BREAKING: Police assault Ihumātao leader, kettle protestors, using phone blockers & threatening mass arrests


Unacceptable actions by Police tonight. They have swarmed Ihumātao. If you can rush to their aid tonight, do it now!

Pania has been assaulted by Police.

Police are kettling protestors.

Police are using phone blockers to stop Protectors alerting others.

Police are threading mass arrests.

Jacinda Ardern, this is happening on YOUR watch and History is watching.

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How is this the Politics of Kindness Prime Minister?


  1. Very sad but predictable response from an all talk no action government. How can you talk of kindness and do this?

    • Its not the government doing it, they are not directing the police, their job at this point is to get people talking in order to reach a consensus. The question is though, why is Fletchers doing this now when they agreed not to start building until a resolution is found.

        • It was Fletchers that sent in the police in the first place, not Jacinda and her government, who negotiated with Fletchers to put a hold on building until a resolution could be found by the parties involved.

  2. Do what, Spikeyboy ? Really, everyone should tread softly here. Only on social media is untoward action by the police being reported.

    The current situation is that Maori have been pitted against Maori.

    Yesterday, Pania Newton picked up on the Green women MP’s anti-white narrative when she said they – viz the police – “should be chasing white supremacists, not Māori protectors”.

    That is an unwelcome and unnecessary dimension which may not be entirely rational, and is now pitting Maori against Pakeha, and against the police – as well as against each other.

    Maori have commented on this blog as being descendants of the brutal Highland Clearances, and back in Scotland, right now, the Scots are trying to entice people back into the desolate Highlands. Sometimes the land does need people as much as people need the land.

    I would sooner see the police out there fighting the scourge of methamphetamine – regardless of the ethnicity of its producers – but also find any intimation that the police are currently negligently ignoring “white supremacists” as inflammatory as it is intended to be, and absurd.

    This is not an ‘either’ ‘or’ situation, and the voices of the elders are as valid as the voices of the young – and sometimes old voices are enhanced by the wisdom of time.

  3. These people are deluded. This is not Zimbawe.
    You cant just rock up and claim a spiritual attachment to a piece of dirt. Lol especially when its privately owned. This will end in tears for them.. zthey have to follow the process. NOTE the waitangi tribunal , Adern is not supporting them. Just disperse them ,pull down the tents and send them home. Auckland community is 86 % opposed to them.

    • This is confiscated land, NOT PRIVATELY OWNED LAND, and here in lies the issue!
      Pawns of the crown!

    • Do your research stan, you look stupid ‍♂️.
      The land is historic it holds history meaning and culture for all new zealand ērā and was protected by the heritage land court until the greedy private “owners” manipulate the system to get it out of that safety net so they could sell it. These people are fighting for you and your childrens identity.. This land holds stories that we need to remember.
      All of us.

  4. Vatenam.mate this is privately owned land. Fletchers have died and title.
    What? Have the Mori’s printed off their own title on windows 98?.
    Complete load of bullshit by a pack of freeloaders and bludgers.

    • It’s Deed you ignorant troll,and if you went on how the history went about obtaining the Deed which yes it’s a legal document obtained by an illegal historical process.Do your research but I suppose you want to remain closed off.

    • Stan this Victorian era peasant mindset on your part is a disgrace.

      Pania and the Protectors are “Home”.

      Her people have lived there for century’s,they are the Tangata Whenua.

      Fletchers is a Corporation which has conspired to transfer the public wealth of the general population into foreign hands.

      Because Fletchers is a Corporation and not a natural person,it doesn’t have a home…its business here involves selling the homes of others.

      After this challenge to our Sovereignty by a ridiculous,taxpayer subsidised Corporation which was essentially given much of its investment portfolio by corrupt politicians,we should be seeking the removal of its executives from this country,South African style.

      And stan you clown,i have already explained how the general population here is far more suited to take over the day to day running of our own country than what South African’s are.

      We already do the day to day work here,the issue is that this work effort is managed by globalist minded people driven by profit and control,and has consequently failed to serve the best interests of the general population.

      The ‘South Africa Option’ is in fact not an option for us at all,it is a necessity….

      Fonterra Director Peter McBride and his merry band of dairy farmers in the Waikato had best prepare themselves for invasion,they can be used to make an example of what is no longer acceptable in terms of mindless pakeha subservience to the Crown.

      I will remind all of you about statements that Ross Meurant has made during meetings with prominent AO/NZ Gang Leaders.

      Ross saw what i see…

      As a former Police Officer,he knows the current organisational capabilities of the New Zealand Gang Community.

      He has stated their numbers,including support networks,to exceed 200,000!!!

