Daily Blog April Donations Drive – last day today



Brothers and Sisters, if you think The Daily Blog is an important voice in the NZ media landscape, then we need your contribution.

Putting together a 5 night a week 7pm current affairs show and co-ordinating 40 of the best left wing progressive voices each month don’t come cheap. The Daily Blog is the largest left wing blog in NZ and you know how dire the mainstream media has become so these few platforms left to fight back at the Government and corporate power are more essential than ever before.

If you are in a position to contribute financially, today is our last day of the April donations drive – please do so here. If you want to help us but can’t do so financially, please retweet and share all our work on social media.


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In solidarity.


TDB Team


    • Why don’t you put your money where your mouth is and cough up loweststandards, after all you frequently use this site’s facilities.

    • How about we claw back the wasted 5 million plus, the government spent on lawyers on the case to prosecute Dotcom, instead of getting Disney, Warners etc to use their own dime on a civil case? Oh but why do that when John Key is your best friend for corporates and can send you to his “lawyer’ who does a good deal on secret trusts as well as do some sort of bizarre 70 armed defenders helicopter raid on a family with young kids! How about knocking on the door next time? I did not realise Dotcom was considered so athletic that he needed that sort of man power in the raid.

      How about we spend that 5 mill on a real media in this country not a bunch of elderly offshore cheerleaders for the 0.1% that currently makes up our MSM owners.

      Or the 7.5 mill that was given as ‘aid’ to Scenic Hotels.

      And god knows how much tax payers dollars are being spent on trolls like yourself, policing the blogs with right wing propaganda.

      At a guess it is that extra 8 mill that we need to ‘defend’ ourselves from ‘terrorists’ on social media… somehow being diverted into pro government social media propaganda. How National.

  1. We have sent our monthly contribution Martyn.

    Thanks for the reminder we appreciate your vigilance for democracy mate.

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