By banning Don Brash, the Woke Left strike another blow for recruiting fascists

By   /   August 7, 2018  /   54 Comments

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This isn’t about hate speech, this is about the Orwellian power of being able to decide what can & can’t be said. This is about creating trigger free safe spaces with petting zoos for emotional support peacocks while the rest of us are forced to accept it or get accused of Nazism.

I just don’t even know what to say any more, it’s like a slow motion train wreck. Don Brash, that tired racist dinosaur has just been granted martyrdom by the Woke Left  banning him from speaking at Massey University…


It’s a bloody University, the very space where free speech is not only fought for, but where it’s intellectually understood to be a crucial foundation to critiquing and understanding the truth!

Southern’s petty Islamaphobia bullshit can be shredded within seconds by pointing out the contextualised history of the West propping up mutated forms of Islam that are used as control mechanisms over people. If Southern doesn’t want so many refugees, maybe she should focus on the West not bombing the places they’re fleeing from. Her arguments are childish and can be torn apart immediately.

Molyneux’s ridiculous attempt to claim race and IQ are somehow connected and not a result of nurture can be debunked with the most simple of Google searches FFS!

And Brash, well the best take down of that old goat was Willie Jackson’s speech at Orewa that totally annihilates Brash’s garden variety bigotry.

We beat these crypto-fascsists by engaging them and wiping the bloody floor with them! We live in a progressive democracy, New Zealand Aotearoa! Woman fought to have the vote here. We were the first country to claim 40 hours as a working week. We went Nuclear Free! We are a legacy of people who build each other up as well as fight for what’s fair. How dare we be reduced to cowards who shut down rather than have the courage of our forebears convictions and engage.

Hate speech is despicable. The legal definition in NZ is speech that incites violence, hostility or contempt against a group, that’s an incredibly high legal threshold to get to because free speech is such an invaluable part of an open Democracy.

This isn’t about hate speech, this is about the Orwellian power of being able to decide what can & can’t be said.

This is about creating trigger free safe spaces with petting zoos for emotional support peacocks while the rest of us are forced to accept it or get accused of Nazism.

Am I committing a thought crime here by pointing out the madness of this? Am I now to be branded as a fucking Nazi for doing so?

The Woke Left’s desire to strangle off free speech to protect them from all heteronormative patriarchal colonial triggers is actually creating the very backlash that helps recruit Nazis!

Rather than engaging, the Woke Left’s intolerance of intolerance is recruiting for the Right. Bomb threats, censorship and accusing Miriama Kamo of ‘race betrayal’ isn’t stopping crypto-fascism, it’s helping promote it.

The second National realise how much gold there is to mine in this culture war, 2020 is their’s.

PS – watching so many NZ Journalists on Twitter decry free speech in this country to ingratiate themselves with The Woke is as ironic as it is intellectually bankrupt. You know who you are.

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  1. Cemetery Jones says:


    • ”Southern’s petty Islamaphobia bullshit can be shredded within seconds” Are you crazy? > Yes its like Apparently its genesis stems from a search for a childhood certainty and stability from a Big Dad-Mum Boss to control them like Hitler, Stalin, Merkel, May, Clinton, Phil Goff, all the MSM Hollywood.
      When they lose they cry and scream and run to safe places

      The left is sick and they are allowing the wrecking of whole countries like Germany Sweden and France You are crazy to ignore what immigration is doing there, caused by guilt for the WW2 among other guilts.
      Lots of swearing from Bill Ralston shows his lack of knowledge and triggered tanrums of the Lefty Immature.

      The Canadians parting shot was “ENJOY YOUR SHARIA LAW”.



        While Europe Slept: How Radical Islam is Destroying the West from Within
        The struggle for the soul of Europe today is every bit as dire and consequential as it was in the 1930s. Then, in Weimar, Germany, the center did not hold, and the light of civilization nearly went out. Today, the continent has entered yet another “Weimar moment.” Will Europeans rise to the challenge posed by radical Islam, or will they cave in once again to the extremists?

