Gareth Morgan pointing out how Treaty of Waitangi has become the Cheaty of Waitangi



It’s good to see Gareth Morgan pointing out just how racist NZers really are

Pakeha nearly “exterminated” Maori and need to make good on the intent of the Treaty of Waitangi – including compulsory te reo in all primary schools, philanthropist Gareth Morgan has said ahead of a visit to the Ratana Church today.

“Pakeha generally … think the Treaty begins and ends with breaches, claims and settlements. The Treaty is not just about that. It’s about Maori culture, language and investment having just as much right in New Zealand as our conventional ones … we’re miles from that.”

Pakeha seem to think that once the Treaty settlements have been completed, which have been pathetic in terms of compensation, suddenly the obligations of the Treaty are over.

They are not. Morgan points out some real solutions and I am looking forward to reading his book.


  1. I’ll be the first to say that he’s not wrong, but such a thought is only to be expected if there is no voice to correct them, so thanks Martin, Gareth.

  2. I hope two of his suggestions are the legalization/decriminalization of Cannabis and a concerted attempt to purge the Police force of people with racial prejudice and any forms of racial profiling that is likely occurring given the extent to which Maori are incarcerated in NZ.

    • Daniel, you do realize that the Police don’t sentence people to incarceration. All they do is ‘catch’ people. So if they are catching more Maori it would still be the courts that are sentencing them to imprisonment. But it’s pure intellectual laziness to simply blame it all on ‘racism’, if one accepts that Maori are over-represented in virtually every negative social statistics, and the former makes one more predisposed to commit crime (drug/alcohol abuse, unemployment, lack of education), it’s hardly unexpected that Maori would then also be over-represented in the justice system. Now whether the fact that they are incarcerated at a higher rate than Pakeha for similar crimes is another question, one you didn’t ask.

  3. I really don’t think an upper house racially divided into 50% Maori is a good idea, in fact its just plain undemocratic and not at all representative of modern New Zealand.

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