BLOGWATCH: Has Lynn Prentice apologised to his best blogger for outing him yet?



Yawn, the dear old duck of The Standard is snarling again, this time because I didn’t bother publishing Alistair Thompsosn’s bullshit response to Scoop going down the gurgler.

First – to dear old Alistair who screamed down the phone at me when I asked if blogs joining his Scoop advertising cartel would actually get paid – (TDB was considering it but after Scoop failed to pay Kiwiblog, I was concerned we would get stuck in the same place). So for all your big talk re the future of Scoop, what has Selwyn Pellett had to say about your big plans and does your Mum know because she seems to have a very different perspective.

Also, are you still the editor or have you stood down yet. When does Anna take over?

As for precious wee Lynn. Have you apologised to Greg Presland for throwing him under the bus for Jose Pagani yet you hypercritical sanctimonious old goat?

Lawful Evil Blogger 2014: Lynn Prentice – The Standard
Lawful Evil is referred to as the “Dominator” or “Diabolic” alignment. Bloggers of this alignment see a well-ordered system as being easier to exploit, and show a combination of desirable and undesirable traits; while they usually obey their superiors and keep their word, they care nothing for the rights and freedoms of other individuals and are not averse to twisting the rules to work in their favor. Examples of this alignment include tyrants, devils, undiscriminating mercenary types who have a strict code of conduct, and loyal soldiers who enjoy the act of killing.

Of all the bizarre self mutilations this year, Lynn’s decision to publish a blog by Josie Pagani outing one of his best bloggers, Greg Presland, was the most appalling. For someone who likes to bleat like a wounded lamb about the sanctity of pseudonyms, watching him throw Presland under a bus for the machinations of the Labour Party was eye watering. Talking to Presland about it afterwards, Greg said he was shocked Lynn hadn’t even given him the courtesy of knowing that Pagani was going to officially out him. Like the good soldier he is, Presland bit his lip, but for an old duck like Lynn who likes to quack on about The Standard’s independence and the importance of pseudonyms, his own disloyalty to his own bloggers leaves him with little ammunition to throw at others.  Lynn brays like a donkey about how fragile my ego supposedly is, I think I’d prefer to have a thin skin than be a mean old shithead.


Having this clown lecture me about blogging  when he cut Presland’s throat for the Labour Party is like Whaleoil lecturing people on ethics.


That precious little chump over at The Strandard, Lynn Prentice, has claimed that because Greg Presland’s identity was known by the Standard clique, then somehow that makes it okay for Lynn to have allowed Jossie Pagani  to have slagged him the way she did. Talking with Greg afterwards, he was shocked that Lynn would throw him under a bus like that. That was the point of this post, their sad need to avoid the manner in which they treated Greg is desperate and nasty.

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Very much like Lynn Prentice.

He has gone onto make all sorts of allegations in the comments section here and his spite is a reminder of what a grumpy old twisted fool he is. The fact remains Scoop has massive internal issues, his claim that I have some sort of vested interest in Scoop collapsing is just the most ludicrous assertion I’ve ever heard. Try better next time please Lynn, even Slater can concoct a better conspiracy than that.

You are just lying now Lynn.


  1. Greg outed himself as mickey long before that post came out.

    If you are really interested rather than just displaying your snarky pain in the arse personality, I can search for the relevant comments.

    He was probably surprised about having a rebuttal post from Josie Pagani. However TS have always posted dissenting opinions. The authors write posts that disagree with each other. We also publish guest posts with differing opinions. This is called “debate” rather than “ranting from a pulpit”.

    Josie asked for a guest post. It was well written even if I disagreed with it. So I published it.

    The contrast to your poor behavior with Scoop isn’t exactly hard to see.

    Any other foolish bullshit you’d like to get out? Are you going to publish this? Well you know what happens if you don’t.

    • You are lying to cover your arse. You didn’t tell Greg you were doing that at all, and he was deeply offended and insulted when you did. Have you apologised to him yet you hypercritical arsehole?

