Dear Lynn Prentice – I have no interest in Scoop closing



The old Troll under the bridge at the Standard has bitten back with a 1980’s BBC TV barb that once again reminds us of the cutting edge satire The Standard is so well known for. I shudder with fear at any possible Lynn Prentice use of biting George and Mildred pop cult references to take me down a peg or two.

Being lectured on blogging etiquette by Lynn Prentice when he allowed Pagani to do a hit job on one of his own bloggers is just silly really.

Beyond all the piss and vinegar a burn out like Prentice has thrown, is the reality he didn’t inform Greg of what was going to happen and Greg felt offended. Putting up with all the self justifications doesn’t erode that. The diversion has been focusing on my description of it as ‘an outing’  because it was well known within the blogging community who MickeySavage was, I agree, everyone within the community did, but you can’t seriously equate that to the over 800 000 people who visited the Standard in the election month reading Pagani squarely nailing Greg as all being aware of that. The prominence of the Pagani blog was far greater than the previous back chats amongst bloggers and regular commentators. The accusation of a lack of loyalty has clearly stung Lynn and it’s provoked some more acrimony.

We fell out during the election when he attacked my criticism of some ABCs in manoeuvring  against Cunliffe by using a social media attack over Queens Birthday weekend last year. Despite all Lynn’s lecturing then, it turned out that there were ABCs who were working to help Kelvin and kill off a progressive platform if it meant MANA had influence and some were sitting on their hands so Cunliffe’s leadership was doomed from the start.

That Prentice suddenly started mouthing off what those ABCs wanted as return fire and then the jumping of Presland by Pagani are certainly remarkable in their coincidence. We will have to take Lynn at his word that is the case.

In terms of the essence of your latest criticism that I didn’t bother with Alistair’s reply 1)- his reply is just nonsense and 2)because people always have the ability to go post whatever they want about me elsewhere. If people want to take their own meanings with their own bias on my blogs, well they can go stamp their feet somewhere else. I appreciate the Standard’s business model is endless discussions on pointless chat boards that are ego stroking for the regulars, but content is the focus here and issues specific to the debate are always allowed. It’s sweet that Lynn has set up a special blog to publish the comments that don’t get posted here and the usual suspects have all turned up like angry beige pensioners told they have to mow their own berms.

How twee.

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The internet is a pretty vicious place, and I don’t bother making this blog a venue for much of that.

All this flag waving in terms of justifications by Lynn are charmingly aggrandising, but his decision to in the comments section suggest that I somehow have a interest in Scoop falling over is just make believe stuff by Lynn.

There’s no need to lie Lynn, that’s just Whaleoil tactics champ. The first time I ever spoke to Alistair Thompson was 2013 when I asked about the Scoop Advertising Cartel he runs which provides advertising for Scoop, The Standard and Public Address. You will remember I asked you about it at the time Lynn. I asked Alistair if he could guarantee that Scoop could pay the members their advertising share monthly, Alistair screamed abuse down the phone for about 10 minutes. I had asked because there was an infamous case of KiwiBlog being forced to leave because Scoop couldn’t pay Farrar.

It was at around the 9 and a half minute mark of Alistair’s 10 minute rant that I decided I would prefer to put blunt spoons into my eye than work with him.

I have noted the challenges facing Scoop, and think they have some issues. Scoop’s new project  is the latest discussion paper regarding public funding of news. It’s a discussion Selwyn Pellett and Bernard Hickey have been having.

Perhaps Al should have a chat with them?

Lynn’s suggestion that I somehow have an interest in Scoop going under is pretty X-Files which is ironic for someone who writes off everyone else’s disagreements as conspiracies.

Lynn is right however about our slow down over the holidays. We’ve all been stunned by how ruthless Labour was to a genuinely progressive political movement like MANA, but we’ll be back Lynn. Don’t you fret.

This year we have new bloggers joining, we have new features coming and we have more live shows planned.

I helped set up MANA so that the Left could win an outright majority with Labour and the Greens because NZ First have always traditionally been a conservative brake to progressive legislation. Labour/Greens/MANA could have passed legislation that would be able to make the investments into our social infrastructure deep enough to reach those at the bottom.

