Dark Transactions: Winston Peters Decision To “Go Left” Has Already Set His Enemies In Motion


IN ALL ECONOMIES, and in every political system, there are roped-off areas of shadow and hidden places swathed in deliberate darkness. In these light-starved locations all kinds of disreputable economic and political transactions take place.

If there’s one politician in New Zealand who is familiar, to the point of intimacy, with this unmapped and unacknowledged territory, it’s Winston Peters. The man who broke the Winebox Scandal; wheeled and dealed with the big fishing companies; wined and dined the princes of New Zealand’s bloodstock industry; and took private calls on secluded New Zealand beaches from the US Secretary of State; knows better than just about any other New Zealander how the business of this world gets done.

That Peters, with bitter personal experience of just how dark our politics can get, nevertheless persuaded NZ First to throw in its lot with Labour and the Greens, is astonishing. He must have known that the formation of a government unwilling to settle for “a modified status quo” but determined to usher in “real change”, would instantly mobilise all the initiators and beneficiaries of New Zealand’s neoliberal revolution against him.

Like Franklin Roosevelt before him, however, Peters appeared not to fear the enmity of the nation’s wealthiest and most powerful individuals and institutions, but to welcome it. Without the slightest hesitation, he lifted up the banner of resistance to the red-in-tooth-and-claw Capitalism that, since 1984, New Zealanders have grown to fear and detest:

“Far too many New Zealanders have come to view today’s capitalism, not as their friend, but as their foe. And they are not all wrong. That is why we believe that capitalism must regain its responsible – its human face. That perception has influenced our negotiations.”

Such an open declaration of war against the neoliberal establishment was bound to draw an equally belligerent response. And who better to lead the charge than one of the prime movers of the neoliberal revolution, Richard Prebble. Never one to mince words, Prebble began his opinion piece to the NZ Herald with the following, extraordinary, accusation:

“Let’s not beat about the bush: There has been a coup.

“The political scientists can tell us it’s legal but the fact remains – it is undemocratic. For the first time in our history who governs us is not the result of an election but the decision of one man.”

That there is not a word of truth in any of this (as Prebble, an experienced lawyer and politician must surely realise) matters much less than the deep emotional impression such an inflammatory charge is likely to make on all those New Zealanders bitterly disappointed to see the National Party denied the parliamentary majority it needed to remain in government.

What Prebble is setting up here is a politico-historical narrative alarmingly akin to the Dolchstosslegende – the “stab-in-the-back” legend concocted by far-right German nationalists to explain the Fatherland’s defeat in World War I. According to this “Big Lie”, the German army wasn’t defeated on the field of battle, but by the treachery of the “November Criminals” – Jews and Socialists – who signed, first, the armistice that ended the war, and then, the hated Treaty of Versailles, which imposed a Carthaginian peace on the German nation.

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Prebble is nothing if not inventive – embellishing his delegitimising narrative with a vivid political metaphor drawn from Japanese history:

“New Zealand is now a Shogunate. In Japan the Emperor had the title and the Shogun had all the power.

“Jacinda has Premier House and Shogun Peters sets the policies.”

This is highly sophisticated political writing. Not only is Peters cast as the new government’s eminence grise, the power behind the throne, but the status of Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand’s new Prime Minister, is also reduced to that of a naïve puppet. It is “Shogun Peters” who gets to wield the real power.

As if Prebble’s historical musings weren’t insulting enough in themselves, they are heavy with an additional, if unspoken, menace. Those familiar with modern Japanese history know that in 1868 the Shogunate was overthrown by forces determined to restore the power of the Emperor by making him Japan’s ruler in fact as well as in name. In other words, although Peters is in no way guilty of staging a coup, Prebble, himself, is implying that should the new Labour-NZ First-Green Government be successful in installing an anti-neoliberal “shogunate”, a restorative coup-d’etat may be in order.

Prebble is quite explicit about how such coup might begin:

“I predict bureaucratic opposition to this government will be significant. It will start leaking from day one. Everyone knows this coalition of losers has no mandate to implement Winston Peters’ interventionist policies.”

