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Most of the 800,000 documents wikileaks released about Russia and Putin were critical of Putin.

At the time of their release, nobody thought twice that Julian Assange must be working hand in hand with Putin, because it was pretty obvious that nobody would do that – in their right mind to their boss, one who might send some radioactive shit your way or some crazy neuro toxin – whatever is in fashion.

It was only after a concerted US media campaign that focused on those blindly loyal to a political party and deep seated anti Trump feelings …that Assange began to be painted as a Russian spy.

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Once people in New Zealand heard the accusations repeated by their favourite sources of opinion ( Twitter celebrities, corporate MSM and of course – comedians ) – more than ten times…it became a fact in their minds.

Misinformation only has to sew doubt to erode support.

The recycled opinion they had read – became indisputable fact to them – that they are now prepared to stand their ground about and argue, hands on hips, brimming with angst that any differing position is just not up with the play.

The overriding emotion at play here is – hatred for Trump.

Hating Trump excuses all other corruption for some of us – which now gets a free pass and Assange is accused of helping Trump win by exposing corruption at the wrong time on the wrong side.

Shouldn’t all corruption be exposed?

Or do we pick a side where corruption is okay, because it’s a lesser evil than the other side’s corruption?

Amazingly after two years of investigations nobody has been able to actually find the “collusion” that everyone was so sure existed ( without evidence ) …but still …many are convinced that collateral findings ( involving side issues like money corruption ) suggest the long awaited day of reckoning is still coming.

Starting to wear a little thin I think.

I don’t have any time for Trump myself – having seen his games and how innocent lives were lost in Syria because he acted on crap intelligence with missile attacks.

This is murdering people in my book.

Much as I dislike this, and his fucking around about climate change and other matters like racism, pollution etc …I still refuse to think that all evil is only confined to Trump and his dodgy, corrupt Republicans.

The Democrats – rigged their primary elections in 2015 / 2016 and Bernie Sanders was dethroned….and John Podesta came in for some real exposure which showed the inner corruption of the DNC.

Seth Rich was killed, mysteriously.

Today all of that is forgiven as if it was relatively fine and okay because Trump beat Hillary in the electoral college vote.

The scapegoat is Assange, he did it, stone him, along with Roger Stone…and then …burn all the witches too.

That’s pretty much the lynch mob mentality I am hearing.

Further, there really is no smoking gun, inculpatory evidence that Russia officially has any kind of hand in delivering materials to wikileaks.

Nope, talk to the hand.

Go and really read up on the investigation and who ran it and how their findings were nonsense.

But if you can’t be bothered, look at what US Intelligence found? ( As opposed to TV comedians )

When you actually read the US intelligence reports about the DNC hack you will find words like “high levels of confidence” which means they are guessing and actually don’t really know for certain what the fuck really happened between a hacker group and the Kremlin, and the path to Assange is not known.

I’m afraid so.

No evidence at the critical gap.

Otherwise they would say “we know for a fact and here is the reason why we know”.

Anyway, now Assange has lost the support he had on all sides really because he published material that made all sides look bad.

The Democrats ( in general not all ) think he picked on them and helped Trump.

The Republicans have not forgotten Iraq.

Wikileaks made the Republicans look bad in Iraq under G W Bush. The weapons of mass destruction, the killing of journalists etc.

The Democrats looked bad in Lybia, and the Russians generally looked bad as Putin came into power.

Hillary asked if they could just “take this guy out”, while holed up in the embassy in London.

But Hillary is a woman, so to some whatever she cackles about – is pure and righteous – even the brutal murder of Gaddafi is a laughing matter.

To me she is psychopathic and her gender is irrelevant.

Now Assange has very few supporters, because telling the truth on all sides is a revolutionary act.

It’s the truth not the side that mattered.

For this, many now say “I don’t give a flying fuck about Assange”.

Whilst you may value privacy more than Assange values it, it is totally unfair to dismiss the fact that he has published materials independently of sides.

But what if your side lost power and it was not because Hillary failed to canvas four critical swing states that Trump focused upon?

What if you can lay all the blame on one white male instead?

Then again many of us probably did not know these things, because our favourite sources did not tell us, and now we have made up our minds anyway.

Gerard Otto is an activist and a writer.


