The Luxon hope suggests how talentless National really are


Tell Clarke the fish was this big

It really does say something about the lack of actual talent inside the National Party that they keep trying to parachute in business leaders to run it – Brash, Key & now Luxon – The National Party hierarchy will literally do anything to stop Judith or Paula becoming leader.

This need to parachute in a business leader to run National stems from the fact that most of the National Party policy is toxic and New Zealanders won’t swallow it, but after 30 years of neoliberal cult worship, Kiwis prostate themselves in front of business men with the sort of embarrassing ease reserved for heroin addicts and their dealers.

Muddle Nu Zilinds desperate need to not intellectualise politics in case they reflect upon the toxic history of colonialism and the neoliberal agenda demands a businessman leader who will give the sleepy hobbits their warm hugs of common sense delusion.

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Luxon will go far in National.


  1. National have two problems. Lack of talent is the first,

    I have not witnessed such a lack of talent since I’ve been following politics.
    Holyoake was stable. Muldoon, like him or loath him had charisma, was astute and he had the killer instinct.
    Bolger? Next. Shipley? One hit wonder according to John Armstrong – and that was before Mainzeal.
    John Key? I don’t think the public love affair makes up for the neglect of the health system under his reign.

    Lange? Charisma.
    Clark? Charisma, ability and the killer instinct.
    Roger Douglas- like him or loath him – had dynamic quality.
    Cullen! Very capable and having been in the House with him, a nasty bugger.

    Like it or not, killer instinct and intelligence and charisma are what make a leader.
    But these people are Labour!

    National are sadly lacking this talent at the moment. (In my view).

    The second problem is the same problem the Liberals in Aussie have. There are no liberals.

    National has always claimed to represent the center right liberals.
    Marylin Waring. Mike Minogue. Jim McLay. Doug Graham. Today – maybe Nikki Kaye.

    But, the reason we hear the clamour for a Blue Green party is, there are NO liberals in National – today.
    Believe it or not, that’s why I walked from National.

    Without the center right liberals, National will not make the treasury benches. Luxon or no Luxon.

    • Well hopefully the radical right kind of people like the Gun City owner calling for a revelation over the governments machine gun buy back programme will reinvigorate the spine of the right and reject the crazies as did the kiwi left reject the radical left over free speech. I just detest this crazy stupidity.

      It was wonderful for the left to have the crazy perception of the hydra that was the Greens and Mana, all combined with Labours economic management paraded through out the media being totally smashed up as a narrative with the elevation of Jacinda mania. Now we see that perception flipped on its head to now Nationals management credentials are in question.

      So I don’t want to underestimate any one left or right when we have a playing field that can be so manipulated in a way that is out of control of any party leader, no mater what there name is or if there polls have fours in front of it. And I would argue that the media is not even in control of the narrative. Media profits keep losing out to Facebook and Google so I don’t think kiwi journalism is in control of the narrative.

      At least in the short term I don’t really see this mocking attitude of Simon Bridges or who ever it is, it could have been Jacinda, Bill English or Andrew Little and John Key before them being mocked, I don’t think that was what was really undermining them. And all I have to go by is falling media revenues and this all out push to be outrages by media so to sell enough papers to keep the lights on.

  2. National are obviously getting desparate. They are banking(excuse the intended pun here by the way)on a former CEO of an ANZ(Air NZ that is)to become a future National Party leader.

    Does that all too clearly indicate that Simon Bridges is definitely on the way out as leader of the Opposition?

    Strangely placed or more likely strangely odd is the fact former prime minister of New Zilland(as he called this country)John Key is both heavily involved in Air New Zilland and the ANZ bank. Why????!!!!

    Why has Key had removed a ‘bestie friend’ who bought his Omaha property from ANZ(bank)whilst within a short period of time an obviously other National Party supporting person in Air New Zilland resigns from his senior post?

    Has Luxon been so taken in by Key who may have boasted to him about ‘there is so much money(from the NZ taxpayers)one just needs to spend it on mostly self promotion as much as possible.And if or when someone in the mainstream media questions you you just reply in riddles but have that more intelligent journo removed from his/her job like I(Key)did with John Campbell etc….’

    I will never ever trust a National MP because they come across as too arrogant, self-serving, self-obsessed and of course money hungry for money for themselves at every opportunity.

    I am hoping New Zealanders will eventually learn National don’t give a toss about them. National is ALL ABOUT the NZ National Party and big businesses and who can donate the most money from say China.

  3. In an age of flat wages, zero-hours contracts and dwindling workers rights, it shows how arrogant/out of touch the Chinational Party is to think an ex-CEO is a fit leader.

    These useless parasites would parachute Charlie fucking Sheen into the top dog position if they thought it would get their clasping hands back on the steering wheel of power (when they’re not selling list positions to the highest bidder).

    The Natz have achieved the Trifecta: talentless, visionless and immoral.

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