Dear Andrew Little – Less ‘Bugger the Polls & more ‘Buggered by the Polls’ – (I hate to agree with Hooton)


Nothing makes my skin crawl more than ever admitting that Matthew Hooton is right.

The collapse in Labour support to the low 20s is a real possibility if Andrew Little doesn’t find another gear and makes a Corbyn-eske Phoenix from the flames revival.

That can’t be ruled out, because we’ve seen the British pundits get it wrong this year.

But it’s not good for Labour. The latest internal poll has them at 23% and tonights TV3 Poll doesn’t sound good either.

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It follows last nights poll that had Labour plunge.

Which idiot strategist within Labour told Andrew to tell the media that he’d flirted with stepping down? Why would that strategist eclipse the launch of the radical new Maori Housing policy?

Andrew Little must make some hard decisions right now about the strategists he has around him. He should come out tomorrow and declare that Labour has the answers to the troubles confronting NZ, but that Labour’s message is not getting through, and that he as Leader is taking immediate responsibility and is sacking his strategists, bringing together a new team and will aggressively relaunch Labour on Monday,  because Labour can still ‘win’ this by hitting 30%, and they can do that because the same issues that are destroying NZ today will be there tomorrow if National win again.

Housing won’t be fixed by a fourth National term.

Suicide won’t be fixed by a fourth National term,

41 000 homeless won’t be fixed by a fourth National term.

Mental health won’t be fixed by a fourth National term.

Prisons won’t be fixed by a fourth National term.

Water quality won’t be fixed by a fourth National term.

Infrastructure gridlock won’t be fixed by a fourth National term. 

Migrant worker exploitation won’t be fixed by a fourth National term.

305 000 children living in poverty won’t be fixed by a fourth National term.

550 000 NZers facing severe hardship won’t be fixed by a fourth National term.

NONE of the major challenges facing NZ will be solved by a fourth National term and that is why Labour have a chance. With their $19billion investment into our social infastructure, Labour have a story to proudly tell.

Andrew Little has 24 hours to find his mojo. Clean sweep his advisors and bring in an aggressive new team to ram home that there can be no change of Government without Labour, or fall on his sword.

The time to make that decision is tonight after the TV3 Poll.



  1. Labour has to go radical ! ( fast)

    ….and call back into the front rows…Annette King, Sue Moroney and Nanaia Mahuta

    • Which idiot strategist within Labour told Andrew to tell the media that he’d flirted with stepping down?

      I would have a stab in the back, a highly educated one too, that a king or a kings servant was the idiot

    • Today 1st August on RNZ at 9am with Katherine Ryan we hear Matthew Hooten was engaging in this charade to destablise labour for sure.

      Hooten = Slater/ede as another “dirty politics pundit”

  2. Bill Mitchell, professor of economics at the University of Newcastle, New South Wales, had an interesting things to say on RNZ last Sunday.

    He would be the first to acknowledge his theories are still ‘fringe’, but he has people like Stephanie Kelton, Bernie’s economic advisor, pushing similar theories, so if its enough to scare the living bejebus out of the Hilary/Obama camp its probably something those of us on the Left should explore.

    Number one question…why are Labour restricting themselves to National Party/Austerity spending limits and continuing the obsession with balancing the budget?.

    • Judging the poor — or pretending that simple rules of logic apply to something often determined by blind luck — makes all of us less human.

      And while empathy won’t solve the problem, it’s a start.

    • Agreed 100%

      SIOBHAN I agree, and why are we not doing all what the competing countries did, Print some money to ‘stimulate’ the economy’????

      Austerity Was Designed to push the price of assets down in NZ so the overseas financial magots could come and buy things cheaply!!!!!

      It is just a bloody rort.

  3. Definitely some sort of subversive activity going on atm with Labour,… this is planned.

    This smacks of the same sort of deliberate sabotage Trevor Mallard committed when in the middle of an election campaign he said he wanted to ‘ bring back a Moa,.. just a small one, small enough I can pat”…

    And we all know he was part of the ABC’s against Cunliffe,… who ALSO made speeches about reinvigorating the social democratic movement.

    Someones feeling threatened here.

    Someones been instructed to sabotage any attempt at change.

    Someones acting as a fifth columnist for the neo liberal movement…

    Indeed. A purge is what is needed.

    A purge of all those collaborating with National in their efforts to advance the neo liberal agenda. A few public sackings , – and the reasons for it , – and then use that as the platform to announce a new direction and the policy’s used to effect that new direction.

    If I was in Little shoes there would have been blood and hair flying in all directions . Over a year ago. One every two months would have ‘pacified’ the subversives to a mere whimper by now.

    • Yes who is the member who has been promised a post by the National party similar to the one Shane Jones got?

      As far as the polls go, we must remember that it is not National going up, so that can only be a good thing.

      • Yes BERT,

        And has anyone noticed who NZ First is taking votes off of???

        It wasn’t Labour it appears to be the National-lite swing voter to me.

        Now that is very very helpful to all of us thank you Winston.