        As an American living in Europe since 1998, Bruce Bawer has seen this problem up close. Across the continent—in Amsterdam, Oslo, Copenhagen, Paris, Berlin, Madrid, and Stockholm—he encountered large, rapidly expanding Muslim enclaves in which women were oppressed and abused, homosexuals persecuted and killed, “infidels” threatened and vilified, Jews demonized and attacked, barbaric traditions (such as honor killing and forced marriage) widely practiced, and freedom of speech and religion firmly repudiated.

        The European political and media establishment turned a blind eye to all this, selling out women, Jews, gays, and democratic principles generally—even criminalizing free speech—in order to pacify the radical Islamists and preserve the illusion of multicultural harmony. The few heroic figures who dared to criticize Muslim extremists and speak up for true liberal values were systematically slandered as fascist bigots. Witnessing the disgraceful reaction of Europe’s elites to 9/11, to the terrorist attacks on Madrid, Beslan, and London, and to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, Bawer concluded that Europe was heading inexorably down a path to cultural suicide.

        Europe’s Muslim communities are powder kegs, brimming with an alienation born of the immigrants’ deep antagonism toward an infidel society that rejects them and compounded by misguided immigration policies that enforce their segregation and empower the extremists in their midst. The mounting crisis produced by these deeply perverse and irresponsible policies finally burst onto our television screens in October 2005, as Paris and other European cities erupted in flames.

        WHILE EUROPE SLEPT is the story of one American’s experience in Europe before and after 9/11, and of his many arguments with Europeans about the dangers of militant Islam and America’s role in combating it. This brave and invaluable book—with its riveting combination of eye-opening reportage and blunt, incisive analysis—is essential reading for anyone concerned about the fate of Europe and what it portends for the United States.

    • We repeat history by hating, attacking, often incarcerating,
      haters of illogical hating ideologies, redolent of Hitler’s Mein Kamp. Dumb fools

  2. Reginald says:

    Is there a chance that some of the hysteria and threats etc are being put out there by elements of the right to gain publicity and paint “the left” in a bad light? Dirty politics v2.0 Just a thought.

    • Cemetery Jones says:

      I wouldn’t entirely rule out the idea that Molotov Morse is some kind of Monarch Agent, but in general no I think that’s wishful thinking.

  3. Aaron says:

    I’m just some schmuck on a comment thread but I’m going to keep saying this:

    We all have dysfunctional behavior because we’re born into a dysfunctional society. It’s easy to point the finger at other people and it makes us feel righteous when we focus on their sins but there is no one alive who is pure of mind and spirit and we need to admit to our own faults.

    The “woke left”, most of who’s values I share needs to look in the mirror and admit that their behaviour is that of a bully – the same kind of bullying that old school racists used to indulge in but in digital form.

    The irony of people behaving like intolerant bullies to protest an intolerant bully is, to quote William Shatner, very ironical.

  4. Andy says:

    It’s nice to agree with Martyn from time to time. This is one of those times

  5. WILD KATIPO says:

    Hakuna matata !

    We need more Poombah’s in this world.

    All this fighting and scrapping,…ugh.

  6. Christine says:

    Completely agree. This is a NZ’er, wanting to speak in NZ; if he wants to repeat himself like a stuck gramophone needle, he has every right to.

  7. esoteric pineapples says:


  8. TheBigThink says:

    Alt left fascists strike again. Wow the left really are on a suicide mission.

  9. Mr Darlington says:

    Funny how the alt.right are on a moral crusade for free speech, but deny the left the right to oppose or criticise back at them. Is free speech a one way street?

  10. Zack Brando says:

    All this ‘speaker banning’ is the result of the current American partisanship seeping into New Zealand via American media, normally via YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

    Trump derangement syndrome is rife – by that I’m referring to the Orwellian idea of the ‘memory hole’ – terms like fascist, Nazi, free speech, socialism, capitalism, left, right, etc have NOT just lost their meanings, their meanings HAVE BEEN CHANGED, in true Orwellian fashion!

