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  1. Well we asked the Electoral Commission under the Official information Act back officially recorded on 22nd March 2016 for all documented information regarding how the Electoral Commission Electronic counting process is carried out during their Political election voter ballots and who conducts those electronic tabulation counting process and if it was done off shore?

    They have never responded since the 22nd of March saying they acknowledged our request and we would here within 21 (working)
    days from their receipt of our request under the Official Information Act but since now the Electoral Commissioner is violating his own legal rights towards us to with holding evidence requested by us, we are now being violated under the OIA we will need to place a complaint with the Solicitor General and the Courts for a ruling against the Electoral Commission wrongfully with holding of public documentation in the best interest and benefit of the entire NZ public?

    Something is very fishy here.

  2. This is important – keep on it clean green. This is information New Zealanders have a right to know.

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