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  1. Press release from CEAC

    8th March 2019.

    “Support letter from ‘Citizens Environmental Advocacy Centre’ (CEAC) for requesting PM Ardern “speed up the release of the Zero Carbon Bill””

    We are showing our support of the Mt Albert community by also sending a letter to ‘Mt Albert MP Jacinda Ardern’ to speed up the process of passing a Zero Carbon Bill in Parliament in an open letter signed by over 150 local residents.

    With all respect given; Prime Minister Ardern said she would make climate change her generations nuclear moment didn’t she?

    Our letter from us at CEAC to Prime Minister Ardern;

    Dear; Honourable PM’ Jacinda Ardern,
    8th March 2019.

    Please now consider Jacinda this report from UK today – “Transport was the largest emitting sector of UK greenhouse gas emissions in 2017” – and how we are in NZ now in jeopardy of also failing in the same manner to meet our Paris emissions targets.

    • Transport emissions in UK only drop 2% in 29 years from 1990-2017
    • Consider this as a far better climate friendly transport policy?
    • Jacinda this is graphically showing that like the UK we in NZ need now to abandon its past road transport policies it has in place today (of the current freight haulage by roads around NZ) and instead transform firstly move 50% freight on other modes of rail and coastal shipping.

    Here are the latest UK emissions stats to show that they will now fail to meet their emission’s targets by 2035.

    Transport was the largest emitting sector of UK greenhouse gas emissions in 2017

    Energy supply and the residential sector delivered the largest reductions in
    emissions from 2016 to 2017.
    Energy emissions drop 17%
    Residential emissions drop 15%

    Other includes Public, Industrial Processes and the Land Use.

    Land Use Change and Forestry (LULUCF) sectors (note that LULUCF acts as a net sink of emissions). The percentages may not sum to 100% due to rounding.

    Transport emissions drop 2016-2017 no % change
    Total transport emissions in UK are 27%.

    Transport emissions drop 1990-2017 – 2% change

    The energy supply sector has accounted for around half of the overall reduction in UK emissions since 1990, at which point it accounted for 35% of all emissions in the UK.

    It was the largest emitting sector until its emissions fell below transport in 2016.

    In other sectors, greenhouse gas emissions have fallen sharply.

    But transport emissions in the UK have declined by only 2% since 1990.

    The government’s legally binding target is an 80% cut by 2050, though even this, the science now tells us, is hopelessly inadequate.

    Transport, mostly because of our obsession with the private car, is now the major factor driving us towards climate breakdown, in this and many other nations.

    Also the massive increased is of truck freight by roads in both NZ and other countries is unsustainable.

    Jacinda; Please consider our health and wellbeing of our future generations.

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