And now the Government are coming for whistleblowers


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It just got far, far worse.

The new spy powers don’t just allow the SIS and GCSB vast new access to your Government files, gives them warrantless spying for 24 hours  which allows them to break into our homes, plant cameras and spy on us and all they need is the pretence of ‘national security’ to do it all.

The SIS won’t be allowed to break into your computers remotely and the GCSB won’t be able to break into your house, BUT (and here’s the joke) if they are operating under a joint warrant, they can do all those things.

These new powers follow up the mass surveillance legislation National rammed through Parliament that allowed agencies to ask the GCSB to spy on NZers. These new powers a;lopes the GCSB to do that all on their own.

A department that has been caught being racist in private will have huge unchecked powers – but it gets so much worse.

Now any whistleblower detailing illegal spying to the media will be punished with up to 5 years in prison.

Nicky Hager would have been prosecuted. Andrea Vance could have been prosecuted. Jon Stephenson could have been prosecuted.  This blog could have been prosecuted.

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The National Government will imprison whistleblowers -if your enemy is people telling the truth, then you have deep deep deep problems.

No Government Left or Right should ever be given this level of power. Using terrorism to justify this erosion of our civil liberty is unacceptable.

Once more for the breach of data dear friends, once more for the breach.

We simply can not and must not allow this to stand, it’s a direct threat to the media’s role of holding the Government to account. Losing that would damage our democracy far more than a lone wolf fanatic going on a rampage.

Protest actions will start being planned now.



  1. Well, people sign non-disclosure clauses in their contracts, so they can’t have it both ways. And anyway, I have it on very good authority that the triple-lock system will make sure that warrants for surveillance are signed and legitimated.

    Nothing to fear, nothing to hide, nothing to see here, move on. People need to vote ACT for party vote, because ACT is the only party that will keep government accountable.

    • You are such a syrupy toadie See-More, my skin crawls, just thinking about you, hunched over your sticky keyboard, like a slightly younger version of Mr Burns from The Simpsons.

      Your beloved ACT Party won’t get in again.

      The electorate has seen what lies you sell on your neoliberal middle-off-the-mall-aisle barrow, an insipid little glove puppet you are. And even if you do have a nudge-nudge-wink-wink-cup-of-tea-with-the-PM, his brand is so tainted with all his hair-pulling and lists of lies and photo-op shenanigans, and vanity flag referendumb, that he’ll take you with him onto the opposition benches.

      33 years to get rid of ACT from the face of New Zealand politics, 32 years, 11 months and 30 days too long.



    • You have nothing to fear or hide simply because you and the Mad Hatters TP that you worship are part of the problem.
      But you will become part of the problem when National gets arsed out and your song-and-dance man along with them.
      What you gonna do when they come for you?

    • Act are an act and that’s all they are the fact they are in parliament is a joke and even worse they have policies like charter schools implemented despite having very little support of the NZ public

    • Again, I suggest you change your name, and call yourself David See No more, given your incessant references to “nothing to see”.

      As for this:
      “Well, people sign non-disclosure clauses in their contracts, so they can’t have it both ways.”

      We have people sign their rights away, and employers do often get away with breaking the laws, private and even publicly owned ones. Few dare rock the boat and risk their lives, given the legal provisions that already make it impossible for most to reveal wrongdoings.

      But we still have whistleblower legislation, see below in a comment I posted, even though it is full of holes like a Swiss cheese.

      How can you reconcile all this? Only if you have no conscience.

    • DSM


      Don’t you read what is happening under similar powers elsewhere.

      Nothing to hide – what a joke and you fall for that stuff or are dishonest.

  2. Dangerous development. We need whistleblowers. Truth will out. Is this post-Snowden NSA directed legislation? Who dreamed up jailing whistleblowers? Like Chelsea Manning who showed the truth about what US military were doing in Iraq, murdering civilians from a helicopter. If the Maori Party and NZ Future vote for this to enable the legislation to pass then they are traitors to democracy.

  3. The noose was tied with the passing of the GCSB and the SIS thingy, and now, it’s being tightened. Civil disobedience is NOT the problem, IMO civil OBEDIENCE is the problem!