      Between these gangs,they have an awesome array of military style hardware,of the type currently being Prohibited for reasons which should be obvious.
      They also have the requisite attitude and para military discipline to fight effectively against the Armed Constabulary and other Pro Crown forces.

      This collection of gangs is the basic framework for the formation of the type of Tactical Assault Groups that will be required to eject the generally white skinned,dairy farming,National voting,Crown sympathisers from the stolen lands of the Waikato and Taranaki.

      I am not comfortable with any person who is willing to support the British Crown remaining in this land.

      We waited long enough for the old ones to die out.
      As for the grandchildren they have managed to infect with their outdated slave life/peasant belief systems,i am sorry…

      Because i cannot,and will not allow concern for the lives of Crown minded children to affect decision making processes.

      Children brain washed by their elders to serve the Crown are nothing more than dogs in chains,the next Mike Hoskings or John Key…

      If the rest of you show leniency to the unapologetic children of the white colonisers then you will forever remain as victims of their system of control.

      In this day and age there is simply no excuse for condoning the violent colonisation of this country by the British Crown…

      It was a criminal offence then and it still is now.

      The Crown knew this day would come,this is why it has over exaggerated and even participated in Terrorist Attacks.

      The Crown has used perceived security concerns to justify spying on us and confiscate our defensive weapons.

      But it is not Russian spy’s or Islamic Terrorists who threaten our security.

      Recently,it was a redneck,white Australian,serving an agenda which only the Crown has gained from,who was allowed to walk around Christchurch with an AR15 rifle and commit a very serious crime.

      I know that Ross means well,but i was disappointed to hear his advice to those Gangsters.

      He said the Crown is afraid of them as a group and it intends to brand them all as Terrorists so that it can manufacture public consent to use the Army and the SAS preemptively,to put these ‘Terrorists’ down,once and for good.

      He was advising them to disarm and dis engage battle with the Crown so the NZ Police/Armed Constabulary would not have an excuse to kill all of them.

      Keeping in mind as a former serving Police officer and participant in the Sprinbok tour protest suppression with red quad,Ross has himself played a role in this type of nonsense before.

      He knows what the Police Agenda is,and so do i…

      Lets also keep in mind that these ‘Terrorists’ can now count on support from many other enemies of the Crown,including the outdoors hunting and fishing and environmental community.

      While i understand where Ross is coming from,i also have one question for him…

      Has Ross ever been threatened by agents of the Crown,at gunpoint,with the loss of his family land?

      Speaking from experience,i can say that this changes EVERYTHING…

      It is only those who have been threatened with death by the Crown and who have been robbed and defrauded by the Crown who are qualified to decide who lives and who dies from now on.

      I think that people like Ross are hesitant to endorse the proper operation to remove the Crown from this land because they know it can never be a perfect process and significant civilian casualties are unavoidable.

      It may also be the case that a large group of genuine freedom fighters take exception with Ross,due to his past service to our sworn enemy,the British Crown.

      This is the real reason why only the truly innocent can come along for this ride.

      There are many who now oppose the Crown,who were formerly its trusted servants..

      Could this be why they cant commit to doing things properly?

      I believe that it is.

      We have no guarantee that what we are fighting for will survive the fight.
      The land will survive,sure,but the people mite not.

      Some think we are better to cling to what little we have left,and presumably watch it be taken as well.

      As i see it,we have an entire country to evenly repopulate,properly this time,according to accumulated knowledge,not British colonial traditions.

      Ross also knows that the country would be placed in lockdown,with Australian,American and UN Soldiers airlifted in to kill the rebellion.

      Martial law would mean the weak minded civilian population would be on home detention until further notice,while the freedom fighters will be dropping like flies in the field.

      This war will only be won with a commitment to a scorched earth policy,the survivors will be but a remnant of the current population,and they will only have survived if they can be responsible for their own food supply.

      Which brings us back to Ihumatao.

      It was traditionally a great centre of early horticultural achievements by the first Nations.

      It was a food basket.

      It is a very beautiful area and i note that the part which Fletchers falsely claims to own would make a fine orchard and community garden,as it was in better times…

      For anybody wondering…

      My Clan on my Fathers side signed the Declaration of Arbroath,as i am a descendent of William Wallace and the Patriots of Scotland and Ireland.

      My Tribes on my Mothers side signed the Declaration of Independence,as i am a descendent of the Patriots of Aotearoa.

      We owe the British Crown nothing…

      The British Crown owes to us large areas of this world…

      Foremost among these areas is….


      Which belongs in the Guardianship of the Protectors…

  5. Another land grab. The history of New Zealand from the start of european settlement just continues on and on. Isn’t time to stop this nonsense. Fletchers have had their day, the world is changing and their modus operandi must be stopped now. After all this is the 21st century.

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