None of this will come as any surprise to Peters. He has had to weather similar attacks many times before in his political career. To Jacinda Ardern and James Shaw, however, such reckless mendacity is likely to be received with a mixture of alarm and dismay. Both leaders are going to need Peters hard-won knowledge of how New Zealand’s “Deep State” operates if they are to mount an effective defence against the Neoliberal Establishment’s dark transactions.

And not only Peters’ protection will be needed. Every progressive New Zealander who understands the magnitude of the fight which Peters’, Ardern’s and Shaw’s decision to pursue “real change” has made inevitable, must be prepared to come to the aid of the three parties – Labour, NZ First and the Greens – which have committed themselves to fulfilling the hopes and dreams of the 50.4 percent of the New Zealand electorate who voted for them.


  1. Prebble, that bitter and twisted prick. A prize winning bullshit artist who is looking for relevance because he is irrelevant.

    • Prebble himself may appear irrelevant, as an old political dinosaur who once founded the ACT Party, but he is part of the elite and lobby groups that do hold a lot of power and interests, while the outside ordinary observer may not see this.

      The new government will without doubt be attacked with ferocity by the powers that be, including the Deep State. We do already have attacks come from farmers, various business sectors, like the tourism business, like real estate firms, and warnings from some bank economists.

      This is just the beginning.

      So let us not be surprised, some of us will also be surveilled, monitored, by GCSB and SIS, as they will continue to operate, and will only tell the new government as much as they see fit.

      Hence the new government will have to pass as many reforms as possible, to undo the damage the Nats and their allies did, and to empower workers and others that have been the suffering victims for too long.

      Workers must wake up, see the writing on the wall, and start to unite again, and join unions.

      As this may only be a one term government, much action is needed, swiftly implemented, and change made, that will be difficult to reverse in three years time.

      Chris post is so true, and he makes good historical comparisons.

      Prepare also that the Nats change leader, and that Bennett or Collins may lead them soon, in a very aggressive manner.

      Jacinda will have to be strong, and work closely with Winston, to deal with such formidable opposition.

      There is no time to lean back and take it easy, we must be alert 24/7, as the enemy will not rest one moment.

      And of course, as so often the MSM will play their role, in constantly challenging and undermining this new government, just watch it unfold, the hyenas are out on the hunt.

  2. Nope. I think he ( peters ) simply stepped aside. The crooks who used the new fangled neo liberalism to legitimately steal our from-export-revenue, all bought and paid for, assets and cash, cash siphoned off into trust funds ( Is that not so little billy? ) have taken everything. There’s nothing left. And now it’s heads down and hope like fuck no one notices. Is that not correct gibb, fay, richwhite, chandler, hart, watties, BNZ, ANZ, Citibank, brierly etc?
    The reason peters was so able to lurch into the faux fray while remaining seemingly untouchable was because he was schooled to do so and thus enabled. The psychology of that is common place and is beginning to be discussed more and more.
    NZ ? You’ve been punked.
    I’m not holding my breath for the first, and as helen clark remarked ‘ new era’ ( Little bit of sick) , politician to embark upon renationalising what were once our assets and hunting down those who stole away with our missing multiples of $-billions.
    The return of which would be a nice Xmas pressie for the homeless and impoverished wouldn’t it be?

    Having said that; it’s nice to have a change of political underpants.
    Will be nice to have a toke without worrying about having the kitchen door kicked in. Kids can enjoy their first Uni year free to be indoctrinated into a corporate bias University to feed the Bank Monsters for the rest of their lives.
    Sorry guys, but after the last thirty years my cynicism has gone beyond a tipping point.
    I need to see some pretty remarkable progress in the first hundred days to even begin to change my mind.

    • Peters has never been in a position to call the shots CB , and he isn’t now.
      He has been pretty consistent in his rhetoric against the steps of the neoliberal larceny you so eloquently portray. He has always made more sense in his statements of position than any other politician to my mind. I nearly always find what he says is what I think.
      This could be as you reasonably suggest because he knows what to say , and that is quite different to what he actually thinks himself or what he intends to do; and this is a common assessment of him. Because he has never put all his stated objectives into effect. But he has never had the power to do so. I still think it’s possible he is genuine. But again he still is not the boss.
      D J S

      • Having observed Winston Peters during his various encounters with the MSM, during the course of the negotiations with National and Labour, he did increasingly look tired and somewhat less enthused than one would have expected.

