ACT Party comment on poor people and children are Nazi

By   /   July 12, 2017  /   33 Comments

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I didn’t think I could loath these smug evil pricks any more than I could, but this comment reminds me how much I truly detest these rich arseholes.

Beth Houlbrooke – a shiny faced middle class piranha.  

The election brings out the true values of a political Party – I despise ACT but they are usually very clever at hiding their true viciousness but every now and again you see them for the fucking Nazi’s they really are…

…fuck you Nazis.

Blaming the poor for having children they can’t afford plays into a wider hate campaign against beneficiaries and ACT are the perfect party for that hate campaign.

Here is their shiny faced piranha candidate Beth Houlbrooke giving her privileged middle class bubble world perspective…

…really Beth?

Firstly, fuck you Nazi.

Secondly, giving poor parents more money rather than $400million to the richest pricks which is what National are offering does makes a solid attempt to reverse the child poverty issues we have, but according to this rich white piranha, she claims poor people will see this as an opportunity to breed for cash.

Fuck ACT and their personal responsibility bullshit, it’s an illusion they use to justify cutting back welfare for the poorest members of society.

I didn’t think I could loath these smug evil pricks any more than I could, but this comment reminds me how much I truly detest these rich arseholes.

Fuck ACT.

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  1. CLEANGREEN says:

    Bloody well said Martyn I’m in your corner here.

    Bloody shameless bunch of NAZI’s ACT are.

  2. Quicksilver says:

    Inhuman monsters.
    Measuring people’s worth by their bank balance.
    Politically, there’s only one thing worse than your average “don’t know-don’t care” Nat supporter , and that’s someone who votes for these repulsive creeps.

  3. Grant says:

    This doesn’t surprise me at all….the hypocrisy of the Act brigade is breath taking.
    Just look at the electorate that they stand in and who they appeal too…
    I know of quite a few nose in the air Epsom types and all without exception are born into money and have had massive financial hand – outs throughout their lives….None of them have made a go of it purely off their own bat, under their own steam…
    There’s usually a rich mummy and daddy or In law , uncle or aunty to be found in their somewhere…..I’m picking this one is no exception…
    Nothing against that if that’s the way their cards have fallen, but to then turn around and start lecturing people who are from less fortunate upbringings about whether they should ever have a family is about as arrogant, hypocritical and simple minded as you can get …..

  4. aWanderer says:

    FFS – this is a calculation that most NZ’ers have to do. So frankly Beth well said.

    Many hard work families can’t afford a second or third child and what shits them rather a lot is seeing their taxes subsidise people less well off than them having more children when they themselves can’t afford it.

    It is unfair and holding this position shows how out of touch you are with the vast majority of the voting public.

    BTW – it’s not often you can invoke Godwin’s law without a single comment. Well done Martyn! I suspect with the greens self immolating we’ll have 3 more years of blue, with a “nazi” or two propping them up.

    • WILD KATIPO says:

      You right wingers seem to quote that ‘ Godwins law’ quite a lot when it suits , – and by the way – it was an online ‘ meme’ invented by a guy who wasn’t even a psychologist or sociologist … and ever since then it has been used extensively as a means to shut down debate and discussion , -and it seems by those whose interests seem threatened when the truth gets too close for comfort…

      A little bit like the neo liberal mantra of TINA when in fact , … Jeremy Corbyn has just demonstrated there IS an alternative.

    • bert says:

      Beth is blonde haired and blue eyed(the master race).
      Act speak of personal responsibility. If this is true, then they must allow for others to make choice. Yet they are telling us what we must do in choosing the amount of children we can have.
      Sadly because of an anomaly in the voting process, Act are allowed to survived by a corrupt system. Yet Beth quotes ” we stand with the majority of parents who wait and save before having children”.
      Beth believes this shit. Where does Beth get her figures from, Epsom?

      Majority, fuck Act wouldn’t know what a majority is with, only 1 politician.
      My personal responsibility tells me Act should fuck off into obscurity, just as the so called, master race did.

      • XRAY says:

        To be fair smiling appears to come very unnaturally for Beth going by that photo!

        Probably hangs upside down in her wardrobe at night.

      • XRAY says:

        To be fair smiling appears to come very unnaturally for Beth going by that photo!

        Probably hangs upside down in her wardrobe at night.

        • mary_a says:

          @ XRAY … you state …

          “Probably hangs upside down in her wardrobe at night.”


          Perfectly describes the bigoted, blood sucking, life destroying night creeping parasitic scum that represent NATZ/ACT!

      • aWanderer says:

        Bert, thanks for the racist comment.

        The key words there are personal responsibility. If you need the state to subsidise you to have family then you’re not taking personal responsibility, what you’re doing is getting other people to subsidise your lifestyle choices.

        I’ve met Beth, she’s neither a vampire nor a fascist and works extraordinarily hard for her community. She could be a great MP.

