BREAKING: TV3 Poll – National down, Labour down even more but change of Government possible


The homicidal chipmunk of NZ current affairs, Patrick Gower, loves to destroy the Left and every election he manages to destabilise the Labour leadership. That trend continues tonight with his stations latest poll taken while he was knifing the Greens on screen and it has given Labour its third bomb shell poll rating in a row.

National – 45.2%
Labour – 24.1%
Greens – 13%
NZ First – 13%
TOP – 2%

What does Andrew do now? I argue that he doubles down, makes some symbolic sackings of his election strategy team and brings in some Left wing super star campaign manager like Jim Anderton to run the campaign and hit the ground running Monday. He needs to show Leadership now with action or it will look like he’s not learning.

Chris Trotter thinks Little should fall on his sword and force Jacinda into the Leadership.

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Whatever the outcome, it needs to be forced or seized in the next 24 hours. 3 damaging polls in a  row demands action or it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. The truth is that National are sinking and running out of political allies. Labour-Green-NZ First could still be the next Government.

What the Poll tells us is that the move for change is greater than support for National, to tap into this mood, Labour have to ram home the message that there can be no change of Government without Labour.



  1. One suggestion is they should consider making some policy concessions (namely supporting the Greens in lifting core benefit rates) and see if they can get the Greens to agree on endorsing Labour candidates in the Maori seats.








      Radio NZ checkpoint. John Campbell. 31st July 2017.
      New Zealand First up five points to 16 per cent. Winston Peters joins Checkpoint live.

      Could Winston Peters be NZ’s next PM?

  2. Yep Martyn,

    Whatever Andrew does it will be with grace mate, as in the days ahead there will be some pressure from within now, so he already feels the pressure as he said on Radio NZ john Campbell tonight that he knew last friday that the polls showed his party was slipping.

    he asked the caucus if he should step aside.

    Very interesting times now Martyn, it is all happening so bloody fast you are have a busy time trying to post comments about all what’s going on.

    This was interesting tonight.

    Radio NZ checkpoint. John Campbell. 31st July 2017.
    New Zealand First up five points to 16 per cent. Winston Peters joins Checkpoint live.

    Could Winston Peters be NZ’s next PM? asked John Campbell.

    • From that interview it’s disappointing that Little doesn’t seem to want to accept the possibility that their policy may be what’s actually holding them back.

  3. This is the moment for both Labour and the Greens to come out all guns blazing – whoever is leader of the Labour Party

    • Too right, this is the standard stitch up by National’s Dirty Politics brigade – they did it to Goff, they did it to Cunliffe and they are trying it on again with Little. Resist and fight these bastards on their punitive, vindictive, mendacious policy.

    • Definitely support Andrew Little and the Labour party for a change of govt and that will see the Greens in govt too. MMP.

  4. Dear Andrew,
    how to get our attention.
    Apologise for Rogernomics
    Repeal the Reserve Bank Act
    Repeal the Employment Contracts Act
    Repeal the Electricity reforms
    Buy Back the Power Companies
    Adopt the Greens Water policy and policy on Welfare .
    Work with Winston and the Greens on water.
    Adopt Gareth Morgan’s Cannabis policy and promise to appoint him as the overseer of this policy regardless of weather he gets into parliament.
    Adopt a cooperative approach across the board cherry pick the progressive policies and PROMISE to adopt them FOR THE GOOD OF NZ.
    Fuck being a fucking centrist! It’s ruining the Labour Party.
    And FFS put Parker into Finance.
    Offer Winston a bauble NOW>
    And hop to it.

    • Nice , Shona !

      All of your suggestions = NICE !

      That’s what we need , … look,… there are so many crying out for this change but they cannot articulate it, they know things are not right, but we need these policy’s expressed in simple terms yet backed up by solid data. Its completely do- able.

      There is no excuse.

      Turning this country around is a mere heart beat away.

    • Shona Phil Goff apologized in 2011 and most of what you have listed you have to be in government to change. Its unfortunate that people forget that all the progressive policies NZ has had for years that National is stripping away have come from Labour governments.

      • Louis many of the things Shona has listed could have been done during the 9 years of labour government, they weren’t those are the facts.

        Phil Goff apologised yeah right then crossed the floor to support the TPPA! Says it all really.

    • Stop pissing around in the middle Labour! Get on with these things now, I couldn’t agree more Shona. Ensure also we have a Pike river enquiry and entry to the drift, an enquiry into kids care when they were put into state care, ensure there is an inquiry into the SAS in Afghanistan and all the other enquiries people have been asking for that have simply been fudged by the Nats.

