Wait, what? National’s claims of 1 in 5 beneficiaries too stoned to work is a bullshit figure plucked out of the air?


National have claimed that 1 in 5 beneficiaries are too stoned to pass drug tests and that’s why they are pissing away $72million in more draconian welfare penalty reforms for drugged up beneficiaries.


1 in 5?

1 in 5 beneficiaries are too drugged up to pass drug tests?

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Isn’t 1 in 5 a lot when you compare it to the testing regime that shows  lest year...

Last year, there were 31,791 referrals for drug testable positions nationwide and just 55 sanctions for failing a drug test, according to Ministry of Social Development (MSD) figures.

…just 55 out of 31, 791???

If the 1 in 5 number is correct, wouldn’t that show at least 6, 358 beneficiaries failing rather than a mere 55?

So where did Anne Tolley get this number of beneficiaries too stoned to pass a drug test?


An ‘anecdotal’ WINZ survey with no statistical merits whatsofuckingever to justify blowing $72million on a  problem that doesn’t actually exist?

Is this what NZ has been left with?

This shit smearing hateful bigotry that has no actual empirical proof to back it up?

This is what 9 years of National has left us with, spiteful social policy drowned in stereotypes that have little basis in fact.

The question is how are 43% of the country still voting for this fuckwittery.


  1. What a fucking load of shit indeed. Dumb tolly wouldn’t know truth and accuracy of stats if they were a mad dog biting her on her fat arse.
    And it’s entirely typical of National, ALL of National, to cough up hairball, bull shit stats for the Moron Nat’ voter Haters to get their dentures into.
    Besides, some of those shit jobs out there for fuck all pay ? I’d insist my employees got stoned to divert attention away from how generally fucking ghastly life was in the beige dullness of pointless toil to pay foreign ‘ investors’ for access to what were once OUR stuff and things.
    Lets send the old Friesian off to the freezing works.
    As for Little Billy. Lets not forget his double dipping. Was he stoned? Thought he had a moment of brilliance when in reality he had an average and crooked little idea that spun round and bit him on the arse.
    The sooner the Nat bastards are out of parliament and facing innumerable public inquiries the better.

  2. National = the lowest of low.

    Why is this ‘National’ so full of unhealthy hatred of us kiwi’s when the very foundation of the name ‘National’ is meant to be a political movement who are representing the people of NZ or the national population of this country?

    I see every day ministers abusing us by insinuating we are useless or are working in a drug induced state where do these idiots come from?

    I am sick of their constant running down of us when they should be instilling in us all pride and being worth something.

    We need to rid these vermin from our lives before we all become very incensed with anger and rebel against parliament.

    French revolution began this way when the establishment pushed the population into rage and desperation.

  3. Stephen Joyce was asked to name just one person who agreed with his lie about the 11 billion dollar hole in Labours financial plans… he waffled and Guyon Espiner repeated the ”name just one person ” line 3-4 times… in the end even adding, ” it doesn’t matter who ,- it could be a cab driver ”… Joyce provided no ones name.

    So in answer to the question …

    … ” The question is how are 43% of the country still voting for this fuckwittery ” …

    That’s how , Martyn,… by fabrication , lying and deceit.

    Straight out sheer lying to the voting public. And this has been how they’ve strung along the NZ public for the last decade.

    Plain and simple.

    • 1000% WK,

      MSM have let NZ down by not going after the ratbags who have been lying to us all over the last decade.

      I have never seen anything like this before in my 73 yrs of life here in NZ.

      We really are now at the bottom of the ladder of honesty in this land now.

      Shame shame shame on the ‘not so free press anymore’

  4. An evidence based party with no evidence so they make up there own research methodology that has not been validated. Yes NZ this is the new social investment approach to justify their new policy and so much stuttering by tolley. It must be hard to continually lie. Another good interview this morning from RNZs Susie Fergusson.