    Near 24/7 news coverage of Trump, which is at constant odds with him – even when he is being reasonable is detrimental to America and western countries like New Zealand. Russian hysteria is on par with the ‘red scare’ but with no cold war.

    Due to gender-studies, environmental-studies, etc .. territory courses (these ‘studies’) start with an ideology and look only for information to support it. Critical thinking has been replaced by PC group think/speak and ‘free speech’ replaced by ‘freedom from speech’.

    The American experiment has been spat on. Once people knew from History what it was like to live under Papal power, having no freedom of speech or religion. People once understood why America’s constitutional republic was founded.

    People also once understood that good speech drives out bad – but to have [realize what was] the good speech, you had to have the bad, you had to have Freedom of Speech!

    University means unity in diversity. With ‘safe spaces’ and all that’s going on, New Zealand could find itself not as a country of Kiwis (of diverse races) but different groups/races of people, living in separate communities, tuned out from a culture that doesn’t reflect the majorities economic circumstances – living under the auspices of the NZ government.

  11. Anna says:

    I’m sorry Martyn, but I am in my fifties and have watched decades of affirmative action largely fail to fix the long tail of underachievement of some races so I find myself in agreement with Stefan.on the question of race and IQ. It is professional suicide for an academic to publicly link race to IQ in these times, so few are prepared to put their heads up to be a part of the debate. However the inheritance of intelligence is a much less touchy subject and scientists are agreed that intelligence is largely inherited, for example adopted children have IQs more similiar to their birth parents than their adopted parents and this similiarity gets much stronger over time. They are making progress in finding the genes for intelligence.. So if intelligence is passed down through families, it isn’t too much of a stretch to hypothesise that races of people who evolved together may also have similar genes for intelligence.

    ProfessorJordan Peterson is an academic prepared to talk about race and IQ and his videos are worth watching on this issue..People like Jordan and Stefan have become popular because what they are saying is not PC but is affirming what people have observed in real life, that some races are still not doing well in spite of many decades of affirmative action, and so maybe the common wisdom that it is all environmental is wrong. And if it is wrong then we need to rethink our approach.

    And by the way no one who is talking publicly about the race and IQ issue is saying that IQ is any measure of the worth of people, we all have strengths and weaknesses. But the western world is very much set up now to reward people good at academics and technology and if you don’t have talents in those areas you may struggle to get out of poverty. So lets have a discussion about how we can really help some races of people instead of setting people up for failure in an education system they are not naturally cut out for. If IQ and race are related, then also how sensible is our refugee program, we.have taken in thousands of people from parts of the world with known poor performance in IQ tests.. I would very much like to see data on how those people and their children have done over time, have they succeeded in NZ? Or would we have been better to have spent that money helping refugees go home and rebuild their countries of origin?

    • Zack Brando says:

      I remember hearing a story about a young man, his life was in ruins – he came from a broken home, was living rough and his mind was messed up through drugs.

      He was uplifted by some christians and their message (not promoting a particular religion) and was determined to improve his lot in life. But what could he do? His mind was a mess, no education, rough living conditions, etc.

      He went after employment, though being qualified for nothing, he ended up being employed by a wealthy businessmen, who ran a very large industrial business. His job .. to empty the rubbish bins.

      And so it was, over time (many years) he became an expert in all areas of that business, rising to be in-charge over many. His diligence, focus and fairness carried him a long way.

      One day the aged owner called him into his office, they chatted as normal, but something was different. The businessmen explained, ‘I’m retiring’. To which the once young man replied in horror, ‘who will take over!?’.

      He simply said, ‘there’s nobody here I both trust and feel capable to take over .. nobody but you, you will take over’.

      IQ is a human construct, cold and devoid of spirituality – constructed by creatures whom are yet to even understand what consciousness is.

    • Richard Christie says:

      Jesus f’ing christ, did I really just read that nonsense on TDB?

