Your daily friendly reminder that it’s been 34 days since the Oranga Tamariki footage was released & the Prime Minister & Minister still haven’t seen it


Hey everyone, just your daily friendly reminder that it’s been 34 days since the brutal Oranga Tamariki footage was released showing the grotesque abuse of power by government officials who threaten, lie, cheat and manipulate their way into trying to steal an infant baby from her exhausted mother.

It’s been 34 days since the rest of NZ discovered the brutal enormity of the 2016 changes by National that weaponised the CYFs uplift powers into the Ministry for Vulnerable children.

It’s been 34 days since we saw with horror that neoliberal social polices were creating another stolen generation.

It’s been 34 days since Māoridom erupted as one voice and screamed ‘enough’.

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It’s been 34 days and neither the Prime Minister of NZ or the Minister in charge of defending Oranga Tamariki have even bothered to watch the footage that has sparked such outrage.

In 2016 the National Party weaponised CYFs uplift powers & created the Ministry for Vulnerable Children (later brown washed to Oranga Tamariki) so why the Christ will the PM and her Minister die in a ditch for draconian neoliberal big data social policy that isn’t even theirs?

How come defending civil servants seems to be far more important to this Government than defending the children taken and the whanau’s robbed from? If only the PM and Minister could care for them as much as they do the reputation of bureaucrats.

Tomorrow it will be 35 days since the Oranga Tamariki footage was released & the Prime Minister & Minister still won’t have seen it.


  1. We’ll be singing a different song next time a tamariki is brutally murdered in its whanau abd everyone suddentlt condemn MSD social workers for not acting fast enough

    This may not be the current narrative but lets not forget recent examples of kids killed in their own homes

  2. Maybe if Oranga Tamariki didn’t have so many ‘other’ cases to administer too as well… the government need to stop the granting of so many babies and children into NZ by migrant families who then get put in jail or suffer financial/mental difficulty , leaving Oranga Tamariki to raise the baby with the ongoing issues that is going to create!!

    Sounds like a complete mess, but look at the resources spent on this case, aka even Oranga Tamariki sending two staff to the South East Asian country for 11 days to check Chu’s proposed home environment… against what level of spend a Maori child might get to guarantee their placement (aka obviously not much because they have such a high chance of abuse in care in NZ)…

    Note there are 240,000 temporary visa approvals last year. There seems a lack of interest in quality visa applicants and it seems ok to allow children to come along too with their parents! The other day someone was complaining how they can’t get a quick visa granted for their baby while they do their ‘degree’ in NZ.

    It seems that not only health care, disability, prisons and education is stretched in NZ by our bizarre immigration and visa policies, but also social workers…. with the endless demand aka link above, not matched by new funding and training for workers!

    Like health care declining per person, it seems that the standard of care from NZ government agencies is also in decline… and ‘high profile’ cases like the one above get a lot of resources, while NZ kids are abused in care as like the example above as 2 social workers fly around to Asia to check international placements..

  3. That is is what happens when you let too many people into our country without a plan who did this the brighter future lot and newly elected lot seem to be carrying it on but why? who is crying for workers and how has this been allowed to happen we need to ask these questions all the time.

    • Well many people are making a bundle from the scams, aka the south asian drug dealers who got the family above to come to NZ bringing in Meth to discharge a debt to themselves (plus baby in tow for authenticity perhaps, who knows!) .

      Then the colossal fortunes to be made from $40k per person third party recruiters and immigration specialists are charging for the work permit and ‘job’.

      So 250,000 temp visas last year equals 10 billion dollars NZ to the above people who are benefiting… the rout continues while yet another appointment is cancelled in the health system, more roads are needed, more schools, more social workers, so the privately held 10 billion they are making on the NZ lazy immigration system can continue while the government is asleep at the wheel of the motivations and ongoing issues for everyday people this is causing!

      Remember poverty is one of the causes of childhood abuse and that seems to be getting worse while the 10 billion on visa profits is distributed in legal people trafficking with our own government signing the temp work visas to allow the scam to continue.

      Which is will, a few years ago it was 150,000 temporary work visas, now it is 250,000 temporary work visas and now worth 10 billion dollars to the third parties bringing the people in, who the applicants then commit crimes to pay the money back and want to stay here as it’s not safe to go home after borrowing the money they can’t pay back on $17 p/h in NZ. Kiwi’s can’t live on it and save either!

      Stop the rout!

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