Subtlety Is Not Jordan Williams’ Strongpoint…


With regard to the Jordan Williams piece in yesterday’s Herald …

…’s one of those things wherein I read this, and then I went “if Jordan Williams wants to support Tamihere to oust Goff .. HE WOULD BE WELL ADVISED TO SHUT UP ABOUT HOW HE IS SUPPORTING TAMIHERE TO OUST GOFF”

I mean seriously. Tamihere has/had a reasonable shot at picking up an array of “worker”-ish votes in the West/South areas cited. Sure. He *also* has a reasonable shot at picking up some upper-middle income voters, at least partially on the basis of not being Goff. And their ‘reading between the lines’ about some of his associates etc.

But in order to turn a ‘dog-whistle’ into an outright “HERE BOY” as applies them ‘right-wing’ supporters … Williams (and, no doubt others) will start spooking those *other* [i.e. ‘leftish’] voters who would have been Tamihere’s locked and stocked ‘base’ to expand from.

Because no matter how good-sounding Tamihere’s slogans and billboards and Herald columns about housing Aucklanders, sorting out services etc. might be – the residual impression that he’s being supported by the sort of hard-neoliberal technocratick torturers responsible for so much misery in the lives of ordinary New Zealanders, is *hardly* going to be a winner when seeking out those self-same Kiwis’ votes.

Now, it would be one thing if the linkages between Tamihere and various elements of the National Party were kept , as it were, ‘sotto voce’. A sort of “we can work with anyone in favour of good ideas”, kinda pitch, as suggested somewhat by the red-and-blue campaign branding. After all, this is local body politics. It’s not unheard of and indeed pretty regularly recurrent for exactly this kind of thing to happen – personality, in some instances, matters *far* more than whatever kind of card you may or may not be carrying in your wallet for national-level party membership.

But thanks to Williams’ screeching abrasive would-be prognostication … if it keeps up, there is a very real risk that the only ‘entrails’ being read, will be those of the Tamihere campaign.

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As in .. outside of its body, and splayed through the news media so we can *all* follow along with the exact constituents of feculent matter to be found amidst its corners and curves.

Therein to find, apparently, and going on what Williams has suggested, a few half-digested Taxpayers’ Union reports and recommendations, etc.

And honestly, apart from the aforementioned circuits of Nats whor’e even now back-slapping themselves on how clever they are for thinking the whole thing up … who actually wants to vote for that?

About the only thing that can be feasibly said … is that the Jordan Williams piece in the Herald … is not actually a piece of Tamihere promotion.

Rather, it is a piece of Jordan WIlliams promotion.

With occasional “wouldn’t it be nice if there was a Nat candidate officiale” characteristics.


  1. Jordan Williams is another version of Cameron Slater and is trying to replace Slater as the new dirty politics captain now, so we are aware of his corrupt style which he loves to play with.

  2. As i have not even looked at the herald headline blurb on the paper stand for the past ten years, let alone buy the rag, i have absolutely no idea what you refer to.


    ‘Incapacitated’ Whaleoil blogger Cameron Slater declares bankruptcy
    26 Feb, 2019 8:32am

    Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater. Photo / Doug Sherring
    NZ Herald

    Whaleoil blogger Cameron Slater has declared himself bankrupt.
    Slater suffered two strokes in October which left him partially paralysed on his right side and unable to concentrate and with speech and vision impairments.

    The right-wing blogger issued an update on his health on his blog saying ongoing medical tests showed he remains severely “incapacitated”.
    The blog post states that due to his health issues he is unable to work and subsequently had made the “very difficult” decision to declare bankruptcy due to being unable to generate revenue to fund defamation actions against him.

    “The prospect of on-going ill health and potential further strokes means the advice of his medical team, lawyer, accountant, family members and those who, due to his incapacity, would have been appointed his guardians ad litem, is for him to completely withdraw from any activity other than rehabilitation,” the blog post read.
    “This has led Cam to make the very difficult decision to declare bankruptcy, since he is unable to generate enough passive revenue to fund the three extremely expensive and in his opinion, vexatious, defamation actions against him.”

    The post also noted that due to his condition, Slater would be ending his involvement with Whaleoil to focus on his rehabilitation.
    Comparing Whaleoil to US site Breitbart, the post noted that it is possible for a publication to survive and grow without its founder.

    “Whaleoil has become very much bigger than just Cam. Unlike Breitbart, when and if Cam’s health allows, he will return to the site, subject entirely to his medical team’s clearance,” the post said.

    The post said Slater and his family would not be available for media comment.



  5. I can imagine Tamihere pleading with Jordan Williams, “please, please, please don’t help me!” It would be the kiss of death when journos finally did their job, drilled down into Williams’ background and politics, and revealed to voters what he really stood for.

    If the right wing want to undermine Tamihere’s campaign, their strategy is proceeding as planned.

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