        • No, aWanderer, she would not be a “great MP”. Not with foul attitudes and sense of entitlement as she has revealed lately.

          It’s not about your simplistic BS of “the state to subsidise you to have family then you’re not taking personal responsibility, what you’re doing is getting other people to subsidise your lifestyle choices”.

          It’s about wages not keeping up with the needs of working families in this country.

          Tell me, aWanderer, why was it sufficient for my father to keep a family of six in the 1960s/70s on one wage (my mum worked at home raising us ankle-biters) – while even a couple both working; both earning; cannot afford to buy their own home these days?!

          What do you think has changed so drastically that one wage was sufficient for six – but two wages are insufficient for two??

          I can tell you, but have a think yourself. It has zero to do with the right-wing rhetoric of “taking personal responsibility”, I can tell you that. (By the way, the Right seem unable to “take personal responsibility”, as Key demonstrated over the last eight years. When things went wrong, his default position was to blame others.)

  5. arbeitslos says:

    Why don’t ACT just say it straight – we don’t want the poor, feckless, brown, filthy, unemployed, and probably unintelligent to breed. Why can’t they afford to raise children Beth – because they can’t earn enough or find suitable jobs in this neoliberal disaster of an economy

  6. Robert Atack says:

    Martyn … M8, no one can ‘afford’ children, when we are looking at extinction, every child alive today is going to be a fucking victim of the fucked environment humans have created over the past 150 + years
    It doesn’t matter if they are rich or pore, they are ALL fucked.
    The current batch of kids are going to be food, sexual aids, slaves, or just dead, that is what we have left the LAST human generation.
    The fact that labour want to increase more victims shows how pig ignorant and blind to the facts of what we all face they are.
    Ren and Stimpy come to mind “happy happy joy joy”
    The only way to stop near future suffering is to stop breeding now, but only for the child that hasn’t been born, like all of us every child alive now, is locked into total fuckery, that is what what 410ppm CO2 and increasing fast equals.
    I agree ACT/nats are a bunch of utter bastards, but labor/greeds are just as bad, increasing our population is just increasing misery.
    The last human generation could be near 20 years old now, adding to this fuckup will improve nothing, sponsoring it @ 60.00 per week per victim is a form of insanity and denile.
    The bullshit is about a mile deep, and only getting deeper.
    ALL political parties are full of it, by promoting a GROWTH based scam like Kiwisaver, directly or by just not saying anything is just out and out lying, but alas the general dumb/stupid population just can not get their lied to heads around these facts. So we all go to our premature early deaths, in blissful ignorance.
    I feel like The Wicker Man .

    • Nitrium Nitrium says:

      100% correct. The giant elephant in the room almost no one here ever addresses: the notion perpetual exponential growth on a finite planet. Without also attacking “growth”, all the talk of cutting CO2 is just hot air: if you cut emissions by say 10% on a per capita basis but your population grows by 10% over the same period you haven’t moved the needle one iota. Over-population is a huge global problem and something neither the left or right ever seems to address because both sides feel it’s a “right” to reproduce. Anyone who has ever looked at an agar dish with bacteria on it knows how it ends for them: after covering the entire dish, they ALL die.

    • bert says:

      Well said Robert. Not a shit show in hell of anyone having children now that Act and National policies have come to fruition. Not a shit show in hell of owning your first home either without an inheritance or if you are a foreign investor.

      Yet the sadness of all this, is that the MSM portray Labour as the reason for all this. They are “sleepwalking toward defeat”.

      So to Beth, please crawl under your wealthy rock when-st you came and leave those living in the real world to make real decisions.

      Thanks Beth, Bullshit Bill and korrupt Key for freedom of choice to be taken away from us. So much for Act’s personal responsibility mantra!

    • Sumsuch says:

      Well, that is true. Thank you sir for placing it in the equation. Far, far too often ignored. We rely on a technological solution to climate change, otherwise, just as you described. War cabinet situation since the 90s is how it should have been handled, let alone the delusion-isme in America now.

      I reconsider Kiwisaver.

    • John W says:

      Well said Robert. The track you are describing is the one we are on and imbeciles like this tart just get in the way or change necessary to give a few a chance of survival for a while.

      Few things are more despicable than those who have worked a system of privilege to pour scorn on others who are more honest and charitable.

      We have been on a well recognised path to destruction since reports made our path known to the world plainly over 40 years ago.. Putrefied parasites like this vampire have consistently blocked change so as to greedily harvest spoils until now it is largely too late to avoid dire consequences that may have been avoidable.

  7. Siobhan says:

    Viewer discretion advised:

    Which reminds me, I wonder how Marks ‘refocusing’ is going?

  8. Mike the Lefty says:

    Like I said in another post.
    ACT is revealing its true side.
    It wants to direct human reproduction, like the Nazis wanted to.
    Only the chosen ones will produce children, the chosen ones being themselves and other wealthy elite who will produce spoilt little ACT clones who care everything for their own little world and nothing at all outside it.
    Remember the Misex Song “People” when Steve Gilpin snarls “Carbon Copy People!”.
    That is why ACT has scant support outside Ponsonby yuppiedom.

