihere on twitter by people I cant stand that makes his candidacy so much fun.

I think Goff has under-estimated the fury of Aucklanders stuck in gridlock EVRY SINGLE DAY so that an 18 lane monorail is actually appealing to the good people of Springfield.

‘ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED’ productions presents Pub Politics throughout September live from Chapel Bar on Ponsonby Rd.

Episode 3 – Auckland mayoralty Debate Tuesday September 17th 8pm-9pm


Auckland Mayor Phil Goff

Auckland Mayoralty Candidate John Tamihere


  1. My comment about you hosting a mayor election debate for only two candidates has been deleted – TWICE! – Martyn.

    Not impressed with your wipeout of. the other 19 candidates, including me!


    Genevieve Forde
    Candidate for Mayor of Auckland 2019
    Whangaparaoa Peninsula

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