  4. Symptoms of an insecure govt.

    Insecure for two basic reasons. It is not overseas hackers attacking business,… it is because they take orders from the chief protagonist in the 5 eyes network , – the USA.

    They are fawning because they have to. Hardly a strong , independent govt with a strong sense of national sovereignty. In fact, they are the exact opposite.

    Secondly , they are insecure because of mounting opposition to their neo liberal subversive modus operandi. They know all too well that things like BREXIT , and a raft of other global shifts in the voting public’s view of their activity’s is changing the tolerance levels for the doublespeak of the neo liberal.

    They know , that the hallmark of the neo liberal doctrine of greed and self service is storing up wrath against them globally – particularly in the West.

    So the natural response of those with a lot to hide is to try and use threats , threats that come in many forms , – including the misuse of their elected positions by the public. The very public that elected them to represent them in a democratic parliament.

    In this case , as in the USA, surveillance of the populace is included in these covert/overt threats. And because we are a small country they feel they can get away with it.

    Unlike in the USA where there is a huge population, – we need not be reminded that the NSA chiefs themselves were brought to trial for spying on the American public , – and lost.

    This is the situation we in NZ find ourselves in , yet with a more trusting and smaller population. Therefore we are at greater risk from this sort of abuse of power. The arrogance is that it is ‘ bestowed ‘ power. It is not a gift, it is not license to do whatever one pleases , it is a solemn duty of true representation of their elected positions – for the benefit of the NZ populace- and not necessarily theirs personally , either.

    The NZ public itself is the Chief Executive of power, these in parliament are nothing more than the elected servants carrying out those directives. In this they seem to have forgotten their positions , and in doing so usurped their lower status to attempt to rule above the NZ Public as Chief Executive.

    And this National govt has consistently abused that position.

    They are , and have proven time and again they are actually not fit to hold office.

    And this latest revolt against the Chief Executive is ample proof of the conspiratorial nature permeating this govt. In 2017 , they will be relieved of their position as being counted as not being worthy.

    However , future servants in parliament must learn from the mistakes of the rejected servants and not repeat the same types of errors. It would behoove the next govt to take office to think very carefully before trying to usurp their positions and turn against the very people who put them into those positions.

    The Chief Executives, the NZ Public.

    • You’ve probably been on ‘the list’ for a while, Frank. They don’t like people who rummage through their dirty laundry and air it in public. It’s embarrassing. It makes them look bad in the polls. And there’s nothing a conservative politician loathes more than some uppity serf who doesn’t know his place.

  5. The government becomes more and more like its true master, the non-democratic (obviously) dictatorshit that is China. “You say, cut back (or something else), we say fight back”… SAYING “fight back” will achieve nothing. Only actually physically fighting back will work. And as far as ACT is concerned, Roger Douglas will be the first national traitor under the guillotine.

  6. Frank Macskasy, Martyn Bradbury, Annette Sykes, Wayne Hope , Efeso Collins, John Minto, Keith Locke, Laila Harre Mike Treen, Penny Hulse et al


  7. Any Cabal run government is, according to whistleblowers, dead in water muddied by their own corruption and greed. People of this planet are entering into self-empowerment. Currencies are presently being revalued so that all so-called 3rd world countries are now on a level playing field. New technologies are being disclosed, e.g. we can now take our homes off the electricity grid:
    and Mr Keshe has given the whole world the blueprints and “how to” videos:
    John Key and his spymasters belong to yesterday.

  8. Wikileaks is coming to get the purveyors of corruption in USA.Read Wake up New Zealand today.More email drops,George Soros is the one behind Hillary Clinton.
    If the Clinton Cabal gets taken down ,and it will,their yes man Key will go down i’m sure , Trump wouldnt have a bar of him.
    This government would love the public to be frightened of their power,people power is bigger.

  9. ‘if your enemy is people telling the truth, then you have deep deep deep problems.’

    This has been the case for a long, long time. However, prior to the advent of the Internet it was a lot easier for governments to lie to the masses via ‘newspapers’, television and radio. Mass communication through non-official channels allows all sorts of truth about the utterly corrupt nature of government (and politics in general) to leak out.

    We have known for a long time that those in power would resort to ever-greater repression in order to protect the status quo -control of society by banks, corporations and opportunists who belong to ‘the big club, and you ain’t in it!, as George Carlin put it.