  9. savenz says:

    Even China allowed the poor, one child.

    The question is, What’s Act to do to keep their preferred rich child status, the sterilisations that they advocated a few years ago? Abortions? Extending the sexual surveillance and criminalisation of sole parents to working for families under ACT?

  10. Takere says:

    Shes too far down the list to make the cut aye?

  11. XRAY says:

    How very ironic.

    How about your government’s policies that exploit the low paid, flood the country with cheap migrant labour to keep them there and exacerbate poverty.

    Thought of that you rich wankers?

  12. Righto, so let’s get this straight, shall we?

    1. The neo-liberal experiment has failed.

    2. “Trickle down” has not succeeded.

    3. So it must be the fault of the poor.

    If that is the thought-process of ACT supporters then they have lost their grip on reality.

    Blaming the poor because neo-liberalism hasn’t failed to raise wages like we were promised in the 80s/90s is a piss-poor way to explain away that failure.

    It would be like blaming a rhesus monkey because a new experimental drug didn’t work, and the poor thing remained disease-ridden (after having been injected with the disease-causing microbes in the first place!!)

    My question to the pampered, privileged pooch called Beth Houlbrooke is why, in the 1960s and 70s, could my father raise a family pay the mortgage; pay for four constantly-eating teenagers; and live comfortably on one wage.

    Why does it now take the middle classes (never mind the poor!!) two wages to raise a family; not able to afford to buy a house; and struggle to pay constantly rising user-pays bills?!

    Ms Beth Houlbrooke obviously has no memory of what New Zealand was like before neo-liberalism reared it’s ugly head in this country.

    There were ‘alkies’ sleeping-rough down at the old, wooden Courtney Place bus-stops in Wellingtonin the 60s/70s.

    But not entire families in cars, now, in 2017AD.

    Ms Houlbrooke shows her peasant ignorance with her crass remarks.

  13. countryboy says:

    In all fairness to me, I’m drunk while reading this….
    Bahahahahah aha ahahahahah ahahahahahah

    Wait, wait…. can’t breath ~ ! Ba hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha …………. wait? Ba hahahahahahhahahahah ahah aha ha ah ahahahah aha aha hahahahahahahaha ha hah aha a hahah a haha a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a……………. Ba hahahahah aha haha hah ah aha hahahahha ah ahahahah ahahah ahahahhaha aha ahahahahahahahahahahahahahhhahaqhaqqhahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahah ah ah aha ha …………. bahah ah ahahahahhahahahahaha ah ah ahah ah ah ahah ah ahahahahahhahaha ah aha ah aa ha h aha ….. I’m on the floor now, rolling around ! Ba hahaha aha ah ahahahahahahah aha aha aha ahahahahahahhaha hahahahahahahahahahaahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhaha ahaha a ahahahhahahahahahhahahah ahaah ha……………………………….. !
    Aw Jesus ! Just when I thought life per se was losing its humour.

    That’s like saying ” If you don’t want to cough, don’t breath…. ! Ba hahahhahahahaha aha ahahahaha ahah aha ahahahahahahahha a Aw Jesus. It doesn’t get better than this .

  14. countryboy says:

    One more thing…

    A dollar buys dumbass. Yeah ! Dollar. Buys. Stuff. Yeah ! Dumb. Yeah! Buys! Stuff……. yeah !

    Bahahahahahah ah ahah ahahahhaahhahaa ahahaha a ahah a….!

    What’s to be said of being hoisted by ones own petard ??
    ( Read gales of sputtering laughter. )

    Cleary, $-riche doesn’t mean braincell rich.

    Thus, all you beautiful and intelligent people are miles ( kilometers ) ahead on this one. So relax and enjoy the show. ( Just grow them vegies while the fuckwits tank. )

  15. peterlepaysan says:

    ACT are “rich arseholes”?

    Come now, Martyn, arseholes are both useful and necessary.

    I have my doubts about ACT.

  16. C MacLeod says:

    How does Right Wing trash like Beth Houlbrooke get born and raised in NZ society to have these shocking values??

    Challenging the most basic human rights of the people of our free nation.

    We need a one-way prison for this evil element in our society.

    The real issue is that her parents had a daughter.

  17. John W says:

    Perhaps my remarks have been a little uncharitable towards Beth. Her pathetic stance and verbalisation against natural reproduction at the healthiest time of life to reproduce, is grossly misguided by her adoption of an ideology of exceptionalism. Her distortion of biological information about fertility, DNA quality, family extension providing emotional and mental health support and wider community dynamics shows lack of applied intellect or will to become cognisant about the subject . Just the rich can have healthy children do it by implication.

    Her inattention to a wider picture of economic stovepiping may not be convenient to her frightened belief that she clings to in castigating others to entrench her self worth of being privileged and apart from reality.