Bomb threats, social media pile ons and Miriama Kamo’s ‘race betrayal’ – the Woke Left just don’t know when they start becoming the enemy do they?


Graffiti spray painted outside the PowerStation overnight

After bomb threats, a social media pile on to threaten the business of the PowerStation and calling Miriama Kamo’s interview of Southern and Molyneux a ‘race betrayal’, the Woke Left just don’t know when they are becoming the enemy do they?

For the Woke Left, it’s not just about protesting against these crypto-fascsists, it’s about completely obliterating any platform they attempt to stand on.

Look at how masterful Gower’s excruciating interview was…

…we engage not to turn the crypto-fascist, we engage to stop them from recruiting others, but for the Woke Left, it’s not engagement and showing these far right clowns up for the morons they really are that matters, it’s destroying anyone and anything that gives them critical attention.

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The hyper-irony in all of this makes my eyes roll. Has Woke Twitter started a petition on Action Station to blow up TVNZ for platforming Nazis yet?

By the way, if you’re really pissed off about Southern and Molyneux, wait till you hear about this climate change thing and looming economic meltdown stuff.

The true racism is a system that imprisons Māori at a disproportionate rate, that sees 34% of Māori leave school with no qualification and a reparations system to pay for past land thefts that is a pittance.

Southern and Molyneux were a pair of clowns who could have been easily bowled over, instead the outrage olympics of Twitter turned this molehill into a mountain and Southern and Molyneux were gifted the martyrdom they so desperately seek.



  1. And here was I thinking that Stefan is desperately seeking money.

    Lauren is already a martyr – the whole trauma of losing -temporarily – her hat in Hyde Park was riveting viewing for people with paralysed eyelids.

    Not that long since losing one’s head conferred martyrdom – less blood with hats though – just dodgy communist elastic proof.

    • The implications of a post settlement world is that Māori become equal citizens of the crown under the treaty. On average Iwi elites gain less than a 50% mandate and on the low side 30% or less give permission for Iwi elites to negotiate settlement on the behalf. This mandate of willing participants Iwi elites are ostensibly payed to develop into good citizens of the crown while lacking due diligence and consultation with there own people. Instead Iwi elites promote myth and mythology that to be a good citizen of the crown is to give up property rights and have it managed by Iwi elites on behalf of beneficiaries and shareholders and the promotion of financial anorexia. Just like a person with-anorexia who only sees an overweight person in the mirror – people with financial-anorexia only sees wealth and it’s this self imposed poverty of the mind that is easily manipulated by Iwi elites.

      In a post settlement world the english language opens up the world of science and commerce to Māori and Māori must be open for business. That means taking unproductive land and making it productive then handing it over to Whanua and hapu while at the same time implementing education and health and budgeting programmes until it resembles something like a $40/$50 billion Māori economy.

      • Done it E-Clectic. Good to know that Stefan can stop global warfare if we give him the money to do it, and I imagine that Jared Kushner no longer has to bother about bringing peace to the Middle East with Molyneux on the job.

  2. reports this morning of left wing bookshop being trashed in London today. this is what southern and mollynew were bringing here.

    • Chilling news McMurphy considering the damage that their 30 NZ supporters could do here; here’s hoping they don’t find out that some of the op shops also have fantastic collections of old books.

      Seriously – this is what the SAS did in the Tirigan Valley, went back 10 days later and destroyed one poor peasant’s one shelf of books, and destroying books is reverting to the primitive.

      • More on this;

        The owners of Britain’s largest socialist bookshop, Bookmarks, have said the store was attacked by far-right protesters wearing masks who wrecked displays and ripped up books and magazines.

        Posting on Facebook and Twitter, Bookmarks said staff were closing the shop on Bloomsbury Street in central London on Saturday evening when about a dozen people descended on it.

        A Met spokesman said: “Police were called at approximately 18:35hrs on Saturday, 4 August to reports of a protest inside a shop on Bloomsbury Street, WC1.