I championed Internet-MANA because getting 20 000 new state houses, feeding every hungry kid in every poor school, free tertiary education and making the internet a right for the poorest members of society costs a hell of a lot of money. It failed spectacularly in part to Labour and NZ First stabbing Hone in the back and a media feeding frenzy that turned Kim Dotcom into a James Bond Super Villain.

If NZ First + Labour + Greens = majority, Labour and NZ First will always form a minority Government and strong arm the Greens into a support arrangement. That’s the reality as it stands with those in there.

It will be Government a bit less crap than the one we have now.

If that’s the best Prentice has to offer as a political vision for the progressive left, then why bother at all?

A slightly less shit version of what we have now just isn’t enough.

That’s what this blog will continue to try and champion. A changed Government, not just a change of Government.




  1. Why don’t either you or LPrent actually ask Mickeysavage to comment on this subject instead of deigning to speak for him? Personally that is bad form. He may well have been upset or not but we just have your word or Lprent’s on it.

  2. I can’t even begin to describe how disheartening it is to see this feud going on in public, especially from people who have blogged often about how feud’s on the left are so destructive to the cause.

    I’m more than happy to chip in for the bottle of whiskey if someone else can get the two parties into the same room

  3. Love to both your houses. Nah, this fight is good. Both Boomer and Lynn have aired their grief early in the election cycle. It’s better the left get it’s shit sorted now, and have these good old knuckle fights before the general public give a rats about politics again. So what – if the left did not, then they would never win – they’d just keep fracturing.

    So Boomer and Lynn. Remember you agree on more than you disagree on. Fighting is constructive, because eventually – it helps the left get it’s shit sorted. Plus, I never doubt for a second, that both would agree, the Tory Scum are the real enemy. So again, Hugs and Bikkies to both your houses.

  4. I see that you are rewriting history in another set of memes. Let just deal with the points of fact rather then your characteristic hyperbole.

    ….I agree, everyone within the community did, but you can’t seriously equate that to the over 800 000 people who visited the Standard in the election month reading Pagani squarely nailing Greg as all being aware of that.

    1. The Josie Pagani guest post went up on January 3rd 2014. That was close to 9 months before the election. Anyone wanting to see it in election month would have had to search for it and do so pretty hard.

    2. Exactly 3413 people have viewed that post since it was published. 2980 in Jan 2014, 13 in election month, and a mere 167 so far this month with you furiously linking to it. Do you ever look at the stats on the readership of individual posts? I’d suggest that you do so, it may deflate your ego to see some reality.

    3. Try doing something really obvious for a change. After this “Greg felt offended” ask him why he then proceeded to join the blog as an author when I asked him if he wanted a login?

    We fell out during the election when he attacked my criticism of some ABCs in manoeuvring against Cunliffe by using a social media attack over Queens Birthday weekend last year.

    4. We “fell out” because you didn’t publish a comment that I had posted on TDB refuting some of the bloody strange assertions that you had made about a imminent coup inside the Labour party against Cunliffe.

    Curiously enough no such coup ever took place. Now I suspect that in your delusions you’d think that you saved the day? However in reality it was because no such action was being planned by anyone. In fact the only person who seemed to think that one was happening were a few people like yourself who’d never been inside the Labour party hysterically pontificating from their navel hairs.

    I would also point out that this current round started when you ‘moderated’ a comment from someone else that you had slagged off.

    Are you really so stupid to think that something different would happen?

    5. Much of my comment in June 2014 was about your strange idea that Labour should not stand a candidate against Hone and how the Labour party worked. The core of what I said was

    Or the strange way that you think a relatively conservative electorate will warm to the IMP this election (I think that they will be lucky to get 3%. I will be amazed if they got 4%).

    Or the idea that Labour would not stand a candidate up North when Labour always stands candidates in all electorates and has done so for nearly a hundred years. If I were the IMP, I’d be running a strong campaign in both north and the equally winnable rotorua area where Annette Sykes has a damn good chance.

