MUST READ: Dear New Zealanders – Do you have any idea what the bloody hell the NZ Security and Intelligence Bill does?



Dear NZ

I don’t like you and you don’t like me.


You think I’m a lefty whinger, I think you are a bunch of easily led sleepy hobbits whose anti-intellectualism and negative egalitarianism has all the charms of a kindergarten book burning.

Last election you didn’t care that your beloved Prime Minister was deeply involved in vast abuses of political power and lied to you all about mass surveillance. Apparently your untaxed capital gains were far more important to you  than silly things like the PMs Office colluding with the bloody SIS to smear political opponents.



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I am of course talking about the NZ Security and Intelligence Bill in front of Parliament that National are trying to ram through right now.

I’ll understand if you’ve heard nothing about it because our mainstream media have been talking about an All Black having sex in a toilet for the last 2 weeks, but this is an abuse of power not even sleepy hobbits can allow.

The NZ Security and Intelligence Bill will make ANY action by the SIS or GCSB legal. That means they can break any law they like and will never be prosecuted for that.

Do you understand the ramifications of allowing the security apparatus to have a completely free hand to break any law they like?

I appreciate if this is the first time you’ve even heard about this but it gets far fucking worse.

Not only will the SIS and GCSB have the legal protection to break any bloody law they like – THEY CAN EXTEND THIS POWER TO ANY OTHER STATE AGENCY THEY DESIGNATE TO HAVE THAT POWER!!!!

Are you listening yet sleepy hobbits?

Not only will the state spies be able to break any law legally – they can deputise different agencies to have the same power.


Look, this is an extraordinary abuse of power the likes we’ve honestly never ever seen before. NO state agency should have the power to break any law they like and they sure as hell shouldn’t be allowed to tag in any other agency to have the same powers.

As more and more NZers suddenly wake up to this appalling legislation and its ramifications – people are going to be outraged.

Outraged that they didn’t know this bloody thing was even happening.

Outraged at the full scale assault on our democracy that it represents.

And outraged that it’s been allowed to progress this far with bugger all scrutiny.

As more wake up, I think we will need another Town Hall meeting in Auckland and around the country to stop this.

Folks, if the spies can break any law legally, we will have become a Police state, our Democracy will be a true facade.

Take the time to read the best submission around on this. Forget fatigue and cynicism and a sense of hopelessness, we must not, can not allow the Government to advance this monstrosity.

This is not a left or right issue, it’s a human rights issue.

The 2014-2015 budget for the GCSB was $86, 843, 000. Their budget for 2015-2016 is $143, 568, 000. That’s almost a $60million dollar increase in one year.

Wake the fuck up NZ.


  1. ‘As more and more NZers suddenly wake up to this appalling legislation and its ramifications – people are going to be outraged.’

    Wishful thinking, Martyn. It’s not going to happen. But thanks for trying.

    Most people living in New Zealand will not even know anything about the legislation (before or after it is passed), and of the few who do become aware, many will describe less liberty and more surveillance as a fair price to pay in the ‘global war on global terror’, Iranians, Iraqis, Syrians, Libyans, Afghans, Russians, Chinese, North Koreans etc. being ‘such terrible people’.

    Propaganda and brainwashing have worked extremely well for decades, and will continue to work. That’s why governments continue to use them.

    Talk to people and discover how few have read ‘1984’ or ‘Brave New World’ (or even taken the easy way and watched the video versions). How many of those have connected the concepts presented in ‘1984’ and ‘Brave New World’ to their own lives? My guess is 0.1% of the populace. (I raised this at a symposium in NZ in 2007, and you can see how well the meme propagated over the past 9 years!)

    Although many have seen ‘The Matrix’, how many recognize modern industrial societies as being akin to the Matrix? My guess is, again, 0.1%.

    Only when people are PERSONALLY AFFECTED do they wake up. As long as there is cheap food, cheap fuel and mindless (brainwashing) entertainment available, most won’t.

    It is exactly the same with respect to all the environmental issues I have focused on over the past 20 years: most people are not interested until it affects them personally. And even then, they are still likely to defend the system that captured their minds when they were children.

    It will be those few societies that have not been subject to decades of western corporate brainwashing that will bring the madness to a halt, most notably Russia.

    We note that Putin is still trying to be diplomatic by describing warmonger nations as ‘partners’:

    ‘Remember what Libya or Iraq looked like before these countries and their organizations were destroyed as states by our western partners’ forces?”

    ‘Putin: West responsible for Middle East instability and terrorism in Europe’

  2. I think people are concerned but don’t know what to do about it. NZ are supposed to have a political opposition – what are they doing, clapping the Natz along?

    Seriously what can sleepy hobbits do, when the opposition is not very vocal, the MSM is burying it and the less (joke) mainstream are doing the same stories but shorter like Spinoff’s “History is made: Sparks fly when Chris Warner meets Alf Stewart (VIDEO)” and “The Real Podcast of Housewives, Episode Nine – Twerking, strippers and wang dang doodles”.