        “No other offences were disclosed at the time. Police received a second call a short time later stating that the group had left the premises after causing some damage inside the shop. There were no injuries. An appointment has been made for officers to speak with the complainant. No arrests have been made.”

        The campaign group Stand Up To Racism, speaking on behalf of Bookmarks, said some of the attackers carried placards reading “British Bolshevik Cult” and that one of those involved wore a Donald Trump mask.

        A far-right protest against censorship of the conspiracy theory website Infowars took place in central London on Saturday at which protesters were seen with the same placards. Others wore “Make Britain Great Again” caps.


        Now watch for apologists for Molyneux and Southern to engage in whataboutism to justic this attack.

        • Big conceptual leap there Frank, two nutcase Canooks lumped together with RWNJ book shop attackers and “apologists” for the aforementioned Canooks. Obvious links?

          Maybe de-platforming by the Bookshop boys….seems both sides claim the right and practice the shout them down shut them up version of “counter argument” to free speech. That of course negates any obligation to exercise the intellect and argue a counter narrative, nor heaven forbid question your own precepts. That just wouldn’t do.

          • And that is the problem, Nick. Two polite, well-spoken, “thoughtful” alt-right “activists” spout their racist rubbish – and their foot-soldiers further-to-the-right act on it. Free speech for everyone. Responsibility for no one.

            Just as I predicted two days ago;

            Or, a third option you conveniently omitted, D’esterre is that the propagation of neo-fascist views (even if couched in polite, pseudo-intellectual terms) might encourage far-right nutters in our society to violence. Of course, provocateurs like Southern and Molyneux would deny all responsibility if someone acted on their words – but would then justify violence by repeating their bigotted views. Or indulging in “whataboutism”.

            People like Southern and Molyneux are no direct threat to us. But their followers… that’s another story entirely.


            • I think you do protest too much Frank, sounds to me that these two nuts whom I have occasioned to watch belong nowhere near the “hard Right”, the labeling applied seems to me OTT. Going by your logic I as a person slightly Left of Centre might now express some slightly socialist views which the Esc-Left will pick up to justify whatever extremeness they can.

              More likely they will laugh at me, which per se would be a more appropriate and effective response to the Canooks than starting a pitched battle.

              • belong nowhere near the “hard Right”, the labeling applied seems to me OTT

                They espouse derogatory remarks at transgendered people, muslims, immigrants, feminists, etc so the terms “far right”, “alt-right”, “neo-fascist”, whatever, would be applicable.

                If it looks like a duck…

                Has DNA like a duck…

                It’s a duck.

                • Does that mean that if somebody questions the need for migrants or their legality they are derogatory to migrants? Are they not allowed to express an ridiculous opinion without the righteous might of somebody with an alternate idea calling them fascist or similar? Real issues to real people get dropped, left unquestioned because they don’t fit an ideological viewpoint.

                  Seems to me that the science behind deciding the DNA is so predetermined by ideology that reality slips out of sight, the way Bernays, Goebbels and Pravda wished it would.

                  Are the Left not sincere enough in the strength of their own ideas to tackle these nutters head on…for Christ sake are your ideas so feeble? I watched these two to test their ideas, it was not difficult, WTF are we so scared of?

                  • WTF are we so scared of?

                    Me? Nothing. (Though I don’t do heights very well.)

                    But if you’re an immigrant, transperson/LGBTQI, feminist, muslim – Southern and Molyneux’s followers might not be so tolerant.

                    As white males we are not the targets of those bigots. As such we hold a certain degree of privilege. The same cannot be said of immigrants, transpeople/LGBTQI, feminists, muslims, etc. They are the ones usually on the receiving end of hate crime.

                    Are you comfortable with that, Nick?

                    • You are assuming a lot, am I a white male? Do the stats on crime support your assumptions? So to answer, I’m comfortable that we have sufficient controls in place to protect all of us. Did you see fascists descend upon the Pride parade, or the protests against the Canooks? I didn’t but I have observed on the Tubes Antifa brutality. That is to me is as real a possibility.

