Just pause and consider what has been revealed in the latest Kim Dotcom case


Anarchist Neil Roberts spray painted this shortly before blowing up part of the Wanganui Police Computer in 1982.

I just don’t think this story below is getting enough attention and I hope the release of the new documentary by Annie Goldson reignites public attention…

Judge: Dotcom spied on two months longer than previously admitted

The illegal spying which earned Kim Dotcom an apology from former Prime Minister Sir John Key went on two months longer than previously admitted, according to a High Court judgment.

The revelation – if accurate – would open a can of worms over sworn admissions the GCSB has made in the High Court and the Court of Appeal over assistance given to police ahead of the FBI-inspired 2012 raid which saw Dotcom and three others arrested.

It could also raise the possibility of a fresh apology to Dotcom because Key’s apology was in the context of spying from December 16, 2011 through to January 20, 2012.

Questions have been asked of Prime Minister Bill English but he has not responded. A spokesman for GCSB Minister Chris Finlayson referred questions to the GCSB, even though previous issues around the illegal spying have been handled at ministerial level.

…despite signing affidavits over their illegal spying of Kim Dotcom, it has now been revealed that the GCSB perjured themselves in the High Court because the spying went on for 2 months longer than they had previously admitted.

Remember the timeline here…

March 8th 2011 – Jerry Mateparae is stepped down as head of the GCSB.
March 15th 2011 – Top NSA spook, James Clapper, flies to NZ to meet with Key to discuss ‘synchronicity’ between the NSA and GCSB.
March 22nd 2011 – High level intelligence meetings
May 2011 – McCully visits Washington
June 17th 2011 – Key meets with Ian Fletcher for breakfast at Stamford Plaza.
July 22nd 2011 – Key is invited to Washington as pay back for this new ‘synchronicity’.
July 26th 2011 – Key side steps normal protocols and appoints his old school friend Ian Fletcher to take over at the GCSB.
October 2011 – John Key, the head of the SIS and NZDF join Ian Fletcher, the MFAT Head, and the DPMC boss for a secret dinner at the British High Commissioner’s home
December 8th 2011 – A letter states that Key is going to meet Ian Fletcher on 12th December
December 12th 2011 – Key meets with Ian Fletcher.
December 14th 2011 – The Police boss responsible for spying on Dotcom meets John Key with other intelligence agencies present.
December 16th 2011 – Kim Dotcom starts to be illegally spied upon.
January 2012 – Raid on Kim Dotcom. Spying supposedly ends.

The long, long, long list of corruption by the GCSB and the Government to arrest Dotcom for the NSA because Corporate Hollywood threatened Obama with a boycott on election donations demands a move by the Judiciary to show the secret intelligence apparatus that it can not over ride the law.

Corporate Hollywood profits have been risen to National Security status, that is something that needs to be understood as an explanation to this all. Wars with their violent and bloody outcomes are too expensive and counterproductive, cultural imperialism however only has strength if intellectual property rights are protected to keep the profit margin rolling in.  The Motion Picture Association of America have been trying to get their copywriter infringement fetish to National Security levels since 2010 and Chris Dodd, the MPAAs Hollywood lobbyist threatened political funding for not elevating their piracy to National Security levels.

Days after Dodd’s threat, Obama launches a press conference confirming that Kim Dotcom will be targeted.

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Whatever you think about Kim, whatever his excesses or behaviour, whatever you think about the MANA-Internet Party hook up – the way we have allowed our Intelligence Agencies to acquiesce to America so it can attempt to claim jurisdiction in cyber space by arresting Kim in NZ is an affront to every element of our sovereignty.


  • National gave the Police vast new retrospective surveillance powers
  • National rammed through legislation under urgency allowing the State to force civil telecommunication companies to build backdoors to their networks and not tell their customers that the State had breached their privacy.
  • National rammed through legislation under urgency allowing the State to spy on NZers
  • The GCSB went from $80m to $140m in budget per year
  • The SIS were ‘rewarded’ with a huge increase in powers and budget.
  • The SIS colluded with John Key’s Office to falsely smear the Leader of the Opposition Phil Goff months before the 2011 election.
  • Warrantless spying

And National gave these security agencies even more powers that will allow…

…and these powers are being considered while there is an investigation under way that..

So after caught illegally spying, after being caught being racist, after being caught abusing their power, after being given vast new mass surveillance powers, after having huge increases in budget – after all that, they still can’t keep all this information they now have on us secure in even the most basic ways. 

Will reappointing a toothless watchdog like Cheryl Gwyn to oversee an agency that ignores her make us any safer from a mass surveillance state?

