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  1. Shocking that someone who has a conviction for domestic abuse aka Harry Tam’s is somehow able to be a facilitator in historic state abuse cases as are the comments from their Commission executive director Mervin Singham who seems to be minimising the complaints. During the meeting, Mr Singham told them he had heard “some mischief” about Mr Tam, but that no matters had been raised with him “formally” so he wasn’t able to take any action.

    Mr Tam, who has a previous conviction for domestic abuse, stepped down as its facilitator last month after media scrutiny.

    Mr West stated his opinion that if the Commission had employed an independent facilitator qualified in dealing with traumatised people from the beginning, it could have avoided conflict and controversy.

    “Mr Tam was allowed to put a lot of his own people in the advisory group and lead it,” he said.

    Sounds like another government screw up using poorly qualified people to manage the process who then appoint their friends and advisors and manager’s turn a blind eye to complaints!

  2. The irony of pretending to care about Kauri die back disease, while also our fake environment courts not only allowing hundred year old Kauri trees to be cut down like Awhi Awhi, but also ordered locals Winnie Charlesworth and Andrew Maehl to pay $30,000 in court fees for losing the Application for Permanent Protection for Awhi Awhi.

    The message being sent by environmental court is that minimising environmental reports is ok by developers and anyone who calls that process into account will be financially crippled by questioning it!

    “The Environment Court ruled last week that this “remarkable” tree can be cut down by the developers as soon as 26 April 2019. This has been a multi-year court battle but we are not giving up.

    We are calling on Mayor Phil Goff and the Auckland Council to reinstate the Significant Ecological Area (SEA) to protect Awhi Awhi as well as two more equally mature Kauri on the public road reserve.”

    We have not given up hope and are still looking at all options to keep Awhi Awhi standing. #SaveOurKauri #KeepAwhiAwhiStanding.

  3. Sad, such a brave, humble, sounding kind person has been killed.

    Death of ‘barefoot lawyer’ puts focus on China’s treatment of political prisoners
    Critics says Ji Sizun’s fate shows prison terms in China are increasingly becoming death sentences

    extract from his diary…

    “I broke the small bamboo branches on the riverside, but saved one drowning person who struggled in the river. The work was more than enough.”

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