        • Well that’s hilarious, The Guardian does more to trash the Left wing resurgence than even the Daily Mail can manage.

          are we sure this was the alt right and not the editors from the Guardian?.

  3. ‘By the way, if you’re really pissed off about Southern and Molyneux, wait till you hear about this climate change thing and looming economic meltdown stuff.’

    Southern and Molyneux were only ever a short-term distraction on the path that leads to environmental meltdown and economic collapse, the path that very few even recognise -despite the abundant and mounting evidence- let alone want to do anything about.

    So here we are -well those with their eyes open- reading reports of unprecedented heatwaves, unprecedented torrential rain episodes, the prospect of the New South Wales rural economy collapsing in a matter of months as a consequence of the worst drought ever recorded and below average rain forecast:

    ‘A drier three months likely for most of Australia

    August to October is likely to be drier than average for most of mainland Australia. Chances are highest in the southeast, where there is a greater than 80% chance of a drier season for northern Victoria and southern NSW. ‘

    And, of course, driving much of the climate chaos is the record high warmth in the Arctic region, resulting in extraordinarily low ice volume, with what ice remains being ultra-thin. That record warmth is a direct result of the extraordinarily high atmospheric CO2 concentration that is a natural consequence of fossil fuel addiction.

    No wonder ‘no one’ wants to talk about it. Or if they do, they pretend the dire civilisation-induced predicament is somehow solvable via more civilisation -electric cars or yet-to-be-discovered technology.

    Bizarre, isn’t it?

    • The problem we face is that Kaputalism is out of control, chaotic and destructive, causing the death of climate and society.

      The right seeks to blame the victims of this chaos – both nature and those who work with nature to produce – rather than capitalism.

      Workers are not yet mobilizing on the streets to fight climate change, because they are being conned by big oil denial, xenophobic and race hysteria, or by social democratic funk of ‘class peace’.

      Worsening climate disruption will change that as wild fires, cyclones, floods and drought spurs us to action.

      But workers are already mobilizing all around the world against the rise of fascism which blames the left for social chaos instead of the capitalist system itself. Fascism is the last desperate attempt by capitalism to rally the racist chauvinist fascist fodder to destroy its nemesis, the working masses.

      But the working masses are many times bigger than the fascist fodder. They have the power to smash fascism and its sponsors the capitalist ruling classes.

      So when the woke left today confronts the symptoms of the joint climate and social crisis it is developing as a united class movement against the common cause – dying capitalism.

      Because it understands that capitalism has to be replaced by a social system that serves the needs of the masses to survive and organise production for need and not the greed of the tiny parasitic ruling class.

  4. Canadians must cringe over these two clowns. But to call them ‘clown’s is an insult to real clowns who are actually intelligent performers.
    As nobodies, most Canadians have probably never heard of them.
    Was a bit of schadenfreude fun though to see their ‘free/expensive speech’ screwed over by the Kiwi multi-culture system. Well done NZ.
    Can’t wait to hear Don Brash’s take on it.

    • Its a bunch of people, mainly young who have swallowed a couple of concepts hook line and sinker……they are “woke” to victim-hood, and they are “woke” to rights.

      Victim-hood is the narrative that the world can be neatly parceled into oppressors and victims, the latter of whom “woke” people virtue signal their support for. Oppressors are generally white Europeans over 50, and invariably male. Victims are everybody else on a sliding scale of virtue that reaches a total crescendo if you are a black transgender person. Reality is of course inconvenient, for example if the latter was a millionaire who paid base wages to young white males…well ignore that, they dont count. Please note victims are lumped together, they are an “identity”.

      Identities according to the “woke” Left have rights…seemingly more so than others. For example as a “sexual identity (undisclosed) you can insist that you are addressed as ze or whatever…..but if you are a male heterosexual you are “cis gender” whether you like it or not, your rights to be addressed as you will don’t apply. Being woke also means that you can assign rights regardless of legislation, for example you can label some libertarian nutcase Canooks as alt-Right fascists, then deny them a platform thereby denying their rights of free speech.

