Can you actually trust voting for Greens after they rule out working with Labour/NZ First?


Spot the muppet.

The astounding announcement that the Greens will rule out a Labour/NZ First minority Government means that voters who want to kick National out of power must now question lending their Party vote to the Greens.

I’m still in shock at their decision to attack NZ First when a change of Government requires NZ First. The Greens have doubled down on that by declaring the won’t support a Labour-NZ First minority Government.

What the Greens are saying is that they will send NZ back to the polls post the 2017 election.

The insanity of this is beyond comprehension.

The question now must be asked of everyone who wants this bloody Government gone, can you really risk voting Green if they are ruling themselves out of changing the Government?

If you want a change of Government the only political parties to party vote for this year are Labour and MANA because the Greens are openly stating they won’t support a NZ First-Labour minority Government.

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The Greens are now a middle class party with middle class values and their preference for purity rather than pragmatism means they are simply not ready to be part of a Government.

I still don’t think they understand the political position they have snookered themselves in.

We accept Green voters think they are better than everyone else, but to just rule out working with anyone to change the Government shows their precious values up for what they actually are, selfishness wrapped in middle class snobbery.

What a waste.


  1. Sorry to say it but if some green Party tall poppy doesn’t stand up and say “they will work with anyone they have to rid the Nactional evil from power” – then NO is my answer.

    Greens must remember “United we stand; – divided we fall”

  2. Fact 1 Greens have not ruled out a 3 party coalition.
    Fact 2 Winston will not work with the Greens
    Fact 3 An NZF / Labour Coalition does not have the numbers.
    Fact 4 An NZF / National Coalition probably would have the numbers.
    Fact 5 Winston wants to be in Government.
    Put it together and it becomes plain that a vote for NZ First will give us a fourth term National Government.
    Voters who want a change of Government should note that only Labour, Greens and Mana state that they want a change of Government. Winston would happily support National.

  3. What’s this – ‘Bash the Greens week’ ?? They’re the only party with any real integrity. What are the other options – Neo Labour and Neo Nazis?

  4. “I’m still in shock at their decision to attack NZ First when a change of Government requires NZ First. The Greens have doubled down on that by declaring the won’t support a Labour-NZ First minority Government.”


    Coates needs firing, he has undone any chance of changing the Government now, even TV3 at 6am is jumping with glee over his stupid mouth.

    He must be a National plant to wreck the Green Party as he has only been in parliament for a mere 9 months as their most junior PM since Kevin Hague retired.

    He must be sorry he retired leaving Coates as a wrecking ball now!!!!!!!

  5. Barry;

    Get this sorted out; – as you can straighten this out simply by saying to NZ on MSM what you said here;

    “BARRY COATES says:
    JULY 12, 2017 AT 10:36 AM

    “We haven’t said we won’t work with NZ First in a coalition, just that we won’t support a coalition of Labour and NZ First that doesn’t include us. It’s a message calling for a wider coalition, not the fracturing that has happened in the past (2005) when NZ First refused to be in a coalition with the Greens.”

    BARRY; That is A fair comment but get this out into the press now! – as TV1 & 3 are this morning saying it is an attempt by greens to wreck the election and let national rule again and making you & Greens look like you are a National plant!!!!

    Based on what you have said here, you are clearly are NOT, so get this clarified NOW PLEASE BEFORE WE ARE ALL DONE.!!!!!!!

    • Surely this is the point? All Barry is signalling is: “Don’t expect us to play ball with you if you stitch us up and leave us with nothing.” Why should the Greens be expected to support a coalition where they would be excluded from any power?

  6. I feel like this is an ‘I told you so moment’ (with many many more to come)
    I was saying back in 2000 ish that the greeds were a bunch of only interested in votes at the cost of the truth and denial of facts party.
    With their support of Kiwisaver … the growth based ponzie saving scam, just confirming it for me, now some of you are catching up, funny that.
    They really are green by name only, the closest they come to the environment, is when they are flying through it.
    They support continued growth, continued air travel, continued poisoning of our environment, (via 1080 and roundup), and continued support of the very system that has basically killed nature.
    It might be more truthful of them to try and form an Act/greed government, they are only one more power hungry politician away from climbing into bed with billinglish and his thieving drug taking lot.(what is Barclay still doing there?)

  7. The clue here is MMP.
    This form of government requires parties to co-operate to attain government, and to work together.
    The sky has not fallen in.
    There will be bumps in the road, but all members of any coalition have their wrinkles to be ironed out.
    Because the Greens were effectively sidelined once before, does not mean this will happen again, and Coates is “positioning”
    Perhaps Labour need to Welcome all parties wanting to change this govt.

  8. Can you trust ANY politician?

    Betrayal is the byword of the age we live in.

    And the Greed party (the slight-tweaking-of-business-as-usual party) has been betraying the next generation for well over a decade.

    I see a chunk of ice twice the size of Luxemburg has just broken of an Antarctic ice sheet; that’s in the middle of the Southern Hemisphere winter! What do the Greed party have to say about the meltdown of the planet? They ignore it (the same way they ignore Peak Oil) and promote use of fossil fuels!

    Worse than useless.

  9. Environmentalism, conservation, climate change and the Green environmental movement is bigger than Green Party politicians and supporters. The two should not be conflated and confused.

    There are many long term New Zealand environmentalists and lovers of the New Zealand natural environment who do not necessarily vote Green….They swing vote…sometimes Labour or NZF or Mana or Maori …and sometimes (quelle horreur) National

    Politicians and parties and policies should be judged and voted for on their own merits. Some politicians are newbie opportunists and think a label gives them special mana and unquestionable authority ( and anyone who questions or challenges is out of order)…it doesn’t.

    On the Left Labour and New Zealand First and Mana have very good environmental policies.

    Far from being a racist Party , NZF is an environmentalist party with very well thought out policies, recognising that New Zealand has a very fragile environment that can NOT withstand massive increases in immigration and foreign ownership

    ( to continually denigrate and accuse Winston Peters of racism is often in itself buying into covert racism towards Peters imo…he has suffered a lot from denigration from all directions over the years, when he has been head and shoulders above most other political leaders in ability and longevity )

    • 100% Red buzzard.

      We all need to work together to rid this Nactional scourge NOW for our collective future & that of our offspring.


  10. I so wish I had spend 2011 differently. Making the Greens the third party was an almighty waste of time. James Shaw has been a disaster.

    • I believe the Greens SHOULD withhold ¨ confidence and supply ¨ support if Labour and NZ 1st try to form a government without them. I expect they have discussed this in caucus but it is perhaps unfortunate that Coates made this known before the election since it makes the left look divided. Still, now that itś in the open, I don´t think Shaw should have disowned the policy.

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