    • Took me 3 minutes to find this. But thank you Chris Trotter for your short piece of writing on a particular subject:

      ” National’s No. 1 priority, in terms of class defence, has always been the repeal of any and all legislation touching upon the right of capitalists to manage their businesses as they see fit. Every attempt by the state to dictate a business’s hours and conditions of work, or to limit its ability to hire and fire, has been resisted strenuously by the National Party. Even today, 80 years after their party’s formation, most National Party members and politicians continue to regard trade unions with hostility and suspicion. The slightest intrusion by organised labour into the private employment relationship is dismissed by every “True Blue” Nat as intolerable.”

      The National Party is now reaping the fruits of there labour after years of prioritising capital requirements over labour. Producing beneficiaries able to perform over a sorter range of activities, fill out paper work, receive automated responses, wait for confirmation, receive a letter of decline, rinse and repeat. This is the perfect work for dockworkers further stocking Dente’s Inferno. The new beneficiary based upon The Whole Of Government approach is nearing the end of its concept phase meaning beneficiaries can only achieve employment to a certain extent. And now Nikki Kaye wishes to push this same concept onto the education system and create an information advantage vs you guys further bending people around a computational system.

      https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poor_Richard%27s_Almanack- Ben Franklin offerers a parable in Poor Richards Almanac 1758. About how a kingdom could be lost for want of a simple nail.

      With out the nail the horse lost its shoe
      With out the shoe the horse was disabled and a rider could not deliver a message
      With out the message the battle was lost and brought down the kingdom.

      Ben Franklin wasn’t the first sage to warn of small failing leading to huge consequences especially in education. But it seems every generation needs to relearn the lesson.

      The building subsides for want of paint and maintenance. Because the Minster of Education skipped one item on The Education Ministries business case proposal. Then there is the ministries simple failure for not implementing a simple questionnaire asking employers if they have the capacity to retrain beneficiaries to take advantage of there chosen industry. To elaborate on this I’ll ask a couple questions about what should ought to be done.

      With used concept modelling, what are the limits of what can be achieved?

      What does a computational pupil built from the ground up look like?

      Assuming we are going to evolve computational students because there is something they can’t do in the current system of education and follow on studies or work. The new beneficiary will emerge after going through computational education assuming they’ll be able to proceed beyond the letter of decline extending the range of outcomes combining many paper hurdles into one continuous stream of data. So the recent National Party Education policy will limit many social service providers and combine them all into one, cost effective, efficient, data stream with letters of decline looping back around hamstering any one who dares press the button on The National Parties Education Policy. That is a disaster still waiting to happen.

      But the most painful lessons will be in the property market. Just look at heritage buildings for a quick lesson in money pits. Because blacksmiths are no longer needed they only come out once a year for the Easter Show with a price to match, in other cases upkeep devalues the over all property market, in either beneficiaries can not ride data streams to full employment.

      For instance. David Seymour has a pet charter school policy around Kura Kaupapa Maori that students can ride into Māori Culture festival that the current government funds at half the rate of classical orchestra through the Arts Budget. This programme is being sold in many formats including philosophy, and earl childhood learning. With out a questionnaire to warn of students imminent arrival employers will have no idea of the learning curve. So it is worrying that the current government set up lacks the vision and conceptualisation to properly articulate its policies to the public.

      Education providers and employers are aware of the dangers. In fact subject matter experts increasingly post public submissions to The Daily Blog pretty much saying the system requires a major overhaul with massive government investment in place of market failures, or well before policy is implemented and then ministers go on and get busy ignoring said advice, advising that they wanted to build education platforms decades ago that would fit with in current government budgets with out reducing government services. Instead the government gets bogged down fighting criticism and everything gets canceled.

      So not much gets done. End results, students will exit the education system designed for feedback loops that hampster cherries in a cycle of student debt, WINZ debt, IRD requirements, financial debt, living costs’ and will have no way of knowing if employers can retrain them. If an employer per understands the risks of excepting students out of the education system then full employment is possible. But if employers don’t under stand the risks then poverty traps are possible. So getting employers in on the education game should be a high priority.