    Clearly someone needs to push along Labour and Greens on this one…. Where’s NZ First and Mana? Of course the Maori party is probably keen to sell their kin to arrests and further imprisonment to stay on side with National in the new spy legislation.

  3. As I was reading Martyn’s blog I had to giggle at the picture that came into my mind of John Key blowing hot air into a balloon cause that’s all it is. Sorry, Martyn, I know I should be more serious about it, and you’ll probably block my comment as irrelevant (which you often do – and quite rightly). Who is jonkey and his spymasters reporting to? Most of us know about the nefarious activities ongoing at Pine Gap but that’s being neutralized. Jonkey’s bankster cronies have been defeated and power has moved to the BRICS. The internet is a wealth of information for anyone interested in researching that “wars” on drugs and terrorism are to perpetuate them not stop them. US Inc is no more, it’s bankrupt and no longer exists. The “Cabal” no longer exist. What is left are the scrubby, traitorous servants and handmaidens of US Inc and the bankster cabal who are petrified that any day people will wake up to the fact that they are hot air blow ups strutting their sorry asses trying to use scare tactics to bring an island nation’s population into submission. jonkey and his cutouts only get away with their bullshit because we let them. Iceland got rid of their rubbish; the people of Spain have been successfully governing themselves for over 280 days :
    Get rid of our balloon blowups and their alphabet agencies. Once we do, like Spain, we wont even miss or remember them.

  4. Keep it up Martyn, get back on TV as soon as possible – NZ needs you every week night at 7.00pm. WHAT IS IT GOING TO TAKE TO GET THE SHOW BACK ON THE AIR?

  5. Yes Martyn people need to wake up to the erosion of our privacy under these Tory b……s. I get sick and tired of those pathetic gutless NZers that continue to say ‘nothing to see nothing to hide’. Well really that is just a load of bull kaka when we have our own govt spying on us for there foreign masters. And the masters just crapped on our bid for Helen Clarkes to become the UN Secretary General. The big 5 put JK in his place despite all his a …kissing

    • computer is going slow?…mine is

      the question I would like to ask is where Labour is on this ?…are they complicit?…if so they don’t deserve to win next Election

  6. A some regulars here know, most NZers will NOT care, they want tax cuts, they want a new car, a new overseas holiday, they want a new brand clothing piece shipped in from overseas (made by sweat labour), they want the new iphone, and for the rest they feel, “I have nothing to hide”, so I am all right Jack.

    We can continue flogging a kind of dead horse, for most it is a dead horse, even if the truth shows it is a dying horse in great pain.

    I see and hear this everywhere, most do not give a shit, they are too busy serving their own interests, and all others that are having “issues’ with spy services, they must have some reason to be dealt to, that is what they think.

    Activists are as hated as the beneficiaries and the poor, that is NZ Inc 2016, Orwellian almost, I think.

    • Mike,
      be honest here. Start with your undies, shoes ,srirt pants and shoes.
      Where are they made?
      Any in Nz?

      • Am I given a choice? I haven’t got the time and needed skills to make my own garments, so you get honest, please.

    • My computer loose emails as if they are interfering with my writing.

      I think we are already under the control of the US CIA and NSA as we have top official’s here set in NZ now to subverting us all?

      This Government are just a criminal enterprise nothing more sack them!!

  7. I agree that the opposition parties are not raising awareness of important issues. The term ‘Main Stream Media’ really agitates me though. I use to plug my television aerial in once a week to watch The Nation, I don’t even do that anymore.

    I consider UHF broadcasts (NZ Television and Radio) antiquated along with printed magazines and newspapers. So to call such news outlets the MSM is agitating. Granted, there are the likes of Stuff, TV3 On Demand, The Spin Off, etc however they are all very poorly constructed online news sources.

    It’s 2016 and the monolithic MSM and falling to pieces. I mean, who are all these people watching television and buying newspapers? Does not compute!

    • Hah, the MSM is now present on the web, like other media forms that can be classed to fall into the MSM category, it has nothing to do with UHF and old style TV transmission.

  8. How much of this has been reported in the MSM to date?
    Our intrepid media watchdogs have totally failed us again.
    No wonder this country is in such a weird, pathetic, grotesque condition with such a degree of apathy and indifference.

  9. Thinking about all this stuff for a long time, I have been very dissatisfied with the term ‘elites’, so commonly used to describe the scumbags at the top of the social pyramid who manipulate and lie for their own short term gain whilst ruining practically everything for everyone else. After all, elite suggests someone with outstanding ability, and the only thing outstanding about those at the top of the hierarchy is their ability to cheat and lie, and participate in cronyism, nepotism and malfeasance etc.

    The term scumbag is far too colloquial, far too slangish.

    I came across the right word today. Deplorable. Those who cheat and lie, who orchestrate looting and polluting, wars, debt slavery and spying on the general populace are The Deplorables.