      • 10% Michal, That Pike river Mine incident still smells bad and must be resolved for my warm and caring brothers & sisters on our West coast.

        National must be punished for their allowing this incident to be just a big cover up and causing our SOE Solid Energy to be sold off for pennies to an overseas investor= yet more corporate welfare using our taxpayer subsidies.

      • 100% Paul they took them off the taxpayers and gave them nothing!!!!!

        So yes; – it was yet another give-away to their crony mates again and again and again;–you see it and we all saw it.

    • He has got nothing to loose except the election.

      8 Weeks to go get in their face every day be bloody outrageous ignite the debate and barnstorm this country ATTACK ATTACK AND ATTACK AGAIN Be angry passionate, decisive and to hell with the media they are going to knife you anyway , people will take notice ya just have to say it like it is.

      The National party and its friends have taken a lot from the good people of this country and its time it stopped.


  5. I strongly disagree with those calling for Andrew Little to stand down. Why have we got three adverse polls (all saying much the same thing) in two days! All accompanied by loud establishment squawks! It looks like a replay of the Cunliffe assassination. This time they should all be bold and unwavering in their support for their leader. Even those who fancy their own future chances need to reflect on the long, slow business of recovering from 2014 – wait for Little to fall and you find yourself even further behind the 8 ball than you were then. The MSM and the likes of Hooton will not be happy with any Labour Party that is not of their own making – they want things to stay as they are, and they are not your friends. Rather than complaining about Metiria, take a leaf out of her book. Recognise who your actual opponents are and stand your bloody ground!

    • I strongly disagree with those calling for Andrew Little to stand down.

      Agreed, besides, Adern would be a disaster.

      • +100 to that…if Little goes people will be taking their boards down and never putting another Labour Party board up again… EVER!

        …the Party is completely imploding

        it is an EMBARRASSMENT

        ( Adern has more ambition than charisma or ability…she was one of the ABCs….’anyone but Cunliffe’ brigade. Kelvin Davis did Hone Harawira and Mana in…thwarting a Left coalition last Election…he is NOT to be trusted)

  6. It’s early yet, the votes have yet to be counted, Chris Trotter’s call for the labour leader to fall on his sword…is typical of him…something he [Trotter] would never do…
    I sense change but the shape and outcome will only become clear after the election…
    I hope that Labour and the Greens succeed. I hope that the Blairite type labour members finally see the light.
    As I said at the start, time will tell or more particularly the voters will tell, let us not forget the UK and the US where the MSM and the polls were all wrong.

  7. Judith Collins must be sharpening the knife as we speak. Is this the end of Bill English? Or could the bullish cock that is Simon Bridges, or o[possibly the most incompetent of them all, Coleman, lining up. Oh just watch them squirm. This is the lowest National have been in the polls for many years, something has to give!

    Maybe bullshit Bill is paying for the Todd Barclay affair or the perceived corruption of Key, either way there is change in the air.

  8. Bloody awesome , Martyn !!!

    AND THIS :

    … ” What does Andrew do now? I argue that he doubles down, makes some symbolic sackings of his election strategy team and brings in some Left wing super star campaign manager like Jim Anderton to run the campaign and hit the ground running Monday ” …

    YES ! YES !!!

    Jimmy Anderton !… get that man back where he belongs , I cannot think of a better choice !!! – how dare Mr Anderton relaxes at home doing a Muldoon and tending to the rose garden in this country’s hour of need !!!

    These elder statesmen and women cannot be let off the hook that lightly , – especially those old stalwart campaigners against Rogernomics . Now more than ever we need them guiding , suggesting, advising this younger generation on how to combat the rot of neo liberalism.

    Great call , Martyn .

    So come on , Jim,… it aint over til the last curtain call and you’ve got tons of time yet left in you. So saddle up that horse, load that Winchester and head on out to that rendezvous .

    And show em how its done.

    • Vomit vomit, Anderton left wing. Don’t be daft. He supported the invasion of Afghanistan. In the end he sold out of the Alliance and went back to Labour gutless. I was a founding member of New Labour and then the Alliance and I supported his campaign in what was the Sydenham electorate.

    • Hi Wild katipo,

      I was an enormous fan of Helen Clark she was bloody good for our community.

      She always sent me a letter as a my position as committee member and sub-secretary of our Transport project.

      She even sent me a letter (part handwritten) also, so we got several letters from her.

      Today she would return Labour to the “all inclusive” party like we used to know them as then.

      She featured the phrase “Labour for a kinder gentler inclusive government” when I was a green party member in 1999 to 2003 then.

