Southern & Molyneux: Autopsy of an Abortion


So it turns out Southern & Molyneux were less popular than Spinoff TV, who woulda thunk it?

I’m so thankful this bullshit has been called off because I just didn’t believe the Woke Left could have been trusted not to start violence if they had confronted the shut in weirdos who would have bought tickets to this kind of carnival of pale ignorance.

When activists screamed this hate speech would incite violence, they meant incite violence from them.

All week the Woke Left have been whipping themselves into a self-flagellated ‘punch a Nazi in the face’ level of  self righteousness that if exploded would have simply given these right wing circus freaks the martyrdom they so desperately wanted.

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This entire thing was a fiasco that ended up in people calling anyone supporting free speech a Nazi while others seriously claimed free speech was actually white privilege.

We were trolled by two crypto-fascsists and inadvertently did their marketing for them.

Is it possible that Southern & Molyneux really came to NZ on the off chance the Powerstation would just let them have a venue? I mean there’s wishful thinking & then there’s criminal negligence – if their rhetoric is half as stupid as their travel plans we had nothing to fear.

I agreed with Goff stopping them having access to a public venue, but they still had the right to a private venue, as we all did to protest them at that private venue.

30 seconds after the venue was made public, the backlash and social media pile on to destroy The PowerStation was as rational as throwing molotov cocktails at the Pop-Up Globe for daring to suggest a male perspective on MeToo.

The PowerStation are a small family operation who even  the magnificent Ladi 6 (who is playing there next week) tried to stand up for..

…hilariously The PowerStation owner ended up asking the Spin Off journalist who called them to find out what the bloody hell they were playing at what they should do.

If you are asking the SpinOff who are about to destroy you what you should be doing, you are well out of your depth.

Once the Powerstation’s reputation was as smouldering as Pop-Up Globes, the Woke Left turned on the media for interviewing Southern & Molyneux with the intention of broadcasting it over the weekend.

I’m waiting for someone to start an Action Station petition to fire bomb TVNZs transmission dish, incidentally someone did in fact make a bomb threat to the PowerStation. What little charmers.

Gower did a great interview with these two clowns and highlighted the absolute shallow vapidness of their positions. He did more to convince other NZers not to fall for this crap than a thousand Nazi punches in the face.

The Woke Left scream that any platforming of these proto-Nazi’s was akin to being a member of the Hitler Youth yourself which of course drives this venom underground and only makes it more toxic.

We engage with snakes like this, not to convince the snake they are wrong, but to stop our fellow countrymen and women from siding with the snakes, it’s a juggling act we are going to have to get our heads around because this isn’t going away.

The next global financial crisis will create economic shockwaves the far right feed on and convincing your fellow countrymen and women not to listen when they are angry and vulnerable will take far more nuance than ‘you’re a fucking Nazi bro’ level of debate.

Crypto-fascists 1 New Zealand 0




  1. Having just watched Patrick Gower’s interview – which I would recommend to masochists – it is the anger of these two rabble-rousers which really shocked me. They are both very very angry people, and they are angry at New Zealanders.

    She’s worse than I had thought and probably deranged, while Molyneux was just flying over the cuckoo’s nest. Nuts.

    Prancing around like 13 year olds under an iconic Maori carving disrespecting us and then expecting us to respect them, is surreal.
    It was also deliberately provocative.

    It certainly looks as if they came to this country to cause trouble, and good that basically, they had little chance to.Their anger is scary, as is all/most anger and extremes.

    • I must have watched a different Gower interview, because he came across as unresearched and way out of his depth, desperately digging for that Got You moment. He even admitted that they walked all over him.

      More proof (if we already didn’t know) that MSM is a leftest echo chamber. The moment he didn’t like the answers to his own questions, he then tried to shut them down.

      I was actually hoping for a balanced interview, but obviously Gower is a little unhinged. Gardening leave should be on the cards.

      • It was a mediocre interview. I’ve seen him do better.

        The problem is that characters like those two neo-fascists are clever. They are slippery – like a certain former PM we recently had.

        Pinning down people like that requires in-depth research, quotes, and context. Video clips help. Otherwise they employ a Trumpian technique of re-writing facts and their statements, to twist reality to suit themselves.

        And when you do get close to nailing them on a point, they will deftly side-step with a bit of irrelevant whataboutism to re-direct the interview narrative. Debating them is pointless much of the time. They have ‘alternative facts’.

        I would’ve liked to see Kim Hill, Lisa Owen, or John Campbell interview them.

        • Agree, Frank. Patrick’s interview was less than convincing. They came across as reasonable, and he didn’t look good when he tried to shut Molyneux down. he should have been much better prepared.

