GUEST BLOG: Willie Jackson – If you ever thought that the Māori Party were not going to join National, then think again.



Here, the Minister of Māori Development makes a clear pitch for a Māori Party-National Government. So don’t believe the nonsense that they are interested in doing a deal with us. They want to do a deal with National despite all the terrible statistics that we see with Māori at the moment.

Record homelessness amongst Māori, cuts in education, health and family spending; and the MP for Waiariki, SO wants another deal with the Party who have created this crisis amongst our people.

Like Te Ururoa says, share this so that all Māori know that when you vote for the Māori Party, you are voting for another National Government, and do yourselves a favour in the Waiariki and vote Te Ururoa out. Give your vote to our man, Tamati Coffey for Waiariki in the Labour Party.

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  1. The last thing I’d ever do is vote for that pack of Uncle Toms.

    All they have ever done is bolster up the horrific social toll we see now under National.

    If they had any principles at all , – they would be backing Labour and the Greens. But they wont because they damn well know they would be marginalized, – as well as the fact they will forever be tarred with the fact they enabled this odious government. They are as bad as National by association.

    • Or backing Mana along with Labour and greens.

      Competition and puffed up leaders cause division as it has.

      National has captured the Maori Party leaders who now never offer Nact criticism . What gives.

      Corrupted leaders.

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