      So I hope Andrew invites her to star in a big “revival” role also!!!!!

    • Agree with the call for Jim to step up as he is a good hearted person as Jim was the past Alliance leader which is still part of our social fabric as I know several hardy Alliance faithful who are true hearted folks.

  9. Chris Trotter is wrong, he knows exactly what would happen and how that would play out to a return of the worst National government in history. Andrew is not a John key, he is not a runner, he’s vowed to fight on, this is what he said “Are we going to stick with a govt that’s ideologically committed to small govt trickle down to those things that are shutting more and more people out? Im totally determined to have that fight Im been fighting that for 20 years and I aint giving up now.” So the choice is clear to me and its a no brainer, either you want a change of govt and support Labour and the Greens despite the shitstirring commentariat/media or the heartless clowns that’s killing us and tearing our country apart.

  10. What does Andrew do now?
    Do not follow Chris Trotters advice….
    Definitely do not fall on the sword…that is a ridiculous suggestion…
    Andrew Little has shown people that he is as honest as the day is long and this is now his new weapon, because English sure as hell isn’t and neither are most of the party he oversees….
    So he can give the public a choice.. an honest earnest leader who genuinely cares about people and fairness , or one who is frugal with the truth and whose policies are cruel and ruthless ….
    The comeback is based around integrity and compassion and if done right could turn the whole campaign on it’s head.
    National and National supporters are easy to dismantle ….they are fundamentally ignorant…Just look at that Mark Richardson guy on the A.M Show on T.V3….. He’s seriously deluded and thinks he’s a self appointed Director on the Board of N.Z Inc…..
    David Slack took him apart in about 5 seconds with some well chosen words …
    I know a lot who voted for National at the last election but have indicated that they won’t be doing so this time, so there are a lot of people who are not happy campers…they feel the wool is being pulled over their eyes…
    In steps ‘Honest Andy’ to tell them the truth….

    ‘Honest Andy’ …That’s what Labour should base their campaign around now.

    ‘Bullshit Bill’ or ‘Honest Andy’…take your pick !!

  11. I didn’t see where Chris said anything about Little falling on his sward in the linked post ore anywhere else. That was in your previous Martyn ,not Chris’s.
    He did not particularly recommend that Jacinda should take over either by my reading, the force of his comment to her was beware, it looks like a poisoned chalice. And at this stage of her political career it could well be. Andrew would really be dropping her in it.
    I think everyone including Little is over reacting to this: it is just the short term effect of Materia’s dramatic revelation and emotional stand for a better deal for beneficiaries that has everyone’s attention at the moment. The overall support for Labour/Green combination hasn’t suffered so the prospect of them governing is the same or even slightly better than it was last week.
    Andrew shouldn’t resign , at least not until after the election.
    D J S

  12. All the drama we get presented by such nasty characters as Gower is just the stage show created by ones behind the scenes, who pull the strings. Listen to the news, the business news, the business leaders, the bank economists, the government ministers and spin chiefs. They all praise growth, immigration, free trade, less regulation, and despite of some very careful bit of criticism, they love this government we have.

    Add the media people, that is the key persons, the faces on screen, the mouths behind the mics, the ones hired to write opinion pieces, they are just useful players of the vested interest holding elite and string pullers behind the scene.

    With the way the system is built up and managed now, we are unlikely to have any real change of government, the dismantling and destruction of Labour, and their present leader, is part of a strategy to undermine and discredit the party and its members and supporters.

    The Greens enjoy a brief bit of flirting with some voters, but that will not last either, they are already mixing the cards to deal soon, to destroy Metiria, wait and see.

    This is dirty politics stage three, conducted strategically by certain string pullers, to ensure that National and Act and United will get in again, so that all continues according to the agenda that has been drawn up long ago.

    I doubt that any election will bring real change, maybe we will have a change of government, but not a changed government, as it has been said here before.

    Most will notice little difference after September 2017, this election is already more or less decided, as much as I hate it, I can see it all unfold, as it happened before.

    Andrew is the fall guy, and after that it will be meltdown for Labour, I truly believe this is all dirty politics played by Gower and others.

  13. It is time we dumped our Journalists. They are slime. They are are in the pocket of the most corrupt Parliament NZ has ever cobbled together.

    They stand for the destruction of our Country : They stand only for Corrupt National. They demand that money go only to the wealthy. They want to impoverish the middle class and the lower classes and the Indigenous. Employ only foreigners. Remove housing from NZers. Remove Heating. Remove Health. Remove Opportunity. Rubbish everybody except stinky Bill English and stinky Paula Bennett, They adore the stinky foreign Banks and grasping Foreigners.