      • You didn’t tell Greg you were doing that at all, and he was deeply offended and insulted when you did.

        Huh? We don’t ask guest posters (like mickey at the time) if we should put up posts by other guest posters. We don’t tell authors what they should post and when. We provide very few limits on what is in comments.

        Essentially we don’t do editorial controls beyond the minimum required to run a multi-author site.

        And mickey was so offended that he became a author on the site soon afterwards. I think that there is something particularly flawed in your raving fantasy because if he was so upset then I’d think that he would have said something to me at some point in the last year or so.

        But if you want to *avoid* the points I have put in my posts about your idiotic blogging behaviour why don’t you just say so?

        • Look you patronising old arsehole, you can dress it up any way you like champ, Labour HQ pulled their leash on you and you you jumped and allowed Josie to bag Greg. You have all the traits of a dog Lynn, minus the loyalty.

          • Bullshit. *sigh* You really are a bit of a conspiracy drama queen..

            “Labour HQ” hasn’t tried to tell or order me what to do in decades. That approach tends to leave them with a smoking hand. Hell – I barely accept orders from the employers who pay me to do their projects when I disagree with their approach on the project I am working on (and they often have a Lynn sized hole at the next breakpoint in the project).

            Various bit of Labour and other political groups have sometimes asked me for help at various times. Sometimes I will do it if they offer a good enough reason (like the Labour leadership election). With the blog I highlight those rare occasions in public. Being open about what I am doing politically simplifies what is happening and limits what people expect.

            Sometimes I have offered help, usually to do things that many politicians and/or their staffers find extremely uncomfortable – so they don’t get done. But which are things that I think political parties need to do for their future. Typically these are prototypes done external to any political party to demonstrate how a particular technique can be applied.

            I won’t explain what they are because your lack of knowledge about how real political parties work means that you are unlikely to understand the issues. But for me, The Standard was one of those prototypes.

            Basically why are you acting like such a dickhead?

            • Blah blah Lynn – you are a Labour Party middle class stooge from the old school. 60 years olds using ‘dickhead’ as vernacular is embarrassing. All you’ve said here is ‘conspiracy theorist’, then spent a couple of hundred words trying to explain your Labour Party stoodgeness.

              You are as boring here as you are in real life.

              • So much adhominum from both of you. It’s this sort of carry-on that gives people the impression the left is dead. More professionalism please.

                • Actually, ad hominem. I am still trying to work out whether Bomber meant hypercritical or hypocritical in his article. Maybe he meant both. But like you, I find the virulence unseemly; stronger on one side, but more than either side need use. We must be irrelevant old pedants…

  2. Well, I like TDB, The Standard and Lauda Finem (which also seems to be doing a bit of dumping on Martyn and Lynn). Each supplies me with a different perspective that I find very valuable. It doesn’t hurt to publish each other’s comments as readers are quite good at drawing their own conclusions. Name calling doesn’t help anyone though so it’s important to keep things polite. The Left is always going to be more public in its disagreements while the Right hides its own for public relation purposes and because by nature it is more hierarchical so is more dictatorial.

    • 1000% Pineapples.

      All of us are suffering from post election fatigue, and we must allow these giant bloggers to vent as they need, and I for one prefer the Daily Blog as the people are far more respectful and mature.

      Martyn just does such a Stirling job and has put his whole heart and soul into caring to keep up the interest for us all as we all go through this difficult transitional period as we seem to be in a vacuum with a phantom like Prime minister ducking every punch like a bloody mandrake.

      It is so frustrating being in this holding pattern by this creepy Government during these times, so I feel for all these highly vocal freedom of expression champions we have like Martyn and we must support him all the way here.

    • It was a comment buried in the tedious mountains of comments on the Standard, and it was 3 years ago – sure the clique were aware of it, but Pagani’s post was on the front page with neon lights.

      Greg sure as fuck wasn’t aware that you were going to allow Pagani to cut his throat the way you did.