      Last note on the “woke” Left and rights. No responsibilities or reciprocality apply, there is no cost to a right. Only if you are the one paying which means by definition nobody on the “woke” Left. The term parasitism comes to mind.

  5. If they could be easily bowled over with words, then why weren’t they? Gower’s interview would appear to offer an insight

    the left and the MSM are retards

    • That foreign tourists can gain so much media attention and cause division among New Zealanders is a dangerous phenomenon. No longer can New Zealanders view any kiwi as outside of themselves. If a New Zealander is being hassled by a foreigner then we just have to side with the kiwi and ask what happened latter. Dosnt matter what your country of origin if you are able to make it through New Zealand’s immigration system and a foreigner is bothering them then just have to help out a mate. And it’s as simple as that Andy.

      • I no longer feel comfortable or free living in NZ

        I feel threatened that my views, as yet undefined, might offend the government in some way,

          • The PM said that Molyneux and Southern’s views are not acceptable to NZ, without defining what views these were. So I am assuming that any random bien pensant du jour is going to get me in jail at some unspecified time in the future.

            I intend not to share any views that I might have, in public. I will remain vague and enigmatic.

            • without defining what views these were.

              Andy, you can stop feigning ignorance on “what views these were”. By now it’s been fairly well covered, scrutinised, and debated-to-death. You’d have to have been living out in the Oort Cloud not to be aware what the issues they are.

              • Most of the MSM had never heard of them. I have subscribed to FDR (Molyneux’s channel) for sometime now, and am aware of Southern’s work for Rebel Media

                I could pore over the countless hours at FDR and find something triggering about the non aggression principle, or safe parenting, or any of the other subjects that he covers.

                Of course for the left it is the criticism of the cult of diversity that is most triggering, in particular the Religion Of Peace, praise and peace be with the prophet, and let us slay the infidel, behead him and strike terror into the hearts of his family!

            • You can post vaguely and enigmatically if you want to. Doesn’t matter really, if any one, pakeha, blackinese, Chinese, Muslim, who ever pay the cost of residency then the rest just has helping a mate.

              New Zealand is a small nation. We can not afford to harden our boarders from the delusions of foreign tourists on a victim pilgrimage. That’s just throwing money at bad.

            • I think you worry too much Andy.

              Chances are that the Labour caucus meets regularly saying, “We need to talk about Andy”.

              But as long as you remain vague and ill-defined, and keep your back to the wall you should be ok; don’t do enigmatic though – that’s Mona Lisa’s prerogative and it could raise all sorts of undefined questions – unnecessary questions – keep it simple.

            • Ther P>M. is totally out of touch. The AM TVNZ ran a pll and discovered 78% of NZers wanted to hear them speak. The muslims, who were the original complainants about the Canadian duo are the last people who want S&M to touch on multiculturalism for fear of enquiring minds learning of the dangerous, horrendous and detrimental affect that is now quite rampant in Europe, U,K. and the Scandinavian countries. Even Merkle now admits multiculturalism does not work when Islam is involved.

              This aggressive supremacist ideology has not come to the west to assimilate, they are using our benefits to establish a huge democratic horde which is just waiting for the moment they can take over.

              Perhaps then we would realise that NZ is not just a benign little country at the bottom of the world. Fianz are laughing all the way to the bank with their halal extortion for cash to fund terrorists whilst they lie through their teeth to make themselves seem acceptable before swallowing up Aotearoa in the next phase of their world domination. They have the political elites absolutely fooled with their taqyia and oily charm. And the left dream on, missing the elephant in the room which is the biggest threat that NZ has ever face We are so terribly ignorant and naive when it comes to this threat and we need to get our act together.

              By the way, all the hijabi protestors outside the Powerhouse on Friday night were nowhere to be seen at the protest at Aotea Square. Their job was finished on Friday evening, they had successfully manipulated the feral left into disposing of their problem. Well done you stupid patsy protestors who are way out of their depth when it comes to being used by the more unscrupulous but experienced FIANZ. They walked straight into their trap and are now seen as the ferals who stopped free speech instead of the true free speech haters of the FIANZ. They will probably be the first to regret it as well. Lie down with flea etc. etc.