    And those who live precarious lives at the hands of The Deplorables are The Precariat, already an established term.

  10. I overheard a gentleman telling another gentleman in Harvey Normans that his mortgage was $3000.00 a month.
    I sold my house because my mortgage was $820.00 a month.
    The gentleman with the $3k mortgage cares only about how he’s going to get to the end of the year intact with enough money left over to buy The Warehouse Xmas gifts for his whanau.
    Is he suddenly going to down tools and be part of a revolution? No, he’s not.
    I think we may need to become a little more realistic with our expectations of our fellow Kiwi because change will only come slowly to those who’ve been paralysed by fear and anxiety.
    Ever had a severe pain that makes other, lesser pain seem all the worse?
    The psychology of what’s happening in NZ is extraordinary.
    ” They” hit us hard in all ways until we squeak in pain…. then they hit us harder and I swear to God, the real agenda is just around the corner.
    We’re going to lose sovereignty over our country.
    The only safe place for us is in our numbers and we don’t have the numbers therefore, we’re in trouble.
    Mortgages and loans are merely traps set for the unwary. Deregulate Unions and ratchet up the basic costs of living and you have a terrible weapon.
    There’s only one way out.
    Trash the Banks. All foreign owned banks MUST go.
    Read this.

    Royal Bank of Scotland

  11. You know what I’m sick off?

    These damn conspiracy theorists on the left!

    As if they would infiltrate all the unions, the Occupy movements, and every cultural and management organization in the country!

    As if New Zealand played the major role in the Iran Contra Crisis passing information that led to the coup through its embassy in Manila!

    As if the New Zealand Government would could with the fishing industry and the Maori party to purposefully hide human rights abuses including murder and environmental destruction on an unimaginable scale!

    And as if the New Zealand government would spy on the International Whaling Commission and Japan to manipulate behind the scenes fisheries negotiations!

    As if they would harass members of the Anglican church digitally and in real life until they nearly lost their minds! Someone mentioned in the whale dump leaks, perhaps?

    As if the NZ Government would allow a New Zealand citizen to be held captive, interrogated and tortured, nearly kill him, and destroy his career too!

    Next thing they’ll be saying that the head of Mi6 in NZ during the 80s and 90s was named after a character in a Graham Greene novel!

    Or that the liaison officer for the GCSB at the NSA is one of the most senior Freemasons in the country and invited Muslims into a monitored apartment full of “top secret material” prior to NZ’s draw war deployment!

    Or that Paddy Hearst’s cousin moved to New Zealand and changed his name to William Tree!

    New Zealand is a decent place run by decent people. Things like this just don’t happen.


    • Perfect example of a sleepy hobbit, who temporarily woke up and got angry about being woken up, I presume.

  12. To be honest the vast majority of people won’t care and unless the Natz start executing pre-schoolers nothing will change. There are just too few of us shouting into the wind.
    Instead of putting a shelf up this weekend would be better off building a barricade in my street – Vive le Revolution.

  13. That which is fascinating so far, (it’s taking a little time to read the bill) is Part 3, subpart 1. I quote:
    “The purpose of this subpart is to enable an employee of an intelligence and security agency to acquire an assumed identity, use that assumed identity, and maintain that assumed identity for the purposes of—
    facilitating the ability of that intelligence and security agency to carry out its activities while maintaining the secrecy of those activities:
    protecting the identity of the employee.”
    In other words an agent of the crown may dress up as a Jehova’s Witnesser, a door to door salesperson, a health professional, a counsellor, teacher, meter reader, dentist, radiographer, mechanic, priest, plumber or prostitute etc. etc. in order to gain intimate and detailed knowledge of someone’s personal circumstances, family situation, weaknesses and exploitable traits all in the name of national security. They may carry on this deception over an extended period of time with impunity and relay any and all information gleaned from the person they are targeting to the GCSB with no limitations on what they do relay, be it intellectual property, highly personal and sensitive material, systems architecture, plans, contacts or asset structures.
    They may target our children, relatives, friends, pets, businesses, social circles, support systems and cyberstructures in the most insidious and far reaching usurpation of our sovereignty in an endeavor to totally wipe us off the face of the planet.
    This is beyond Kafka

  14. The 2014-2015 budget for the GCSB was $86, 843, 000. Their budget for 2015-2016 is $143, 568, 000. That’s almost a $60million dollar increase in one year.
    This factoid is astounding and supports my previous comment (to the effect that government contractors in drag infiltrate our daily lives)
    I nearly broke my calculator to determine the increase in their wage bill at $72,486,200. That’s an 83% pay rise for government contractors… and they could be working for ANY agency, typically taking long lunches or breakfasts between rests behind their computer screens, all at taxpayer expense, before driving to their motel/upgraded housing/bach in the latest government issue kia sorrento or whatever to consume the steak and vintage of their choice, all while families are forced to live in cars and our young people suicide or join gangs call me cynical 🙂

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