  1. +1 Now Assange has very few supporters, because telling the truth on all sides is a revolutionary act.

    (Although I would add few ‘government’ supporters, as I think he still have good support and a decent percentage of the public are behind him and applaud his disclosure of the secret information and crimes by governments going on under people’s noses, in their government names with their tax dollars being used for government crimes and deciet.

    It is become completely normal for government officials to cover up information that effects peoples lives both in the extreme of war crimes and to the more trivial (but can still have negative effects on ordinary people). This pretence of transparency is now a daily occurrence around the world under neoliberalism…..

    • I’m actually surprised no one has asked why the rape charges against Assange didn’t meet EU standards.

      So the two accused when they went to Swedish police originally complained that they had contracted STDs from Assange after not wearing a condom twice

      It wasn’t until they went to police that the girls pleas to have Assange tested was upgraded by Swedish police to rape and molestation. Then later in 2017 the extritidition of Assange to Sweden was dropped and you can rumage through the court documents yourselves.

      The only reason this is a thing is because the US wants Assange to face espionage charges in the US for leaking information that the pentagon was killing civilians.

  2. Rubbish! Excusing trump and the people who helped get him there because Hillary was “bad” is like excusing an alligator for eating a cat cause the cat crapped on the lawn!

    • Hillary Stole the democratic monimation from Bernie Sanders and then got what she deserved in the Presedintial Race. The only reason why Trump won was because millions of democratic voters rejected Hillary and stayed at home.

        • Are you aware that Hillary lost? Hint, it’s not because she got more votes than Trump. Math isn’t my strongest attribute but I know how to pick winners.

  3. Oh yes, and now over at TS , – I’m being accused of being a ‘ rape apologist’ by the author of today’s article ,- the same WOKE LEFT clown that people have been complaining about.

    Te Reo Potato.

    This is a good article , Gerard , so good in fact , I posted it there.

    But all they can see is the he said/ she said argument and TOTALLY ignore Occam’s razor. They just refuse to admit the real reason their manic obsessive hatred of Trump …

    The fact Assange exposed Hilary Clinton’s corruption and arms sales through the Clinton Foundation totaling $80 billion dollars worth , – financed by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain to supply ISIS. That and the crappy , corrupt way they sidelined Sanders in preference for a murderous corrupted person like Clinton and her advocacy of continuing on with neo liberalism on steroids had anything to do with the Democratic party had anything to do with their loss at the elections.

    • Oh and the latest from Big Te Reo Potato is that I’m also a ‘racist’.


      That guys got some real problems I would say. Hes a typical Woke Left permanently outraged , nit picking , anal , navel gazing , micro managing , neo liberal supporting wanker.

      He and his little Woke Left entourage are baiting people from this site and waiting for something which BIG Te Reo Potato can slam the hammer down on and ban them.

      Funny how when someone presents compelling facts ie ; John Pilgers accounts , – Big Te Reo Potato starts looking round in his Woke Left dictionary to try and find and read into as many anti ( in his mind ) politically correct words he can find.

      What an arsehole.

      Anyways – enough about the Big Potato,- here’s something from John Pilger – whose spent a LIFETIME standing up against govt corruption and been at the front line viewing all the blood and guts caused by corruption , – something that The Big Te Reo Potato has never done – or will ever have the GUTS to do.

      AND THIS :

      the assange arrest is a warning from history – John Pilger

  4. This is what I posted in response to Te Reo Potato’s veiled suggestion that it would probably be best to either do time for bail skipping in the UK or serve a term in Swedish prisons to avoid extradition.

    AS IF that wouldn’t be a set up for the Americans to give them time to hone a fallacious case for extradition afterwards.

    But oh no ,…they refuse to admit the blatant wolf in sheep’s clothing motive for their reasoning.

    Doesn’t serve the Woke Left motives, dontcha know…


    Yes, it seems the same old selectivity as we saw the other day with the author of this article and those who agree with that selectivity is afoot again for another shot at the dart board. I think Adrian Thornton ( comment 3 and 4 ) and the VERY peculiar circumstance’s surrounding this ‘rape’ allegation suggested by francesca ( comment 3.4) – suggest a very cozy and working relationship with the crowd at West Virginia compete with a nice payroll and a few tips for entrapment by everybody’s favorite darlings, the CIA.