      • “More proof (if we already didn’t know) that MSM is a leftest echo chamber.”

        Well that sounds like a right wing extremist view.

      • +100 …I watched it eventually, and I have to agree with you

        ….Gower was like a possum in the headlights, the Canadians looked like they could not believe the dumbness of the interview

        …and there was absolutely NO “hate speech” there ! ( so Jacinda has been duped by the looney Left)

        (btw the discussion and debate about what IQ tests actually test has been going on in universities for at least half a century in psychology, education and other disciplines…no need to take offence…you can partake in the debate (eg what would an IQ test look like if designed by Eskimos?) but it does make me wonder about the IQ and education of the present day so-called Left…a big fail there …and New Zealand will have been made a laughing stock)

        • RED BUZZARD;

          “…and New Zealand will have been made a laughing stock.”

          Sadly, maybe much, much more than that if you look at this Irish analyst’s numbers.

          Conclusion: “NZ Media behaves more like activists instead of journalists.” !!

          In a nutshell. Highly entertaining. Enjoy;
          “What we learned from lauren & stefan’s australia / nz tour”

          I am surprised Newshub published Gower’s interview at all.
          A demotion in the pipeline? Pour Paddy.

          Most readers will not view this because of the delay but could the moderator please bring this to Martyn’s attention.
          Even if just to show what the rest of the world thinks about all this.

          To say “Gower did a great interview” maybe Martyn, you need to take a step back to contemplate a few things.
          We all need to be aware of our own Conformation Bias.
          I am disappointed I found this late but this is where, in the thread, this post belongs.

          We should all be highly embarrassed over this whole sequence of events.
          When outsiders can look in and see the bleeding obvious.
          The dumbed down propaganda machine that is the NZ Media.

          Cringe, cringe, cringe.

          Crypto-fascists 8 New Zealand 0


          • CORRECTION;

            Conclusion: “NZ Media behaves more like activists masquerading as journalists.” !!

            How did I miss that. Far more precise. (And sinister.)

    • Agree that image says it all. So rude! So dumb! What idiots. Is it free speech or hate speech? Venues also have the freedom not to provide the forum for rabble rousing, which is what they were here to do. Its too bad for them no one wanted to host them, but IMO doesn’t mean they were prevented from speaking freely, they just didn’t find anywhere to do it.

  2. I enjoy listening to these two. I don’t always agree nor do I have to. Their posting on you tube has opened many eyes about N.Z.
    Serves us right for demonstrating to the world that Kiwis with get up and go have got up and gone.

  3. I personally feel everyone, including TDB, gave these arsehats way too much oxygen. Just let them celebrate whatever “culture” they’re in to and then watch them subsequently fizzle out organically when people realise there is no actual value/point in anything they are selling.

    • I agree fully.
      The “left” fractured itself nicely in to various bits all more righteous than the other. And big air time was made for a couple of non event people from somewhere else.

      • That sums it up nicely.

        Does anyone believe even for a moment that Kiwiblog or Whaleoil would’ve expended as much energy defending the right of far-left activists to speak in New Zealand? Yeah. Nah. Of course not.

        And the moment the Left points out to right-wingers that “we”* support the right of neo-fascists to free speech, do you know what their response will be? Derisory dismissal with the snide descriptor “virtue signalling”. Wait for it, it’ll be coming.

        (* not all left-wingers share the same beliefs on this issue)

          • I do have to admit one thing and that is when Hillary Clinton was losing right at the end and the faces of the crying people who were losing their shit when Trump won. It’s kind of funny but I’m saying I’m sorry but if that’s the truth of their existence that they put every ounce of their shit into this corrupt ass politician whether it’s Hillary Clinton or Bill English or any of those corrupt politicians or any of them. I feel sorry for them, I was fucken laughing at those people when Clinton lost and those people were losing there shit. I traveled, less now but traveling allows you to see the boarders of progress but when meeting people in the middle of progress you get to see the truth of progress and it’s like wow these are the people who vote for Trump. It’s like when did it become The Divided States of America. It’s like it dosnt matter, democrats or republicans we’re still fucked.

        • > “Does anyone believe even for a moment that Kiwiblog or Whaleoil would’ve expended as much energy defending the right of far-left activists to speak in New Zealand? Yeah. Nah. Of course not.”

          Probably not, and that’s what makes us better than them. We stick to our principles, consistently, like people with integrity, even when it’s inconvenient. At least in theory. The problem is, as has just been demonstrated, large chunks of the contemporary left appear to be no more principled or self-critical than the gutter right.