      • Everybody knew Martyn.

        Pete George knew.

        Commentators on Kiwiblog knew.

        Commentators on Whaleoil knew.
        (won’t link)

        Random bloggers from nowhere knew.

        Greg himself made jokes about it.

        I don’t understand your obsession with this.


        • And yet you didn’t bother giving Greg the decency of informing him that Pagani was going to out him on The Standard. I remember how wounded Greg was at the time so having to put up with the puerile ravings of a hypocrite like Lynn lecturing me on blogging etiquette is a tad tedious.

          • On that weirdo point

            The rule I (and TS) follow and always have done for the last 7 years is that if anyone outs themselves and we see it, then we don’t maintain protection of their real identity.

            The corollary of that is that if they have not outed themselves that we are aware of then we will give massive bans to anyone who tries to out them.

            At Anthony points out further up (good searching) mickey outed himself on our site in 2010, years before the post you are talking about.

            I do know that mickey wasn’t aware of how we do guest posts. I have talked about it to him since and explained the reasoning behind it.

            Now if we have used up your excuses to divert from your behaviour… While it is nice that you have been allowing rebuttal comments today – is this something that you plan to continue?

            Or are you going to keep acting like a primadonna with a glass ego when it comes to valid criticism of your posts?

            • Your pop psychology 101 skills are as dull as your writing. I appreciate your animosity, the TDB beat you on visitors after only a fraction of the time you have been around. Your pathetic attack on me after I criticised the Labour MPs over the social media attack over Queens Birthday last year proved to be totally wrong didn’t it Lynn? Those MPs were planning to sink MANA after all, despite your claims at the time that wasn’t the case.

              You represent all I despise from old labour, a superiority complex that never matches your actual abilities.

              Your blog today was derived from Alistair’s sad attempt to gloss over the issues inside Scoop, those issues exist and it’s only a matter of time before those chickens come home to roost, why you think your opinion on the matter means anything suggests you have a God complex far more fragile than my prima donna glass ego you tired old goat.

              • In other words you don’t like explaining your rather stupid actions?


                Sure Scoop have problems. But I really don’t think that having you gloating over them like just another competitive vulture watching live food in the desert helps.

                Or does it?

                For some reason my commercial instincts suggest that you have some hidden motivations. Is scoop is a competitor for advertising with whoever does yours?

                Carrying on the pop pysch 101, I have noticed a tendency of guilt in people that they always ascribe to others what they themselves are doing. It has been particularly noticeable in Cameron Slater over the years where he considers everyone else to be as dirty in politics as he is?

                So you consider that I have hidden motivations. I wonder why?

                You do have some rather secretive habits about who you associate with. For instance, the Contrarian was asking about the financial associations of you and TDB with Internet Mana before the election. As he pointed out, we have never seen a clear answer about that.

                • We don’t feed trolls on this site. I appreciate you’re dependent on endless bullshit comments that have nothing to do with anything interesting to keep your numbers up, we prefer the content to do the talking.

                  As for your question regarding Internet MANA – you sad old fool. I did some original work for internet Party at the end of 2013, it lasted 2 months.

                  Seeing as your site was wall to wall with Internet Party advertising – courtesy of Scoop who you’ve rushed in to defend, your attempt to smear me is pathetic.

                  Try this shit on when we are face to face Lynn.

                  • Oh come on Martyn, don’t be so precious. You’ve banned people and deleted their posts on numerous occasions here on THE DAILY BLOG. That’s your right of course, but let’s not try to put ourselves on a lofty moral highground that no one really deserves to occupy.

                    You and Lprent do the same thing, albeit for your own personal rationale. Of course, so does Slater, and he’s even worse!

                    Right, so if you and Lynn can stop your breast-beating long enough, the Tories are over yonder —–> *points to Parliament*

                    (Take note Lynn. Same post I left for you on TS. Just changed the main players’ names around.)

