Political Caption Competition


The most grim announcement of a Minister in the history of Democracy.


  1. “Yes, we’re right-wing neo-liberals of the propertied class, and we have no plan to reduce inequality because we are going to sell the country off to foreign interests while at the same time importing unsustainable and unsupportable numbers of foreigners… numbers that make the UK and US look sane by comparison proportionally-speaking… so, yes… basically the same as Key’s lot… oh, but in a new colour… fire engine red!” 🙂

    *jazz hands*

  2. “Claire Curran, Ian Lees-Galloway, Phil Twyford…and now Sepuloni.
    God give me strength, look at who we have to have as Ministers…”

  3. “Theres no need to wear that fluro cardi Potato! I can see you! I know where you are, who you’re with at anytime of the day or night! Now, you’re in clear sight.”

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