          Stalin didn’t kill millions of people on his own. He did it by whipping up a lynch mob, and convicting people in kangeroo courts that threw all ideas of natural justice or due process out the window. So, when I see people being accused of being “nazis”, and other people being told that defending those people’s human rights makes them “nazis”, and that it’s ok to punch “nazis”, I’m actually more concerned about the neo-Stalinists who think that shit is ok than I am about the vanishingly small minority of actual neo-nazis. I also start to understand why both Animal Farm and 1984 always seemed to be more about soviet-style “socialism” than about fascism, and why Orwell informed on “fellow-travellers” aligned with the USSR towards the end of his life.

  4. You are spouting utter ignorance Martin. You are totally clueless as to the reality of what is happening to Europe, USA, Canada , Australia & UK, due to the MSM blackout. You & others are in for a big shock when the truth hits you
    because you will realise how you’ve been lied to , but by then it will be too late.

  5. Crypto-fascists? Sez who? Do you mean fascism Italian-style? I’m guessing not….

    In my view, the Left hasn’t covered itself in glory over this whole sorry episode. Were it the case that it was secure in its belief system, and in its place in NZ society, it would not have made a song and dance about Southern and Molyneux coming here. And it would have protested Auckland Council’s decision to deny them a venue.

    Instead, events suggest one of two things:
    a) either Left-wingers are in fact very insecure about how NZers would have reacted, and wanted to prevent Southern and Molyneux from being able to speak, in case the rest of us agreed with them.
    b) the Left actually doesn’t believe in “free speech” – except for itself, or for those holding views with which it agrees.

    • Instead, events suggest one of two things:
      a) either Left-wingers are in fact very insecure about how NZers would have reacted, and wanted to prevent Southern and Molyneux from being able to speak, in case the rest of us agreed with them.
      b) the Left actually doesn’t believe in “free speech” – except for itself, or for those holding views with which it agrees.

      Or, a third option you conveniently omitted, D’esterre is that the propagation of neo-fascist views (even if couched in polite, pseudo-intellectual terms) might encourage far-right nutters in our society to violence. Of course, provocateurs like Southern and Molyneux would deny all responsibility if someone acted on their words – but would then justify violence by repeating their bigotted views. Or indulging in “whataboutism”.

      People like Southern and Molyneux are no direct threat to us. But their followers… that’s another story entirely.

      I wonder what neo-fascist material Anders Breivik heard/read before going on his murderous ramapage in 2011?

                • It’s the marxists protesting free speech.

                  You must’ve missed the dozen or so blogposts from Martyn and Chris Trotter advocating the right for Southern and Molyneux to speak in New Zealand.

                  Like most right-wingers (including Southern and Molyneux) you seem selective when it comes to complaining about things.

                  And don’t you agree that “marxists” have the same right to express their views through free speech just as two visiting neo-fascists? (Oh, I think I know the response you’ll give to that one.)

                  • I was talking about the protestors. Chris has made his position clear, which is admirable. Look at how he’s been attacked for it. Martyn agreed with free speech, great, and Phil Goff, not so much. Each to their own. We’ve had pro hamas rally in Aotea square recently, that chick from the US (ex military) is coming over and we’ve had Hillary spouting her nonsense. Protest free.

                • My word, what an idiotic thing to say… Calling anyone who have a problem with people assuming rights over and above people in a sovereign country in order to spout bigoted, shallow, and delusional drivel a “marxist” qualifies as the most lazy minded tripe I’ve read since the last time I wasted thirty seconds reading a Clair Trevett article… Get over yourself sonny, and stop wasting everybodies time exposing your lack of depth…

                  • Easy old fella, you have a right to say nothing instead of wasting your time. Now free yourself from the fringes and bathe in ignorant bliss.

    • Deseterre a desperate theory you are inflating the lefts power which has been in decline since WW2.
      But fascism and Racism ethnic cleansing is on the rise since the GFC.
      Unemployment poor skills for the work place poor education levels have allowed this backlash of the poor and ignorant to occur.
      Parrellel to the same reasons Hitler came to power.
      Remember the National “Socialists”
      Hitler was a Racist Socialist who had a Command and Control economy.
      He was against austerity the very reason fascism is on the rise again.
      The punishing sanctions on Germany WW1 lead to a leap forward in thinking.
      The Marshall Plan by making Germany wealthy they realised that was how to defeat fascism in the long term.

  6. Ok Martyn, I just watched the Paddy interview, I’m not surprised you haven’t left a link for it in the article. Paddy made an absolute fool out of himself, what an utter lightweight. It was nothing short of an embarrassment. I urge all to seek it out and watch it.