        I believe, there was no unified opinion within the NZ First Board, and also not the caucus, on who to go into government with.

        Some may have been at loggerheads, just imagine Shane Jones, who once left Labour somewhat frustrated and tired of his former party, and who later joined NZ First, to re-enter politics.

        Now he has to work with his former party, in cabinet.

        Winston may not even have favoured going with Labour, but may also have been under pressure by others, such as Tracey Martin, to give them their support, and Ron Mark would also have his strong opinion on policy, personnel and so forth.

        We may never know what was the final motivation to join a coalition with Labour.

        Winston has vanished from the scene for now, is not fronting questions by the media, while Jacinda and James Shaw are happy to talk at least about something.

        This tells me that Winston made a very difficult decision, that may not even have been his own. And if it was his own, then he may have faced stiff objections by some within his caucus and also the wider NZ First party.

        I am sure this will be Winston’s last term, and it may not even be certain that he accepts the role as Deputy PM, which neither National nor Labour wanted to give him initially. It may be too much for him to bother with, given his age and apparent exhaustion after just over a week of tough negotiations.

        Whether the agreement between Labour, NZ First and the Greens on the other end, will last the whole term remains to be seen. At least Labour and Greens do so far seem happy enough, but NZ First is a bit quiet on the deal.

    • Countryboy, what will you personally do to help change things?

      Or is it easier to be defeatist and critical.

      Name one area you personally could help undo. The Press? Power Cos??

  3. I agree Chris. Prebble’s unhinged diatribe was a taste of things to come. However Grant Robertson as Cullen’s protege will sabotage any serious attempt to remove the neo liberal framework. A large dose of caustic soda down through the drain so much of our bureaucracy inhabits is certainly needed right now.

    • Then again , … Robertson will also be mindful of Peters and NZ Firsts policy’s on economic nationalism ,… so he wont be getting it all his own way , either .


  4. The problem Hosking has is that for 9 years he has been relentlessly, forcefully positive (his natural state). Now he is forced to be relentlessly, forcefully, aggressively negative (his anti state). This must create some mental health issues in the transition. Already after one day we are seeing irrational articles from Prebble and others that reflect this.

  5. Richard Prebble: Grandiose delusions.

    If Prebble took time out for even 3 seconds, he’d realise the result of this election was down to the fact that in the last 9 years, his hard right wing ideology, has created a divide in this country. Fortunately, Winston knows this and because of Winston going with Labour and the Greens, just over 50% of the country have now got the correct Government, based purely on numbers.
    Now Prebble can spin it anyway he wants, yes that’s all it is, spin. To Prebble I say, take your medication, have a lie down, everything will be alright.

    An excerpt from Wikipedia quoting Rob Muldoon on Prebble…

    “Always at it” said Sir Rob, “Always a bother to us. Even if some thought he was mad the way he carried on, we never knew what he was going to come up with next.

  6. Peter’s white face during negotiations made me suspect the same Chris. He may have had threats and will have to brace for more. Thanks and respect are due to Winston, a much maligned figure. Foes is an accurate description of these cabals. Support of this coalition will be important for a long lived left govt so I hope the left refrain from division and get behind these brave souls. Thanks for your post C T

    • 100000% JROBIN, & Country Boy.

      Sure Winston knows the “dark state” and all it’s trappings as many here on this string have depicted.

      But when Winston said to us 230 people last month at a public meeting in Gisborne, that he wanted to change the way NZ financial/economic system was going before it was to late as his legacy, we all knew then that we were all embarking on a long journey of restoration he left us all with a renewed hope that NZ would be returned to us all one fine day.

      I believe in Winston’s sincerity now, as I did when Rob Muldoon was running our country with a red ‘socialist mannerism’ – he too got painted as another ‘crazy off the wall politician’ too.

