Hilary Barry quits TV3 – now what reason do you have to watch Paul Henry?



Would you want to wake up to Paul Henry every morning?

TV3 just lost their greatest asset, Hilary Barry has quit TV3 after 23 years there…

Hilary Barry resigns from TV3

Hilary Barry has resigned from TV3.

The newsreader and journalist is understood to be on leave from the company at the moment.

It’s understood staff were told of her resignation on Friday night.

Barry is one half of the nightly Newshub presenting team with Mike McRoberts, and anchors bulletins on morning talk show Paul Henry.

She and husband Mike Barry, a teacher, have two sons, Finn and Ned.

A statement on the Newshub site confirmed Barry had resigned, effective immediately.

Barry has been with the company for 23 years, working across several brands, the statement said.

She had left in order to spend more time with her family.

…this will be as huge a blow to TV3 as their cancellation of John Campbell for political reasons. Many who were attached to Campbell Live forgave TV3 because Hilary was still there, but with her gone, watch for the next ratings collapse in News and on Paul Henry’s show.

The American vulture fund who own TV3 must be wondering when to slash and burn the entire network.

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I’m guessing that Judith Collins will be replacing Hilary Barry on the Paul Henry Show. Rumour is that Hilary is in talks with TVNZ, if that is true, it’s all over for TV3.


  1. Now we need someone vacuous and with large shoulder-pads to laugh at Paul Henry’s jokes?

    Any suggestions?

    Here’s a couple of suggestions for a start:

    Helen Clark, if she misses out on the UN job that NZ is funding, would be a great foil for Henry’s anti-Labour “need-to-know’ political broadcasts on behalf of the National Party.

    Judith Collins – if she misses out when Key resigns “to spend more time with family”.

    Pippa Wetzel – she’s got some street-cred now after her stint on “Fair Go”

    • Hillary was a very principled woman and is very valuable so my idea is for you to round up all the good journalists left and sit down at a media forum soon and either place a “Give a little” for a free speech TV/Radio network or get a grant from where ever “Morgan Foundation” or other for a TV/Radio media.

      You all must now begin a “wake up NZ” media to actually speak out about the silencing of the media now & run the free speech channel to free this country’s mind body & soul finally from National’s media control of us all.

  2. To be honest, I was shocked when the Paul Henry Breakfast show team was once announced, and that Hilary Barry was part of it. I could not quite believe it, that she signed up for that role, with Paul Henry.

    I suspect his nasty, sexist jokes have turned her off so much, she decided, this is enough, I go.

    She was the only one on that show who stood for a remnant of moral principles, but it eroded.

    So good on her to call it quits. Perhaps she has got a job with TVNZ or another media outlet, I wonder.

    But the most that watch Paul Henry will continue doing so, they fall for his nonsense and are just too shallow, they would not care whether Hilary was there or not.

      • I was one who found Campbell Live essential viewing and would return to view a show along the lines of that which he fronted regardless of which channel it was on.
        It was obvious to me that on the Paul Henry Breakfast Show, which I find “the lesser of two evils”, Hilary was used as a bashing board to make Paul feel intelligent. The same applies with Jim. Over the last couple of months, they both appeared to have lost any little modicum of respect that they may have once had for Paul, and his blind sense of self love just fed off it. Jim may be a pathetic sports reporter, but he is only made more-so by staying with Paul Henry where he would never be allowed to shine.
        “NewsHub” doesn’t even rate with me.

        So, for me, it’s time to switch back to morning Radio. The two main TV Channels are are vying for “worst ” early morning breakfast shows which were once a good News providers with an acceptable entertainment value. Not so any more. They have both lost their way.

        • Maybe Hilary will make all our dreams come true and punch Henry on the nose live on her last day.
          Here’s hoping.

  3. My impression as of recently is, that TVNZ seem keen on improving their news and possibly current affairs programs, also trying to get top journalists and presenters from TV3 and so on board.

    The interviews by Corin Dann (with John Key) and Jack Tame (with Paula Bennett) on Q+A last weekend were markedly different to what we have been used to on that current affairs show.

    It seems they are no keen to get some teeth into issues, and to ask the government and other politicians some hard questions now.

    What is needed is to return TVNZ (at least one of their channels) to be an ad free, taxpayer funded broadcasting service, where we get more independent and balanced reporting than we have been getting so far, and than we have been getting from an disemboweled TV3 run by Mediaworks.

    Perhaps there is hope, I am sure TVNZ will offer Hilary a good job and better conditions, if rumours are true.

  4. Crickey, she’s only an autocue reader. I find it offensive that she and J Bailey were happy to be called the Mate and the Mother, respectively, of the Nation. Not my nation.

  5. I’m very happy with Morning Report.
    Only checked out PH twice.
    The first time I was informed that, his house has riparian rights.
    The second time I was informed that he drives an expensive car.

    I want “News” and “Current Affairs” at that time of the day.
    I decided I wasn’t going to get it there. Never went back.

    On Morning Report you can sometimes hear stuff before it gets sanitized by the gnomes in Bullshit Castle.

    Kim, Wallace, John and Simon, all deliver “Journalism”
    I suspect RNZ is on thin ice. Like “it’ll have to go”

  6. Didn’t have any reason to watch that arrogant d…head even with Hiliary there.
    She might well be quite a good frontperson, given the right material and show format.
    She didn’t have a hope in hell sitting next to that grandstanding old troll lecturing her on things he doesn’t know about himself.

  7. On a related subject: how do people think John Campbell is doing on Radio NZ Checkpoint?
    I have listened to him for a while now and think he’s doing a pretty good job.
    There’s a lot more humanity going into the stories now.
    Jim Mora was OK, I suppose, but didn’t really have that empathy and Mary Wilson couldn’t sound like a human if she tried.

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