TDB Christmas Contributions drive – please donate if you believe we need a counter media and an update on funding

12/22/1961-Salvador Dali, Spanish painter, wearing Santa claus beard and a hat of his own creation called "Dali's Complex." Photograph. --- Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

12/22/1961-Salvador Dali, Spanish painter, wearing Santa claus beard and a hat of his own creation called "Dali's Complex." Photograph. --- Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

Comrades, it’s that time of the month when we put out our begging bowl and ask you our dear readers to contribute cash if you believe the NZ media landscape desperately needs a counter voice. This project of a blog takes up an immense amount of time and it costs us to bring it to you.

We have a large drop off in revenue over Summer from adverts and we really want to be in a serious position for the election in 2017 to challenge what will be a vicious propaganda war to see who will lead our Country. If you see how important it is that we have a much broader voice than the mainstream media are providing, we need you our readers and supporters to help us do that.

Putting together exclusive left wing/progressive live streamed content every month and co-ordinating 40 of the best progressive voices each month don’t come cheap. The Daily Blog is one of the largest left wing blogs in NZ and with the dire state the mainstream media finds itself in, these few platforms left to fight back at the Government, media elites and corporate power are more essential than ever before.

If you are in a position to contribute financially, this week is our last days of the December donations drive – please do so here. If you want to help us but can’t do so financially, please retweet and share all our work on social media.

We also need to update you all over the many kind comments we have received in the wake of the NZ on Air funding decision to not fund Waatea 5th Estate next year. The incredible generosity of so many working NZers who saw Waatea 5th Estate as mandatory current affairs viewing overwhelmed us all. We have decided to sit down with some people over the Summer and look to do a crowd funding proposal to produce Waatea 5th Estate for the election and build up The Daily Blog’s bloggers so that their work can get the resourcing it deserves.

2016 was a painful year. Not just the artists, musicians and creative geniuses we lost, but the Brexit vote and Trump win has seen our enemies win and heroes burnt at the stake.

And then John Key resigned.

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I want a better NZ. I’m sick of seeing the damaged mutant our state services have become and how they serve only to hurt and malign those trapped by desperation. We can’t just get a change of Government, I want a changed Government, so no matter how hard we will be on National and their allies, we want to demand real change from any Opposition that courts our votes.

2017 is an election year, we have seen how the mainstream media manipulate and spin for their hidden interests, our interests are all out in the open. The Daily Blog wants change in 2017 and if you want change too, help us remain one of the few platforms left open.

If you can donate now, please do so and if you can donate with our crowdfunding next year, please do so once we have released the details and if you can’t afford to do either of those things but still support our kaupapa, please share our content on social media here on Facebook or here on Twitter.

In solidarity comrades – hope to see many of you at our Christmas Party on Monday 19th.

Once more to the breach dear friends!

TDB Team



  1. Martyn – my family are all for you crowd funding to keep Waatea 5th Estate going for election year. We will put money in the kitty for you – this country is sorely in need of some balanced critical comment especially this election year.

    Keep up the good work – bugger NZ on Air funding – it can be done without them.

    • We join with Kate here Martyn, as we need alterative views not the Corporate smothered toxic meddling of our freedoms and democracy.

      Like our brothers and sisters at Greymouth they are taking control and we also need to ourselves as SS Joyce is still in charge of the government policy and the propaganda network who are using our tax dollars against us all with their mega propaganda agency MBIE.

      Put a call on “Give a little” also Martyn.

  2. Hey Martin,

    Glad to hear you will be working on a crowd funding plan. I will be sure to put some money aside so it is ready whenever the call comes out.

    • You accused me of being a book burner, which of course,I am not, as I believe in free speech.
      You, as a communist do not, which is why you “burn books” by withholding most critical posts.
      You manipulate this blog far more than the MSM you love to rubbish.
      You are a coward Martyn, too scared to stand up and be counted for what you are – a lover of monstrous dictatorships, like those of your hero’s Mao and Stalin.

      • 400 USA military bases surround China currently… they have ( the Chinese ) a handful of offshore bases.

        Now, I’m not particularly fond of the Peoples Republic, and I don’t sharpen the hatchet against the Americans, at least the common folk.

        But if your going to say things like that at least have a listen to this and see why there is such disdain for this NZ MSM by so many New Zealanders .

        Secondly , … and AFTER viewing Pilger’s documentary , I would ask you to consider that the western media is just as guilty as the eastern ones in their own version of the propaganda war.

        And make no mistake … the ex PM was most definitely a puppet for the 5 eyes spy network and an Americanophile.

        BTW ,…. I am not a communist. But I believe in a social democracy such as NZ used to be which is a completely different beast altogether.

        So here is the John Pilger link.

  3. Merry Christmas to everyone (you too, Patrick!). Let’s hope Humanity’s “better angels” show through next year……

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