  6. Not Paddy’s best work. What a waste of an opportunity!! Stupid questions and time wasting. Very poor prep from Paddy. Like watching dumb and dumber. Paddy-you gotta predict what they might say and have follow ups.
    I assume they want white/christian only immigration? Or none?
    Cos Asians are smarter do they want them let in? Is intelligence important to them? Whats your IQ Lauren? What if you and stef have a low IQ child? Is colour of skin important to them or is it culture and beliefs. Who’s the best type of person to them-a whitish asian christian, not gay?
    What happened to Lauren as a child? Was she a kid no one listened to? How do they make their living? Should white immigrants be IQ tested? Have they heard of a bell curve? Do they have coloured friends? Why did they develop beliefs most consider racist?
    In the end just a cuppla home brand racists which Paddy made look reasonable.

  7. Agree that “excruciating” is the right word for that interview, mostly by Gower’s terrible interviewing though. He is absolutely hopeless here, as usual. No-one said anything that could be described as “masterful”. I have no idea what Bomber was smoking when he watched this and thought Gower came out on top, but I wouldn’t mind some.

  8. The ‘woke left’ needs to look in the mirror and face up to the fact that their response is driven by their own internal needs – whether that dysfunction is the need to feel morally righteous, plain old deep seated anger or something else every single person has something going on inside them that they/we need attend to.

    Politics is fun because we get to blame other people for the problems in the world but if we really want to make the world a better place we could start by trying to make ourselves a better place because this really is one issue where fighting fire with fire will just make a bigger fire.

    • Good points Aaron. Especially the latter as all they have done by de-platforming these two is to raise the alert levels on the shit radars of the reactionary Right, and their response will be equally nasty.

      Any reasonable moderate centrist would have erred in favour of allowing the Canadians to be hoisted on their own petard, they are after all quite capable of making themselves appear foolish without the aid of “woke” Leftists who have made them look credible.

  9. The fact that Jordan B. Peterson’s “12 Rules for Life” is a best seller and that the author could (imo) successfully defend his position on HardTalk spells serious trouble ahead for all those that advocate Social Justice / Woke Left Views / Fourth Wave Feminism. The backlash is real, and Trump is merely the first repercussion of the push-back that was inevitable. (you can trivially defeat the region lock with a VPN/proxy. It will also inevitably appear on YouTube soon regardless).

    • The ESC-Left aka “woke” cant stand Peterson, he is public enemy number one. The reason for this is that he deconstructs the neo Marxism of the SJWs and Identity types in a manner to which they can only respond by demonisation and labeling. The reality is that he understands the authoritarian nature of todays Left, and the danger that poses to a free society. Have no doubt, the “nice” communist youth of revolutionary Russia were enthusiastic and idealistic to achieve Paradise on Earth, it started with persuasion and ended with guns and gulags. Peterson points that out, and he is right. He also points out the dangers from the other side as well. The man is a canary in the coal mine, he understands that the body politic needs to be a balanced amount of gas from both Left and Right, too much of either is lethal. Tell that to a pure gas clique trying to build the world to their vision.

    • Interesting that the wealthiest Americans voted Clinton and the poorest working class voted Trump

      ‘Precinct Data Shows Rich, White Neighborhoods
      Flipping Democratic in 2016. Will It Last?’

      …”The Cooperative Congressional Election Study, a large survey conducted by political scientists, found that Mrs. Clinton won voters with a family income of more than $250,000 by a 20-point margin, with a relatively large sample of 1,310 respondents. Pre-election polls in 2016, which may counterintuitively be a better measure of the electorate than the deeply flawed exit polls, also showed Mrs. Clinton with a commanding lead among the most affluent voters. Exit polling merely showed a tie (at 46 percent each) among voters who made more than $250,000 per year…

      …Mr. Trump made big gains in the poorest white communities compared with Mr. Romney. But there were more not-so-affluent white voters without a college degree in the battleground states, and Mr. Trump’s success with them was enough to give him the edge in the Electoral College.