We have allowed the Intelligence communities in NZ to grow at an alarming rate with unchecked powers. The GCSB and SIS have both had increases in budget by 250% and 174% within a decade and consider how on top of the GCSB and SIS that we also now have the  Organised Crime Intelligence Unit, Financial Intelligence Unit, Strategic Intelligence Unit, National Bureau of Criminal Intelligence, Identity Intelligence Unit, Threat Assessment Unit, Police Terrorism Investigation and Intelligence Group, the Special Investigation Group and let’s not forget all the military intelligence as well that now take their orders directly from the Prime Minister.

With such an enormous concentration of power with bugger all oversight, we are accidentally building a Black Government, an agency within the State that holds all the power and secrets. Such a Black Government wouldn’t answer to our Parliament, they would owe their loyalty to whatever outside agency provided them with the software and hardware to be digitally omnipotent.

Whether you like him or not, Kim Dotcom’s fight against the mass surveillance state is all our fight against the mass surveillance state.



  1. Good stuff Martyn. We should all be really concerned about them getting away with the lies and manipulation around the Dotcom case.

  2. Any one have any clues as to why Ian Fletcher resigned so abruptly after a short time as head of GCSB
    It is frightening to see our own US style shadow government( or Deep State) becoming so entrenched and above the law while we watch seemingly helpless.
    Naomi Klein once opined in an interview that it seemed there was a “blueprint” for all the 5 Eyes countries.Count in Israel as the defacto 6th

  3. @ in vino – yes MSM did a fine job making dot.com the bad guy and Key, the good. – straight out of the mouth of Malcom X.

  4. Terrifying post Martyn.

    John Key used his position and patronage to seriously damage and erode our privacy, security, and sovereignty and he did it with the full support and blind loyalty of the National caucus and their support partners in parliament that allowed a foreign country to interfere in our domestic politics.

    He also misled the country with phoney promises of resigning over the GCSB knowing full well that there was no way of ever proving he had lied and could be implicated in any wrongdoing as his tracks were always covered.

    I hope the next progressive government will legislate and begin a regime change to these agencies, and be prepared for a backlash from the usual suspects.

    KDC deserves more than a half arsed insincere apology from one of this countries biggest political criminals.

  5. My understanding was that Dotcom was deciding between coming here or going to asia somewhere to live, initially the govt refused his visa based on who he was and his record, suddenly a meeting occurred between us and the yanks and his visa was granted.

    The reason: under 5 eyes they could continue surveilance on him but if he moved to asia they couldn’t.

  6. Go to the right wing sites and see what is of grave danger to NZ. It’s Metiria Turei. They don’t care about this stuff.

    The GCSB perjuring themselves in the High Court is fine but Turei lying is bad bad bad.

    • Yes Pete,bad bad bad! Notice how they don’t mention the neoliberal breaking social policy Metiria presented at the same time. It is this ground breaking policy that has made them concentrate on the small lie and make her the devil incarnate. Surely Metiria should have known this would happen because it is textbook procedure for the right biased media. Shoot the messenger. They will keep this up in the hope it will drown discussion of what is excellent policy.

      • Surely Metiria should have known this would happen because it is textbook procedure for the right biased media. Shoot the messenger.

        Probably did but doing so can come back to bite the people trying to do the shooting and I think that’s what’s happening here. The hypocrisy and desperation are coming through loud and clear.

    • She did those things as a private citizen, long before she held ministerial power. Bill English did them after years of holding ministerial power, and as Minister of Finance to boot. To crucify her while quietly ignoring him is a brazen display of the hypocrisy and pettiness of the right.

  7. Little backward NZ. – now a dictatorship.

    NZ now has the most corrupt Government, with “making itself a totalitarian regime” with the most power over the judiciary and it’s people,
    – we have seen for many years.


    “let’s not forget all the military intelligence as well that now take their orders directly from the Prime Minister.”

  8. Martyn we have an unelected shadow government revealed by the Dotcom piracy extradition spying fiasco. NZ is a vassal state of US Wall St #5eyes (Israel 6th eye apparently) globalist cabal run by unaccountable war mongering neoliberal transnational elites, read about Orwellian digital super surveillance states in Julian Assange article:
    we are already on the slippery slope to fascism imo while puppet NZ govt sits on its hands, vote them out come September, we can do better.

  9. Way back in the early 1960’s Eisenhower warned of the deep state which he called then the ‘ military industrial complex’ in his farewell address.

    The words were prophetic.

    He mentioned unwarranted and powerful un-elected agencies with ‘ black ‘ budgets , – as clandestine, unaccountable and operating outside the law and threatening democracy.

    This is essentially what we now have over 50 years later.

    Its well worth a watch to learn of what he warned against all that time ago.