      We can only offer our support for any politician that has the balls to change the subversive manner we have been taken over as Country Boy states correctly, and we need to firstly have the new coalition go directly to the treasury and seize all documents for a deep review of overseas subversion f our financial status, and remove all board members and ‘advisory panels’ as most are from inside Goldman Sachs.

      Then we need to have J Key, B English and two others from the National Party in Government who secretly attended a ‘clandestine deep state group meeting at “the Bilderberg Group” as noted in their attendance list of 2011/12 was recorded as ‘four representatives of NZ Government’.

      He never told us New Zealanders that he had attended this “Deep state organisation” representing as Prime Minister of NZ then did he and he broke international law under “The Logan Act” and is indictable for this under law.


      List of Bilderberg participants 4 New Zealand • John Key (2011-2012), Prime Minister of New Zealand

      That will spark a serious ‘independent investigation of the whole national Party and what they did to help foreign interests subvert our country in the last nine years as they sold us out.

      • A lateral thought CG, we don’t know how heavy the dark forces may be anywhere in the world. We do know what US and UK etc. are prepared to do to people in Syria and Lebanon etc. No holes barred.
        Why would the same interests hesitate to takeout one inconvenient politician, or his kid, or girlfriend, when they don’t mind obliterating cities full of people.
        Could it be that Peters is ill, has a time clock on him anyway , and knowing the ropes is saying “to hell with it” “Let’s do this” I’m on a count-down anyway, let them do their worst, and let the world see.
        D J S

        • DJS STONE,

          You are suggesting perhaps Winston is ‘sick’?

          No he addressed that “medical issue’ at the meeting, saying those inside Government are suggestion he was sick (his words) ‘a medical problem’.

          Well he discounted that as as spoke for 75 minutes off script so that is not the case, though he admitted he was always run off his feet during the election and we can all see this must have been very taxing to him as it was others.
          Winston is in great health fr a 72 yr old.

          Me at 73 is not as well as Winston is.

      • Interesting. I had not heard of the Bilderberg Group before. Just checked a couple of articles and I see that one time UK foreign secretary Denis Healey said it was not far fetched to say it promoted world government. I see that Peter Thiel has been a recent attendee.

  7. His Finest Hour

    Winston Peters spoke with surety, dignity, and empathy when announcing the New Parliament:

    “Far too many New Zealanders have come to view today’s capitalism, not as their friend, but as their foe. And they are not all wrong. That is why we believe that capitalism must regain its responsible – its human face. That perception has influenced our negotiations.”

    I should not be surprised if in due time, his words go around the World.

    • absolutely! I’m in NZFirst and was praying that we would go with Labour– and Winston’s speech lived up to our campaign and was inspiring. It is being quoted around the world! Now, let’s live up to its ideals!!

    • No. No hangings, Castro.

      However, strapped to a chair to watch twentyfour hours non-stop of “The Bachelor” and another twentyfour hours of “Love Island” should be punishment enough… (Though the International Criminal Court might consider that a step too far.)

      • Shit frank,

        Thats more cruel than hanging by streching the neck in a noose and severing the spinal cord than “Watching twentyfour hours non-stop of “The Bachelor” and another twentyfour hours of “Love Island”

    • Or another egg to the face. That classic footage of Prebble copping one in chops never gets old. He’s a miserable, embittered arsehole struggling to remain relevant. No wonder he was mates with Douglas and Bassett.

    • Let’s get you back on target there, buddy. Send Prebble and all the other neo-libs to an island. Tell them it’s an exclusive one, they’ll line up for the champers and shrimp salad in no time at all. Then, leave them there to underfund and privatise each other to death. A sort of war. A rather civil one, if you will. Just your cup of tea.

  8. Neoliberalism was only ever a euphemism for raiding the commons and transferring wealth from the bottom to the top at a faster pace than was already occurring.

    That a self-serving liar like Prebble (who was a prime mover in the coup that sabotaged New Zealand’s future by stealth and deceit) should be given public platform by a corporate propaganda outlet like the Herald comes as no surprise.