    Now that global oil extraction has peaked, now that the global environment is collapsing, and now that the bankers’ almost-global Ponzi scheme is unravelling, we must expect increasing mendacity from politicians as they morph the covertly fascist oligarchy into an overtly fascist oligarchy.

    It is somewhat ironic that the nations that are supposedly free and democratic should have reached the present awful state of affairs exactly 100 years after this:

    ‘We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated, governments in the civilized world—no longer a government by free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and the duress of
    small groups of dominant men.’ -Woodrow Wilson, 1916.

    • Perhaps that was his remorse after signing the Federal Reserve Bank Act and plunging the USA into foreign debt and ownership – aka the European / UK Rothhilds…

      And we do recall it was done on the weekend when most of Congress were not present.

      That is how the globalist rolls , by using deceit. And the modern day counterpart globalist using its morphed ideology – neo liberalism – is no different.

      • Yes, that is correct narrative, as far as I know.

        Woodrow Wilson was the opportunist who was sponsored by the banksters and carried out the banksters’ plan -Jekyll Island and all that- in 1913, as you say, though I believe it immediately prior to Christmas, was when the legislative house was half empty and about to go on holiday. I believe there were actually insufficient votes but Wilson sanctioned it into law anyway.

        it is also said that the legislation establishing the non-federal Federal Reserve was never actually ratified by all the states.

        But hey, who cares whether it’s legal or not? Just as long as it accomplishes the banker-corporate agenda.

        100 years later that is roughly how Shonkey behaves in NZ. It doesn’t bother him or the gang whether what they do is legal, ethical or anything else; as long as it serves ‘the 0.1%’ and their enforcers, then [according to them] it’s all kosher.

        As discussed many times, only about 0.1% of the 99.9% bother to become informed about ANYTHING of significance; that is why ‘the 0.1%’ always win, and will continue to win……until the system collapses under the weight of its own corruption and fraud (and energy depletion and environmental degradation).

        And, as discussd many times, people like Shonkey are quite comfortable with destroying their own children’s futures if it means having more money and power now.

        Yes, let’s not forget the Roschild almost-global banking empire.

        Let’s also not foeget that ‘everything is Putin’s fault’.

  10. Lets face it all the dictatorships love spying. It is actually a sign of a dictatorship in progress.

    From Stalin to Hitler to Pol Pot they all love to control and cling on to power by controlling and spying on their people.

    Right wing or Left wing, dictators need to control and stop their people disagreeing with them and to do that they like to nip it in the bud, by spying and further more, can then set up the victims with bogus ‘charges’.

    The judiciary will also need to be manipulated and a work in progress, such as these whistle blowing and spying law changes so that formally illegal actions by the state are now legal.

    We have seen the first round with Nicky Hager and others.

    The truth is now illegal, by the ministry of Truth.

    The sad thing, is that Labour seems to be supporting it. Or sort of supporting it.

    • The interesting thing is that Cullen was involved in drawing up the ground plans…

      A ‘ third way’ Blairite to all intents and purposes.

      Remove the neo liberals from the Whare and restore the peace. They have no positive or constructive use whatsoever.

      In fact , the exact opposite.

      • Cullen is a good example of “lets keep him at what’s he good at”, economy, NOT security.

        The is also a generational issue with having so many oldies there on the security. Like Trump and Clinton, they are just in a different era with security, where there are reds under the beds, villains trying to infiltrate NZ at every turn, they probably have difficulty with technology.

        NZ politicians haven’t woken up to the fact that we have just let anyone into the country to live here, give them a tax haven to hide money and extra privileges to many and maybe that is where our biggest domestic security problems lie??

        It’s is our friends who don’t get along or corporations who might want to sue us to get more resources like water, who might cause problems and the good public of NZ have already been pointing this out. Our spies are protecting NZ politicians and politicising spying via the Phil Goff incident.

        Labour have been very naive on that issue. Wake up Labour!

        National can’t even get Talent 2 to pay the teachers, do they really think having so much information available via computer is a good idea? The NZ spies seem to be youthful idiots with too much time on their hands judging by released email. Lets face it they rely on the US to analyse anything. And the US have let us down before over the Rainbow Warrior government terrorist attack that they knew about.