    • These leaks dont appear to be coming from Labour though. So how does UMR feel about one its clients sabotaging its brand like this?

      • Could be that but I believe its closer to home.

        I believe its nothing more than a pack of neo liberal scumbags that by proxy and incognito still infest the Labour party , – and who played the game all this time and yet bided that time until the lead up to the general election.

        As I have always maintained , Labour needs , – and Andrew Little deserves , – there to be a purge of all these subversive scumbags to make that party whole again.

        You cannot run a house that is divided and these scumbags are working overtime to cause division and strife to prevent the return of social democracy to this country.

        And again , – I maintain that public examples should be made of key ringleaders in rooting these viscous neo liberal fakes out of there. Fear is a wonderful motivator if harnessed and used correctly and with compassion.

        These scum act like wild dogs so therefore they need to be treated like dogs. Or accept the discipline and correction needed to make them fall in line with the pack. If not? – out the back door they go.

    • Shit Wild Katipo,

      You are awesome mate,

      This is right what is going on!!!!

      As Labour was operating at a snail’s pace machine, designed to piss everyone off.

      And someone’s been inside the party organising some radical change about to happen.

  4. I have been saying this for years. No surprise here. What the Labour party has to do is dump any neo-liberal MP that are past their use by date. Mallard, Robertson, Dyson, King are a few that spring to mind. Get the British Labour Manifesto and re-wright it for this country. Announce they are going to roll back all or most of the asset sales. Nationalise all the power companies, kill all the CCO’s and privatiesed what ever. Bring back the MOW, allow councils to go back to their own depots etc. Dump all the student fees and bring back in bonding for a time to in country hospitals, schools etc and most of all, proudly announce they are going back to their Socialist roots!

    • FFS, Have you any idea how many billions your scheme will cost ?

      For Labour to succeed they need to demonstrate forward thinking, practical ideas that the voters will latch on to.

      Looking backwards will take them, or any other party no where.

      Labour do have some very good policies, it is just that they are not connecting with the educated, and well paid under 45 year olds, and there are many of them.
      So they just stick with the status quo.

      • Nah mate,… we can start reimbursing the process by having a few inquiry’s into the individuals who enabled that process, then ,… before the benefactors are identified and their books looked into… repealing a few anti democratic laws…

        Perhaps we could start with having a look at the 1991 Employment Contracts Act by the Business Roundtable ( now calling themselves the NZ Initiative ) … and also just what drove Ruth Richardson in her ‘ Mother of all Budgets’ ,…

        Ken Douglas, then president of the New Zealand Council of Trade Unions, recalled in the 1996 documentary Revolution:

        ” The Employment Contracts Act was deliberately intended to individualise the employment relationship. It was a natural outcome of the ideological propaganda of rugged individualism, of self-interest and greed and the appeal to individuals that you could find better for you by climbing over the tops of your colleagues, your mates, and so on. Ruth Richardson was very clear, very blunt, very honest about its purpose. It was to achieve a dramatic lowering of wages, very, very quickly ” .

        Ruthanasia – Wikipedia

        Ruth Richardson , the Minister of Finance for the National party that approached Treasury for the minimum wage , then set the benefit 20% lower so that it was completely unlivable …

        And then as the wedge starts driving deeper and a whole new generation starts to understand….more and more of these anti democratic subversives can then be brought to justice and more of the building blocks of neo liberalism will start to fall and crash…

        We could perhaps call it … the ‘ Domino Effect’.

        How does that grab you ?

    • And there is absolutely no point going back to Labours socialist roots.
      There are very few old type socialist left.

      Now if you were to say social democrat, then that is a different matter.

      • I call myself a social democrat. Though the more right wing government’s get, the further to the Left I find myself. As this rate, I’ll be demanding expropriation without compensation of all former state-owned assets that were privatised.

        • 100% Frank,
          Eloquently perfect as usual, we need radical change for NZ to survive as we don’t want to wind up another Greece.

    • yeah that should do it ! GADFLY’S DAD…however imo King should be kept on because she was such an effective Opposition Minister of Health

    • @ GADFLY’S DAD … absolutely brilliant. Take NZ back to what made it tick in the first place, the point of difference that made it stand out in the world. A true socialist nation that will work for all Kiwis.

      I like it 🙂

  5. The Herald has started the election campaign for National already.

    “working with” compared to “dirty deals”

    Mike Hosking today…

    John Key on why he became popular…

    and a similar story to yous Martyn…

    Yet not one item on what National have done to destroy our culture and our vulnerable people over the past 9 years.

    As an aside I saw a billboard of English today. It read..
    ” Working for New Zealanders” gone was the “All” part.

    Maybe Labours percentage would rise if the same negative campaign by the media, highlighted Nationals 100’s of failures.

    I seriously believe if voting was compulsory, National would be gone yesterday. However they still could be. Given the polls, Labour at 23%, the Greens at 15% and N.Z First at 15%, they could still form a coalition( just not sure who the P.M. would be though.)

  6. I’ll tell you something, – that may rark a few people up.

    Mr Little would do well to take a few leaves from Robert Muldoon. For instance , in that interview , – that interviewer asked Little THREE TIMES about his leadership , and kept coming back to that despite the conversation moving on.