    • Richard Prebble is a toxic toad, spitting venom and vomit from the dustbin of history where he now resides.He is New Zealand’s version of John McCain, the U.S. senator who is one of the foremost denizens inhabiting the Washington Swamp. McCain ,who has brain cancer, will need a stake through his heart to finally dispatch this rabid warmonger.It is said that happiness to him is an absolutely maximum body count. Prebble is of this ilk. What enrages Prebble is the realisation that his life’s work is disintegrating before his eyes , and that he basically got it all wrong.Get back into the putrid ooze Prebble, you have nothing useful further to say !!


        Prebble was the ‘Minister of Transport’ when he under-mined NZ Rail Corporation, AND setting it uo for sale to Michael Fay & Richwhite -Wisconson rail, so he is definately a traitor and should be jailed at least.

      • in the interests of facts/balance – mccain has clawed back some cred recently – as being the one who has stopped trumps’ attempts to repeal obamacare..twice..

        tho’ of course prebble emerged from the primeval-ooze…and is a cred-clawback-free zone..

  9. Natz gobshites Hosking, Smith, Williams and that treacherous knob Prebble firing up to begin the sordid game of dirty politics against the new government. Now where is Armstrong?

    I have no doubt Peters could have been threatened if he didn’t align NZF with Natz. Knowing how Natz plays, it’s well within the realms of possibility.

  10. Save rail richard, probably the most treasonous and obscene ex member of parliament still free and walking the streets of this country. The only good thing about the rantings of this member of a 0.5% party is that they like him are now completely irrelevant.

  11. Hit the nail on the head Chris. I signed up as a Greens member yesterday for the first time in over 12 years. Despite the unpalatable dead rats I know that will be coming from this government and disagreeing with more than a few Greens policies I know who the real enemy is both seen and unseen.

  12. “50.4 percent of the New Zealand electorate who voted for them” Lol thats looks like a little dig at the new incoming government, well National lost with 44% and actually only got a 1/3 of the vote and is now rightfully sitting in opposition under MMP

  13. Is Chris one of them? going to be one those people Ive been reading about thats going to undermine the new government?

      • Thought I was pretty clear. Right wing attack lines to undermine the new govt. Chris has made his leanings pretty clear in the past.

        • Chris is clear who he supports I recon Louis, but he also has pretty definite ideas how he thinks they should act too. And he is going to let them know when he doesn’t think they’r performing up to expectations.
          Cheers D J S

            • No , Chris Trotter regularly showed up the Nacts for being the hypocritically corrupt cover organization for big business that they are. Insofar as Labour was concerned he is true Labour. And when he criticized them ,… it was for their own benefit and instruction.

              Trotter has always adhered to the core foundation principles on which the Labour party was formed.

              And its when that party was drifting from them he criticized them the most. And rightly so.

              • Not from his articles that I read, he often gave the Nats a free pass and hes even hacked people off at times, even you Katipo.

  14. As the toxicity of the Neoliberal Establishment’s vehemence increases, so will support for NZ First.

    I’m a Green Party supporter. But count me in as someone who will not stand by idly whilst Peters (or Shaw and Ardern) are attacked.

    As long as Peters is true to his word to roll back the pernicious theology of neo-liberalism, he can count on me as a staunch ally.

    As I wrote elsewhere, the creation of the Labour-Green-NZF coalition is only the beginning. We must all stand together, because make no mistake; the real battle is only beginning.

  15. Pretty rich of Richard Prebble to effectively accuse Ms Ardern of treason. His own form is not so hot on that score.

    Firstly their was no doubt what the plan was Labour punted up for the voters to consider, and enough of them bought a ticket to get the show started on the road.

    Clearly the intention is to try to redress the swingeing inequalities that now suffocate the chance of a half decent life for many inhabitants of Gods own.

    And what a hypocrite Prebble is. Let us not forget the deception in the end foisted on voters in the Labour government of Mr Lange of which he was a central part.

    The tone of his comments, before Labour have had a chance to lift a finger reminds us he has not lost his arrogance and hubris.