        As for the US, they lock all their best IT specialists in prison and after seeing that, would some intelligent technician want to work for them? Not sure how the US will go when war gets technical. Not well, is my view.

        Bit like how the UK treated Alan Turing who code broke the enigma code.

    • Wake up Labour, Now is not the time to go Nat Lite, Labour does it too…

      Clark has gone, Cullen has gone, Phil has gone, Blair has gone,

      It is time for a new sovereign Labour under Little that actually finds it’s own path and can communicate it clearly…

      Is this our new anthem…

      Spies of nations at thy feet
      In the bonds of fear we meet.
      Drown our voices, we entreat,
      Spies defend our sold off heap.
      Guard Pacific’s Greedy arses,
      From the eyes of citizens glasses
      Make our spies heard afar,
      Spies defend the world’s elite Shar.

      Men of every creed and race
      Oppress us here before thy face,
      Asking thee to own this place,
      Spies defend the world’s elite base.
      From freedom, fairness, and the masses
      Grant corruption, guard our asses,
      Make our country captive mate,
      Spies defend New Zealand’s fate.

      The clues for what spying powers in NZ mean are, Labour and Phil Goff being discredited, and that the pro democracy civil servants are being targeted for spying and being undermined.

      • Wake up Labour?

        Labour is part of the problem, and always will be part of the problem.

        For decades Labour consisted of liars, spineless trough-feeders and quislings. And now Labour consists of liars, spineless trough-feeders and quislings.

        Labour will always spout a load of business-as-usual propaganda because Labour is simply the reverse side of the coin that is currently turned to show its National face.

        Flip the coin and get it to land Labour, and then see what you get: more of the same.

        ‘Labour Party leader Andrew Little agreed the spy agencies needed greater range of powers to deal with groups that posed a threat to New Zealand.

        “People want to know that the government has agencies committed to ensuring our economic protection and our national security.’……

      • Thanks Save NZ you saved my confused mind today as we are deep under a surveillance state now11111

        even my keyboard REGISTERB IS BEING interfered with I KEEP GETTING MY UPPER CASE BEING ACCIDENTALLY switched on and barking dogs are complaining at me FOR THIS.

        Love your version of the GREEDY ANTHEM A GOOD LAUGH.

        Thanks for the laugh.

  11. I am confused, does the Protected Disclosures Act then have to be amended also?

    Info on it on the website of the Ombudsmen:

    Now this:

    “A new offence will be created for people who hold a government security clearance, or those given access to classified information, who wrongfully communicate, retain or copy it.

    Intelligence agency employees who encounter evidence of wrong-doing can make a protected disclosure to the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security.

    But if they give information to others or the media they face a prison sentence of up to five years in jail.”

    Sounds like giving the fox authority to “check” on his/her own behaviour when it comes to chasing rabbits. Or like having a football team leader be the referee in a game at the same time.

  12. Further to my comment, the law is already full of holes like a Swiss cheese:

    “12 Special rules on procedures of intelligence and security agency

    The internal procedures of an intelligence and security agency must—

    (a) provide that the persons to whom a disclosure may be made must be persons holding an appropriate security clearance and be authorised to have access to the information; and

    (b) state that the only appropriate authority to whom information may be disclosed is the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security; and

    (c) invite any employee who has disclosed, or is considering the disclosure of, information under this Act to seek information and guidance from the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security, and not from an Ombudsman; and

    (d) state that no disclosure may be made to an Ombudsman, or to a Minister of the Crown other than—

    (i) the Minister responsible for the relevant intelligence and security agency; or

    (ii) the Prime Minister.”

    The more I follow all this stuff, the more changes that come in, the more I am struggling to keep up with it all, and I am one of the few who bother taking any interest.

  13. What will it take before we on the left finally give up on the Labour Party? They are not to be trusted on the big issues, we’ve seen this time and time again.

  14. One step away from making protest (anything considered challenging of government policies) illegal!

    I thought it wasn’t too long ago that Key promised the GCSB won’t be used to spy on Kiwis! Another lie to add to his contentious growing list of forked tongue statements and promises, misleading the country yet again! And in his distorted, warped mind, what constitutes terrorism? Anything I guess which challenges Key and National! I predict we are about to head into one of NZ’s darkest times!