    And he did it with those big tear filled eyes and a downcast face and sad conciliatory sounding voice.

    What a bloody wanker !!!

    If Little learned a few tactics from Muldoon in dealing with wankers like that he would have rounded on him and said :

    ” Listen , I notice you’ve asked me that question three times now , – wasn’t the first answer good enough ?… furthermore I resent smart alec journalists and such trying to use that sort of tactic to attempt to make the Labour party and my leadership look weak ,… so if you have any further questions about issues that matter , please carry on ”.

    That’s the way it should of been handled.

    With a fair dose of Muldoon type mongrel and being on the front foot.

    You don’t win a boxing match by hanging on the ropes.

    And if the idiot tried to bring it back to the polls there are dozens of ways to box him and his National party in.

    Without ever once having to mention corruption and Todd Barclay.

    • FFS – if Little can’t handle an interviewer then he’s got no business running the country.

      Labour needs to find its Mike Moore who will take one for the team and the problem is I don’t think anyone has the stomach for the fight.

      And if no one steps forward then as a party they deserve to go down the shitter

      • Leadership change is the Naritive of MSM. If you ain’t voting left then you support Mike Hosking and are no friend of mine.

  7. Why did little undermine the left, his and his Party’s chances and MMP by stating: “at 24 (%) you don’t get to form a Government”- despite the same poll showing Labour could potentially form a Government?

    Comment made around 9mins into the audio in the link below

    Was Little truly suggesting if the election results were the same as this poll outcome he and Labour wouldn’t attempt to form a Government?

  8. Anyone else feeling a bit “soiled” from reading the garbage on Stuff today.
    Story after story after story of pure bullshit. Unbelievable biased crap.

    • Not at all.

      Pissed off, more like.

      Tens and tens of thousands of New Zealanders are feeling the abuse of 9 years of this National govt and the Opposition lets those bastards get away with it.

      Human bully’s and wolves are exactly the same.

      If you show fear , indecision or flight they will pursue with an aim to tear you apart . If you stand your ground and dish it out hard back to them they move on to easier prey.

      I get bloody sick and tired of that too often trotted out line that ‘ the Left is principled ‘… Principled my bloody arse !!! If you are too damned gutless to stand up to these bully’s for yourself and on behalf of others you’ve just forfeited any claim to having any ‘ principles ‘ .

      You’ve got to go on the all out offensive and tear them to bits. You’ve got to mock them , deride them in their impotence and constantly harass every move they make as substandard and incompetent. AND USE THOSE WORDS.

      And one of the best methods in politics is derision and blunt truth statements that cause shock and disarray among your adversary’s.

      Again and again and again and again .

      None of this fake polite namby pamby , quietly spoken mealy mouthed shit !!! That never got anyone anywhere. Even Jeremy Corbyn might speak in polite terms but his message has iron teeth !!!

      Roar at the bastards!!!

      Let the people know you mean business. Give them someone to follow. If the media try to contain you , bulldoze em out of the way and make them feel like tits on a bull . Put them on the back foot !!! Make them look like the idiots !!! If they want to use schoolyard tactics, – treat them like kids !!!

      This election is literally a crossroads for New Zealand.

      And no place for the faint hearted. Or those who want to pretend this is some sort of polite old boys club conducting a mere casual exchange of nice ideas. We don’t have time for that sort of luxury anymore.

    • Yeah, True Dat.

      The redneck comments (which are most of them) are definitely NOT representative of the generational increase in progressivism.

  9. Peters’ recent dog-whistles to Māori-bashers make it clear that NZ First would prefer to govern with National. They only get away with pretending they might support regime change to soak up some left votes, because Labour and the Greens don’t rule out governing with them. At this point, Labour and the Greens have nothing to lose by announcing they want a government of change, not just a change of government, and they’re not interested in governing with NZ First. This would make it clear that voting NZ First is voting for a National-led government (or a protest party sitting on the cross-benches, but given Petes’ history this is highly unlikely), and that those who want change need to consider other options.

  10. We need the 34yrs of experience that Winston alone has to win this election!!!

    It is that simple.

    Choose the best people to mount a campaign on, be smart here.

    There are others that should also be harking from the rooftops about the rape & pillage of this country over the last 9 years but few are saying it except for Winston!!!

    He alone can remember when he joined the parliamentary team when this country was one of the best places to live believe me!!!

    As I was there then as I am his age too!

    Then after a good job offer I left to live abroad eventually in four other counties only to return to see in 1998 Winston was still fighting to stop the last National mob destroying the country then.

    We need to be smart & use his experience while we can.

  11. Relax everyone. A week is a very , very long time in politics.
    Media (and bloggers) have to have something to talk about.

    Polls this far out are worthless.

  12. Latest at 9am, on RNZ. – Andrew Little will he resign?

    During a brief discussion with Andrew and a RNZ reporter revealed that Andrew said he will not offer his resignation so we hope he does stay and add some past MP such as helen Clark to is campaign?

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