      Full marks to Martyn, for letting it stand. Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

    • Richard Christie says:

      I suppose we should also institute phrenology, keep people with funny ears out of the country, just on the off-chance their kids might fail NZCEA.
      Must be something in that, and worth an academic study or two.

    • Christine says:

      Well Anna, I’m older than you and I do not like what you are saying. Eugenics is not my thing, but even if it were :

      A high IQ does not necessarily produce a superior sort of person, or even a particularly useful person. It’s not that simple.

      (And IQ tests have too many built in cultural suppositions to begin to address here.)

      IQ is just one facet of the genetic coding which we may inherit, and there are others possibly much more efficacious, both for good and bad.

      Many post-modernists would agree that ’emotional intelligence’ is of greater significance in predicting and determining how people may perform. And perform according to whose criteria anyway ?

      Any suggestion that we accept only immigrants with assumed high IQ’s, I suggest is morally repugnant, practically ridiculous and cruel.

      You seem to be making an assumption that “we” are somehow better than others who may have come here, and this is not necessarily logical, as are any conclusions based on race, ethnicity or religion.

      Have you any idea of the cultural gifts and niche expertise that this country received from the post WW11 European refugees who came here often with histories which don’t bear thinking about ?

      Read any modern African poetry ?

      Going back a bit, it was Socrates who said that societies are made of people whose individual characters turn the scale.

      True Story:

      A couple of weeks ago a girl in the bookshop noticed me watching her and I said, “Sorry, but you look just like my niece, but younger, and her mother was one of the kindest people in the world.”

      The girl replied, “They say that my mother was a very Kind person too.”

      Thereupon we agreed, that that was the main thing, being kind.

  12. Jum says:

    On the other hand, the authority who banned Brash may know very well that by taking that action was encouraging the far right to use this as a point of attack. Not every person running a university is a left leaner.

    • Off white says:

      Yeah ok Jum, if that makes you feel better. Anybody right leaning these days fears being doxxed, hounded and forced to resign. The left are in complete control and dare oppose them.

      • Anybody right leaning these days fears being doxxed, hounded and forced to resign.

        Offwhite, after 30-plus of neo-liberalism; growing inequality; worsening child poverty; stagnant wages; the rise of the working poor; homelessness with families forced to live in cars; middle class young people unable to afford to buy their own home; attacks on unions and workers’ rights; demonisation of Housing NZ tenants and WINZ beneficies – you’re damned well lucky that’s all you’re facing. After decades of health, education, DoC, teachers, nurses, underfunded. After six thousand state houses were sold off, you can take your self-pity and shove it.

        In some countries a ruling elite would be facing an uprising and hung from whatever was available.

        My concern is for those who are the victims of your obscene three-decades-long experiment in free market forces – not snowflakes whinging that their privilege is coming to an end.

        • off white says:

          Well, I’m glad you agree with me then.

          PS. You’ll find that most of the impoverished, I’ll fated and down trodden in society vote left and have empowered the left. The answer by the left wing ruling class has been to mollycoddle and pat them on their heads and tell them it will be ok. The road to hell was paved with good intentions. Remember Roger Douglas.
          Time to leave racism of low expectations behind.

        • David Stone says:

          “In some countries a ruling elite would be facing an uprising and hung from whatever was available.”

          This might be hate speech might it not Frank?
          D J S

      • Jum says:

        load of hogwash off white. Roger Douglas and your particular sort was always about selling down publicly owned assets and using the people of NZ to create profit but for little personal return. Labour always comes before profit.

        Right leaning people once had some principles. No longer; it’s all about the profit and causing the creators of that profit nothing but misery. National has been taken over by greed as did Labour under Douglas and Myers and Co. Labour has begun to recreate its mana with the people that every government is elected to serve – yes serve, off white. Your type only want to exploit the people of New Zealand who have no voice.

        Only now are some in authority beginning to accept how they have destroyed any egalitarianism in NZ through their selfish self-interest.