    Eisenhower Farewell Address (Full) – YouTube

  10. It was only after Kim’s hearing at the Court of Appeal where the corrupt Terence Arnold reversed Judge Harvey’s orders to disclose, that the admission of spying was admitted

    So Bill English is guilty of conspiring to defeat the course of justice (a serious Crimes Act offence) with his ‘ministerial certificate’)

    They knew one week earlier but every cretin from Crown Law and the Beehive failed to take it across the road

    Despite blocking the evidence Arnold later failed to recuse himself in a related hearing st the Supreme Court after being promoted by the AG. — Unbelievable! Bill Wilson pales into insignificance by comparison

    • Let me clarify that statement, for anyone reading – whatever the weather.

      The GCSB continued to spy on New Zealand residents (and citizens) well into 2013. Yes, there were others. Perhaps some of them (and I don’t refer to Kim Dotcom here) were persons of interest for various reasons – the GCSB were badly had in 2012/2013, in several cases, and some of the circumstances were tragic. I even have a modicum of sympathy for some of those at the GCSB and SIS who were involved. They were just following orders, after all…

      But it was wrong. In respect of Kim Dotcom, and others – and it demonstrated that the the GCSB (and the SIS) behave without regard to the law. There is no excuse for the situations I am aware of, even for legal positivists.

      The case of Kim Dotcom is the most significant because it goes to show that these agencies act in an inter-agency manner, across countries, as non-state, hostile intelligence services who work for interests who do not respect out country’s laws, or the fact that New Zealand is a sovereign country.

      Respect to the New Zealand police.

  11. Great article Martyn. If we are not careful we will end up like the USA where the intelligence agencies are running the foreign policy and the elected President, whether it is Obama or Trump cannot institute the policies that got them elected. eg. Close Quantanamo, no boots on the ground in Syria, cooperation with Russia against terrorism.

  12. I found this on The Standard after I clumsily could not find any links , but Anne graciously provided these – and apparently more can be found .

    I believe this first link is crucial to understand the deceit and lies of this government. And why I also believe Kim Dotcom is a geopolitical fall guy for globalist neo liberalism in New Zealand.

    Search Results
    Dissecting the GCSB bill – Campbell Live (Kim Dotcom scandal …
    Video for Dissecting the GCSB bill – Campbell Live (Kim Dotcom scandal▶ 16:11

    John Key discusses Dotcom saga – YouTube
    Video for John Key discusses Dotcom saga▶ 17:29

    Special Report: Megaupload Saga: The John Key Denial & Dotcom …
    Video for John Key discusses Dotcom saga▶ 7:11

    • Jesus! just seen the first link WK.
      Now I understand why the National party Inc, Weldon and Christie wanted Campbell gone yesterday!

      Lies,lies,lies John Key “I don’t know how I got his number”

      • Indeed.

        And we all know what to call politicians and their political party’s that seek to silence dissent and create their own media narrative , …don’t we.

        Another major compelling reason to get rid of this National lying government.

  13. Does anyone really know anything about John Key, who actually was he and what is his background ie genealogical roots and family history in
    NZ ?

  14. Truly a great post. Unfortunately I don’t really hear much criticism/policy from ANY of the major political parties to change anything in this space. Stil fairly certain I won’t be voting this time, because imo none of the contenders are going to do anything whatsoever to address the real/serious issues addressing this country. I won’t vote for lip-service anymore – I want GUARANTEED line in the sand principle policy.

    • Obviously you are happy with the current regime and you are prepared to stick with the status quo.

      • +111

        I get really pissed off with people who don’t vote. These are the people who refuse to take responsibility for their governance. I’m sure that National loves them as they ensure that National will be back in power to continue their psychopathic rule.

        • Well basturd. Something you may not have considered. Under the Outer Space and High-altitude Activities Bill. Iirc is still in its third reading. Under the bill all military applications of New Zealand’s space industry is not allowed. Which would bring us inline with UN guidance around space for exploration. There for military personal commissioned or not aren’t allowed to go near any hardware destined for outter space. The bill has industry support, cross party support and I believe public support. My guess is it’s going through.

          Incidentally the High-altitude Activities bill would put up significant hurdles for those promoting hypothetical theatre ballistic missile screens.

        • I understand and respect your idealism. However, I think it’s just naïeve at this point to think your vote is going to affect any change in any of the issues you care about whatsoever in the current political climate. If you can produce some evidence to show how wrong I am on this viewpoint, I’m all ears.

          • Nitrium, you don’t win lotto without buying a ticket.

            The American election should be enough to convince you that you just never know and that your vote does count.

  15. There is also the matter of the drone programme that we are heavily involved in. Absolutely alarming that we have created NZ deep state environment. That is the direct result of having “I love America john key” in power and he left once the job for them was done. Peter thiel is one bad cookey with direct ties to the cia and yet we say nothing.

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