    Go the whistleblowers. Long may they continue to inform the public of the duplicity and skulduggery of this rogue, corrupt and treasonous Key led government, particularly those journalists and other outspoken Kiwis with a strong sense of justice, ethics, and fairness …

    To name a few …

    – Hager
    – Campbell
    – Forbes
    – De Boni
    – Stephenson
    – Bradbury
    – Macskasy
    – Bruce
    – Minto et all …

    If the likes of these good decent Kiwis go down for keeping the public informed, then we, who support and stand with them, go down as well along side them!

  15. Just a niggling thought from this old cynic.

    This new sinister spy law seems to coincide with the recent visit of Veep Biden!

    And another cynical thought …

    Who’s to say the new GCSB surveillance law to spy on Kiwis, won’t be used against Opposition MPs as a discreditation tool?

    The older I’m getting, the more cynical I’m becoming!

      • Yes , and it was no coincidence that the Rothchilds who ARE dedicated Zionists, constructed the Knesset, among other key buildings and projects, – as well as being key supporters of the state of Israel both politically and financially.

        Particularly both before and after the first world war.

        That was what the Belfour Agreement was all about… as part of the deal the Zionists of the USA and Europe promised to bring isolationist North America into the war.

        And that caused the deaths of thousands of Americans.

        We now have a situation where there are dozens of Zionist advisers to the American President.

        Yet the Rabbi’s , the traditional keepers of the Jewish faith … are adamantly against the concept and politics of Zionism – both inside Israel and outside.

        Zionism , in its extreme form, is a malignancy which promotes racist and fascist ideology.

        The Jewish faith , by contrast , – as expounded by the Rabbi’s – has nothing in common whatsoever with it at all.

  16. AARON SWARTZ – many feel he did not commit suicide but was murdered.

    Very timely now as Parliament may likely soon pass limitations on our internet freedom.
    I saw this docu / movie again recently entitled — ” INTERNETS OWN BOY ” and feel it is extremely important to know what Aaron did and what happened along the way. His main concern was making the world a better place and he was not an internet criminal. Important to see also because it exposes some of the corporations and politicians who were either pro or against supporting freedom and internet neutrality. Powerful story about Aaron and the history of S.O.P.A. and PIPA and timely to our issues at the moment right here in NZ.

    It will show only one more time on the Rialto Channel on — Aug. 25 ( Thur. ) at 3 p.m.

    Otherwise : ( Highly recommended and well worth the watch )

  17. We really don’t need to worry about all this BS, it is just a side show
    It’s a bit like the people on Rapa Nui debating the height of their Moai, while they were running out of food and a life supporting environment.
    We are at a similar point in our evolution, just like at the time of the last statue on Rapa Nui, those people ended up eating each other.
    The people who will have to eat people to survive could be as old as you and me, and they are all around you.
    The unsurvivable shitstorm that is climate change/resource depletion is about to come down, if it hasn’t well and truly started.
    Personally I just live with a try to do no harm attitude, and will vote ban 1080, as that is about the only thing we can do to reduce suffering, everything else is set in stone.

    2/3 of the people under water in the US at the moment have zero insurance, and are facing the second 1 in 500 (?) year storm in a few months.

    Maybe this is the Natz way of reducing the housing problems, I mean who wants to live/invest in a police state?

  18. Further to my above comment, if it gets published
    Most of us (95%?) are not going to die of old age, we are going to commit suicide, get murdered by the government or our neighbours/family, or if we are lucky just left to starve.
    A lot will die from lack of medication, but then no food is as much of a killer 😉
    Sorry guys but we are well and truly fucked.
    The last human generation could be as old as 15. To reduce the human population down to 0 from 7 billion equals something like 7 boxing day tsunamis a day for 10 years. The rate would have to speed up wouldn’t it, maybe that’s an average, ie only about 10 drowned in the US this week.

  19. I live for the day in which a journalist has enough guts to ask the Prime Minister “how many of the extra police that he says are “likely” to happen will be on policing duties and how many will be used for spying on and harassing either journalists or the National government’s political opponents?”
    It would also make a great supplementary question in parliament’s answers to oral questions session, but I’m sure Speaker Carter would rule it out of order.

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