John Key said WHAT about waitresses’???



Key said WHAT?

John Key draws flak after questioning why waitresses’ taxes should fund students
Prime Minister John Key has drawn a barrage of criticism after questioning if Labour’s fee free study policy was fair on waitresses who would be paying tax to subsidise students.

Before we answer why waitresses’ should pay for university students education, let’s ask that waitress some other questions first!

How about…

“Why should a waitress have to put up with being touched on 10 separate occasions by the Prime Minister’?

“Why should a waitress lose her job because he bullies her”?

“Why should young women be touched at work by powerful men’?

How dare this sanctimonious smug clown use waitresses as his example!

A waitress should be happy to help pay for higher education because they themselves might be able to benefit from it as well! Also, less student debt means the waitress won’t be paying more for the services of those university students who won’t be needing to pay off their loan!

That he can’t even see how damaged his example is by his own weird behaviour is an indictment on his judgment.


  1. Faux outrage much Martyn?

    Why don’t you simply address the point he’s trying to make, i.e. someone on a probably basic, low income subsidising a student who should, all going well, move on to bigger and better things and earn accordingly?

    • What on earth makes you think Brabury is playing?

      Maybe if you could better explained the career prospects of a waiter. Not even world champion baristas brake over 30k.

      You’ll have to do better than that

    • The money paid in tax is government money, not the persons who paid that tax. The whole point to having tax and having a society is to make life better for the next generation and beyond, so how exactly is having an educated populace bad for the nation? How exactly is it bad for the nation to have a populace that WANTS to be educated and finds value in knowledge? That waitress has already been and will continue to be a beneficiary of the education that others receive, through doctors, nurses, electricians, teachers for herself and her children, historians, tax collectors etc, and perhaps she will be a beneficiary for herself and others through her own education. As far as I am concerned John Key merely threw a red herring into the debate, to treat it like its a valid point is ridiculous.

      • Actually, where do you think the taxes come from? I beg to differ on your opinion that the taxes are governments money. the taxes come from the majority of the public, and maybe, just a few honest businesses that pay their taxes, so it’s really coming from public taxes. It’s the governments responsibility and duty to use that money and allocate it to where it’s needed, not spend it willy nilly without informing the tax payers. Especially as wasting our taxes on paying out for Saudi sheep farms without telling us until it was leaked out. Wasting our taxes on a referendum for a flag that we never asked for. Buying a fleet of BM’ers that wasn’t needed. Wasting our taxes on big piss ups that paid for the politicians and their spouses expenses. Paying for hotel rooms and rugby matches while on their way to conferences.
        Our taxes are paying these politicians their hefty salary, plus perks, so these very same politicians should be able to afford their expenses out of their own pocket, not our taxes. and to top it all off, these very same politicians claim back on taxes that we pay for in their expenses. and that’s only what they get while in parliament, let alone whatever salaries they receive outside of parliament while serving as politicians.
        So if Key wants to be arrogant by spitting porkies about waitresses, perhaps Key best face his own lies, before he starts playing games with innocent tax paying citizens he’s robbing.

        • Frank had something to say about taxes in this blog:

          Basically the government is funding it’s self by borrowing. To give tax brakes in an effort to increase consumer spending. There by increasing government tax revenue. In reality tax revenue has steadily decline because of tax cuts.

          Who didn’t see that coming.

          By my guesstimation. All that borrowing to give tax cuts. Those people are late on the loan repayments by about 3 billion dollars.

          In this case. Borrowing your way to prosperity really dosnt work

    • If you can’t see Key’s distraction for what it is, then here it is spelled out simply – By playing the “won’t somebody think of the poor waitresses” card, he’s just avoiding saying “I don’t want to subsidise students.” If he really gave a shit about the lower paid members of society, he’d show it through proactive policy that raised wages, increased employment, strengthened workers rights, lowered the cost of living… But his government has done the complete opposite of that. And you seem to have swallowed the bait.

    • ICD – “Why don’t you simply address the point he’s trying to make, i.e. someone on a probably basic, low income subsidising a student who should, all going well, move on to bigger and better things and earn accordingly?”

      Well, ICD, maybe you should be asking why high income earners aren’t paying more tax, to pay for all the nice things New Zealand once had?

      By the way, when taxes were cut for the rich in 2009 and 2010, and GST was raised from 12.5% to 15% – did you make any comment at all about high this was impacting unfairly on “basic, low income”?

      If so, please provide an example. Just one will do.

      Otherwise, you really come across as a sanctimonious right-wing, cliche-parroting lackey for this government, willing to exploit the plight of low-paid workers when it suits your agenda.

      I believe the word appropriate here, for your garbage, is hypocrisy.

  2. A: a lot of those waitresses will be students

    B: more money for students (or rather less debt for ex- students) means more for them to spend in the NZ economy – maybe on… going out to restaurants!?

  3. Why should waitresses pay for tax cuts for the rich?
    Why should waitresses pay for setting up a sheep farm for a Saudi Arabian multi millionare?
    Why should waitresses pay for the MP’s to get a new fleet of BMW?
    This list goes on, complaining about funding a public good is BS, especially when John Key got that good for free!

    • All true and –
      Why should waitresses pay more for medicines for themselves (and their children) because Key wants to sign the TPP?
      Why should waitresses have the rivers and lakes where they might take their children for an outing made unusable by cow shit?
      Why should waitresses have little chance of helping their children afford expensive tertiary education ?

      And it’s totally bollocks anyway because waitresses are paid like crap (and treated like crap by a certain type of entitled Tory male) so when we have a properly progressive income tax it won’t be them paying for the education of the next generation it will be people like Key and quite rightly so.

    • @ JOSH – Good points. I’ll add one more to your list …

      … and WHY should a vulnerable waitress be the victim of a very powerful man’s ongoing assault?

  4. Bizarre comments from an increasingly alienated Leader, I guess.

    It so happens to be, that many that work as a waitress are indeed part and full time students, earning a little to afford their studies.

    And if they do not earn more than most waitresses do, they will be on a minimum tax, or perhaps pay no tax at all, that is apart from GST that we all pay. Few work as a waitress full time, and few will earn that much, so that they would have to pay all that much tax.

    I wonder why he did not go a bit further, and ask, whether their tips should be taxed also, if they do not declare them.

    Once a jerk of highest degree, always a jerk of highest degree.

  5. Key is a disgusting sanctimonious prick & needs to be put down like what you would do to a mongrel sheep killer

  6. The more pertinent question might be why the waitress should be paying for Auckland’s rail loop, or flag referendums , or bribes to Saudi ‘ businessmen ‘ , lots of students supplement their impecunious state in the time honoured manner,and would be more than happy to contribute to their own betterment . I know a couple of lawyers who did their time juggling cappuccinos who would be very clear about where their taxes went if anyone ever got that choice … Like Joyce , Key is another who benefited from his state subsidised career path and wants to make sure others don’t get that option .

  7. On more than one occasion Key has shown that he is just as arse.
    It is a wonder why people still vote for this creep.

    • By using that example perhaps Key is subconsciously showing that he is still infatuated with that waitress with whom he misbehaved so badly by repeatedly pulling her pony tail in spite of being told
      to stop several times.

      • @ Jose – yes, demonstrates the disturbed mindset of a perverted creep, who happens to also be PM of NZ. Quite scary isn’t it?

  8. Singapore, hardly a model of leftist government, provides free university education because it makes their society wealthier. It’s not complicated.

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