        Brash should have spoken. It was a university and I would expect them to have asked him searching questions about his beliefs. Universities were invented to make people think, question their beliefs, question others. If a university is afraid of its own shadow, it should be closed down or at the very least its vice-chancellor disrobed.

        By the way, Frank Macskasy’s opinion is worth a 1000 of your opinions, off white. Just sayin’.

  13. Gary says:

    “We beat these crypto-fascsists by engaging them and wiping the bloody floor with them! “

    Are you for real Bradbury????? No one engaged them, WTF are you talking about??? The spineless whimp mayor Phil Goof would not let them use a council (rate payer) owned venue, then a bunch of lefty loonies, including some union thugs, caused the Power Station to back down.

    More totally delusional dribble!

    • Gary, can you confirm to us that if Southern and Molyneux were permitted to use a Council facility that others would have been entitled to have equal time to counter their views at the public meeting – a debate, in other words?

      • Gosman says:

        Free speech does not mean all sides have a right to counter each other at every speaking event.

        • So… not so much free speech then. Just for some. But not for others. And only on some occassions. But not others.

          Thank you for clarifying that free speech is not absolute, Gosman.

        • Gary says:

          Thank you Gosman. Spot on.

          Frank, did it occur to you that some may have wanted to go along and just hear what they had to say without getting involved in a debate, as is their right. The right to listen uninterrupted by left leaning buffoons.
          You know who I mean, the type who performed at the Aotea Center with their diesel powered generators and high output speakers.

      • Cemetery Jones says:

        The speakers did say there would be a Q&A, and reviews of their Australian shows do seem to confirm that they happily took hostile questions. The opportunity would have been there.

        I reckon TDB should have got them along for an emergency debate, even if it was online so that venue threats couldn’t shut it down. In fact, why not hook it up anyhow? I’d watch!

      • Nitrium Nitrium says:

        While not exactly a debate, they apparently do have a comprehensive Q&A after their talks where the audience are invited to ask them anything. Personally, I think Goff should have let them speak at the council venue. This virtue signalling / identity politics / social justice crusade by the “woke” left is doing more harm than good imo by driving regular people with no stake in it away from the causes they are championing.

  14. Chris says:

    No Martyn, The university are just taking their health and safety obligations seriously:

    “The university considered providing additional security for the event, but decided the risk of harm to students, staff and members of the public was too great, particularly at time of heightened tension over the issues around free speech and hate speech.

    “Dr Brash was also a supporter of right-wing Canadian speakers Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux, who were due to address a public meeting in Auckland.”

    The university need to prove that they identified all the health and safety risks and took action that would effectively mitigate them. They decided they couldn’t do that. Even WhaleOil commentators think thats a fair assessment of the university’s legal obligations.

    Don can come speak when the hornets nest Southern/Molyneux and those deploying them has settled down. But not this week.

    The fault for all this is squarely in the court of Southern/Molyneux and those deploying them.

    • It occurs to me that the University was in a no-win situation. If Brash has been allowed to speak and some nutcase had committed an act of violence, the University would have been berated by the media for not taking all practical steps to defuse a highly emotive siuation, and putting the public at risk.

      Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

      I concur with Chris, perhaps Mr Brash should be re-invited in a short period of time, when emotions are not running so highly.

  15. Castro says:

    The “woke” “left” are the fascists, Bomber.

  16. Dirk says:

    Paddy Gowers interview with the Canadians was a lesson in how the media in NZ now operates.
    Here in Perth they came they spoke and no one cared.
    Don Brash may have views some dont like,but he is a very smart man.
    And any students of politics or economics should consider it a privilege to hear him speak on these topics. They don’t have to agree but listening never hurt anyone.
    So please NZ get back to a rationale debate on ideas. This is what will make education great again.

