Why are we allowing Australia off the hook for their own racist refugee policy?


Australia agrees in principle to take NZ’s refugee offer

Australia says it has agreed in principle to New Zealand’s almost decade-old offer to resettle 150 offshore refugees a year from Australia. However, New Zealand says despite recent discussions – “we’re not quite there yet”.

9 years after making the offer, Australia wants to take us up on it do they?

The same country that continues to degrade our citizens in their country by refusing them the same rights we give their citizens here?

The same country that forces 501s back into our country to start a gang war?

The same country that continues to treat immigration as some sort of political toy and continues to dehumanise people?

We offered to take the refugees they abuse in the hope that it might change things in Australia, 10 years after the offer’s been made they want to take us up on it?

Get fucked!

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Why should we help Australia off the hook they made and sharpened?

Why allow such a racist country who treats our citizens with contempt and is currently fuelling our gang war by forced renditions of their criminals to dump their refugee problem here on us?

The offer made in good faith 9 years ago was in the hope of triggering some level of shame in the Australians so that they would stop treating people like this, to now try and use it after they’ve spent the last decade getting worse is an audacity too far.

Tell the Aussies they’re dreamin!

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  1. “The same country that forces 501s back into our country to start a gang war?”

    Well you can’t blame the Aussies for not wanting to keep such criminals and thugs.

    “The same country that continues to degrade our citizens in their country by refusing them the same rights we give their citizens here?”

    Well perhaps NZ should reciprocate. Unfortunately there are a lot more NZ criminals residing in Australia than Australian criminals living in NZ. Aside from the singular example of the Christchurch shooter, how often do you read about Australian’s running around NZ king hitting people etc?

    Indeed there are around 20,000 Australians living in New Zealand. There are around 500,000 New Zealanders living in Australia.

    New Zealand benefits enormously and one-sidedly from the current trans-Tasman arrangement, and should not jeopardize that for the sake of a few bad eggs.

    • Yup can’t blame the Aussies to extraditing Kiwi’s who commit crimes over there to be honest – only exception is ‘Kiwi’s’ who were born in NZ only and raised in Aussie.
      If I was an Aussie I wouldn’t want our crims / munters either.

    • Yep, a good reflection on the societies in which these people live and were probably brought up in. Most 501’s have lived in Australia since childhood (many arriving as infants) so guess where they formed there criminal minds/habits. They are only NZer’s by birth but have spent the vast majority of their lives in Oz. Says a lot about Australian society and, yes, they are racist, first and foremost, and if you say you can’t blame the aussies for these deportations then you are, too.

      • We do exactly the same thing to Pacific Islanders who are not citizens – deport them back to their home countries, even if they have been here a very very long time.

        Not sure where the ‘racism’ bit comes from. If you are a foreign citizen and you commit a crime in any country of the world, you get deported after serving your sentence. Nothing ‘racist’ about that.

        • We do not deport people who have not been caught committing serious crimes, Australia deports people who they think look like they might be dodgy types, but no actual evidence of wrongdoing. Whenever you treat people as second class citizens without access to social welfare etc, but subject them to the same taxes as the majority, you create a whole lot of social problems. Then, after they have created the problem, they send them to us, where, in many cases, their problems are increased because they have lost their kids or parents.
          We should also end the visa free relationship with Australia. It won’t be long before we are overloaded with climate refugees from over there.
          And we should definitely take those poor buggers (including children) who have been locked up and abused for ten years for nothing more than running away from a war.

  2. yeah nah.
    We need to attach a few strings to the offer.
    And tell them we will think about it.
    Demand tax paying kiwis residing in OZ get full access to health and social welfare benefits.
    Access to citizenship made easier.
    Should be a bottom line for any offer made to these racist douche bags.
    Memo to NZ being decent to Aussies is a lose lose position. You will be fucked over ….always!

  3. Nice move (sarc) from the conservative OZ government, how many Kiwis want to have the 150 refugees settled in NZ, in the middle of a housing and health care crisis?