    • The question I ask of a person whom has been involved in the decimation of 3 marriages(Prebble), who is the common denominator?

      I fear even his wives never agreed with his ideology!

  16. Prebble is nasty old tosspot. No doubt he plans on filling the gap in the market for a far right rabble-rouser which has opened up since Rodney Hide left the Herald.

    The point about the new government having to be extremely mindful of attacks from a vicious and wounded right-wing is pertinent one.

    However, we must also avoid elevating the likes of Prebble to a status they don’t deserve. After all, we’re talking about a washed-up old has-been who thinks ACT is a successful political party and David Seymour is Prime Minister material.

  17. Prebble, like the liberals across the ditch, and his mate David Seymour, are unhinged conspiracy theorists.

  18. Prebble is showing all the signs of madness probably brought on by dementia .
    No one could otherwise exhibit such stupidity and delusion.

    • “brought on by dementia”
      Nope – he’s always been like this. Dementia is a real and terrible disease that causes great sadness and pain for families.
      Being a right wing loon is a merely a reprehensible choice by people who, ironically, like to blame others for their poor choices.

  19. The rotting stench of a vile political cadaver breathing its groans of dissent at our time of celebration signals that the war Winston and Jacinda have declared will indeed result in the deep and permanent burial of this putrid creep and his dogma along with the rest of the flea bitten mongrels who plundered our land

  20. Prebble and his far-right fellows have no options left but to make these absurd claims to represent a silent majority, because they’re grumpy they can no longer abuse the power of the state in the name of a electoral majority. Obviously, the interests behind the defeated NatACT government haven’t ceased to be powerful just because they are no longer in direct control of the NZ state. It’s not news to us that the corporatists will do everything in their power to turn people against the new government, and undermine it whenever it doesn’t serve their interests, and hijack it so it does.

    As before, we each need to identify what we can do to hamstring corporate power, restore the democracy we had (eg give prisoners back the vote, bring back jury trials), and push towards deep democracy and economic democracy. But first, let’s take a breath, and celebrate! Also, let’s take some quiet moments to consider the costs (thinking of Metiria and others).

  21. “To Jacinda Ardern and James Shaw, however, such reckless mendacity is likely to be received with a mixture of alarm and dismay.”

    This woman came into Parliament in 2008: 9 years ago. She’s also done done time in the British Home Office. She’s already seen horrors and skullduggery.

    C’mon, people! She’s not some neophyte and she has access to good mentors and a mastermind group, also mentioning her dad’s an ex senior policeman and currently a diplomat. I don’t think she’ll be shocked or dismayed.

    Nor Mr Shaw. Simply being a Green means you’re an automatic target for venom, spite and vitriol – plus muck and lies.

    Don’t buy into the fairy dust Cinderella BS floating our way from the Disappointed Deplorables. Nor the wish that the coalition will fold. It was hammered out by smart people building on a firm platform of respect built over years.

    Are we expecting Dame Jenny to rise from the mire to pronounce? Or the egregious Sir Roger? Or have all the squibs now been fired?

    PS Any wishes for Speaker?

  22. I found myself reading that today early on ,… and then I stopped when I got to the ‘ shogunate ‘ bit and thought ” Hang about , – who wrote this crap ? ”… then I checked and saw it was Prebble.

    Didn’t bother reading the rest , and just thought ” Yeah , – figures”…

    None other than Mr Treason himself.

    There is no doubt the kickback from the New Zealand Initiative and their political wing are now commencing their war. This should be no surprise. They have been planning their contingency plans long before the election. And remember they will use any party and any individual to carry out their bidding.

    And rest assured, – even among this incoming govt , they will have their ‘ plants’ … they will not be going away ,… like a recurrent cancer that frustrates the best treatment program , they will rear their heads again in the most unlikely of places.

    The cancer will manifest itself firstly in the most obvious of places, – the frontline news media. This is the ‘ softening up’ phase. Designed to inflame public sentiment and create a wedge of cynicism.