                  • Southdeez, you have never posted before (as far as I can determine) but your first attempt at commenting is testosterone-laden derision. I am not willing to accept this. If you’re interested in expressing what might be an otherwise valid point, please do it without the alpha-male challenge. – ScarletMod

                • Is this the same Lynn Prentice who consistantly tried to paint me as a “right wing nut job”? I’m not surprised he’s got himself tangled up in yet more self inlicted idiocy…. All it would have taken was a quick scroll through my attempts at opening dialogue with what turned out to be a self interested clique to disprove that notion… There are(or were) some informative authers on that blog, but on two separate occasions, Prentice not only allowed protracted and unjustified personal attack on me, but came out in support of his pet blowhards….Using the utterly bogus reasoning that I was a “RWNJ” as “proof” that I was fair game.. I would challenge him to actually read my comments, and have the nuts to apologise for neing such an idiot… The standard has done irrepairable damage to the cause of egalitarian democracy, and shown itself to be a “part of the problem”, not part of any kind of useful solution…. It’s people like that ilk that helped drive people away from the “left” and assisted the power gathering of the corporate party(national to those who lack imagination)… Even their insistance on labelling people “right’or “left” played into the tories hands…. I tried to point this out, and was personally vilified by Lynns inner circle…. Stupid, really really stupid… To think that someone who blows on about being “left wing” wouldn’t have figured out that Pagini was one of “them” is unforgivably stupid…. Not surprising the resorting to nitpicking arguments then when called out on his judgement….

    • Yes, I recall Greg Presland on more than one occasion making it clear that he had never really tried to hide who he was. I also recall Clare Curran ‘outing’ him on Red Alert well before Josie Pagani’s attempt. They both made a laughing stock of themselves in the process because it was already well known who Greg was…

  3. I used to read red alert regularly (and was one of the main contributers to the comments section for quite a while), and am totally unaware of this ‘outing” nor any backlash you write of… Dates please? On the real topic, I read the “blog”, which amounted to a self satisfied, personal rant by pagini, which whilst being amusingly convoluted, was a rather childish attempt to paint herself as a bastion of true socialism… One would have to have an IQ “below room temperature” to swallow the majority of her ridiculous claims.. She claims to the left of Jim Anderton? Pullease!!! And what sort of brain fart is required to consider this drivel as worthy of a “progressive” left leaning blog?

    • @Steve(BBFLOYD)

      I remember your comments on Red Alert (always fully agreed with them) but from memory they were posted in the latter part of that blogsite’s life. You can be assured my recollection is 100% correct. It happened sometime in 2011 (I think) and I remember there were responses to Curren’s post or comment – can’t recall now which it was. The ‘laughing stock” quote of mine was probably a bit harsh, but certainly it was noted both online and offline that… mickysavage’s identity was well known so nothing new there.

  4. Wow Pen’s At Dawn stuff …
    I personally find Martyn writings, interesting and uplifting to read, easy to comprehend, also very concise in his message.

    The other fulla at TS has a need it seems to me, to interject or scribble on some poor souls different view/comment, always wants to have his long winded say and fuck what any body else thinks like a faceless control freak, bit like that other blog ‘Well I’ll Be Farked’ moderated out of all real passion and readability unless you are a loyal solider of fortune.

    Butt IMO it is a must to read all the different views on a particular subject, to get ones own real perspective,
    like the song
    ‘Heard it through the grapevine’ written by Norman Whitfield and Barrett Strong, sung by Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, Gladys Knight and her Pips, made famous by Marvin Gaye,
    I just love Creedance Clearwaters version.

    As for the subject matter of this post “who really cares, who is right and who is wrong”
    I can go for that.
    All blog readers are right in their own minds
    and most commenter’s and authors on this site
    are Absolutely Fabulous to read.
    Rock On TDB

  5. Back from my break and I see things have become interesting….

    As a point of interest (in case anyone is remotely interested), I will be moderating this blogpost (and others) as impartially as I can. That includes everyone.