    Events did rather prove that to be correct. This called pragmatism and a sense of practical political nous that you seem to lack (another point in my comment).

    If Internet Mana had played their hand more cautiously then I think that they could have taken TTT and got more than 2%

    Perhaps in your grandiose plans for the future you should spend some time learning some practical politics.

    • @ Lynn Prentice . Who the fuck are you ??

      I know who Martyn ( Bomber ) Bradbury is, but you ? Narp ? No idea .

      I know Martyn Bradbury because he mentioned the dreaded title ‘ neo liberal ‘ on National Radio years ago when everyone else was too busy buying shares in what were once public resources and I’ve been in love with the guy and his fabulous colleagues ever since . They’ve bravely countered every dick-head , moron , and greedy sociopath who’ve unwisely crossed their paths and in so doing have given me hope when truthfully? I thought all was lost .

      The snivelling Right Wing have a worthy opponent and all those others who can’t be arsed about politics are well protected in their deliberate ignorance of their responsibilities to maintain their democracy that was so hard-won by young men and women, dying for them in foreign mud so as they now have the luxury of complacency .

      ” characteristic hyperbole.” you say of Martyn Bradbury ? Well , I have a boot on my right foot which’s aware of your arse that might argue that observation .
      But then that’d be an old-school solution to the tyranny of the beige and sickly dominance of the neo liberal, fluffy, nipple protector brigade . Too weak to rough it outside the bias, pro Neo Liberal courts instead preferring the more covert approach of the parasitic stealth of logical fallacies . Of which you cough up like hair balls .

      @ Lynn Prentice ? Sniping at Bomber Bradbury is cringe worthy and you’re embarrassing yourself . Sniping at a better man is not that flash .

      • Good response Country boy.

        Who is Lynn Prentice?

        I also didn’t know of him either.

        But now I know who he is, and know he was responsible for banning me as when I was leading up to the election.

        I was mentioning Key’s connection to Joyce and Nazi type tactics and was banned for it for it for two months leading up to the election while also mentioning Key’s connection to the Bilderbergs group.

        About Lynn Prentice

        Off TDB.

        “Lynn Prentice lprent (also known as Lynn Prentice) is an ancient geek who fell out of management in the 90’s after getting irritated with accountants and doing an MBA and back into programming. During the process he became involved in real world politics as a reluctant socialist. He hasn’t really emerged from those twin obsessions since.

        Currently he programs anti-collision devices in c++, linux, Qt, and touch screens. Since he also acts as the sysop of multi-author blog The Standard, that large left-wing nest of vipers that plague the NZ politicians of all hues. He finds the same predictive algorithms useful in educating the trolls who waste his time. Occasionally he finds time to write the odd blog post on whatever interests him.

        See Also:
        •Lynn’s author archive on The Standard

        •Lynn Prentice’s posts on The Daily Blog.

        I will allow this. Just barely. But it is bordering on ad hominem, or at least, personalisation. Further comments of this nature may or may not get past my scrutiny. Stick to the issues please, boys and girls. – ScarletMod

        • re above moderation observation

          Hmmm, seems “the issues” are already decidedly personality centered and well outlined by both the post author and by the subject of his post.

          Putting it mildly.

          But on other hand I guess any effort to dampen the flames should be applauded.

        • Hilariously, Lynn Prentice exposed his technical ineptitude back in the early days of ‘The Standard.’

          Attaching signatures to his posts which attributed a quote to “The Linux Operating System” demonstrated that Lynn couldn’t differentiate between the Linux kernel, the Bourne Again shell and the Fortune application -which may seem esoteric but s a laughable gaff to anyone who has used a Unixy operating system over the last three decades.

          Much hilarity ensued, when the gaff was pointed out.

          With indecent haste, Lynn Prentice fell about himself banning those who noted the error, deleting posts which pointed out the error, and altering the text of *all* his posts which contained the error.

          The above bio is equally dubious. “C++, Linux, Qt and touchscreens” ? An actual developer would perhaps say “C++ with the QT framework.” Linux is all-but implied, and the physical interface of the touchscreen is insignificant.

          Give any of his claims to technical proficiency little credence.