      …For that matter, millions of nonwhite voters also voted for Mr. Trump. What’s clear, though, is that the richest voters were a much larger part of the opposition to Mr. Trump than to past Republican presidents, and that could have a significant effect in the midterms in November and beyond.

      ‘Political Bubbles and Hidden Diversity: Highlights From a Very Detailed Map of the 2016 Election’

  10. Woke up comrades; the so called woke left are stuck in an angry, 20th century, liberal elite supporting, mutual appreciation feed back loop. The sleepwalking zombie left is a more appropriate term. White, guilt ridden, resentment driven reactionaries from middle NZ & their racist henchmen are out of control & need to be brought down a peg or two….Let’s mix it up a bit comrades. From the free speech etc. war room, where ideas for nationalistic revolutionary action are rapidly taking shape.

    • You have been anticipated JBG. It has happened. Stefan has appeared on camera saying that the Auckland venue was withdrawn because of terrorist threats which frightened the owner. It was due to terrorism.

      I guess that leaves the sleepwalking zombie left in the clear – whew – like surely there must be a minimum awake level to be a terrorist ?

      • Very perceptive of you, so there’s a few functioning brain cells among PC middle NZ’s so called left then, I’ll have to instruct the comrades to raise the threat level.

  11. The Gower interview. One should never interview two people like this-schoolboy mistake. They need each other and together can fill in the gaps and indeed 2v1 never works. Split Lauren off, get another interviewer with Paddy and see how she goes 1v2. An interviewer must get the interviewee away from her comfort zone topics, and easy fallbacks. Probe the weaknesses, get to a personal level, delve into what shapes these views.
    My pick is she is independently wealthy with an overbearing racist as …. father. Private school undoubtedly with very little cultural contact. Its very unusual for kids of her age to develop such strong cultural hatred without some fairly extreme external forces around her. Such a pretty wee lass too-such a shame.

    • Indeed, Panda. It’s interesting that neither appear ever alone when speaking to the media. “Joined at the hip” doesn’t begin to cover it. I think your assessment that “they need each other and together can fill in the gaps” is on the mark.

  12. I didn’t think there was that much to ridicule in the pair’s interview with Gower. He was a lot less offensive than I remember him from when I listened to Morning report every morning during breakfast . A habit from which he himself has completely cured me: and my partner.
    The subject causing most offence seems to be the suggestion of average IQ variance with ethnicity. Something that must be almost impossible to accurately assess as so many variables must go into the ability to answer whatever questions some guru has designed. However if it is a problem, and if there is something that can be done about it, which to the degree (large I imagine) must impact an individual’s IQ, then refusing to look at it will not help resolve the problem.
    This was the most I have seen of either of the offending pair, and if it was representative then what has happened (IMHO) is a lot of commentors have been trapped by their initial dislike of their message into supporting the shut-down of their right to be heard, have found themselves on the wrong side of a debate on the right to free speech. Hence to justify their position to themselves as much as to the wider world, they have gone completely over the top on their condemnation of the pair. Leading to Martyn’s failed attempt to present the interview as any kind of victory for Gower or great embarrassment for Molyneux and Southern.
    D J S

  13. Gunna keep commenting even if you refuse to publish the tough to swallow stuff. The PC liberal MSM, who represent & uphold the soul destroying liberal globalization elite really suck. Don’t know what reps from the TDB were watching, an echo chamber reflection perhaps, but Gower was made to look like the real egotistical, whinning little dick that he is. It wasn’t too long ago that TDB would have thought the same.

    These MSM freaks & their advertising industry buddies are a major problem that will have to be put in thier place if a long overdue nationalist revolution is to be successful here in these shaky isles.