    So let’s keep the ad hominems to a bare minimum (zero percent works for me) and stay on track. We are, after all, more or less consenting adults here.

    • It would help a lot (TDB in particular) if you could explain your policy and practice regarding filtering of comments. I haven’t tried here for yonks but quite a few people have been saying their comments just disappear. That puts them off trying. And it means you have no idea how open or managed discussions are.

      Suggestion noted. – ScarletMod

    • Does that mean my comment from this morning will be published? Because as much as I like the Daily Blog and a lot of what Martin does, it’s noticeable my comments that contain (always polite) criticism of him seem to just disapear.

      My moderation is from today onward, Aaron. I simply haven’t got time to go back over past postings and re-litigate. There is also the matter of courtesy, that I do not unilaterally over-turn another mod’s/admin’s decision. I have approved your post, and the rest is up to those who made the relevant decisions whether they review or not. – ScarletMod

    • Not sure you will have much luck on that front in relation to Lprent and Mr Bradbury 😉 .

      I’ll certainly do my best now that I’m back on board, Gosman. – ScarletMod

    • I don’t know that it is factionalism. It is more about blogging behaviour.

      If you write posts that attack people or organisations then you should allow comments that refute or clarify the points raised in the post.

      When a site writes inaccurate posts about things I am involved with, I expect to be able to comment on them on that site. If I cannot, then I will do it elsewhere including a barbed opinion on the people who can’t take criticism.

      Bomber appears to have a problem with being criticised and clearly doesn’t like learning from experience. My comments on his posts about The Standard have been moderated out as far back as June last year with my inevitable response, just as Aliasters were in a post about Scoop a few days ago.

      Given this pattern of behaviour of Bomber attacking people then trying to hide from refutation, it is hardly surprising that he gets criticism for doing so.

      His usual response to criticism appears to be to invent more memes as he did in this post. The problem is that he is often just as grossly inaccurate on details as he was in this post.

      I guess one day he will learn. Or that the ScarletMod and other moderators use their powers here in a more responsible manner.

      But if anyone else gets their refutation comment moderated out here despite it addressing the points in the post, then send it to other blog(s) in the public space, including The Standard. We’ll look it and decide if it has a public interest reason why we should publish it.

      • Well, well, well, I feel, in all honesty, neither here are “saints”, and I know full well a fair few who got their comments stopped, were banned and so from The Standard, not always for “nasty” comments, but also for some that did not fall into the category where Mr Prentice may have wanted it to go. Especially since shortly before last election, there was a change of “moderation” on TS. It may have improved again, but the shock of the election result really got some there worried.

        I also know that some comments here on TDB did not get published, not always for good reasons, I feel.

        In any case, why do the two owners or operators of the two major “left” or ‘Progressive’ blogs not go and do a bit of a face to face competition, some arm wrestling or whatever, to get “even”?

        Most of us, who just cherish the opportunities to share views and opinions on both blogs, are not happy with this loggerheads situation between two strong minded individuals. The future of New Zealand deserves more consideration, and the future of the progressive and alternative and left of centre block within society are yearning for a new found unity and direction. Get yourselves together please, take a calming walk, a time out, or a smoke on the bong, or go and have a few drinks in a sound environment, with some good mates. Maybe some of your common mates can get you two together and join forces again.

        That is all I wish to say, and thanks for Scarlet Mod to come back and take over moderation, she seems to be doing a good job.

        I rest my case, we need friendship, debate ok, but that should not divide us too much. Have a nice evening and a good weekend all, it is anniversary weekend here in Auckland, where many of us live!

        • Especially since shortly before last election, there was a change of “moderation” on TS. It may have improved again, but the shock of the election result really got some there worried.

          Typically the only significiant changes we have with moderation that the differences between individual moderators and how they interpret the policy, and the length of bans. Both are because we are a completely voluntary organisation and time that we expend on the site has to come from somewhere else in our busy lives.