    NOT ONE of these people who are going into bat about high standards and taking the moral high-ground can prove that these women were NOT acting on behalf of some very powerful global interests ( particularly American ones ), – that the honey pot technique was not used, – because NONE OF THEM know these women, NONE OF THEM were in that bedroom and all they are doing is accepting things at face value and hearsay. You wouldn’t know these women from a bar of soap. The fact they were just ‘ volunteers’ and not long term contributors to Wikileaks should start to ring a few alarm bells.

    Anyone looking at this and using OCCAM’S RAZOR should at least consider that very real possibility.

    I think its more because in their manic obsessive hatred of Trump they are willing to see a person sentenced for 200 years in an American dungeon, – and NOTHING to do with liberty and freedom of information, – all of which these same people profess to value.

    And that tells me these people care less about the above than their own ideologies and their hatred of Trump , – who, by the way, – has been vindicated by a chap called Mueller. The question is , – if Assange had managed to vindicate and speak well of Clinton and she won the election, – would these same individuals now be lauding Assange and Wikileaks and defending both vociferously ?

    I think so.

    Just look at the trumped up charges and the ILLEGAL ARREST and RAID on KimDotcom and the way he was treated on the behest of the American FBI under the auspices of the Hollywood Film Industry and John Keys pandering to Warner Bro’s , – even to the fact of rapidly changing Trade Union laws to detooth the Actors Union in this country. All of this just to extradite a man ( several of them in fact ) on supposed ‘Copyright charges’ that have no such precedent in this country. THAT’S how far govts will go to buddy up and screw Human Rights and freedom of information and disclosure.. along with the MSM and their toxic narratives.

    And that starts to change the whole ball game.

  5. It might say something about where we are at that at 4:17pm there is only one comment on this post.
    Go over to the Seemorerocks blog and read the “thought crimes” post.
    And some of you are hopeful of 100per cent compliance with the new firearms law?
    Talk about naive.

  6. Assange’s arrest triggered Otto’s misogynist hysteria about Hilary Clinton that he has kept quiet for a couple of years. His reference to the guy that conspiracists claim that Hilary had killed in the midst of his rant was the reminder to me that he is one step away from telling us Comet Pizza was real.
    Step away from Bad Otto

    • Yup, well. The DNC is at it again by rigging democratic delegate nominations in California so that corperate scum bags control the democrats.

  7. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s all a play, Assange, along with the rest Trump, QEll et al, Putin, Clintons etc are the actors and we poor souls the audience…or are we the actors and the aforementioned the audience? Gee, whatever our role we keep riding into the valley of death
    all the time telling ourselves that it’s for democracy.
    If you ask ol’ master spy Google the question who or what is the Illuminati you’ll find answers, even from the guardians of the curtain themselves. One rule of the universe that the Illuminati MUST OBEY is that they must reveal the truth in plain sight..more oft than not it is so hidden (like the table legs in Victorian days which had to be concealed) or so coded that it takes someone dedicated and patiently interested to decipher.
    This video is for anyone interested in looking at the truth in plain sight explained by someone who sees and understands:

  8. Julian Assange has had precious little support or loyalty from Austrailian Governments …… and its no wonder ….. when Wikileas exposed corruption Under the Gillard Labour Government ….. paying bribes to Kleptocrats …

    “On June 19, Justice Elizabeth Hollingworth of the Supreme Court of Victoria handed down a suppression order that gagged the press, and anybody else, from reporting details of a case concerning alleged bribes paid by agents of the Reserve Bank of Australia to officials in south-east Asia.

    This was a tight suppression order, stopping all and sundry from discussing its contents. It had, alas, the opposite effect.

    The document was soon on WikiLeaks, where it was posted, tweeted and retweeted around the globe. As it listed a retinue of high-ranking officials in Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia, this was big news. Except in this country, where the media were bound by the terms of the order and open to contempt of court proceedings for any breach.”

    And then after the Liberals got in Govt …. with jug ears Abbott ….He got deposed and then it was Turnball …. who was a ex-goldman sachs cash snatcher / employee

    Searching Goldman Sachs on wikileaks….. gives 9,887 results.

    A lot of rich, powerful and corrupt people want his head

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