    The stuff article today which upholds anti-democratic, race based appointments to Hamilton council is just another example of political correctness gone mad. This article is jam packed with brown racist hate speech against white NZ’ers (I’m not a pakeha I’m first & foremost a NZ’er). This is nothing but divisive bullshit. If we’re to avoid a looming race war then what’s needed is a peace treaty between brown & white New Zealanders, not the deeply floored, revisionist, non-existent Treaty of Waitangi principles that are being jammed daily down our throat.

    If we’re to move forward together, this shabby, divisive document (cobbled together by white opportunist & signed by brown opportunists in the context of those times) should never be included in any future constitutional overhaul.

    Heaven help us if Maori try to claim exclusive rights to water in Godzone, as I for one will be taking the fight against such PC exclusivity to the streets. Enough is enough, we have to sort this stuff out if we’re to save our nation from the liberal establishments human extinction juggernaut, & their fascist stormtrooper henchman on the extreme left.

    • It also contains this caveat;

      Part 1
      General provisions
      5 Justified limitations

      Subject to section 4, the rights and freedoms contained in this Bill of Rights may be subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society.

      So “the right to freedom of expression, including the freedom to seek, receive, and impart information and opinions of any kind in any form” is not absolute.

          • Have you ever taken a look at Anglo DNA Frank? If you do you will find some pretty eclectic origins there. My own family have Anglo Scots Irish and African DNA.. I suspect Johnnybg is referring to a cultural inheritance that has gifted us some very strong traditions and benefits.

              • So Frank reckons supporting a culture that has “gifted us some very strong traditions and benefits” sounds perilously close to white supremacy.

                Were I to assert that Maori Culture has “gifted us some very strong traditions and and benefits” (which it surely has) would Frank accuse me of promoting brown supremacy?

              • Frank you appear pretty quick to apply labels without thinking first. You make assumptions and take some giant leaps of faith….So white supremacy is it?

                Years ago I called a friend’s father a fascist. He corrected me by say get it right. He said he was a right wing fascist reactionary pig. Subtle but lesson learnt, I don’t label without precision.

            • Exactly, no secret code here. I think there may be a little self hatred & guilt about being of white European descent surfacing here.

      • The limits to the Bill of Rights Act have to be proscribed by law Frank, not by social media. So if you want to create a moralising, reformist regime to tell people what they can and cannot think, and what they can and cannot say, you need to get a new law passed to that effect. And then spend the rest of your life on your knees, praying that the Fascists don’t get back into power, so they can use those very same anti-free speech laws against *us*.

        I do not support Fascist ideas. Rather, I *want* people to spout nonsense in public so that their poxy ideas can come to the surface and be lanced. Suppressing the expression of those ideas only drives them deep into the tissue of society, where they can do all manner of harm unseen.

        Now, if it happens that we don’t have the intellectual chops to deal with them properly, in open society, their ideas vs ours, well then that is another problem. But direct suppression of the expression of Fascism doesn’t work. That’s because Fascism, unlike Socialism, thrives on force. Fascism can *only* be countered by superior ideals, and the only ideals that have this affect are Bread-and-Butter Socialism, not “Liberalism”, as the Americans call it.

        Whatever other Liberal nonsense we *have* been doing for the last 30 years, we have *not* been making the case for Bread and Butter Socialism in the court of public opinion, hence the resurgence of Fascism now.

  14. Hillary Clinton’s anti fascist ‘Leftists’ thugs: (not too bright either)

    ‘Black conservative Candace Owens attacked by Antifa mob’

    ….”After driving them out of a restaurant, the mob threw drinks at Owens and Kirk, and chanted “no more white supremacy,” and “f*ck the racist police,” despite the fact that Owens and several of the officers present are in fact African-American.

    As Owens attempted to engage a small group of protesters in debate, they switched tactics and began screeching into her face…

  15. facebook, apple and spotify announced today they will delete “infowars” because it is hate speech.

  16. The most important aspect of NZ Statutes is that NZ government departments routinely disregard them -and there is no accountability nor any mechanism to provide accountability. And even when the law is complied with, it is usually of no help with respect to our collective predicament because laws have been established to maintain historic financial and economic arrangements which are falling apart, even as I write.