  17. gregfullmoon says:

    The fascists are in control of the overall frame of which UK US Canada Australia and New Zealand are key elements with the Empire sitting across the whole mess.
    The Fascists employ propaganda through media who are increasingly centralised in their ownership, though capital ownership dispersed in a small oligarchic community of investors including prominent billionaires particularly US based billionaires with Jewish names and interests.
    These promote their pet Israel which they employ adeptly as the tail waiving the FUKUSBanksterMediaMilitaryIntelligenceScienceTechnologyEmpire. The employment of the strategic think tank plan “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” (RBA) by the Neocons and Zionists within the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) is testament to the ability to herd the US State into a course of action with tremendous consequences – wake up smell the napalm and burning bodies.
    It’s the ruling elite and they manage their larger planning through public and private organisations, the private ones are secret, we don’t know what we don’t know. We know of CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) and the Rockefeller lead in it and establishing Trilateral which Asia Foundation and the NZ Asia fledgling are components of the overall octopus or mind map of the dissemination of Empire’s product or communications about products, lots of police shows on TV since I can remember I’m coming up 60.
    The NZ wing of Empire inhabits a curious place geographically and attitude wise. Sure we inhabit the same planet, however we have had a more liberal and egalitarian cultural milieu to develop within and the staunch retention of tangata whenua culture in the Aotearoa NZ mix adds to the reliance on the law of land and nature (human and ecological rights based law) versus the commercial law under which most trade, commerce, and government practice occurs.
    The development of the human rights law is piecemeal and nowhere practised to spirit of the law.
    As is asserted free speech is foundational as the human art over and above the animals is to utter and hopefully with some common or otherwise developed sense – cohering with reality – the entreaty to speak truthfully.
    Thus the argument between enlightened values in their own right versus or juxtaposed the religious view of our material sensory reality penetrated by the supernatural in a variety of forms or principles depending on which revelation or human construct you are stuck on what god has in her mind.
    I agree – allow those who would offer a view a free opportunity to state their case.
    And in the appropriate forums with the correct weight attached to conclusive findings so they may enter mass consciousness as facts, which would be preferable to having to re-litigate what a green house gas is and why it does what it does and thus why more = more energy retained in atmospheric and climate systems of Earth a super system in a larger solar system itself a part of the larger turtle…
    The point being that those who presume to know truth, had better know the whole truth or they ought sit back and allow the court of public opinion digest the offering. “Judge not” was a suggestion of the Christian guru apparently.
    Where the court was well resourced with a truthful and faithful 4th Estate then the various offerings would be well aired in advance and the few who supported running society on the basis of race ought go attend the talk and the multitudes could carry on and do whatever – end of story.
    Instead the 4th estate have already obediently created over 100 separate pieces on Stefan and Lauren and free speech.
    Were the matter dealt with in civilised free speech fashion the media could have attended to more important free speech principles and matters of state, like the sudden down turn in business happiness – they appear to be catching everyone else’s cold too or so they say – these are the same folk that never lie or misrepresent their services or bits in their advertising to the market.
    The real free speech story that has gone below the radar is that of Wikileaks publisher Julian Assange and his treatment at the hands of the Western Empire. Our propaganda arm has shown remarkable solidarity with Empire’s dictates and kept the important stuff out of the headlines.
    New Zealand’s woke society got suckered hook line and sinker to the MSM program run at the behest of Empire…

    • e-clectic says:

      Indeed, the Christian guru also said:
      Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves

    • e-clectic says:

      And, when we see The Free Speech Coalition batting for Snowden and Assange we’ll take their name a little more seriously.

  18. countryboy says:

    Fuck brash. And not in that good way. Good on Victoria Uni for taking, an arguably clumsy stand. They show balls. They’re not going to try and appease the beige walls people.
    That prick brash has created misery and suffering and there’s no polite, tactical way to deal with him. If I knew the bastard would have had his head ripped off for puffing out his toxic, logical fallacy gasses there, I’d say ” You just trot off to Vic Uni and look into the faces of the kids you’ve hobbled, indebted and betrayed. Now, start running fucker!”

