John Tamihere plans rates freeze and calls for rents freeze


John Tamihere will put a 3 year freeze on Auckland rates when elected mayor in October.

In his biggest campaign policy announcement, Tamihere said Goff’s 10.5% rates increase over the next 3 years would be canned – along with the discriminatory 11.5 cents per litre Goff Petrol Tax.

Tamihere will also ask landlords to stand up with him – and all Aucklanders – to apply a freeze on household and business rentals across the city.

“As a part of a general rates freeze over the next 3 years, I will ask landlords in Auckland to show goodwill by freezing rents for the next 3 years also,” Tamihere said.

“Like all Aucklanders, landlords will not be paying increased rates; there are currently unprecedented low interest rates; and a Capital Gains Tax is off the table. There has never been a better time for landlords to show their support for a rents freeze. My call to all landlords is a collective call to action that we all need a 3 year breathing space to fix a number of broken things, so we can future proof our city.

“We are all Aucklanders and must act in unison in the best interests of one another. I’m sure landlords will reflect deeply on their conscience because at least one leader has the backbone to ask them to step up.”

Tamihere said the cost of a rates freeze was $86.6 million per year – a 1% saving across Council and the six Council Control Organisations.

“There are a number of bureaucrats and contractors on the council payroll who are paid extraordinary amounts of ratepayer’s money,” Tamihere said. “Is it money well spent?
“Once elected I will cut the waste. I will make a separate announcement on a procurement programme later in the election cycle.”

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Tamihere said “long suffering” ratepayers needed respite from the ‘tax and spend’ mentality of Phil Goff.“This guy has also added four new taxes by stealth to your rates,” he said.

“Leadership is about responding to genuine concerns, and I know from talking to thousands of people that constant increases in rates, year on year, is a very real problem for many Aucklanders,” Tamihere said.“The stress on businesses, marriages and ratepayers requires them to have relief.”


  1. Johns right wing ideology coming through again. Tax breaks for the property owning class which will have to be paid for by service cuts to the poor and renting workers and beneficiaries

  2. Without fail every time we have a rates freeze, as per every other right wing politician had brought in, it is matched by a spending and infrastructure spending freeze. And then we get sewer in the harbour, knacked paths , crap public transport and in general run down public services. Then that deferred spending had to be made up with much interest later on.

    But I know you’re an asset seller, a throw back from the 80’s, start tearing up and burning the floor boards in order to keep the house warm for a little bit longer, so I guess that’s where some of the short fall will come from.

    Which multi millionaire/ billionaire write your manifesto, the Koch brothers or did you just go out and hire Roger Douglas?

    And utter crap like rent freezes are even weirder, straight out of Muldoon’s play book and equally will fail like his did, but only if the mayor of Auckland could even do such a thing which of course they can’t.

    Let us know when you’re going to build a wall between us and Mexico too!

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