    Maybe look after our own refugees and kids, sounds like the Serco buildings that the OZ refugees live in are of a better standards than the cars and emergency housing hotels the NZ kids are growing up in.

    Like most people, do Labeen ever bother to think that adding more high needs people to NZ, is a joke and virtue signalling when NZ is creating their own refugees in NZ who are NZ born, with their inability to solve our growing drugs and social crisis… and dysfunction happening and increasing in NZ!

    Tone deaf government bringing in more people to ‘help’ while doing little to help NZ citizens born here or living and working here.

    Another win to the right to get rid of Labeen.

  4. Agree with out esteemed Editor on this one. The moment has long passed to put it mildly.

    The Australians have exposed themselves time and again as a bunch of selfish racist bastards. They did not even grant indigenous people the right to vote until 1962! and not until 1967 after a referendum were Aboriginals and Torres Strait islanders included in the census and required to register and vote like white Australians.

    So sod ’em.

    • That’s getting off the point TM. IOz has lost its ability to be anything but passive-aggressive at the best.
      But we have been sending Pacific people back after having lived here for ages. Not easy for them to cope with our twisted criminals. And our disgraceful Dawn Raids. And we attacked in Samoa for some reason.

      Nancy Wake was born in NZ and was a courageous and intrepid resistance fighter in France in WW2. The Ozzies gave her the bum’s rush, using her as a spiroted speaker for the constituency she was given, which she had no chance of winning. But the government got in conservative I think. They didn’t give her any medals through she had one from France. When they finally offered her something she said first of all that they could put it where the monkey puts its nuts. They decided to keep her and call her Australian. They have had hundreds of thousands of NZs doing really good work in Oz and yet deny fair treatment because of a few who fit right into their criminal underworld. However don’t forget that Mr Asia was a NZer and that gang murdered an anti-drug advocate so we aren’t spotless, we as always punch above our weight from our small population!

      Racism – Our Dick Scott wrote about our hidebound racist administrator in Niue.
      Would a Good Man Die? Niue Island, New Zealand, and the late Mr Larsen (1993) Hodder & Stoughton. ISBN 0-340-59953-7 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dick_Scott_(historian)
      Actually that particular good man died 1 January 2020 aged 96. It would be a good idea to read his collection of books on local concerns.

      • Yes Greywarbler, NZ had a colonial overlord reputation in earlier days–Britain’s Deputy Dog in the Pacific as Australia remains the US Deputy Dog–and to some extent NZ via 5 Eyes. Various Govt.s treated pacific people shamefully, importing them for labour and then deporting them when no longer required.

        We have improved since Norm Kirk’s and Muldoon’s time though in many respects. The PM issuing an apology to Samoa which went down pretty well.

        Dick Scott was a great writer and have read him over the years.

  5. Given the current state of NZ let’s look after our own people first. There are plenty of filthy rich countries in the middle east: what are they doing to help refugees

  6. Completely agree Martyn. We’ve crawled and wriggled up their boomerang shaped arse’s for too long. The Australian people only put up with their governments policies because it doesn’t affect them personally which doesn’t say much for them either. Regardless of numbers we should have been reciprocating their policies not only about 501’s but other health and social policies also. As a nation I’m prepared to do without a few Aus tourists if it came to that. National are no better than Labour in this regard. Scared to lose a bit of business. They are pathetically inhuman. We’re just pathetic.

  7. Seems like we here in AO/NZ are doing something very similar:

    New Zealand’s deportation policies are contributing to growing crime and drug addiction problems in the Pacific region, according to a newly released report.

    The report shows that from 2013 to 2018, New Zealand deported 1040 people to Pacific nations, and 400 were criminals.

    Report author Jose Sousa-Santos says the Pacific is also becoming a “casualty” of the greed of organised crime groups in New Zealand and Australia, including motorcycle gangs, and of the Tasman nations’ appetite for illegal drugs.

    He singles out the New Zealand-based Head Hunters gang as being active in the Cook Islands. Full article at the link.


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