Duncan Garner throws tantrum and dumps the only reason you would watch The AM Show for 6 weeks


Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed didn’t they…

The Prime Minister’s Office has taken responsibility for acting PM Winston Peters being late to the AM show on Tuesday Morning.

A statement confirmed Peters was told the interview was at 6.50am.

On Tuesday morning, Peters lost his slot on The AM Show, after the programme claimed he arrived late for a second time.  The AM Show says Peters was scheduled to appear on the show on Tuesday morning at 6.40am – the time regularly reserved for the PM. His call time was 6.20am. 

When he had not arrived by 6.40am, however, the production pulled him from the schedule, much to host Duncan Garner’s disgust.

“We’re going to give you a sleep in for the next few weeks,” the host and former political editor said. “We do not require you on the programme because you’re too unreliable, sir. It’s Winston first and not anyone else. That’s our position for now… we’re going to ask somebody else if they can front for the Government, somebody reliable.” 

However in the Prime MInister’s office confirms 6.50am was the time entered “mistakenly” in Peters’ diary.

“Peters arrived at 6.43 am believing he was early, but was told he was supposed to go on air at 6.40am and was too late,” a statement from the Prime Minister’s office said. 
“The show’s producers refused to have him on even though he was with the Newshub crew and ready to go on air.  Newshub apparently insists on its guests – even prime minister Jacinda Ardern – arriving at least 20 minutes early for the show.”

On the AM Show, co-host Amanda Gillies called on Grant Robertson to take Peters’ place on the show. 

“He has this one job, every week. It was agreed to. I just think it’s insulting and it’s actually rude. If you don’t want to do it say no, we’ll fill it with someone else… If Jacinda Ardern can turn up here at 39 weeks pregnant then he can turn up here. Sorry.” 

Sports anchor Mark Richardson agreed.

“It’s unacceptable in this day and age to have a Prime Minister who is disrespectful to the good people of this country.”

…oh what a pack of snowflakes in need of a hug and a safe space.

Let’s get real here, Winston roasts Duncan every time he is on air, and someone with the kind of thin skin Duncs has would have been sweating it out having Winston on him for 6 weeks. Could a breakfast show with the very low ratings of The AM Show seriously toss aside one of the only reasons to watch the show for 6 weeks?

Barely 40 000 people watch The AM Show, why on earth left wing politicians would even bother with such a low ratings show is beyond me. They take whatever the left wing politician says and then line it up as a negative news story, they do this all the time.

It’s all pretty disrespectful to Winston over what seems to be a genuine misunderstanding, Duncs is acting like a tantrum throwing Millennial whose been told he can’t have avocado on toast.

To deny the PM on your show because he’s 10mins late due to a misunderstanding is either a desperate attempt to gain publicity or an arrogance that Duncan’s talent simply doesn’t deserve.


  1. Appalling.

    And who gives a shit?

    Really. Who actually gives a shit about the AM Show ???

    Most are frantically getting ready to go to work, prepare last minute lunches and get the kids up at that time.

    And why would you want to listen to them when they are only accustomed to an echoe chamber complete with cozy fireside chats and inhouse banal witticisms such as they had when John Key was around? … and now that hes not , and someone else is in power that rubs them up the wrong way and gets the better of them?

    They are throwing their saliva soaked toys out of the cot for all to see .


    It is good that the Right Honourable Winston Peters Acting Prime Minister is now in charge.

    Someone who isn’t afraid to literally terrify them into not being such far right wing neo liberal sycophants. It is well with New Zealand that he is at the helm. And more good news yet to come when Adern resumes her position.

    Oh yes,… it will be well with New Zealand for a very long , long time.

    • “And who gives a shit?

      I agree with that sir 100% Never ever watch it and the times I accidentally switch it on, it soon goes off when I see that odious Cheshire cat grinning prat Richardson giving his pea sized brain snippets of wisdom.

  2. cant stand gar-nah and rich-hard son of a bitch who has nothing nice to say about anyone some ones needs to pop his head its fill of hot air

  3. Actually for Winston this just fills in 10 minutes of his day and the time could be spent better elsewhere as it is totally unproductive.
    Its is the AM show and its deplorable nasty shits that are the ones who show true disrespect to their ” good people of this country “

  4. Yes I have stopped watching the AM Show now that he threw that tantrum about Winston not showing up but he failed to say Winston was at the hoskings show instaed so I was happy to wait for Wunston to appear on thje other shows that werent so toxic.

  5. Garner Yarner should be given a late night show, so to make people go to sleep more easily, I reckon. Much yarn makes some sleepy and sleep well for a night.

  6. The AM Show?
    You can learn more about the world by reading the ingredients list on your packet of Weetbix then waste your morning with that crapfest.

  7. Never seen the AM show. But would have tuned into watch Winston smashing Garner and Richardson to the boundary.

  8. “Duncs is acting like a tantrum throwing Millennial whose been told he can’t have avocado on toast.”

    We have every right to throw a tantrum when the reason we can’t have avacado on toast is that our dumpstered avocados were stolen from our social centre in the Operation 8 police raids!

  9. To me the AM Show is so much like Mike Hosking. That is neither is worth listening to or reading an article from.
    It is still quite obvious to all and sundry that the NZ Media is still firmly within the NZ National Party grasp and continue, on a daily basis, to be the mouthpiece of the NZ National Party.
    I have not bothered watching the AM because it just lacks any interest to me. I watch instead Breakfast because of some of the news items are really interesting. But when the sports part comes on or some guy who is paid a huge amount to watch football makes his appearance I reach for the oh so handy remote control and press the mute button.
    The same thing happens whenever a National MP appears on say Breakfast. He or she isn’t worth listening to because their lack of support of NZers and especially those on low incomes was so obvious for all to see as from 2008 through to late 2017. They now try to abysmally appear as the golden goose and everything they say is absolute unquestioned/undisputed Gospel. And not ONE journalist in the NZ Media has the guts to call out the National MPs or the party they are associated with.
    In other words a National MP or their supporters i.e the NZ media eg Duncan Garner, Mark Richardson, Mike Hosking etc,etc,etc; just don’t merit listening or reading time. But hey!!!! They have to be the mouthpieces of the NZ National and MUST churn out codswallop and fake news at every opportunity because their National Masters tell them to.
    The age of the Glory Boys and Girls of the NZ National Party is near to an end and yet they still think they are as pure as the driven snow when all in all they are just Users. They use people when it suits them and discards those people when their usefulness has exceeded the “USED BY DATE”. We have John Key using Aroha Ireland and a prime example of a National Party User.
    I so wish the NZ Media realised NZers prefer intelligent journalists who question deeply the antics of EVERY MP in parliament. But no. Right now we have a pack of idiots who are overpaid and in the National Party pocket. Well done NZ media. You have reached the bottom of the barrel alongside the National Party.

  10. I’m generally in agreement with Garner’s position on matters about one issue out of ten and it worries me that it’s that high.

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