    • Lynn, why don’t you investigate this John Key as an agent of the elite issue and give NZ a chance to see clearly that secretive John Key is merely just employed as a carpet bagging puppet of the global elite?

      I have already asked Chris trotter to investigate, so why don’t you, Martyn, and Chris Trotter all join forces to investigate for all our sakes here?

      Heres my post On Chris’s blog on 25th January 2015.

      Good write-up Chris Trotter, you are right here.

      “Like any good blitzkrieg general, Mr Key has simply directed his armoured columns around such potentially dangerous obstacles. He knows that if he pushes past it far enough the anti-nuclear policy will begin to look like the diplomatic relic of some long dead foreign-policy consensus ”

      Yes this clarity you give is showing clearly that John Key as NZ Prime Minister Key has been coached by an effective powerful propaganda policies group here to totally control and manipulate NZ for oversees interests.

      This has probably come out of his involvement with “The Bilderberg Group”, as they and Davos “World Economic Forum mob both all the same club work their black ops to destabilise world governments to eventually install their Elitist one world Government” which is at the top of Bilderberg group agenda right now.

      Key is hoping he will be selected to sit on the “one world Government panel” no doubt.

      Fat chance there as it will be run by the most powel industrial/ global corporate elite not a “Johnny come lately” Key Chris.

      Why don’t you get someone within NZ public media or you to unearth why John Key, attended secretly as representing NZ as PM in 2011-12 without notifying us all in NZ?

      This is a worrying trend for our PM to attend this most secretive global power elitist corrupt black op’s operation called “the Bilderberg Group”

      Here is the list of attendees please investigate for NZ taxpayers and freedom of information lovers?

      See John Key as PM of NZ.

      Why didn’t PM tell NZ he was into Bilderberg?

      List of Bilderberg participants 4

      New Zealand

      • John Key (2011-2012), Prime Minister of New Zealand

      No Bilderberg meeting agenda has ever been made public. “It is the epitome of low-profile dark ops, a shadow government hidden in a doorway.” According to critics and close observers, it’s agenda is to weaken all world leadership but their own. It is also, according to a U.S. law called the Logan Act, [15] illegal:

      • Well said CG. I had no idea our leader attended Bilderberg.
        The fact that it is not reported in our media is, as you say, scandalous. The true role and purpose of Federal Reserve-trained John (Manchurian Candidate) Key needs to be exposed – even though it might ruffle the feathers of the sleepy hobbitses and bring out the predictable “conspiracy theory” chorus, because of course there are no conspiracy politics.

    • Sorry I’ve taken so long to reply Lynn, I was moving house and celebrating my birthday. As splendid as it is spitting venom at you, I decided spending some quality time with whanau was a better use of energy.

      But now I’m back, let me counter you sanctimonious old clown.

      The point I was making was that you can’t claim early posts and comment chatter about Greg’s real identity matches the numbers and strength of a column by Josie Pagani. I appreciate you keep arguing away, but the simple fact remains you threw him under a bus without even giving him the courtesy of a heads up.

      To your next defence, why did Greg agree to becoming a full blogger on the standard if he was so offended? For the same reason he didn’t say anything when some accused him of being the person who advised for Cunliffe’s trust be secret. Greg is loyal to a fault to the Labour Party, that’s why he put up with your disgraceful behaviour.

      As for your attempts to write off the fact the ABCs were actively undermining Cunliffe, well you are just sounding like a hollow apologist now Lynn.

      As for the last point, Hone was given an assurance that a Kelvin Davis run at the electorate wouldn’t be strong. I argued that if the left wanted to win they needed to use MMP tactics, you disagreed and took the safe option.

      That may be fine for you Lynn, for those of us concerned with the plight of the 250 000 kids in poverty, we will always strive to overthrow the safe and predictable.

      Let’s get back to the issue of your lies. You claim I have an interest in Scoop falling over and questioned my relationship with Internet MANA yet it is actually you who has the interest in Scoop surviving and the Standard was awash with Internet Party adverts, TDB didn’t have one single one Internet Party advert.

      When Scoop falls over you can make your apologies then.