      The Hone Harawira submitted a proposal that used similar funding models that ties students, education providers, and employers decades ago. This is not a hard thing to do. The Mana Movement wants all children to reach a higher level of academic achievement through braking capital controls that push charlatan educators on the disenfranchised for the last 30 years. But first the government has to reorganise money to fund it education and healtt, and social services properly. Some how something else always seems to be a higher priority in the National Governments over stretched budget. Maybe that isn’t surprising giving the governments continued failures particularly around information technology centres (ITC) that they’ve finally realised that they will have to deal with an overwhelming number of educational failures. But now the dangers are clear and government departments are scrambling to bolster there ITC programmes to deal with lower educational outcomes that lead to poor employment prospect and an eager MSD that knows what it wants to do.

      So now Jacinda Arden must play catch up and fast and has recently announced a tax focus group to focus on what can be implemented quickly. Most of the emphases seems to be on education, health, and protecting the family home. But you can’t keep including more and more tax advisers to a focus group with out becoming a beacon for MSM to apply the same journalist standards that was applied to Metiria Turie or any other female politician for that matter. So employers need to tell the tax working group what problems they need to get solved. That’s what Jacinda Arden does. Hone Hariwira is highly resistant to Transnational cooperation and James Shaw’s Green Energy Infrastructure fund is the seed to an entirely 21st century economy unavailable in any other Party Policy.

      This is an opportunity to reallocate taxes set aside for reassuring ministerial positions. Employers need to be apart of the chorus of tax working groups. Because with out this metaphorical nail to give students an educational foundation that they can go to when government policy fails in the future. The battle, and the kingdom might be lost.

      Do 43% of voters say want this? Could I help decide: https://youtu.be/RChhkj5zMtI

  5. I would take issue with the ‘little basis in fact’ gag. National’s claim has precisely zero basis in fact. The difference between the actual and National’s claims is a FACTOR of 100. They have inflated the true figures over one hundred fold.

    I’m picking that the ‘anecdotal evidence’ quoted comes from a survey of 5 people, one of whom was found to have taken drugs of one sort of another. There’s you ‘one in five’ – just enough to keep the claim from being an outright lie.

    But we all know, don’t, as much as anyone in government. Statistics in the hands of a politician is ALWAYS a lie.

  6. I already commented this under an earlier post from today, explaining that the new policy the National Party announced yesterday is nothing but rehashed existing practice, under the Social Security Act:

    And re the misleading claims of drug use among persons on benefits, what would National then offer in the way of additional treatments to the targeted group of youth up to 25 years, when addiction treatment services are already struggling and have long waiting lists?

    Here just some reports from media:


    More info on the NZ Drug Foundation’s website:

    I am not sure whether it was on RNZ or Newshub, today I heard a guy from the NZDF say there are already 50,000 on waiting lists for treatment. So what difference will any further law changes, and more pressures and used sanctions make, when the people cannot access treatment?

    It is clear, this is all just electioneering, as most people out there do not know the law and the facts, certainly not the details. So some will fall for this nonsense.

  7. I suppose that is called anecdotal evidence then. I hear from reliable sources, that WINZ and their health advisors have themselves presented other such anecdotal evidence, or results from unscientific ‘surveys’. Proper answers to asked questions are being waited for by OIA requesters for years. But by then the election will have been, and all else will not matter, will it?

    • Smoke p .That way you can pass drug urine tests.And can therefore always apply for a number of jobs,even on mine sites.National wont mind so much either.Because what better way is there,to help drum up more support,for NZ to need gun toting police?

  8. The Strange National Slags – a study in Evil

    During the past nine years, nationalists John Key, Bill English, Paula Bennett and Crusher Collins have found ways to constantly degrade and despise New Zealanders.

    Their derision of New Zealanders amounts to full scale treason. They have brought in thousands upon thousands of foreign workers to receive education and jobs. While they have poured shit on resident Kiwi.