    Indeed, almost everything in the financial-economic-political system is counter-productive or phony or fraudulent:

    There is the phony financial system, in which money is created out of thin air and interest charged on that money, resulting in perpetual devaluation of money in the system (and extraordinary price increases over time).

    There is the phony GDP system, which measures the movement of money rather than whether money is being used in a worthwhile manner.

    There are phony ‘environmental protection’ laws that facilitate the polluting of, and destruction of of the environment.

    There is the phony ‘education’ system, which teaches compliance and uniformity and which suppresses individuality and real thinking, leading to overdependence on soon-to-fail technology.

    There is the truly awful broadcasting system, which promotes unrestrained consumption in a world suffering the absolutely dire consequences of overconsumption.

    At the head of it all there is the phony electoral process, which ensures only those with massive financial backing and who are members of the loot-and-pollute business-as-usual club ever get to the corridors of power.

    Need I go on?

    So, every day that passes, our collective predicament is made worse by the system and by the laws the system has established.

    In practical terms that means more people, more houses, more roads, more shopping malls, more sewage systems, more electricity infrastructure, airport extensions…. more congestion, more illness, more pollution of the air and the waters, and less natural environment. Indeed, each day that passes there less of everything we actually need as a species to survive.

    People talk of rights as if they have some meaning. As George Carlin pointed out long ago, “You have no rights,” just the perception of rights. or in 1942 the case of Americans born of Japanese ancestry, “Right this way,” into a confinement (concentration) camp.

    Sure, at the moment, with the system not yet having fallen over as a consequence of its excesses, we still have access to relatively cheap food and energy. But what of the future, when declining global oil extraction starts to really bite and climate chaos has eliminated much of the food system. What rights do you think the average person will have then?

  17. Forget the weird names the internet dreams up.
    The “woke left” are Stalinists. These are the people who wrecked every positive movement in the 20th Century.

  18. If the disproportionate imprisonment rate for Maori is because of “racism” then the disproportionate imprisonment rate of males must be because of sexism??

    You leftists are completely mental.

  19. The real fascists are those who oppose free speech

    ‘Chilling precedent? InfoWars block exposes Big Tech as no friend of free speech’

    …”There is something deeply cynical about people who until yesterday denounced discrimination and evil corporatism – and will do so again tomorrow – suddenly defending private property and freedom to discriminate against political viewpoints. That’s because this isn’t about principles, but about power.

    Liberals were once all for free speech, starting a movement by that name at Berkeley in the 1960s. Now that the media and academia overwhelmingly march in lockstep with the Democratic Party, however, they’re all about “no-platforming” opposing views and calling them “hate speech,” all in an effort to limit the range of permissible thought and expression in America.

    This has manifested in many forms, from literal riots in Berkeley to “shadowbanning” of several Republican lawmakers on Twitter. That platform, which has so far refrained from banning InfoWars, didn’t hesitate to block conservative African-American activist Candace Owens after she pointedly echoed the hateful tweets of a liberal journalist hired by the New York Times. Needless to say, the same people up in arms about Alex Jones argued that Sarah Jeong’s tweets were fine, because one “cannot be racist against white people.”

    This ideological conflict in American society actually goes back for years, maybe even decades. However, the victory of Trump over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 US presidential election, even though most of the media and all of the Silicon valley were #WithHer, flushed it out in the open. Democrats quickly latched onto a claim of “Russian meddling,” intended to delegitimize Trump’s presidency but also, as it turns out, create an excuse for corporate censorship.

    Consider the November 1, 2017 hearing before the Senate Intelligence Committee, where lawyers for Google, Facebook and Twitter were subjected to a barrage of demands to regulate their platforms against “Russians” – or else.

    “You have to be the ones to do something about it, or we will,” said Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-California).

    She also pressed for removal of RT from YouTube, only to have a Google representative say that despite looking very hard, the company hasn’t found any policy violations that would justify such a move.

    “I’m not really satisfied with that,” said Feinstein….

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