      The reason the standard sounds so hollow is that for all your screaming tantrums at National, Labour policy is simply a watered down version. Your blog exists to create the cacophony of opposition to mask the grim reality that Labour is just a little less right than National.

      • How do you respond to a similar claim from one of your former bloggers that you did the same to her? Certainly from what I have read you did not ask permission from her to release information related to her real persona and she was aggrieved at your actions. Don’t you think this makes it look a tad hypocritical to criticise The Standard for doing something similar?

    • ahhhhh im sooooo simple….”lprent” the vitriolic ex forces who wants to smash and shoot anyone who disagrees with him in HIS/HER country….all makes sense now. ABOUT TIME THIS WAS PUBLIC BECAUSE IF SHITHEADS LIKE YOU ARE HELPING/WORKING IN THE lABOUR PARTY THEN NO WONDER SHITE ABOUNDS.
      you dont want to educate people you just want to abuse them when they dont understand or disagree……are you sure you dont work for whale oil?
      [Offensive comment deleted. – ScarletMod] … speech remember NOT just what you want to hear!

  5. Pointless dick waving chaps. It serves no useful purpose.I am on your side Bomber. I agree with you 98% of the time. Lynn is being a dick Don’t sink to his level.
    The Andrew Little supporters are in for a big shock this year. Little being a right wing plonker will not be looking so great in 12 months.
    Although the press will polish this turd at every available opportunity.
    Kiwis being by and large pretty damned thick will love it.

    • @ Shona ? Would you rather pointless vagina waving instead chick ?

      jenny shipely , ruth richardson , paula bennett , hekia parata , ann tolly , judith collins , maggie barry , josie pagani ……. etc, etc . Champion Vagina Wavers . Waving their vaginas about like no tomorrow .

      Otherwise I’d agree . Unless Little , tries at least, to bring those who earn our foreign exchange over to the Left and the protection and commonsense of the Unions ( Or what’s left of them ) then all is lost .

      • When Cunliffe needed Little’s union support he was nowhere to be seen. The unions
        will not grow under his leadership either. He’s a corporate lackey Bought and paid for.

  6. All I have seen and read since before last election tells me, this country is in need of a NEW Left Party, Mana will sadly not reinvigorate, given the immense damage done by the MSM, and sadly also Dotcom having fallen for the temptation to get more profile than was good and helpful. And Labour are a hopeless and now desperate bunch.

    If you want a new idea party, consider something radical and ground breaking, like seriously bringing in a Universal Basic Income, tying in with a basic tax free income, or tax break, and all above will be lowly taxed to a certain level, yet progressively.

    Smartness is absent in NZ politics, even the Greens start looking weak and dull now.

    Where are the great minds, the ideas, the innovators, not just of “apps” for smart phones and iphones?

    Surely we can do better, but the division still going on here is very disheartening. I wish both major bloggers would get some humility and sense, and perhaps sort this dispute out in a constructive way, a.s.a.p..

    We only have TDB, TS and perhaps On the Left, where sufficient traffic occurs, if we split and divide and fight, this is only going to help Farrar and that Whalespew man, seeking refuge in Israel soon.

    Have a sound sleep and restful weekend, perhaps, we need both of you, Lynn and Martin, just do get back to basics, and reflect perhaps.

    Best wishes, take care!

  7. “Where are the great minds, the ideas, the innovators, not just of “apps” for smart phones and iphones? ”

    There’s thee and me, lad, and we do what we can…:-))

    In fact, there are heaps of excellent people ‘on the bus’ who post BTL and ATL. Cumulatively influencing with integrity. It might get through to the front line people in the Corridors of Power.

    Could be the Year of Write to Your MP – frequently.

  8. I don’t know if it’s by design or dumb luck but the National Party, especially the leaders, and Slater are pretty much out of the news. This is/has been good for them for two reasons
    1) This creates an empty space in the media and comes across as “last year was a life time ago, forget about, this year is new and different”.
    2) With nothing of Nationals policies/behaviour to critique, the left focus seems to turn to each other and crap comes out.