    But their real work will be carried out behind the scenes, away from public perusal. This is how they did it before. Recall Peters citing ‘ July 14th , 1984 ‘ as the date this country went off the rails. And we all recall how Roger Douglas ( Board of Directors / Mont Pelerin Society member and Labour Finance Minister ) of Labour introduced his MPS neo liberal program by stealth,… we remember how ugly and unpopular it was ,…. The mass street demonstrations that matched anything that protests over the TTPA ever engendered….

    And we remember how Kiwis had had enough of Douglas and his destruction so we all voted National to get rid of Douglas and his cabal…

    But as it turned out , – not only did things not change , – they actually got much , much worse ! The asset sales , the privatization , the restructuring , the selling off of state assets to foreign investors… and the neo liberal masterstrokes for NZ neo liberalism , – the Mother of All Budgets and the 1991 Employment Contracts Act.

    This occurred because ,… inserted into National , … was Ruth Richardson , (Board of Directors / Mont Pelerin Society member ) – and Nationals Finance Minister .

    We now see how this un- elected , un- mandated shadow group has wielded and influenced inordinate political power from behind the veil.

    The veil that by and large , – remains concealed from the public’s view.

    And the relevance of the MontPelerin Society here in New Zealand is that it has as its local branch that which is now called the ‘ New Zealand Initiative’. It was formerly known under its infamous name during that era as – the ‘Business Roundtable’.

    It is critical to understand the direct relevance of all of this.

    Because the NZ Initiative were responsible for much of the blueprint that Roger Douglas and Ruth Richardson enacted and carried out. They were the behind – the – scenes- think tank . While the politicians ,… were the front people , the actors , the salespeople simply there to carry this all out.

    They knew , … if they were to declare themselves and operate out in the open they would soon be tarred and feathered and put on trial for treason.

    Their methods included : generous donations to both Labour and National , and furnishing multiple reports critical of our then infrastructure , – and often concocting bogus false skewed data sets about ‘ government waste’ to gain leverage for their privatization agenda. Many of the far right wing scare tactics such as ‘ lifting wages causing business failures ‘ come directly from this group, – despite evidence to the contrary. Or the lie that we ‘ need foreign investors’ and totally unregulated markets because if we didn’t have them the country would go to hell in a handbasket.

    All fabricated lies after lies after lies.

    So yes , we can expect the opening shots of the war against this new govt to first happen in the newsmedia. That is where the big guns will first be fired.

    The second will probably emanate from Treasury / Reserve Bank ,… acting in haste before this govt assumes power. And their methodology ?

    Usually this wing of the new right will use a financial scare,- as they did with the Lange govt to float the dollar – and thus open us up to the free market approach. Which is more or less the exact same method they used on Jim Bolger – with the caveat on their request that Ruth Richardson be made Finanance Minister.

    This is how these people operate.

    It is all done through deception , under the context of a ‘ crisis’ , it is well planned and executed , – and always done outside of the public scrutiny and always with a plausible deniability.

    If you really want to first understand the real genesis of the neo liberal far right ideology in New Zealand and its origins , – and if you really wish to strike a mortal blow inside the gates of Mordor and destroy the very eye of Sauron itself ,… then these are the ones to be going after to restore our country and strengthen democracy in New Zealand.

    One of the best sites, and not a particularly long one , – which covers the origins of neo liberalism in NZ and names the key players responsible for it , – AND its Nazi affiliated origins is this one by the late Hugh Price of Hugh Price Publishers.

    Here you find and understand just how this subversive group enabled the 1984 destruction of our social democracy in order to reappropriate the wealth of New Zealanders to themselves.

    I do hope you take the time to read and understand ,- it is easily readable , and vitally informative.

    New Right Fight – Who are the New Right?

    • WK, if Prebble is not being wilfully provocative, I fear he’s losing/lost the plot. His article in the Herald beggared belief as to it’s lunatic content.

      “Coup”? He should’ve been around in Chile in September 1973. That was a (United States-backed) coup d’état.