    A word to all you hanky fluffers and hand wringers with your ‘fair go’ and ‘he has a right to speak…’ types. You’re cowards and fools. Have you forgotten why we’re here? Have you forgotten what brash and his pallid $-vampires have done to us?
    brash should be in prison. Not as the subject of what’s a fair debate with an open mic at a university, for fucks sake.

    • e-clectic says:

      Yes, we know that @CB. But now create him as a martyr/hero?

      Restraint and hold your nose are sometimes the best options.

    • RED BUZZARD says:

      It was actually Massey University that banned free speech and debate, not Victoria University (….I doubt Victoria University would be that ethically and politically stupid and unsophisticated)

      …and Massey University located in Palmerston North is a provincial university fairly well down in the ratings both in NZ and internationally

      University of Auckland, ranked top in NZ and high up in the international ratings, is now welcoming Brash for debate

      You may not like Don Brash or his opinions, but what he has to say should not be shut down and banned in a university …students have a right to hear what Don Brash says and to debate it

      …it is called dialectic and critical thinking which is the ethos and ethics of a university education and is an essential part of what it means to be an educated person (ie the ability to debate openly and use dialogue
      and critical thinking to analyse)…it is essential to the meaning of universities in Western democracies

      …if a university bans this it should not be called a university

      …how about Massey College?

  19. David Stone says:

    Banning Don Brash from speaking at a New Zealand university is utterly ridiculous .
    I have to agree with Seymour that the responsible party should resign, but as the action has to be that of an extremist who has exploited their position to make a personal point ,it is most unlikely that they will voluntarily relinquish their position of power. They should be removed by those that appointed them and “gone by lunchtime”.
    That is not to say I agree with everything Don Brash says, but he is a well known and respected part of our countries’ political history.
    D J S

  20. Kaya says:

    The faux left, faux liberal, double mocha, soy latte, chardonnay set in NZ are nauseating idiots. They wouldn’t know left wing if it fell off a dead kea recently poisoned by our “conservationist” fascists DOC.

    There is no viable “left” in NZ right now, a glance at the “free speech” fiasco in the last week is testament to that. This was a media beat up re the visitors from wherever, closely followed by the idiotic decision to stop Brash speaking at a university campus because of some mumbled online threat by some undergraduate with a cumbersome student loan. That these morons in our media and universities are the apparent leaders of the left in NZ is a huge concern.
    Also our political “left” is nothing of the sort, a soft, centre left sort of National lite. We are well and truly screwed for the foreseeable future.

    The media and journalists in NZ are largely responsible for this state of affairs. Not a shred of balance and the only apparent left leaning voices are poodles who stick to the safety of the middle, never tackling on the important questions.
    Good luck to the next generation, here’s hoping they grow some balls.

    • RED BUZZARD says:

      +100 KAYA…well said

      ( and I feel so sorry for the keas and their caretaker human family…the medical profession and now vets seem to have lost the plot with their BIG PHARMA killer solutions and gross insensitivity …and imo DOC is largely responsible for the extermination of keas via secondary poisoning from 1080 toxins)

  21. Mike the Lefty says:

    I am glad Don Brash’s invitation has been withdrawn.
    This old white privilege National Party hack, and his sleepy hobbit followers in Hobson’s Pledge are not welcome here.
    I remember recently the lies he and his supporters told in Palmerston North when they were campaigning against Maori Wards for PN city council.
    He might feel safer in Auckland where he can scuttle back to Orewa Rotary when things get too hot for him.
    F…. all the hand wringing about denying free speech.
    That twerp stands for anything BUT free speech and apart from the rednecks and garbage trolls – nobody wants him here.

  22. Jum says:

    Just to repeat this poster:

    e-clectic says:
    August 8, 2018 at 9:53 am

    And, when we see The Free Speech Coalition batting for Snowden and Assange we’ll take their name a little more seriously.

Authorised by Martyn Bradbury, The Editor, TheDailyBlog,