    Winston is secretive. We do not know which hounds he will hunt with.

    Greens fly precariously on the wing

    Labour has been rubished endlessly . But it remains Honest. Not corrupt. Perceptive.

    • And take back NOW half of the NZ citizen’s own state broadcaster platform RNZ/TVNZ so they can get their messages out without fear or favour NOW PLEASE OPPOSITION.

      Why are we letting the corporate influenced public media to cobble the voters thoughts together for their purpose ahead of an election?@#$%^&*()_f—-k

  14. I think more seasoned voters are still getting their heads around MMP. For many it’s still all about National vs Labour. It’s 2017 and finally such thinking is being challenged.

    The last Labour Government neglected housing and the current Labour party have been largely missing in action these past 9 years. Simply put Labour have very little trust or policies for that matter. The slogan “a fresh approach” is very disingenuous. No fresh ideas and certainly no visionary thinking is forthcoming.

    National are the same as Labour and for people happy with the status quo, they will vote for National. They will vote for the contenuity and continuation of this government – be that good or bad (probably bad). Why vote for Labour when National have the same policies … “why risk it all with a bunch of new guys, we want a safe pair of hands” the people say.

    However, most people don’t vote National. There is more than enough opportunity for the opposition to become the government, they just have to accept first-pass-the-post is over. If a house is divided it cannot stand. The opposition are devided rather than united aganist the current Government like they should be.

    Conclusion: New Zealand doesn’t trust Labour to govern and would rather have a mix, yet Labour keep believing they are the be all and end all of NZ politics. The public is speaking and we want Labour’s numbers greatly diminished.

    Unfortunately for Labour only 23% of voters are interested, so if they can’t unite with the opposition their devidedness will be there undoing. Frankly, Labour deminishing to 15% could be the best thing for NZ politics.

    • Stunning very sad news this morning from RNZ, Suzie Ferguson who was interviewing Debbie Monroe who is vividly describing how bad she has witnessed the horrible life is out there for our homeless brothers and sisters today!!!!!

      Homelessness getting worse in Manurewa – community workers 3′38″
      Morning Report (01 Aug 2017)

      As it makes me feel so very ashamed, that we have left them to lie in constant pain and threats of death from living out in the elements without any human dignity given them from our so called “social safety net. this is so bad for us to consider that we are still allowing this to go on now.

      This is a human tragedy in our own time today!!!!!!

      Worse than the 1929 Depression was I feel because so much is still hidden from view by this complacent media so far!!!!!

    • National & Labour have actually been the same party for the past 30-40 years pandering to the wealthy for funds and directing policy to suit their sponsors “Pay to Play” ?

      The middle class have become the poor which is the agenda of the IMF and the NWO.

      New Zealanders need to wake up and support the only party that supports New Zealanders as a whole NZF.

  15. Dear Labour

    Firstly – don’t be a martyr, it doesn’t work. Seen Andrew live- you can win on his passion but you’ve gotta let it shine. AND you have been getting traction – have heard it in the way people had started talking

    Secondly – Don’t look at the polls they are irrelevant for the majority of people (land lines- in 2017????). Also the media ARE the enemy – don’t let them (click) bait you – (unless it’s going to be something that works for point 1)

    Thirdly – Stop being scared of looking at what worked for Jeremy Corbyn and Bernie Sanders. It WORKED/WORKS – and it’s about honesty and passion. It’s not the 90’s anymore!!

    • Looks like Andrew is about to bow out.

      RNZ reports today,

      ‘There’s been a movement in the caucus’

      Labour’s former party president Mike Williams says he expects Andrew Little will stand down as Labour Party leader today.

      Mr Little has pulled out of media interviews this morning, ahead of a meeting of his party’s MPs later today.

      Andrew Little Labour leader Andrew Little.

      Mr Little was due to be interviewed by several broadcasters, including RNZ’s Morning Report. His spokesperson said Mr Little wanted to focus on this morning’s caucus meeting.

      Labour recorded its lowest results in the latest TVNZ and Newshub polls at 24 percent, and Labour’s own internal polling gives it 23 percent support.

      • …looks like Andrew Little has said he WON’T resign!

        …so it will have to be a COUP!

        what an EMBARRASSMENT for the Labour Party with all their Billboards up!

        Winston for Prime Minister !

  16. Latest at 9am, on RNZ. – Andrew Little will he resign?

    During a brief discussion with Andrew and a RNZ reporter revealed that Andrew said he will not offer his resignation so we hope he does stay and add some past MP such as helen Clark to is campaign?

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