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  1. The day science usurped jingoism.

    All due to a man, who if the jingos had had their way, would have likely been sent to and even possibly killed in the fiercest fighting of \World War One, instead of sailing to Africa to make one of the greatest scientific discoveries of all time.

    ….on November 6, 1919, the front page of the Times of London was full of stories about war and remembrance. It was only a few days before the first anniversary of the armistice, and King George V had just issued an invitation for all workers to take two minutes of silence out of their day to remember and honor “the glorious dead.” But to the right of these stories appeared an article about rebirth and renaissance. In a triple-decker headline, the normally staid Times wrote: “Revolution in Science / New Theory of the Universe / Newtonian Ideas Overthrown.”

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