    Of course, National as a party have received nice support (including money) from the grovelling struggling foreigners whom they have harvested from overseas.

    They have paid these poor suckers wages below poverty. thereby keeping all NZ wages low.

    At the same time Bill English has been encouraging their friends the Slum Landlords to raise their rentals to outrageous levels. Making the PAYE kiwis pay their tax into these slum landlord bank accounts.

    All the while, the 61 members of the National Government have gone happily along with Billy Hateful English.

    As have the entire Media and Business World of New Zealand.

    I believe we should take a solemn case of Treason against all these wretched humans who have set about destroying the core of Aotearoa.

    They should all be hung by the neck until they expire. As is the true punishment of Treason.


    • Firm believer in pressing treason charges , – and whats more, – retrospectively as well. And that would include catching Roger Douglas in the net along with others from 1984 forwards.

      But rather than hanging , I prefer a long , long prison term where they can sit and rot , – and , – pay for the expense of their jail terms out of their own ill gotten finances, – finances they stole from the New Zealand public when they pushed their neo liberal theft on fellow New Zealanders.

    • Thankyou G.A.P

      Key and English – have deliberately set out to be evil. They have withdrawn Housing, except for the wealthy;

      Abolished Affordable Rentals; pared back Health Services;

      Placed $billions of debt onto kids getting an Education;

      Destroyed Water Sources; and pissed and shat on Human Rights and Dignity.

      They have shovelled the people’s wealth into the brimming Accounts of Mr and Mrs Shylock and their Corporations. In the name of Greed and God.

      Key and English are the Trash of New Zealand.

  9. They have had eight years of advanced trainning in lying by the by the king of sociopath serial liars, John Key. His introduction of dirty politics and dishonesty as a way to power has damaged New Zealand in ways that are beyond economics, they have damaged the souls of many New Zealanders! Words such as empathy and compassion and the very idea of giving everyone in this country a fair go have been erased by these cynical, money worshipping shitheads.

  10. Kicking the peasantry is what National do best. It doesn’t really matter if they’re being kicked on the basis of a complete lie, National have shown they’ll give them a good kicking with virtually no provocation, and frequently for no apparent reason. It’s almost as though they get their jollies out of it. “Punch a beggar in the face and go into the draw to win a new set of golf clubs and an Audi A7! (Competition open only to residents of Remuera and Parnell who have donated $10,000 or more to the National Party within the last 12 months.)”

    • WINZ is built to just kick people off welfare, and hide the true statistics of poverty and unemployment in New Zealand. If people are forced to live under a bridge, as their benefit stops, or even if people die of mental or physical illness, that is someone off the books. The only people the Nats really ‘care’ about are rich white men in boardrooms, living across the Tasman.

  11. I watched the interview between Davis and the Pumpkin on Legs this morning and she is still going on about Labours fiscal hole in the manifesto.

    A pity there is not some sort of legal comeback against these Tories and their bullshit lies.
    Just how many Liars are there in this National disgrace ?

    • How has brave Bill English got rid of Teachers from Auckland ?

      Easy Peasy …

      made their landlord friends put their rents up – so that teachers cannot afford to live in Auckland. ….

      they have got rid of lots of Nurses the same way.

      Such is the callous brutality of national bastardry

      I say National is guilty of Treason

  12. Good papers – Wild Katipo

    We need to provide our politicians with exactly the same conditions they force NZ citizens into. jOn the same hourly poverty rates. On the same health waiting lists. On the same rental rates. On the same overcrowding. And the same shit water.

    After all, the modern pollies designed this upheaval – let them enjoy their handiwork.

    the ratbags.

  13. In one of the debates, I forget which one, both leaders were asked if they thought lying was OK.
    Did you notice how English never actually answered the question?
    That’s National for you, lying is an integral part of their self-centred right wing ideology.

    • I found Ardern’s response far more deceitful than Bill’s. At least he’s not denying the idea that politicians lie regularly.

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