      • That may be , Frank …. ” if Prebble is not being wilfully provocative”…

        That facts are ,… these types ALWAYS issue provocative statements. It is the best way to gain coverage. Start with an outrageous claim , sow the seeds of doubt ,… step back ,… and bring in another commentator ,… less ‘radical’ , ‘less controversial’, – one who comes across as a paragon of reasonableness , likable ,…and who obliquely builds upon the original outrageous claim …

        But does so in a way that seems moderate.

        Prebbles diatribe was only the beginning.

        I liken it to how a pack of wolves hunt. First get the herd running to observe the weak individuals ,…. then zero in and pick them off one by one.

        Rarely will a pack of wolves keep attacking the large bull moose that stands it ground to fight. They usually give up and look for easier prey.

        We could save ourselves much time and energy by going after the alpha wolves ,… in this case ,… think tanks such as the NZ Initiative. And there are other right wing body’s disguised as moderate commercial groups lurking and influencing in the background…

        And , in tandem ,… rapidly neuter that favoured bastion of the neo liberals influence – the Reserve Bank / Treasury and start to regulate in order to enable further interventionism,- as well as loudly announcing the reasons of just why it has to be done.

        Peters and Adern have already struck a blow by issuing statements such as ‘ most people see capitalism as their foe’ ,- this then needs to be followed up swiftly and built upon before the right wing has a chance to regain its balance and composure. For that is exactly their tactics they used on the public of NZ.


        New Zealand – In a Land of Plenty Full Doco – YouTube
        Video for New Zealand – In a Land of Plenty Full Doco▶ 1:44:13

        New Zealand – Somebody Elses Country Full Doco – YouTube
        Video for New Zealand – Somebody Elses Country Full Doco▶ 1:47:20


        This is a war. It definitely is a war.

        Bloodless, … but a war nonetheless. It is fought very much along the principles of Sun Tzu. Using announcements to deceive , political landscape for ones advantage , and the use of spies –


        (Audio Book) Sun Tzu’s Art of War: Chapter 13 – Use of Spies – YouTube
        Video for sun tzu book of spies▶ 5:23


        Everything needs to be designed to keep the neo liberal foe constantly off balance and keep them there with the boot firmly on their throats ,… Such as a keen study of Jeremy Coryns manifesto and using the ‘ ‘for the many , not the few’ type of slogans and statements regularly and constantly. Maintain the public approval. Build on support in all sectors of the community , – both rural provincial and urban. Obvious things , but so vital.

        These neo liberals declared war on the NZ public 33 years ago.

        They deserve no pity , no mercy , no sympathy’s or ‘ longing for the old days’ . They deserve only our contempt for their deceptive , anti democratic subversiveness and manipulations. And yet they still walk brazenly free occupying senior executive positions long after they managed to plunder and gut this country.

        Perhaps in future ,… even that may be changing as people learn the true extent of their power hungry avarice.

        • WK At this stage of our history a majority are getting the picture of what Prebble’s clique did to the country. The more he sticks his head up now, and the more the MSM point their cameras and mikes at it the better.
          D J S

        • Wild Katipo

          I have enlightened your writings on these cabals that secretively undermine unsuspecting good honest citizens – including messrs Prebble and Roger Douglas.

          In every respect they make the ne’er do well Gangs, look like Saints. Except they dress in suits and mix with National and gain knighthoods.

          Douglas and Prebble – and all the members of the twisted Round Table – need many years of rehabilitation. During which they can repay their debts to suffering Kiwis.

  23. There will be serious challenges for the new government, no matter what they plan. Where it will affect property owners, small and big, and farmers and business operators, these people are the ones who tend to vote, and who will fight for their property and profits.

    It is easy to draw up and present policy, to bring forward great ideas for the future, like sustainable management, but when confronted with stiff opposition, Jacinda, Winston and James will have to be tough, they may face such vocal opposition like angry residents presented to Auckland Council in February 2016:

    Those who own, who have strong property and economic self interest, they always vote, and will not give up what they have.

    So some big fights will loom ahead.

  24. Prebble et al, his ilk, are afraid!!!! (well that they are) Prebble has in his condemnation paid Wiston Peters a compliment and a warning of future battles ahead. Prebble has disclosed his hand. What a silly man.

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