    • Let’s be brutally honest here. If Southern and Molyneux had of done a decent amount of research before coming to NZ they wouldn’t have wasted there own money and booked a Christchurch venue.

      • Yeah or Northland or Dunedin. It matters not where the venue was. What matters is the hysterical fascistic minority of dictators shut it down.

        • OMG “the hysterical… dictators” is a text book example of transference. The hysteria here was Southern’s and Molyneux’s when they learnt that NZ’ers weren’t interested in a couple of juvenile Canadian nonentities.

          Molyneux said that powerful forces stopped them. I love it. I love it. I love it.

          Molyneux said he is going to find those powerful forces… Stefan searches for the Holy Grail… I love that too.

          Free speech is totally glorious as is the effect it can have on the sort of half-baked Nat supporters who still… still…still do not know or do not care what an abysmal job Key and co did when in office.

          What dopey little diversion is next ? Harry and Meghan ?

      • It’s still my opinion that free speech acts as a kind of release valve for violence and oppression that is typical of the extreme right wing Chilean / Pinochet economic experiment. I’m just glad we don’t suffer from the same victory disease as the United States 2nd amendment right to bare armes. So if some one dies while you’re exercising free speech then you’re probably doing it wrong. Otherwise have at it, IMO.

        • Sam: “….free speech acts as a kind of release valve for violence and oppression that is typical of the extreme right wing Chilean / Pinochet economic experiment.”

          You know about the Pinochet regime? Not too much free speech in Chile at that time.

          Adding to my comments above; I posited that either the Left is insecure in its own beliefs, or about how other NZers would react, or it doesn’t believe in free speech, except for itself and for those holding views with which it agrees.

          A member of this household observed: “It’s both. Now that they’re in power, they don’t need freedom of speech any more, and power has given them ideas about the fickleness and stupiditiy of the masses (with whom they no longer identify) worthy of Joseph de Maistre.”

          About sums it up, really. It’s a great disappointment to those of us who’ve been Leftwing for most of our lives.

          • I posited that either the Left is insecure in its own beliefs, or about how other NZers would react, or it doesn’t believe in free speech, except for itself and for those holding views with which it agrees.

            And yet you ignore the dozen of so blogposts from Martyn Bradbury, Chris Trotter, et al, supporting the right of these two neo-fascists to come to New Zealand to speak?

            So really, what it comes down to is this: no matter how many times many on the left support their right to free speech, you’ll ignore them totally and instead focus on those who reject their presence in our country? You lump all left-wingers in one basket, and ignore the different views?

            I guess that’s convenient so you can make blanket statements that “the Left is insecure in its own beliefs, or about how other NZers would react, or it doesn’t believe in free speech”.

            Chris and Martyn must be shaking their heads in despair at all the time they’ve wasted on their blogposts.

            • I swear if the minimum wage was raised to the living wage every one would be far to busy earning money to bother about any of this.

              I mean has any of you seen the Aircraft carriers in the People’s Liberation Army Navy’s (PLAN) arsenal. Does any one understand the implications on New Zealand’s forign policy settings? Are they starting to figure out how insignificant there petty internal problems are?

              I love my country. It focuses my attention on what really matters.

              • Sam, I notice that you are one of the few people who consistently draw attention to our changing maritime strategic context, and you are right. We are in for a rude awakening and possibly sooner than we think.

                • It’s just a gut feeling Iv got. The Chinese People’s liberation Army (PLA) has been ripping off American military technology and reverse engineering it so hard that I believe the PLA can be scaled to the tune of American military biases only this time satellites of the American empire are targets of coercion.

                  With all things being equal the Wellintington consensus shouldn’t have to choose between China and the U.S but if China is successful in partnering with Afican development then we may have to choose between the United States track record on the African continent and China’s track record. Tough choice that.

            • Frank, beware of the end result for the Left. If thee activist types could ust have won a moral battle on the blog all would be fine. As it stands their Phyrric victory in preventing venues being used is an invitation to the Right to match this with interest.

          • +100 D’ESTERRE…well said…Pinochet had nothing to do with “free speech” …(Sam is probably thinking about China again)

            …and the so- called old Left is insecure or spoiling for a bully boy macho geriatric fight ( they have been duped by the so-called Anti-fascist leaders Albright and Clinton (who are in fact destabilisers and war criminals)



            …NZers are quite capable of listening peaceably to Southern’s and Molyneux and making up their own minds without so-called ‘thought police’ protection and censorship and violence from the so-called Left

            …as for Southern’s and Molyneux’s support base and listeners …well the train has left that station long ago for the old Left

            ….NZ youth now live in the debate/dialogue / dialectic of the international internet…( news: we no longer live in the 1930s )

            …question: does the old Left ‘thought police’ now want to protect us from and censor the internet? ( as they do in China)

            • Red Buzzard , think twice about the truth of everything you read on the internet.