          After 7 years, moderators are pretty good at running a reasonably conformant standard on when people should get bans. These days it is usually for trying to disrupt debate outside of OpenMike – typically by either trying diversionary tactics or trying to shift debate to their pet hobby horse rather than the topic the post author wrote about. A bit like you are doing here.

          What changes in the year leading up to an election is how long we run bans for. This is purely because the load of comments and people reading the site massively increases, but number of our volunteer moderators do not.

          And unlike here we immediately publish comments from anyone who we have published previously and who isn’t currently banned. That level of trust also carries responsibilities for those commenting. When they abuse it, we tend to get draconian on repeat offenders – especially heading into an election year with its massive increase in moderator workloads.

          So we start banning people who have been banned before until after the election. Since they should know the rules, then we presume that their behaviour is deliberate and that they knew the risks. So we clear them out of the way so that other commenters who do conform to the policy and who are debating within the policy don’t get swamped by fools with behavioural issues.

          Whining isn’t going to change our rather clear policy about fools getting bans. Changing your behaviour does.

      • Lynn you said;
        “But if anyone else gets their refutation comment moderated out here despite it addressing the points in the post, then send it to other blog(s) in the public space, including The Standard. We’ll look it and decide if it has a public interest reason why we should publish it”

        Don’t need to do that as TDB has never banned me as you did so I wont take your advise thanks Iprent.

        In my short six month blogging experience and viewing reactions to all other bloggers I have found Martyn more amiable to views than I found on The Standard.

        So I will always be loyal to TDB thanks Iprent.

        I will always feel hurt the way you cut me down as a contributor a week before the election!

        The taste is still in my mouth over it so as for what Martyn said Greg was hurt well I also know how he felt being booted off TS.

        I always will contribute to TS but am cautious now there but far more relaxed here on TDB.

        I am not affiliated to any administration of any Blog site Iprent so please don’t label me a lapdog for Martyn.

        I happen to also respect his journalistic integrity and energy for speaking out for free speech and a fair go for the 99% of us trodden down by Liberal Dems and greedy right wingers.

        Martyn cares about our fellow men & women, and you would be hurt also for criticisms when or if you cared as much as he does.

        That’s all I have to say about that.

  6. Why is there an image with #FUCKTARD on it?

    When ranting about ethics it’s probably best not to use ableist slang. Or, just in general, don’t use ableist slang.

    Also, Coley was hardly treated with respect on this blog in regards to her name being made public.

    I don’t really have much more to say. All this dick waiving from both of them is boring.

    • Coley quit and made her leaving a live social media event after I asked her to reconsider being abusive to another blogger. She then published a pretty one sided account that was far more vicious than anything I had done, if Greg was widely known in blogging – anyone following Twitter knew who she worked for and her real name.

      Greg on the other hand was on the Standard at the time and was completely blindsided by Pagani. For the issue to be similar, I would have had to have allowed another blogger to just attack Coley while she was on the Blog without warning.

      That’s not what happened, Dick waving is tedious, insinuating things that aren’t true is more so.

      • OK, I hope your other bloggers are aware that outing is fine so long as their Twitter includes work and name info. That’s a low bar you’ve set on privacy there.

        I’m not really interested in making comparisons between Coley and Greg. I used to love reading Coley’s work because she would attack other bloggers. Nobody comes here for an echo chamber.

        Any second thoughts on your #FUCKTARD image? Or do you just not give a shit?

        • OK, I hope your other bloggers are aware that outing is fine so long as their Twitter includes work and name info. That’s a low bar you’ve set on privacy there.
          I’m not losing any sleep over it.

          I’m not really interested in making comparisons between Coley and Greg. I used to love reading Coley’s work because she would attack other bloggers. Nobody comes here for an echo chamber.
          And yet you are here.

          Any second thoughts on your #FUCKTARD image? Or do you just not give a shit?
          Not today.

  7. Gee Whiz Kids, if you cant play nicely together I think you should just keep apart. This slagging match playing out in public is looking a bit sad and pathetic

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