The Daily Blog Open Mic – Thursday 25th April 2019


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  1. Central Europe and Germany face another very dry year, unusual there, after a heavy drought already last year, resources of water will run out in many places, so much for fertile German agriculture:

    That may rejoice NZ farmers, for opportunities, but wait, the shit will hit the fan here also, with increased climate change and droughts and floods destroying harvests and plants.

  2. The shooter in Christchurch was WRONG, but the anger of many deserves expression and actions, and resolutions, or else, we will have a civil war soon. FFS

  3. In this country and others your slave and salary slavery even forces you to get buried at A COST, get a burial plot and so, ffs, we are enslaved until AFTER DEATH, that is CAPITALISM, ffs, start the revolution.

    • All this shows you how crap most humans are, they settle for the rulers, accept crap, eventhough it is inhumane and injust, and put up with endless crap, that is our ‘humanity’ we complain about.

      Our fellow humans need some tough love, if not telling, or else or they should bloody well perish, IS style.

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