‘ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED’ productions presents Pub Politics ep 1, ep 2 and ep 3


Comrades, brothers and sisters, ‘ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED’ productions presents Pub Politics 2019 live from The Chapel Bar.

Here is our line up right now for episodes 1, 2 and 3. Remember, first in first served, once we reach capacity at Chapel Bar, we can’t fit in any more. Each one will be live streamed here on the Daily Blog.

Episode 1 – The Cannabis Referendum Monday September 2nd 8pm-9pm


Deputy Leader of the National Party, Paula Bennett

Leader of the ACT Party, David Seymour

Green Party MP and spokesperson on drug reform, Chloe Swarbrick

President of NORML & TDB cannabis blogger, Chris Fowlie

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Episode 2 – Does National deserve to win the 2020 election? Tuesday September 10th 8pm-9pm


Special Guests TBC


Episode 3 – Auckland mayoralty Debate Tuesday September 17th 8pm-9pm


Auckland Mayor Phil Goff

Auckland Mayoralty Candidate John Tamihere


It will be politics like you have NEVER seen it before.