Iowa result – Republican Christ vs Socialist Jesus


Fascinating outcome from the microcosm of Iowa.

The least electable Republican ever, Ted Cruz, has won Iowa’s Republican nomination and shown up the hot air bullshit of the Orange Fascist, Donald Trump.

Sanders incredible performance has tripped Clinton up and he is now a contender.

What does it all mean? The Left and Right of America are sick of the establishment politicians and are desperate for real change.

It’s Republican Christ



vs Socialist Jesus

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    • jesus may have had some good qualities but not too many would argue he had a dialectical and historical materialist world view and philosophy like Karl Marx…

      violence is built into the capitalist model and state superstructure, the 1%ers won’t hand the planet back to the people voluntarily

      • [“the 1%ers won’t hand the planet back to the people voluntarily”]

        That is why we have democracies and elections. One person, one vote.The ultimate power lies with the people. What we lack are good leaders, good information and collective strength.

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