Let me get this straight – media can ask nonsense questions about Ron Mark using military aircraft but can’t ask NZDF about war crimes?

By   /   March 16, 2018  /   10 Comments

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The mainstream media should be embarrassed of themselves. 

The murder of this 3 year old has yet to be explained

Is this a fucking joke?

The media can ask Ron Mark about a manufactured hit job by National regarding Mark using military aircraft (an allegation that is baseless) YET the media can’t seem to track down anyone from the NZDF to explain why they lied about war crimes and why when forced to answer questions they just published a tiny press release on their website as a response.

This is why our media is so petty.

This is why we don’t have a functioning fourth estate.

This is why the sleepy hobbits of muddle Nu Zilind are so stupid.

The mainstream media should be embarrassed of themselves.

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  1. savenz says:

    Shocking! Turn off media and hurt their profits!

    As for our defence force. The ball is in the new government’s court. Are they gonna do a Natz and just ignore war crimes because it’s inconvenient????

  2. Michelle says:

    Yes Martyn your absolutely right. Thanks goodness Ron Marks is not backward in coming forward. Its is becoming obvious what the nasty gnats are up to its called disruption. And to top it of what about our NZ police abusing their power in Lower Hutt by setting up a checkpoint in order to collect information on the euthanasia group. And this was authorized by the assistant commissioner who claimed they have an obligation to protect lives. What a f….n joke he is making of our force and our laws. Also this isn’t the first time they have done this.
    Nash needs to sort this lot out they all need to be reined in right now they seem to be a law unto there own.

  3. Michelle says:

    I’m looking forward to our new Defence Minister doing a review of his organization. I think reviews are necessary when you had a government that are masters of spin.

  4. Pete says:

    Mitchell, Mark, trying to make his mark by targeting Ron Mark.

    Doesn’t he remember John Key helicoptering c/- the Air Force to watch car racing then going to some fancy golf thing because there’d be too much traffic on the roads?

  5. mary_a says:

    This is NZ’s shame! Natz as well as NZDF must take ownership of Operation Burnham, something it’s doing its best at present to avoid!

    Some dirty politics being thrown against the government at present by Natz, using media to do the smearing on its behalf, to cover its war crimes through Operation Burnham. But I have no doubt when the full expose`comes out, the full impact will hit Natz like a rogue meteor, with some present and recently retired senior MPs heads rolling over this! There can be no escape for Key, Keating, Mapp, English, Joyce and Mateparae.

    Considering there has been no comments from either Natz shadow Minister of Defence, Mark Mitchell or Tim Keating, I take it the reason being some spin is being prepared, which given the enormity of this atrocity, along with the accompanying lies and deceit that followed, could take some time.

    Breaks my heart to see pics of little Fatima, having had her life denied her, never having the chance to reach her full potential, through an unjustified revenge raid from NZDF!

    However, thanks for keeping this out there Martyn. Someone has to! Some redress or justification (doubtful) is well overdue from Natz and the NZDF over Operation Burnham.

  6. Seadawg says:

    It’s simple really, get rid of all the tory lackies shoulder tapped buy the dishonest Key and his mob of crooks for the top jobs in the country and half the problem is solved.
    Get rid of medias tory clowns like Hosking, Richardson and Garner (who by the way should be tested the way he fidgets around, if he did that in the back of a cop car he would be.) that fixes the other half.

  7. Michelle says:

    agree 100% Seadawg but you missed a few out that we need to get rid of

  8. Mike the Lefty says:

    Nope, the MSM are far more interested in the sleazy shennanigans of MAFS than to ask intelligent questions.

  9. mosa says:


    Someone should remind Mark Mitchell that when you are in a glass house don’t throw stones.

  10. countryboy says:

    Ah. Man. I was just sitting down to fish and spinach.
    Here’s an hypothesis for you.
    What if the media suddenly started making sense, within the common parameters of the concept.
    Who would be there to listen???
    Think about it?
    Several people, that’s all.
    There’s this mythical population to which you lovely fellows and girl-me-lads would like to pitch to … which doesn’t exist.
    All there is out there is an ocean of bobbing morons. The Void-skulls of Clutha for example. I know arse spiders with more awareness. And any of you with a hairy arse will know allllllll about arse spiders.
    What we do, right, is to preach to each other. We come here to hear each other speak the same language. That’s not a bad thing. I love that. I come here to feel part of a community. And I love you guys, even though I might say mean things from time to time. I love you guys. But fuck! We need to learn how to build and audience. We’ve got to get numbers. The more numbers the merrier.

    Why is that not happening? Bomber? What’s going on…? When I drove through Auckland sometime ago I saw that stunted freak show hoskings everywhere. I see lamentable ads spouting gibberish while our fellow human beings live in torture in the gutters and yet I don’t see the fabulous The Daily Blog any fucking where. Why? You’re wonderful! Why are you not everywhere, Banksey styling it? I have to say, I find it fucking frustrating.
    You know what? Fuck it. I’m buying a can of paint. Tag the fuck outa shit.
    ( Did I just write that…? Ooooh. Time for a wee lie down. )

    But you. You there. You know what I mean.

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