    Whether by design or dumb luck, you’re playing into their hands.

    • Yes MPledger,

      The Dirty Politics black op’s movement now has gone underground within the national machine so beware.

      They want to reign by fear as pre-war Germany did, at the hands of Goebbels, and now we have Joyce/key & co and no free public investigative journalism, this smells all very bad.

  9. “Curiously enough no such coup ever took place”.. Really??? You think?? Just because there was no “bloodletting” or backstabbing for the media, and the inner clique at the (sub)standard to feed on, and gloat over, that David Cunliffes leadership, and the Labour Party’s prospects of governing weren’t kneecapped by the last dregs of Rogers boys??

    The truth is that Cunliffes leadership was subjected to an unceasing barrage of self interested sabotage from the above cabal that the (sub)standard cheered on.. Obviously oblivious to the fact that it exposed their inner group as pseudo “lefty’s” at best…. Downright traitors to the cause at worst…..Need I remind people that it was lprent who labelled me a “right wing nut job” on that site… So much for good judgement…. For the benefit of the “intellectuals” who spend their time stroking their egos on the (sub)standards pages, that site represents a part of the problem we have in NZ, not pert of the solution…

  10. 1000% Stefan.

    NatZ again inferfering with their black ops & dirty politics as they did in the 2011 election process in a different way to achieve the same result.

    They had to dis-unify Cunliffe camp with any traitor of “self interest” they could find as patsy.

    They sure found a few as you showed.

  11. In line with the Labour Party’s support for New Coal Mines and unconvential fossil fuel exploration like fracking and deep sea oil.

    As the Mana movement’s official spokesperson on climate change issues, Lynn Prentice maintains a permanent moderation on all my comments. While this is standard practice at the Daily Blog, at The Standard it is against their standard practice against general moderating of the comments section.

    (The only person that I know of, that Prentice does this to).
    It would be interesting to know, who else is on Lynn Prentice list that he keeps in permamanent moderation. It would give a good indication of who he perceives as his political enemies.

    Like this one for today:

    Pat O’Dea
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    26 January 2015 at 9:08 am
    “I believe people are capable of amazing things and I do believe that climate change can be halted and even reversed. I just hope it happens in my lifetime. I don’t want to become the generation that future children talk of as having destroyed the planet. I’d like to be the generation that fought back (and won) against human induced climate change. The generation that worked out how to live in harmony with the planet – that generation!”
    DR JENNIE MALLELA Australian National University Researcher Biology and Earth Sciences

    “So whilst there is enough good and committed people we can change our path of warming,” However, he went on to add, “I am always hopeful – but 4 to 5 degrees Celsius of change will be a challenge to survive.”
    DR JIM SALINGER Honorary Research Associate in climate science with the University of Auckland’s School of Environment.

    Read More, What Scientists Feel About Climate Change; HERE

    3pm today marks the start of the campaign to stop Solid Energy, the heavily taxpayer subsidised State Coal Miner reopening the mothballed Kopuku 1 open cast mine just south of Auckland.

    We are not calling for currently operating coal mines to be closed, which is what the science demands, we are merely demanding that no more be opened.

    The demand that No New Coal Mine operations be started, or restarted is a moderate one.

    Those who support the opening of New Coal Mines in the age of climate change inhabit the lunatic fringe.

    This day marks the start of an epic battle for common sense and even conservativism against extreme ego driven radicals bent on self aggrandisement at all costs to the community the environment and the climate.

    Join the campaign for common sense and against climate extremism today. Details; HERE

  12. “He’s a corporate lackey Bought and paid for.” Is there any anecdotal evidence, or experiential evidence of this claim? My memory may not be totally eidetic, but wasn’t Andrew Little a “brand new” mp at that time? And wasn’t David Cubliffe elected leader by the “rank and file” of the Labour Party, against the wishes of the dregs of “rogers boys” within the caucus?

    Forgive my stupidity in assuming the rank and file constitutes a majority of labours unionists…. Or in assuming an agenda by the person who makes the kind of claim made regarding Andrew Little’s motivations, or politics…If, in fact, I am making an erroneous assumption at all…

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