              Think about dumping your television set and reading more non-self-published books.

              Think about how gullible NZ’ers are who supported the most socially destructive govt we have ever had, and whether jargon and cliches are really that useful in reaching informed opinions.

              Think about whether the painstakingly established body of Treaty case law is justice per the Rule of Law, or is Stefan’s version.

              Think about why those who may not suffer fools gladly are immediately labelled, “Left.’

              Think about whether Kiwis telling Lauren and Stefan we’re not really that interested, was just a nice little bit of grass roots democracy in action.

              • all good advice for yourself no doubt…btw I watch hardly any television…nor do I follow Lauren and Stefan on the internet , nor do I know exactly what their views are

                ( but I know people who have followed Lauren and Steffan and they are not stupid…they are anti- globalisation, anti -open borders, they are anti -imperialism and they are anti warmongering in other countries…if this is some of what Lauren and Stefan stand for they should be listened to imo…if people dont like what they hear then they should debate and take their arguments apart bit by bit)

                • Nah fuck no. Stefan said on National TV that New Zealand has terrorists. It doesn’t how sweet ones analysis is when you’re given a prime time slot to accuse us of terrorism. I know a little about being accused of terrorism. People who are well fed and well housed always a use those who are less fortunate of terrorism, that inferior beings must submit to superior beings because savage brutes won’t know the superior ones are trying to civilise the native. It’s the same old arguments since captain cook. Nigga please.

                  • re “Stefan said on National TV that New Zealand has terrorists?”

                    …can you substantiate this with a source? or link?

  7. whilst they were here were they staying with bob jones ? or perhaps somewhere on white mans island [waiheke]

    • The anti-free speech crowd have allowed this subject a large undue amount of press coverage that have now made Southern and Molyneux look like hero’s in the social media sites now with over a half a million ‘likes’ on Facebook and you YouTube with a massive support building outside NZ also so it had a positive effect on getting their views supported outside NZ and within.

      The anti-free speech should have just ignored the pair and it would not have increased their support globally.

  8. It’s become perfectly clear that when you accuse a agent provocateur blogger with authoritarian personality type traits & fascistic tendencies of using his position to not so subtly incite hatred, divisiveness & violence, your comments will not be published. Over the free speech issue all TDB has succeeded in doing is to make a mountain out of a molehill, & act as a recruiting sergeant for the extreme right. Ok, got the message, but do publish this as It’ll probably be my last throw of the dice here on TDB.

    Footnote; This radical old free speech activist & street-fighter has been siting on the fence for a while now, but this successful attack on free speech by a tiny minority of resentment fueled, fascist like bigots & the liberal globalisation elite who they keep in power, has led to a change of heart. I’m now committed to joining the war to rid our country of this pernicious life negating, soul destroying plague. Time to go back to the streets & do what I can to fire up the slumbering troops, who like me, are absolutely sick & tired of being brow beaten & lorded over by an ignorant, viscous, fascist, racist & unpatriotic few who can’t see the wood for the trees.

  9. At 5:20ff in the interview with Gower, Molyneux says “the most established metric is social science is IQ. If there is no valid test of intelligence called IQ then there’s no such thing as social science at all”
    Oh please. My only conclusions from that statement is that he is either a king size bullshitter or has no idea what is talking about and that right wing intelligence really is an oxymoron.

    • re IQ…the debate as to whether IQ tests are culturally biased or genetically determined or even whether they measure anything useful at all , has been on-going for many years in the universities in the social sciences

      …and some would say the social sciences are not real sciences or hard sciences at all…but they do ask the questions , they do try to get the data and they do try to draw conclusions , albeit tentative conclusions…so perhaps questions about the issue of IQ mirror other questions in the social sciences?

      …a recent ‘New Scientist’ article (21 July)has an interesting take on the various issues surrounding IQ tests at the present time …eg. genes are not destiny ( about 50% of the difference in intelligence between people is due to genetics and IQ is not a predictor of success either at school or economically later in life);Can intelligence be measured? ;Can intelligence change?; different sorts of IQ; what makes one person smarter than another?; what is intelligence ? etc etc

      ‘The truth about intelligence: How useful is a high IQ?’

  10. the so called principle of free speech is a very weak principle when it comes to people like these.
    The British government just said they were undesirable and that was that.
    here we are wringing our hands because these people were asked to find their own hall. hahahahahaha.

    • +100…worth watching …certainly more appealing than some thugs on the Left imo…in fact I think I will no longer call myself Left

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